Social media marketing final project (1)

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  • 1. Kyung Soo Moon
  • 2. • Blog was opened on 10/5/2011•12 posts•3 comments•135 page views•Most views on my post about “knowledge sharing onunique advertisements”
  • 3.  Doing a VLOG was a tough job About 2 hours to make it I would talk more about actual career experiences so that it would be appealing to companies
  • 4.  I would like to keep my personal blog, but not yetpersonal brand one. I need to be more friendly in using Social NetworkServices first!
  • 5.  Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with 800 million users worldwide as of September 2011. 35 friends/ 6 groups (L’OCCITANE, Obama, WWF, COSTCO…) Perception- Just for personal purposes(connecting friends/family) ->Even used for marketing purposes Facebook can be effective and can be not effective (ex) Harley Davison: connected facebook link to its original homepage, considering that theirconsumers are mostly slow adopters (ex) WalMart closed facebook chat room when they found complaints on there. This madefacebook members turn into anti-WalMart.
  • 6.  Twitter is usually for spread of information First time using twitter-Following 25/Followers 6 I follow news companies such as CNN, TIME, and New York Times, and some celebrities (they upload recent news) I want to get useful information from twitter.
  • 7.  It’s easy to write because TOO MUCH information only maximum 140 words (even not verified information) are allowed (can be a weakness)  Addictive Fast flow of information Can express status of oneself Easy to follow people that one wants
  • 8.  Social Networking Service for professionals First time using LinkedIn Tools such as Re-Connect/ Power your career/ Get Answer I need to learn more about LinkedIn But LinkedIn would be a really useful tool soon I have a career.
  • 9.  I currently have no plan for my own business but I am pretty sure that social media would be a great tool for my business in the future. Among the tools introduced in the class, I found LinkedIn the most interesting! I completely was not aware of social media at all. This class gave me a lot of knowledge on social media and marketing through it.