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CRAVE Marketing & Social Media Solutions
Website Client Questionnaire

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  • 1. Catherine Noske Principle - Founder - Creator 443.591.1882 ▢ Start Up Business ▢ Youth Organization ▢ Property/HOA ▢ Veteran Services ▢ Existing Business ▢ Adult Organization ▢ Fundraiser One time/Annual ▢ Individual/Career ▢ Non-Profit ▢ Club/Membership Entity ▢ Event ▢ Family Holiday/Reunion/Wedding ▢ Division/Current Business ▢ Photographer/Model ▢ Subsidiary/Partner ▢ Marketing Other/Landing Page Business/Organization Name: Owner/Primary POC Name: Industry: Key Decision Maker(s): Years in Business (Est.): Contact Phone: Contact Email: Business Phone Business Fax Business Physical Address: Billing the same? Web Address: If no, I will be sending you an invite.Do you Currently Use or are you familiar with Drop Box? YES NO Type of Organization - Check all that apply. Who/What can I thank for introducing you to CRAVE?: Contact Information Tell me more about your company. What do you do? Location? Primary Market? What is Mission/Value Statement? (attach docs) Existing Social Media Platforms & Related Address' How do you prefer to communicate? Email MMS Text Facebook Messinger Phone Call Skype/GoTo Meeting/Google meet up When is your most productive, creative, conversational time of day? (Mine is first thing in the morning and mid-late evening.) What about your current site do you feel are unsuccessful, and why? What aspects or features about your current site do you feel are successful, and why? If Fundraiser or Event, is this your first? Do you own another business or have you been in business before:
  • 2. Websites Social Media Graphics & Content Marketing ▢ Web Site Design ▢ Social Identity Design ▢ Logo Design ▢ Web Marketing Plan ▢ Web Site Re-Design ▢ Fan/Biz Pg. Set Up ▢ Logo Re-Design ▢ Content Marketing and/or Plan ▢ Maintenance & Updates ▢ Social Media Design ▢ Photography ▢ Press Releases ▢ E-Commerce ▢ Reputation Management ▢ Tag Line ▢ E-Commerce Mgmt. ▢ Events ▢ Biography ▢ Branding ▢ Mobile Site ▢ Initial Kick off (first 100 likes) ▢ Business Profile ▢ Re-Branding ▢ SEO Search Engine Optimization ▢ Social Boost (Next milestone) ▢ Collateral Materials ▢ Other Landing Pages ▢ Online Listings (Angies, Yelp, Google) ▢ Management ▢ Design all content for web ▢ Email Marketing ▢ Fundraising or Event ▢ Content Creation ▢ Form Creation ▢ Data Base Management ▢ Training for future DIY ▢ Reputation Management ▢ Form/Document set up ▢ SWOT Analysis ▢ ▢ Training for future DIY ▢ Career Services ▢ Competition Analysis Expected Launch Date: Domain Purchased from Active Account Y N Access Information Renewal Period Cost (per) Current Website Host Active Account Y N Access Information Renewal Period Cost (per) IT Contact Person: Number: IT Email: Host & Server Info: Yes No May or Should this project be divided into phases? Yes No Explain: Do you know how many people visit your site per day, month, or year? Do you desire to track your visits with a tracker AP on your new site? Have you established a budget or "ideal price range" for your project? If yes, please share. Does your company use or will it be using a server, IT Dept., Webmail Host, etc? WEBSITE HOST Scheduling Domain & Host Email, Servers, & IT Domains to link & backlink (please list full URL's) List Aps/Features included your host (email, ecom, social) Do you have or do you want vanity email address' ( If Yes, how many? Is launch connected to any specific product, service, or new business roll out? If yes, elaborate This is a glimpse of our web marketing service menu. Many other services are available to you upon request. Do you have your Domain name(s) selected ? YES NO Do you have your Domain name(s) purchased ? YES NO Primary Domain Name Secondary Domain(s) to point Website & Internet Marketing Service Menu (select as many as you are interested in) Who/What/Where is your current email hosted:__________________________________________________________________________________
  • 3. ▢ Home Page ▢ Purchase Products (store & cart) ▢ Customer or Staff Log in ▢ Media/Press Releases/Awards ▢ About Us ▢ Subscribe/Sign Up/Enroll ▢ Pay Pal ▢ Music/Video ▢ FAQ's ▢ Newsletter ▢ Bill Pay ▢ Resume ▢ Directions/Map ▢ Tips & Trends ▢ Interweb ▢ Biography/Profile ▢ Contact Us ▢ Social Media Feeds ▢ Blog ▢ Application ▢ Menu (view & Print) ▢ Events/Calendar ▢ Featured Articles ▢ Guest Book ▢ Order Online ▢ Gallery (1 or multiple) ▢ Reviews & Testimonials ▢ Escape/Secure Search features ▢ Products (View only) ▢ Info. Request forms ▢ Surveys & polls ▢ Instant Message ▢ Flash ▢ Printable Documents ▢ Fundraising ▢ RSVP ▢ Display Ads & Links ($) ▢ Links to other sites (resources) ▢ Forum ▢ *Please see content acknowledgement & agreement. CRAVE adhears to strict Copyright Laws. YES NO YES NO Do you have a Graphic Artist? YES NO Have you worked with a web-designer before? YES NO How often will updated need to occur within your website? DO YOU HAVE A BLOG? YES NO ▢ Hourly ▢ Multiple Specific Schedule ▢ Daily ▢ Never ▢ Weekly ▢ Monthly ▢ Annually ▢ Other How many content pages do you expect to publish on your site each month? (blog, photos, etc) MUST BE HIGH RESOLUTION and/or VECTOR (eps) Quality Graphics. CRAVE WILL NOT USE CONTENT THAT DOES NOT LEGALLY BELONG TO YOU. Do you have a company logo or collateral materials? Would you like an estimate from us to create this too? Will you or others need training on how to do this in your website? Remote or on-location? Who will be responsible for the updates? This exercise is extraordinarily important. Please take your time. Will you be providing content or will CRAVE need to curate and/or create content? Both? Creating copy and content for you is an additional $65-$75 per hour. Do you have any current company documents that could help with creating content such as a brochure, handbook, flyer, current web site? Do you have samples from others,? Are your goals, notes, and thoughts written down on paper? Do you have any photos or graphics which you legally own the rights to & would you would like to use? Please provide artist and/or designer's contact info. What is your primary objective for this site? (increase brand awareness, sales, promote 3rd pty. advertisers) What end result would determine your web site to be successful? social habits, hobbies, housing status, tech level, etc. Please list every word or phrase that best describes you and your business. Write down the first words that come to mind. Feel free to revisit this questions multiple times through our process Key Words & Phrases Please list any additional custom pages you would like: Please describe, in as much detail as possible, your target audience. Consider age, gender, ethnicity, geographic area/location, income, What action should the end user, visiting your site, perform? Consider become informed, purchase, subscribe, sign up for an acct. Content Please Identify the pages or features you envision as part of your website. (provide a list of external usernames and access info as applicable) sign up for email market, enroll, share info, raise funds, view something? (Write all that apply) Please explain in detail, what are the key reasons your target audience should choose your company, over your competition? Consider price, service, quality, value, etc. Why Do Business With You: 2. What problem does your services solve for the consumer? The next two questions you will write down on a separate sheet of paper. Over the next few days, CLEARLY answer each question for your clients. Content Management Objective & Target Which page or feature are you updating, and why? DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL CLIENT When ANSWERING THE QUESTION BELOW. TRU TO ANSWER "WHY". USE ADDITIONAL PAPER IF NEEDED. 1. Write down the top 5-10 questions people ask about you, your business, or your services.
  • 4. Is there a specific theme or design that you have in mind for your website? If yes, please explain and if able, provide a sample. Just as above however, this time we are looking for your corp. identity/style (fonts, colors, themes). Please attach samples Do you have an idea of the colors that you would like to use? How about colors you want to steer away from? Do you have an idea of the font(s) (font syles, e.i. bold, curvy, plain silly) that you like to use? Steer away from? Do you have any specific layout preferences or specifications (Example: Width, margin, justification, navigation, screen size) Please provide a list of 3-5 websites that you like (either company name or URL) . Note a few things you like (function, design, features, etc) 1._________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________ 5._________________________________________________ Now 3-5 websites that you do NOT like & why. 1._________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________ 5._________________________________________________ Please provide a list of your competitor's web-sites Do you like anything about their website and/or services? 1._________________________________________________ 2._________________________________________________ 3._________________________________________________ 4._________________________________________________ 5._________________________________________________ Design Notes & Comments: Do you have existing printed or viral business collateral in circulation/use? (Business cards, letterhead, brochures, flyers, etc.) Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Notes: Use words to describe the look & feel you desire: Example: Clean, balanced, modern, friendly, informative, sleek, urban, country, home, grunge, artistic... Notes: Notes: Notes: Design
  • 5. How valuable to you are integrity and honesty. What if any, challenges has your business reputation faced? Your Notes, Thoughts, Ideas, Inspirations, etc. Things you definitely want to be certain that I know or understand. Tell me about your personal syle, décor, taste for art, style of cusine (gourmet, anything goes, organic). Be as deliberate as possible. On another sheet of paper give me a paragraph or two about you and things you like or enjoy. Tell me the common things and the peculiar ones. If you find this difficult to script on paper that is okay, lets arrange a phone or Skype session so I can get to know more about your personality. Is your business, product, or service accepted by a general culture or sub-cultures within it? If yes, which? What are trends that could affect/impact in the future (positive and negative) Are there any laws, public trends, etc. currently or forthcoming that could outlaw, curtail demand, or open/close new doors for your business? Design Journal & Collage Do you do any community, charity, or civic work as an individual or a company? If yes, please share. How about your staff? What kind of things might you need in the future? How do you want to/expect to grow? What elements should we include in this website to bolster and support future growth? Tell me what your customer service philosophy and practice is, how do you handle conflict with staff, family, friends, clients? What is the value add customer experience you offer What program or idea of a program do you have for referrals, repeat business, and monitoring your reputation? Is this something I can help you with? Make a list of content, features, design elements, key words or phrases, sayings, etc. that you like or do not like. For instance nearly every tech company out there uses blue for a primary color. Therefore, I wish to stay away from blue. Another example, whenever I need inspiration for a new project I search Google images. I save everything I see that inspires me or that I like even if, it is unrelated to what I am doing. Please do the same and share your notes with me. What special things do you need such as forms, registrations, documents your visitors can print, an escape button, special graphics, slideshows, etc. What is your website offering to your public. How does your website compare to the printed materials you have? You would be shocked at the number of business' who will spend thousands updating or designing a beautiful website only to find at the location their menus, signage, cards, etc. are worn, dated, tired, or do not match! Interpersonal Business Review Who beyond you customers might view your site? Competitors, Suppliers, Investors… Jot down a general list of the various types of visitors you may expect. Think about how you would best go about addressing each of their needs and/or questions. If Competition what steps should we consider to secure your edge? These questions are related to questions above however, take a more interpersonal approach. I place them at the end, away from the "fun and creative" pieces in an effort to provoke profound thought and consideration. Your answers to these questions are of great importance to me.