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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. social educational platform Denis Giryaev, 2014
  • 2. Learn Free and paid interactive 
 training courses. Search Free access and navigation through all materials used in the courses: videos, tasks, books, quizzes, games and apps. Teach and earn Course Builder allows to run own both free and paid courses. 2 Why EduToday?
  • 3. 3 TRENDS IN EDUCATION Socialization Cooperation in mastering knowledge and problem solving, 
 online portfolio shaping Gamification Learning through play, on-line problem solving, bonus awards Peer-to-peer Everyone learns from everyone, formation of an open knowledge market ♥
  • 4. World experience The global market for e-learning has reached $91 Billion and grow by 23% by 20171. Annually subscription for online courses is increased to 10% (USA)2. About 18 Million students have been engaged to e-learning by 20123. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) give them the ability to remotely gain knowledge of the best educational centers from over the world. Coursera and Udemy are the first who demonstrate the reality of distance education for Russian market. 4 E-LEARNING MARKET 1 IBIS Capital, 2012 2 Babson Survey Research Group, 2012 3 Outsell, 2013 Russian market In Russia nowadays e-learning is on the primary stage. First Russian projects, Learnic and Eduson, appeared in 2012-2013. They aggregate and produce business courses. The market also represents different educational video-content without any additional training functions. There is no any integrated solution for online education in Russia at the moment.
  • 5. 1. Narrow format providing information Existing educational resources offer video courses with simple interactive modules (tests). We'll provide a wide range of training tools, including interactive games, chat with a teacher, the availability of library materials. ! An integrated approach will allow online learning products created with EduToday become great way to gain and improve knowledge. 2. Educational platforms bear closed nature Peer learning is one of educational trends. While existing platforms mainly duplicate universities programs, EduToday intends to give everyone the opportunity to create their own learning product. Both a school teacher wishing to broadcast his lessons online and an expert having unique experience in his field, will be able freely share their knowledge. 5 ISSUES
  • 6. Search 
 for information 6 POSITIONING Storage 
 of information Communication! information exchange Education
 transfer of information Objective of the project — create an online learning tool capable of:! 1. meet the needs of a wide audience of learning products creators (organizations, private teachers, experts, business); 2. provide effective educational products in each knowledge field; 3. provide easy access to growing information base, thereby becoming the largest online repository of learning materials. EduToday — interactive platform for person-to-person knowledge transfer.
  • 7. Course Builder The user have an option not only placing video and text lessons, but design interactive modules: quizzes, tasks and games. 7 PROPOSALS FOR: Integrated approach Multimedia, access to knowledge base library, tasks, quizzes and communication with a teacher will make full and sufficient training. Knowledge market EduToday offers opportunity for free publishing of any educational products on the online platform, forming the students list and selling subscriptions to courses. Environment Communication with teachers and other users, premium badges, joint problem solving make learning fun. Those 96% users who quit lessons at Coursera1 would appreciate this. Publishers and authors Students 1
  • 8. 8 HOW EDUTODAY WORKS? Lesson 1. Change of variable Lesson 3. Generalized interval arithmetic COURSE «SOLVING INEQUALITIES» Lesson 2. Interval arithmetic Final workshop Library
 «Principles of Mathematical Analysis» by W.Rudin Discussion | Ask a question Workshop
 Quiz «Solving Rational Inequalities» Function f (x) is continuous on the interval I and turns into zero at a finite number of points of this interval.… Basic "blocks" of a lesson Each EduToday course consists of lessons. Lessons, in its turn, consist of a basic modules set that can be combined with each other. This approach allows to make lessons are extensive and the entire course — effective. Main information block — text, video, audio, slides. The majority of e-lerning services have limited content with it. But does not EduToday Workshop allows to reinforce acquired knowledge «on the spot»: to solve the problem, to take the test, to play a game. Library provides quick access to related learning materials. Student has the opportunity to ask the author of the course 
 and discuss the lesson with others.
  • 9. Public profile — portfolio + ± + + – ± Communication with the teacher + – + – – – Game mechanics + – + – – – Library of learning materials + – ± – – – Navigation through all materials + – + – – – Ability to create courses + + ± – – – Online Course Builder + + – – – – Paid courses publishing + + – – + – Mobile platform + + + + – + Applying to traditional offline education + – + – – – 9 COMPETITORS
  • 10. 10 MONETIZATION Paid courses Paid learning products created by educational institutions and independent authors. The platform will operate in marketplace format, collecting a commission from the author’s income. Consultations with teachers Interactivity between students and teachers. The model based on enabling the user to buy the author's response to his question. Then the answer publishes in a public domain, so there is a list of expert’s answers formed by crowdsourcing. Platform withhold commission. B2B Educational Institutions Providing cloud solutions for the educational process. Business Organization of automated corporate training.
  • 11. 11 PROJECT NOW Team Denis Giryaev! — founder, product development
 — teaching experience
 — previous: (CTO) 
 Alexander Menshikov! — co-founder, business development
 — teaching experience
 — previous: (CMO), (CEO) ! Vladimir Marinovich! — strategic partner
 — GetTaxi Russia (CEO), previous: Ulybka Radugi, SELA, Russian Standard North-west Also in the team — front-end developer,
 — back-end developer,
 — iOS-developer,
 — designer, 
 — web designer, 
 — content-manager.
 — designed key modules of the platform;
 — built service architecture;
 — developed the engine;
 — developed library module;
 — developed weblog module;
 — designed mobile apps (iOS, Android). What’s done?
  • 12. 12 INVESTMENTS Seed capital required $ 500 000 Web development
 Mobile apps development Core courses creation
 Platform support $ 150 000
 $ 50 000 $ 100 000
 $ 150 000
 $ 50 000 SEED A 2014 2015 2016 2017 В Development Evolution Expansion
  • 13. 13 SOURCES OF GROWTH Integration with traditional educational institutions Using the online platform at schools and universities to systematize the educational process. The platform will provide video versions of classes, interactive exercises and additional learning materials to pupils and students. Live performances Social platforms provide an ability sharing knowledges for free and build the audience. Live lectures of popular online teachers and experts will drive the evolution of the project and popularize online education. Learning products production Production of interactive courses and mobile learning applications will be an important part of monetization. Offline learning spaces The next step after formation of the sustainable community of teachers and students on the online platform is opening of new type educational institutions for practicing the knowledge.
  • 14. Thank you for your attention! «EduToday is the large-scale project of the first Russian educational platform. By supporting us, you not only get an opportunity to take a share of the growing e-learning market, but also invest in the future of the entire education system. We would be glad to establish a partnership with you». Denis Giryaev
 +7 921 3159277