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Italian meeting summary march 2013-1

  1. 1. Move to Improve Your Body and MindReport of the Comenius project meeting in Carmagnola – Italy from 23rdto27thMarch 2013Saturday 23rdArrival of DelegatesPizza Evening: a special Italian dinner called "Giro di pizza" tasting different pizzasSunday 24thThe whole day was dedicated to learning about the history and culture of Turin.Delegates and Italian teachers were lead on a guided tour visiting the main squares, thehistorical centre of the capital of Savoy Kingdom and learning of the particular "esoteric”character of the city and the chocolate temple ( the Guido Gobino craft workshop) whereexcellent handmade chocolate has been produced for years.Lunch at Mac Bun, a typical Piedmontese restaurantVisit to the Automobile Museum which is considered among the most important and oldestcar museums in the world.Typical Piedmontese dinnerMonday 25thAll delegates gathered in Salsasio SchoolClasses 4 and 5 pupils in Salsasio school, a delegation of class 5 pupils in San Bernardoschool and class 5 in San Michele school performed a 30 minutes welcoming ceremony.After visiting all the classes involved in the project, where some pupils had prepared a varietyof things to present, all the guests took part in the Hitball game at the gym. We then had aproject meeting in which partners showed and delivered a presentation about their projectwork relating to advice to children and adults on: keeping safe, keeping fit, promotingphysical activity, choosing appropriate clothing and keeping healthy.Delegates had lunch at the School canteen.At 16:00 all delegates were welcomed at the Town Hall by the Carmagnola’s Mayor andEducation Councilor who stressed the importance of Comenius projects that contribute tostrengthen Europe, its democratic system, its economic and social pillars. "If we as teachersare able to work with such a European spirit, then we will be able to think that Europe willactually be the place where to live our future!"In addition, they gave information about some essential features in the latest development ofCarmagnola.Later, at the coordinator meeting, a first hypothesis of the next work phase was made andideas for future project work discussed. Concerns were raised about the timing ofimplementation for the work presentations since the Italian school lesson ends in mid-June.At 20:00 – Apericena at Barcelona Restaurant, a typically Italian social event- aperitif withbuffetTuesday 26thAt 9:00 the delegates reached Pancalieri village to visit another primary and a middle school,which are included in the Comprehensive Institute Carmagnola II.The Mayor of Pancalieri welcomed the guests at school with a typical product of the area: themint chocolate.Delegates visited classes in both primary and secondary school.All delegates and a middle school class went to the gym where they played dodgeball.After lunch in a typical restaurant of Pancalieri, delegates visited the nursery and primaryschool of Virle, where the Mayor of Virle delivered a plaque to each partner school.
  2. 2. Delegates had the opportunity to visit a typical multi-class, which consists of several levels inthe same classroom due to the small number of children.Delegates were guided by the Education Councillor around the castle of Virle.At 16:00 the project coordinators had a meeting session to plan activities to be carried out inthe period from April to June. It was decided that each partner school would createinstructions on how to play a sport/game for partner schools to try. Each school is to preparea booklet/poster/video to show to peers how to play the sport/game. These will be shared atthe project meeting in Poland. It was agreed that the playing of partner games would bepostponed until the next school year as several partner schools break up for summer in lateMay/early June.Coordinators also discussed on the problems that some partners have come across in usingyoutube to upload movies. The project coordinator gave some tips on using programs tofacilitate the best use of the site.A Formal Dinner at TreCarlìn restaurant closed the day’s program with the participation of theComprehensive Institute Carmagnola II staff and all guests.Wednesday 27thDelegates departure