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Brand in Hand - How Brands can Influence the Shopping Trip
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Brand in Hand - How Brands can Influence the Shopping Trip


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Published in: Career, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Brand in Hand:How Brands can Influence the Shopping Trip Molly Garris, Digital Strategy Director, Leo Burnett and Arc Worldwide
  • 2. 50 % will have a Smartphone by JanuarySource: US Smartphone Penetration and Projections, The NielsenCompany
  • 3. In highly consideredcategories, we seepeoplecasuallybrowsingproductsjust because they can.
  • 4. In low-involvementcategories,Smartphone ownersnow have the ability tolearn more,find deals andcompareoptions.
  • 5. +The phone is quickly becoming America’sMOST IMPORTANT SHOPPINGPARTNER
  • 6. Most marketers say they Yet, few marketers rate will utilize and their efforts as increase mobile "extremely" or "very" marketing in 2011. successful. % % 88 25Source: Association of National Advertisers and the Mobile Marketing Association, 2010
  • 7. There is a gap between INTENT toexecute and INSIGHTS to execute
  • 8. The Research
  • 9. Mobile Shopping
  • 10. Quantitative Research1800Mobile Phone Owners Online Survey 18-64 Sept. 2010
  • 11. Qualitative Research30 Heavy & High Webcam & Flip cam /Experience Narratives / Potential Shopalongs Mobile Shoppers Appliances / Apparel /Nov. 2010 Dining / Groceries / General Shopping
  • 12. Information found onretailer sitesisn’t enough Visit retailer website Visit manufacturer website 91% 79% 31% 21% Heavy Mobile Shoppers Light Mobile Shoppers Heavy Mobile Shoppers Light Mobile Shoppers
  • 13. The website The information seems more like andoes not seem to advertisement.provide details.
  • 14. The shopping experience may besub-optimizedif retailers don’t utilizethe depth of information andrichness of experience thatbrands have to offer.
  • 15. Retailer Brand
  • 16. A Macy’s shopper willsee basic informationabout the TAG Heuerwatch collection.However, a shoppermust visit the TAGHeuer mobile site toget specific details andunderstand thebenefits of thisluxurious watch.
  • 17. With higherinvolvementcategories,mobile has to add value byenhancing the in-storeexperience.
  • 18. Home Depot accommodates the DIY’er witheveryday tools but allows brands like Gliddenand Titan to educate with Product Demo Videos
  • 19. Price comparison apps can provide more thanjust a great deal. Brands can now add uploadproduct photos, videos and feature details.Samsung even bought placement onShopSavvy. When shoppers scanned an iPad2,which then drove shoppers to buy a Galaxy Tabat Best Buy.
  • 20. Sephora sprinkles customer review tags around the store on selectproducts, driving shoppers to read more on their mobile website.Additionally, How-To Videos for brands like Kat Von Dee and a Try It Ontool for OPI nail polish can be found on their mobile app.
  • 21. Understandably,shoppersmay not beinterested inproduct selection,how-to’s and pricecomparison toolsfor your brand.
  • 22. With low involvementcategories,mobile has to deliverexponential value.
  • 23. Target allows its Guests to redeem mobile coupons at checkout. Shoppers opt in to the program on, receive weekly text messages with a link to a mobile website that displays all of the participating offers and the coupon bar code. The phone is scanned at checkout and shoppers watch the savings come off of their bill automatically.
  • 24. Kraft’s iFood Assistantnot only helps shopperslocate recipes andmanage their shoppinglist, but the app alsointegrates with grocers’loyalty cards to delivermobile coupons vialoyalty card swipe.
  • 25. Kingsford and Costcopartnered to provide allthings Backyard BBQ.Their co-branded websection includes:- Grilling videos and how- to’s,- Grilling tips and tricks,- Recipes and- BBQ music on Pandora radio.
  • 26. While retailers shouldlead withinfrastructure,Brands must support retailerswith rich content, offers andshopping tools.
  • 27. Based on how shopping differsby brand category, there is nota one size fits all solution.
  • 28. Every category has a unique imprint of relevant mobile activities. Restaurants Apparel Appliance CPG
  • 29. There is a range ofactivityrelevance
  • 30. The various mobileshoppingactivities canbe mapped onthis range ofrelevance
  • 31. A strongmobilepresence ismore importantthan ever.
  • 32. The Approach to your Brand in HandStart by understandingyour shopperPrioritize needs Restaurants Appliance CPG Apparelbased on category Consumer NeedsLeverage partnershipsto develop andpromote strategicsolutions
  • 33. THANK YOU THANK YOUMolly GarrisDigital Strategy Director,Arc