Developing a Social Media Plan and Metrics - Girls Inc. Region II Conference 10.14.11

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This presentation was shared during the Girls Inc. Region II Conference on Oct. 14, 2011.

This presentation was shared during the Girls Inc. Region II Conference on Oct. 14, 2011.

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  • For example, Analytics can show you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience.
  • It's one of the most powerful web analytics solutions on the market - and it's free for anyone to use.
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  • 1. Developing a Social Media Plan & Metrics
    Presented by:
    Gabie Benson, Director of Development
    and Public Relations
    Jennifer Baltz, Branding & Technology
    Abri Hochstetler, Public Relations Coordinator
  • 2. Social Media Use
    2005 – 5% of all adults were on a social media site
  • 3. Social Media Use
    2011 – 65% of all adults use social media sites
    -Pew Research Center
  • 4. Quiz Time
    What social networks are you on?
  • 5. Social Networks most used by Nonprofits
    Facebook – 86%
    Twitter – 56%
    YouTube – 48%
    LinkedIn – 33%
    Flickr – 25%
    Myspace – 14%
  • 6. Who’s Online?
  • 7. Who’s Online?
    Women 18-29 are social media
    power users
  • 8. Who’s Online?
    No significance in household income, race, education, or environment
  • 9. Quiz Time
    Generational Trends
    Millennials - 83%
    Gen X - 70%
    Boomers - 51%
    Civics- 33%
  • 10. Who’s Online?
    Women 55+ are the fastest growing group on Facebook
  • 11. Part 1: Getting Started
    Set your objectives
    Identify your audience
    Choose your networks
    Focus your message
  • 12. What are three objectives that your affiliate would want to achieve using social media?
  • 13. Setting Our Objectives
    Increase brand recognition and organizational transparency
    Create engagement opportunities
    Maintain and cultivate relationships
    Engage new audiences
    Promote an image of Girls Inc. as tech-savvy, modern, relevant
  • 14. Identifying Our Audience
  • 15. Choosing Our Networks
    Does the site help us meet our objectives?
    Does the site reach our audience?
    Is the site secure and can we manage risk?
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19. Focusing Our Message
    Content is central to your strategy!
  • 20. Our Strategy
  • 21. Activity #1
    Get started on your plan
  • 22. Part 2: Managing Social Media
    Establishing policies
    Dedicating time and staff
    Engaging in the conversation
    Monitoring activity
    Measuring effectiveness
  • 23. Establishing Policies
    Staff Social Media Policy
    Girl Policy
    Blog Comment Policy
  • 24. Dedicating Time & Staff
    Don’t set it and forget it
    Consider staff resources, time, and voice
    Calendar planning content
  • 25. Engaging in the Conversation
    Comment on and retweet posts about our community, sector, and topics of expertise
    Respond if someone comments TO you or ABOUT you
    @your staff, volunteers, sponsors, etc.
  • 26. Monitoring Activity
    • Location-based tools
    • 27. Twitter advanced search
    • 28. Words, people, places, sentiment
    • 29. Nearby Tweets
    • 30. HootSuite – “add location”
    • 31. Smart Phones – search with “distance” or “location”
  • Google Alerts
    What is it?
    Google Alerts are emails sent to you when Google finds new results -- such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs -- that match your search term. You can use Google Alerts to monitor anything on the Web.
  • 32. Why Use It?
    Find out about what others are saying about you or your services online without having to run your own daily internet searches.
    Find relevant and timely content to share with your followers.
    Discover and respond to commentary quickly.
  • 33. How do I get started?
    Visit and enter your query
    Enter your email address
    Confirm the alert you have created
    That's it! Your alert is active, and you'll receive an email whenever Google Alerts finds new results for your search.
  • 34. Measuring Effectiveness
    How do you know how you are doing?
  • Google Analytics
    What is it?
    Google Analytics is a free product that tracks your website and gives detailed statistics about visitors to your website.
  • 38. Why Use It?
    Informed site design improvements
    Drive targeted traffic
    Track the effectiveness of marketing
    Discover what keywords resonate with visitors
  • 39. How do I get started?
    Create a Google account or use an existing Google account
    Visit and “Sign Up Now”
    Follow instructions to get your personalized tracking code and install in the code of your website
  • 40. A Few Tips
    Create custom segments for analyzing traffic from social media and other sites.
    Look for pages with high traffic but also high bounce rates and add internal links in the page content.
    Track goal conversions and paths (such as volunteer applications) by segments.
    Track popular content by segment.
    Use Google URL builder to track traffic by campaign/link.
  • 41. Visits to Blog
  • 42. Visitors from Twitter
    Visitors from Facebook
  • 43. HootSuite
    What is it?
    HootSuite is a free social media dashboard that tracks multiple networks, allows for scheduled messages, and offers basic analytics.
  • 44.
  • 45. Facebook Insights
    What is it?
    Facebook Insights is an analytics tool that tracks user data and activity as well as interactions with visitors to your Facebook Page.
  • 46.
  • 47. Part 3: Best Practices
    Creating campaigns
    Writing for the web
    Following Girls Inc. branding standards
  • 48. Integration
    Promote and connect social media in all your communications.
  • Integration
  • 56. Campaigns
    Scholarship Campaign 2010
  • 57. Touchstone Awards 2011
  • 58. Volunteer Recruitment
  • 59. Writing for the Web
    • Reader’s attention: 3-4 seconds
    • 60. Users read 25% slower
    • 61. Only read 20-28% of page content
    • 62. Consider audience – WIIFM
    • 63. Current, reliable content
    • 64. Inverted pyramid
    • 65. Voice, word choice, personal pronouns, etc.
  • Branding
    • Follow national branding guidelines (available on affiliate central).
    • 66. Be consistent across all platforms with wording/keywords, font types, colors, and artwork.
    • 67. Brand your Twitter background and Facebook page main photo.
  • Activity #2
    Two-Minute Drill
  • 68. Campaign Topics
    • Touchstone Awards
    • 69. Volunteer recruitment campaign
    • 70. Scholarship fundraising campaign
    • 71. Issue awareness – bullying, body image, STEM, etc.
    • 72. Summer camp or one-day program
    • 73. Community event involving your organization
  • Website Promotion
    Touchstone Awards
    • Home page – snippet of info
    • 74. Upcoming events, org. calendar
    • 75. Create page just for event
    • 76. Side bar
    • 77. Press room – add the press release
    • 78. Donation page
  • Blog / Newsletter Stories
    Touchstone Awards
    • Event preview
    • 79. Interview with honorees, major guests, CEO, or emcee
    • 80. Reflections on the theme
    • 81. Process preparing for this event – an “inside look”
    • 82. Thank you to sponsors and/or funders
    • 83. Inspiring women throughout history
    • 84. Post-event survey
  • Photo/Video Opportunities
    Touchstone Awards
    • Photos
    Staff/volunteers preparing for the event
    Past events
    Food, decorations, and other sneak-peeks
    • Video
    Interview with honorees, major guests, CEO, or emcee
    What guests can look forward to – preview of event
    • Photograph and video the actual event
  • Facebook Posts
    • You’re invited! Watch the video of chairwoman Myra Borshoff Cook and our summer camp girls inviting you to attend the 2011 “In Her Own Words Touchstone Awards
    • 85. Tickets are going quickly to our annual Touchstone Awards luncheon! Reserve your seat today: (link)
    • 86. Women have done remarkable things throughout history. Our staff named a few of these women and explained why they earned an honorary Touchstone Award! (link) Who would you add?
    • 87. We're excited to offer our outstanding volunteers a unique opportunity! Celebrate the voices of Indianapolis girls and women at our annual fundraising event, the Touchstone Awards, for a special rate: (link)
    • 88. Did you attend the 2011 Touchstone Awards? Tell us what you thought! (survey link)
  • Twitter Updates
    • Want to hear what our summer camp girls have learned this summer? Come to #Touchstone! Tix available: (link)
    • 89. “Confidence means being self-assured, even when facing failure or the unknown.” #Touchstone
    • 90. Thank you #NBI and @KrogerCo for supporting the strong, smart, and bold girls of Indianapolis (photo)
    • 91. @AndreaWTHR is doing an amazing job at #Touchstone. Look for her and coverage of the event at 5pm @WTHRcom
    • 92. Congrats to Billie Dragoo, Marianne Glick, Dr. Beverely Pitts, and Nancy Silvers Rogers! #Touchstone
    • 93. Missed our #Touchstone Awards yesterday? Check out the video of our inspiring honorees: (link)
    • 94. Tickets/registration, photos, quotes, survey link, RTs, always use #
  • Activity #2
    Your turn!
    Two-Minute Drill
  • 95. Questions?
  • 96. Keeping Up
    Abri’s picks
    Events: IndySM, Professional Groups
    Blogs: Katya Andresen, KiviLeroux-Miller, Beth Kanter
    Twitter: @ Girls Inc. affiliates, NewMoonGirls, GirlScouts, GirlUp, PigtailPals, GirlEmpowerment, girlshealth, BlogHer, AAUW, Women_eNews, CatalystInc, SeeJaneDo, FemaleEquality, girlygeekdom, WomenWhoTech, ForbesWOman
    Jennifer’s picks
    Events: NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference
    Blogs: Chris Brogan, Copyblogger, Nancy Schwartz
    Gabie’s picks
    Events: AFP TechNow *new in 2012
    Blogs: Mashable, NonProfit Tech 2.0, ProBlogger Blog
    Books: Social Media for Social Good
  • 97. Thank You! @girlsincindy