Assets and insight: Invisible girls


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Analysis and data supporting the Girl Effect scorecard showing global availability of girl data right now, by country and by sector.

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Assets and insight: Invisible girls

  1. 1. Assets andInsight:Invisiblegirls
  2. 2. 3. INTRODUCTION4. Methodology5. Access to income14. Age at first birth23. Age at first marriage32. Education41. Health care, wellbeing and safety50. Time with friends59. What’s the problem with getting girl data?61. limitationscontents2 |
  3. 3. introduction33 | girleffect.orgData gaps make girls invisible. How can we remove the barriers that stand in a girl’s way if we don’tknow where she is or what those barriers are?To see where those gaps are, we took the data that is publicly available and, for the first time,disaggregated it to get the data that is just about girls. Then we created a global scorecard for sixkey themes to show how visible or invisible the girls in 197 countries across the world really are.Here’s an awkward truth. As a global community working in development, we are in the dark whenit comes to girl data.3 |
  4. 4. methodology For each thematic area, key indicators were selected from the Girls Discovered website. For each country, the number of these specific indicators which had available data was taken and divided by the number of key indicators selected for that theme. This was then multiplied by 100 to give a percentage score, with 0 representing no available data and 100 representing a very high level of coverage. For example, if Nigeria had data for five out of 10 key indicators in Access To Income then it would score 50 per cent. This was repeated for each of the six areas. The key indicators used and further explanations for each topic are covered in the following sections.4 |
  5. 5. 51. access toincome5 |
  6. 6. 6 | girleffect.org90 per cent of countries have data for at least one of the eight indicators foraccess to income, with 33 per cent having data for at least four indicators.DATA GAPS Andorra, Dominica, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Nauru, Palau,San Marino and Tuvalu have no data. South Sudan has no data as the most current data wasrecorded before the country’s secession from Sudan andtherefore covers both countries. Taiwan also lacks data, as it is often included within datasets for China.DATA LEADERS Philippines is the only country with disaggregated datafor all eight indicators, while Guatemala, Honduras,Cambodia, Colombia and Bangladesh have data forseven of the eight.access to income6 |
  7. 7. The chosen indicators for access to income are as follows:⊲ Estimated number of girls aged 10-19 earning below $2 a day⊲ Proportion of employed girls aged 15-19 who have sole control over how their earningsare spent⊲ Percentage of girls aged 15-24 years who are economically active – either in work or lookingfor work⊲ Average weekly hours of work by girls aged 12-14⊲ Average weekly hours in employment of girls aged 5-14 years⊲ Percentage of girls aged 15-24 years who are unemployed⊲ Percentage of employed women aged 15-19 years who earn cash⊲ Proportion of girls aged 5-14 years who are unpaid family workersChosenindicatorsfor Accessto income7 |
  8. 8. country scoreAfghanistan 12.50Albania 25.00Algeria 25.00Andorra 0.00Angola 25.00Antigua and Barbuda 0.00Argentina 37.50Armenia 50.00Australia 25.00Austria 25.00Azerbaijan 62.50country scoreBahamas 12.50Bahrain 12.50Bangladesh 87.50Barbados 12.50Belarus 25.00Belgium 25.00Belize 37.50Benin 50.00Bhutan 12.50Bolivia 50.00Bosnia-Herzegovina 25.00Access to income scorecountry scoreBotswana 25.00Brazil 75.00Brunei 12.50Bulgaria 37.50Burkina Faso 75.00Burundi 25.00Cambodia 87.50Cameroon 62.50Canada 25.00Cape Verde 12.50Central African Republic 50.008 |
  9. 9. Access to income scorecountry scoreChad 50.00Chile 37.50China 25.00Colombia 87.50Comoros 37.50Congo 50.00Costa Rica 62.50Côte dIvoire 25.00Croatia 25.00Cuba 12.50Cyprus 12.50country scoreCzech Republic 37.50Denmark 25.00Djibouti 25.00Dominica 0.00Dominican Republic 75.00DR Congo 50.00Ecuador 62.50Egypt 50.00El Salvador 62.50Equatorial Guinea 12.50Eritrea 37.50country scoreEstonia 37.50Ethiopia 50.00Fiji 12.50Finland 25.00France 25.00Gabon 50.00Gambia 25.00Georgia 25.00Germany 25.00Ghana 62.50Greece 25.009 |
  10. 10. Access to income scorecountry scoreGrenada 0.00Guatemala 87.50Guinea 50.00Guinea-Bissau 25.00Guyana 12.50Haiti 50.00Honduras 87.50Hong Kong (China) 25.00Hungary 37.50Iceland 25.00India 50.00country scoreIndonesia 50.00Iran 25.00Iraq 12.50Ireland 25.00Israel 25.00Italy 25.00Jamaica 37.50Japan 25.00Jordan 62.50Kazakhstan 50.00Kenya 75.00country scoreKiribati 0.00Kuwait 12.50Kyrgyzstan 62.50Laos 25.00Latvia 37.50Lebanon 12.50Lesotho 50.00Liberia 50.00Libya 12.50Liechtenstein 0.00Lithuania 37.5010 |
  11. 11. Access to income scorecountry scoreLuxembourg 25.00Macao (China) 25.00Macedonia 37.50Madagascar 62.50Malawi 75.00Malaysia 25.00Maldives 12.50Mali 75.00Malta 25.00Marshall Islands 0.00Mauritania 50.00country scoreMauritius 25.00Mexico 50.00Micronesia 0.00Moldova 62.50Monaco 0.00Mongolia 50.00Montenegro 0.00Morocco 62.50Mozambique 50.00Myanmar 12.50Namibia 50.00country scoreNauru 0.00Nepal 50.00Netherlands 25.00New Zealand 25.00Nicaragua 75.00Niger 50.00Nigeria 50.00North Korea 12.50Norway 25.00Oman 12.50Pakistan 37.5011 |
  12. 12. Access to income scorecountry scorePalau 0.00Palestinian Occupied Territory 12.50Panama 37.50Papua New Guinea 25.00Paraguay 25.00Peru 62.50Philippines 100.00Poland 37.50Portugal 25.00Qatar 12.50Romania 37.50country scoreRussia 37.50Rwanda 50.00Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.00Saint Lucia 12.50Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 12.50Samoa 12.50San Marino 0.00Sao Tome and Principe 12.50Saudi Arabia 12.50Senegal 75.00Serbia 0.00country scoreSeychelles 0.00Sierra Leone 25.00Singapore 25.00Slovakia 37.50Slovenia 37.50Solomon Islands 12.50Somalia 12.50South Africa 62.50South Korea 37.50South Sudan 0.00Spain 25.0012 |
  13. 13. Access to income scorecountry scoreSri Lanka 50.00Sudan 12.50Suriname 12.50Swaziland 50.00Sweden 25.00Switzerland 25.00Syria 12.50Taiwan 0.00Tajikistan 25.00Tanzania 50.00Thailand 37.50country scoreTimor-Leste 25.00Togo 50.00Tonga 12.50Trinidad and Tobago 25.00Tunisia 25.00Turkey 62.50Turkmenistan 50.00Tuvalu 0.00Uganda 50.00Ukraine 75.00United Arab Emirates 12.50country scoreUnited Kingdom 25.00Uruguay 37.50USA 25.00Uzbekistan 50.00Vanuatu 12.50Venezuela 25.00Vietnam 50.00Yemen 50.00Zambia 62.50Zimbabwe 37.5013 |
  14. 14. 142. age atfirst birth14 |
  15. 15. 15 | girleffect.org92 per cent of countries have data for at least two of the five indicators. The high level ofcoverage is partly due to age-specific fertility rate data maintained by the UN Population Division.DATA GAPS Andorra, Dominica, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Nauru, Palau,San Marino and Tuvalu have no data. South Sudan has no post-secession data. Taiwan lacks data because it is often included within data sets for China.DATA LEADERS Developing nations have a high level of coverage withinthis area: Chad, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nepal,Uganda and Zambia have data for all five indicators.Age at first birth15 |
  16. 16. The chosen indicators for age at first birth are as follows:⊲ Age-specific fertility rate (births per 1,000 women) of girls aged 15-19⊲ Age-specific fertility rate (births per 1,000 women) of girls aged 20-24⊲ Percentage of young women aged 15-19 who gave birth by age 15⊲ Percentage of young women age 20-24 who gave birth by age 15⊲ Median age at first birth of women currently 20-24 years oldChosenindicatorsfor Age atfirst birth16 |
  17. 17. age at first birth scorecountry scoreAfghanistan 40.00Albania 40.00Algeria 40.00Andorra 0.00Angola 40.00Antigua and Barbuda 0.00Argentina 40.00Armenia 80.00Australia 40.00Austria 40.00Azerbaijan 80.00country scoreBahamas 40.00Bahrain 40.00Bangladesh 100.00Barbados 40.00Belarus 40.00Belgium 40.00Belize 40.00Benin 80.00Bhutan 40.00Bolivia 40.00Bosnia-Herzegovina 40.00country scoreBotswana 60.00Brazil 40.00Brunei 40.00Bulgaria 40.00Burkina Faso 60.00Burundi 40.00Cambodia 80.00Cameroon 100.00Canada 40.00Cape Verde 40.00Central African Republic 60.0017 |
  18. 18. age at first birth scorecountry scoreChad 100.00Chile 40.00China 40.00Colombia 80.00Comoros 40.00Congo 100.00Costa Rica 40.00Côte dIvoire 60.00Croatia 40.00Cuba 40.00Cyprus 40.00country scoreCzech Republic 40.00Denmark 40.00Djibouti 40.00Dominica 0.00Dominican Republic 80.00DR Congo 80.00Ecuador 60.00Egypt 80.00El Salvador 60.00Equatorial Guinea 40.00Eritrea 40.00country scoreEstonia 40.00Ethiopia 80.00Fiji 40.00Finland 40.00France 40.00Gabon 60.00Gambia 40.00Georgia 40.00Germany 40.00Ghana 100.00Greece 40.0018 |
  19. 19. age at first birth scorecountry scoreGrenada 40.00Guatemala 60.00Guinea 100.00Guinea-Bissau 40.00Guyana 40.00Haiti 80.00Honduras 80.00Hong Kong (China) 40.00Hungary 40.00Iceland 40.00India 80.00country scoreIndonesia 80.00Iran 40.00Iraq 40.00Ireland 40.00Israel 40.00Italy 40.00Jamaica 40.00Japan 40.00Jordan 80.00Kazakhstan 40.00Kenya 100.00country scoreKiribati 0.00Kuwait 40.00Kyrgyzstan 40.00Laos 40.00Latvia 40.00Lebanon 40.00Lesotho 80.00Liberia 100.00Libya 40.00Liechtenstein 0.00Lithuania 40.0019 |
  20. 20. age at first birth scorecountry scoreLuxembourg 40.00Macao (China) 40.00Macedonia 40.00Madagascar 100.00Malawi 100.00Malaysia 40.00Maldives 40.00Mali 100.00Malta 40.00Marshall Islands 0.00Mauritania 40.00country scoreMauritius 40.00Mexico 40.00Micronesia 40.00Moldova 80.00Monaco 0.00Mongolia 40.00Montenegro 40.00Morocco 40.00Mozambique 60.00Myanmar 40.00Namibia 60.00country scoreNauru 0.00Nepal 100.00Netherlands 40.00New Zealand 40.00Nicaragua 60.00Niger 100.00Nigeria 100.00North Korea 40.00Norway 40.00Oman 40.00Pakistan 80.0020 |
  21. 21. age at first birth scorecountry scorePalau 0.00Palestinian Occupied Territory 40.00Panama 40.00Papua New Guinea 40.00Paraguay 60.00Peru 40.00Philippines 80.00Poland 40.00Portugal 40.00Qatar 40.00Romania 40.00country scoreRussia 40.00Rwanda 80.00Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.00Saint Lucia 40.00Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 40.00Samoa 40.00San Marino 0.00Sao Tome and Principe 40.00Saudi Arabia 40.00Senegal 100.00Serbia 40.00country scoreSeychelles 0.00Sierra Leone 100.00Singapore 40.00Slovakia 40.00Slovenia 40.00Solomon Islands 40.00Somalia 40.00South Africa 40.00South Korea 40.00South Sudan 0.00Spain 40.0021 |
  22. 22. age at first birth scorecountry scoreSri Lanka 40.00Sudan 40.00Suriname 40.00Swaziland 100.00Sweden 40.00Switzerland 40.00Syria 40.00Taiwan 0.00Tajikistan 40.00Tanzania 100.00Thailand 40.00country scoreTimor-Leste 40.00Togo 60.00Tonga 40.00Trinidad and Tobago 40.00Tunisia 40.00Turkey 40.00Turkmenistan 40.00Tuvalu 0.00Uganda 100.00Ukraine 80.00United Arab Emirates 40.00country scoreUnited Kingdom 40.00Uruguay 40.00USA 40.00Uzbekistan 40.00Vanuatu 40.00Venezuela 40.00Vietnam 40.00Yemen 40.00Zambia 100.00Zimbabwe 80.0022 |
  23. 23. 233. age atfirst marriage23 |
  24. 24. 24 | girleffect.org51 per cent of countries have no data available for any indicator.Age at first marriageDATA LEADERS Extensive data is collected for developing countries. Cambodia, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have data for all the indicators included.24 |
  25. 25. The chosen indicators for age at first marriage are asfollows:⊲ Percentage of young women aged 15-19 who were first married by age 15⊲ Percentage of young women aged 20-24 who were first married by age 18⊲ Percentage of young women aged 20-24 who were first married by age 20⊲ Percentage of girls aged 20-24 years who were married by age 18 – national⊲ Percentage of girls aged 20-24 years who were married by age 18 – (separated by ruraland urban areas)Chosenindicators forAge at firstmarriage25 |
  26. 26. age at first marriage scorecountry scoreAfghanistan 20.00Albania 40.00Algeria 40.00Andorra 0.00Angola 0.00Antigua and Barbuda 0.00Argentina 0.00Armenia 100.00Australia 0.00Austria 0.00Azerbaijan 80.00country scoreBahamas 0.00Bahrain 0.00Bangladesh 100.00Barbados 0.00Belarus 40.00Belgium 0.00Belize 0.00Benin 100.00Bhutan 0.00Bolivia 100.00Bosnia-Herzegovina 40.00country scoreBotswana 0.00Brazil 20.00Brunei 0.00Bulgaria 0.00Burkina Faso 40.00Burundi 40.00Cambodia 100.00Cameroon 100.00Canada 0.00Cape Verde 0.00Central African Republic 40.0026 |
  27. 27. age at first marriage scorecountry scoreChad 100.00Chile 0.00China 0.00Colombia 100.00Comoros 0.00Congo 100.00Costa Rica 0.00Côte dIvoire 40.00Croatia 0.00Cuba 0.00Cyprus 0.00country scoreCzech Republic 0.00Denmark 0.00Djibouti 40.00Dominica 0.00Dominican Republic 80.00DR Congo 100.00Ecuador 20.00Egypt 100.00El Salvador 20.00Equatorial Guinea 0.00Eritrea 40.00country scoreEstonia 0.00Ethiopia 100.00Fiji 0.00Finland 0.00France 0.00Gabon 40.00Gambia 40.00Georgia 40.00Germany 0.00Ghana 100.00Greece 0.0027 |
  28. 28. age at first marriage scorecountry scoreGrenada 0.00Guatemala 20.00Guinea 100.00Guinea-Bissau 40.00Guyana 40.00Haiti 100.00Honduras 100.00Hong Kong (China) 0.00Hungary 0.00Iceland 0.00India 100.00country scoreIndonesia 100.00Iran 0.00Iraq 40.00Ireland 0.00Israel 0.00Italy 0.00Jamaica 40.00Japan 0.00Jordan 100.00Kazakhstan 40.00Kenya 100.00country scoreKiribati 0.00Kuwait 0.00Kyrgyzstan 40.00Laos 0.00Latvia 0.00Lebanon 20.00Lesotho 100.00Liberia 100.00Libya 0.00Liechtenstein 0.00Lithuania 0.0028 |
  29. 29. age at first marriage scorecountry scoreLuxembourg 0.00Macao (China) 0.00Macedonia 40.00Madagascar 100.00Malawi 100.00Malaysia 0.00Maldives 0.00Mali 100.00Malta 0.00Marshall Islands 0.00Mauritania 40.00country scoreMauritius 0.00Mexico 20.00Micronesia 0.00Moldova 100.00Monaco 0.00Mongolia 40.00Montenegro 20.00Morocco 40.00Mozambique 40.00Myanmar 0.00Namibia 100.00country scoreNauru 0.00Nepal 100.00Netherlands 0.00New Zealand 0.00Nicaragua 40.00Niger 100.00Nigeria 100.00North Korea 0.00Norway 0.00Oman 0.00Pakistan 80.0029 |
  30. 30. age at first marriage scorecountry scorePalau 0.00Palestinian Occupied Territory 20.00Panama 0.00Papua New Guinea 20.00Paraguay 20.00Peru 40.00Philippines 100.00Poland 0.00Portugal 0.00Qatar 0.00Romania 0.00country scoreRussia 0.00Rwanda 100.00Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.00Saint Lucia 0.00Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 0.00Samoa 0.00San Marino 0.00Sao Tome and Principe 40.00Saudi Arabia 0.00Senegal 100.00Serbia 40.00country scoreSeychelles 0.00Sierra Leone 100.00Singapore 0.00Slovakia 0.00Slovenia 0.00Solomon Islands 0.00Somalia 40.00South Africa 20.00South Korea 0.00South Sudan 0.00Spain 0.0030 |
  31. 31. age at first marriage scorecountry scoreSri Lanka 20.00Sudan 40.00Suriname 40.00Swaziland 100.00Sweden 0.00Switzerland 0.00Syria 40.00Taiwan 0.00Tajikistan 40.00Tanzania 100.00Thailand 40.00country scoreTimor-Leste 0.00Togo 40.00Tonga 0.00Trinidad and Tobago 20.00Tunisia 0.00Turkey 40.00Turkmenistan 40.00Tuvalu 0.00Uganda 100.00Ukraine 80.00United Arab Emirates 0.00country scoreUnited Kingdom 0.00Uruguay 0.00USA 0.00Uzbekistan 40.00Vanuatu 0.00Venezuela 0.00Vietnam 40.00Yemen 40.00Zambia 100.00Zimbabwe 100.0031 |
  32. 32. 324. education32 |
  33. 33. 33 | girleffect.org98 per cent of all countries scored have some data available.43 per cent have data for at least five of the nine selected indicators.EDUCATIONDATA GAPS Monaco, San Marino and South Sudan are the only countries lacking any education data. Japan and Germany only have data available for two of the nine educational indicators.DATA LEADERS Data for graduation rates is focused on African, Asianand South American nations. Mozambique, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Niger and Nigeria have data available for all nine educational indicators.33 |
  34. 34. The chosen indicators for education are as follows:⊲ Literacy rate for girls aged 15-24⊲ Primary school gross enrolment ratio⊲ School attendance of girls aged 15-19⊲ Primary school net enrolment ratio⊲ Primary school graduation⊲ Percentage of women in tertiary education⊲ Percentage of girls aged 10-14 who are falling two or more years behind grade for age⊲ Proportion of female students aged 15 years who are at the appropriate grade for age⊲ Percentage of girls aged 10-14 who have no educationChosenindicators forEducation34 |
  35. 35. education scorecountry scoreAfghanistan 22.22Albania 33.33Algeria 55.56Andorra 33.33Angola 22.22Antigua and Barbuda 44.44Argentina 44.44Armenia 66.67Australia 33.33Austria 33.33Azerbaijan 66.67country scoreBahamas 22.22Bahrain 33.33Bangladesh 88.89Barbados 33.33Belarus 55.56Belgium 33.33Belize 44.44Benin 77.78Bhutan 55.56Bolivia 88.89Bosnia-Herzegovina 33.33country scoreBotswana 44.44Brazil 66.67Brunei 55.56Bulgaria 44.44Burkina Faso 100.00Burundi 66.67Cambodia 88.89Cameroon 88.89Canada 11.11Cape Verde 55.56Central African Republic 77.7835 |
  36. 36. education scorecountry scoreChad 88.89Chile 33.33China 33.33Colombia 88.89Comoros 55.56Congo 88.89Costa Rica 44.44Côte dIvoire 77.78Croatia 44.44Cuba 55.56Cyprus 44.44country scoreCzech Republic 33.33Denmark 33.33Djibouti 44.44Dominica 33.33Dominican Republic 88.89DR Congo 55.56Ecuador 55.56Egypt 88.89El Salvador 55.56Equatorial Guinea 22.22Eritrea 77.78country scoreEstonia 44.44Ethiopia 100.00Fiji 44.44Finland 33.33France 33.33Gabon 44.44Gambia 44.44Georgia 55.56Germany 22.22Ghana 100.00Greece 44.4436 |
  37. 37. education scorecountry scoreGrenada 44.44Guatemala 88.89Guinea 100.00Guinea-Bissau 22.22Guyana 22.22Haiti 22.22Honduras 77.78Hong Kong (China) 33.33Hungary 44.44Iceland 33.33India 66.67country scoreIndonesia 77.78Iran 55.56Iraq 44.44Ireland 33.33Israel 33.33Italy 44.44Jamaica 44.44Japan 22.22Jordan 66.67Kazakhstan 66.67Kenya 88.89country scoreKiribati 11.11Kuwait 55.56Kyrgyzstan 66.67Laos 55.56Latvia 44.44Lebanon 55.56Lesotho 77.78Liberia 44.44Libya 22.22Liechtenstein 22.22Lithuania 44.4437 |
  38. 38. education scorecountry scoreLuxembourg 33.33Macao (China) 55.56Macedonia 44.44Madagascar 100.00Malawi 100.00Malaysia 44.44Maldives 33.33Mali 100.00Malta 44.44Marshall Islands 11.11Mauritania 88.89country scoreMauritius 55.56Mexico 44.44Micronesia 11.11Moldova 66.67Monaco 0.00Mongolia 55.56Montenegro 11.11Morocco 100.00Mozambique 100.00Myanmar 33.33Namibia 88.89country scoreNauru 11.11Nepal 88.89Netherlands 33.33New Zealand 33.33Nicaragua 77.78Niger 100.00Nigeria 100.00North Korea 11.11Norway 33.33Oman 55.56Pakistan 66.6738 |
  39. 39. education scorecountry scorePalau 11.11Palestinian Occupied Territory 55.56Panama 55.56Papua New Guinea 22.22Paraguay 55.56Peru 77.78Philippines 77.78Poland 44.44Portugal 44.44Qatar 55.56Romania 44.44country scoreRussia 44.44Rwanda 88.89Saint Kitts and Nevis 44.44Saint Lucia 44.44Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 33.33Samoa 44.44San Marino 0.00Sao Tome and Principe 55.56Saudi Arabia 44.44Senegal 88.89Serbia 55.56country scoreSeychelles 33.33Sierra Leone 44.44Singapore 11.11Slovakia 33.33Slovenia 44.44Solomon Islands 22.22Somalia 11.11South Africa 77.78South Korea 22.22South Sudan 0.00Spain 44.4439 |
  40. 40. education scorecountry scoreSri Lanka 33.33Sudan 22.22Suriname 44.44Swaziland 77.78Sweden 33.33Switzerland 33.33Syria 33.33Taiwan 0.00Tajikistan 55.56Tanzania 88.89Thailand 44.44country scoreTimor-Leste 44.44Togo 88.89Tonga 44.44Trinidad and Tobago 55.56Tunisia 44.44Turkey 77.78Turkmenistan 22.22Tuvalu 11.11Uganda 88.89Ukraine 55.56United Arab Emirates 44.44country scoreUnited Kingdom 33.33Uruguay 44.44USA 33.33Uzbekistan 55.56Vanuatu 44.44Venezuela 55.56Vietnam 55.56Yemen 44.44Zambia 88.89Zimbabwe 88.8940 |
  41. 41. 415. health care,wellbeingand safety41 |
  42. 42. 42 | girleffect.org92 per cent of all countries have some data available for those indicators selected for health care, wellbeingand safety.Health care, wellbeing and safetyDATA GAPS Monaco, San Marino, South Sudan, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, Micronesia, Cyprus and Tonga lack data on any indicator. Singapore, Russia and New Zealand have data for twoout of 13 indicators. Japan, France and Luxembourg have data for three of 13 indicators.42 |
  43. 43. The chosen indicators for health care, wellbeing and safetyare as follows:⊲ Percentage of girls aged 15-19 who say they make the final decision on their health care⊲ Percentage of girls aged 15-24 with HIV⊲ Percentage of girls aged 15-19 with anaemia⊲ Number of surveyed women aged 15-49 using any type of contraception⊲ Percentage of girls aged 5-14 engaged in child labour⊲ Percentage of women aged 15-49 who have been mutilated or cut⊲ Percentage of girls aged 16-19 who are heads of household or partner of head of household⊲ Child labour by sector: agricultural / industry / services⊲ Percentage of girls aged 16-19 living in poverty⊲ Proportion of girls engaged in child labour⊲ Number of girls who are victims of child trafficking⊲ Female genital mutilation (FGM) rates of girls⊲ Percentage of girls aged 15-19 who are underweightChosenindicators forHealth care,wellbeing andsafety43 |
  44. 44. Health care, wellbeing and safety scorecountry scoreAfghanistan 23.08Albania 30.77Algeria 30.77Andorra 0.00Angola 38.46Antigua and Barbuda 7.69Argentina 38.46Armenia 46.15Australia 30.77Austria 30.77Azerbaijan 61.54country scoreBahamas 15.38Bahrain 23.08Bangladesh 61.54Barbados 23.08Belarus 30.77Belgium 15.38Belize 38.46Benin 69.23Bhutan 30.77Bolivia 61.54Bosnia-Herzegovina 30.77country scoreBotswana 38.46Brazil 69.23Brunei 0.00Bulgaria 23.08Burkina Faso 76.92Burundi 38.46Cambodia 69.23Cameroon 84.62Canada 30.77Cape Verde 23.08Central African Republic 61.5444 |
  45. 45. Health care, wellbeing and safety scorecountry scoreChad 69.23Chile 30.77China 7.69Colombia 84.62Comoros 38.46Congo 61.54Costa Rica 38.46Côte dIvoire 69.23Croatia 15.38Cuba 15.38Cyprus 0.00country scoreCzech Republic 30.77Denmark 30.77Djibouti 38.46Dominica 7.69Dominican Republic 53.85DR Congo 46.15Ecuador 46.15Egypt 76.92El Salvador 53.85Equatorial Guinea 38.46Eritrea 53.85country scoreEstonia 30.77Ethiopia 61.54Fiji 7.69Finland 30.77France 23.08Gabon 46.15Gambia 46.15Georgia 38.46Germany 30.77Ghana 84.62Greece 30.7745 |
  46. 46. Health care, wellbeing and safety scorecountry scoreGrenada 7.69Guatemala 53.85Guinea 76.92Guinea-Bissau 46.15Guyana 30.77Haiti 69.23Honduras 61.54Hong Kong (China) 7.69Hungary 23.08Iceland 7.69India 53.85country scoreIndonesia 46.15Iran 15.38Iraq 23.08Ireland 30.77Israel 30.77Italy 30.77Jamaica 30.77Japan 23.08Jordan 38.46Kazakhstan 53.85Kenya 76.92country scoreKiribati 7.69Kuwait 7.69Kyrgyzstan 53.85Laos 38.46Latvia 23.08Lebanon 30.77Lesotho 69.23Liberia 69.23Libya 7.69Liechtenstein 0.00Lithuania 23.0846 |
  47. 47. Health care, wellbeing and safety scorecountry scoreLuxembourg 23.08Macao (China) 0.00Macedonia 30.77Madagascar 76.92Malawi 76.92Malaysia 15.38Maldives 15.38Mali 92.31Malta 15.38Marshall Islands 0.00Mauritania 53.85country scoreMauritius 23.08Mexico 61.54Micronesia 0.00Moldova 61.54Monaco 0.00Mongolia 46.15Montenegro 23.08Morocco 53.85Mozambique 61.54Myanmar 15.38Namibia 53.85country scoreNauru 7.69Nepal 69.23Netherlands 30.77New Zealand 15.38Nicaragua 69.23Niger 69.23Nigeria 61.54North Korea 7.69Norway 30.77Oman 15.38Pakistan 23.0847 |
  48. 48. Health care, wellbeing and safety scorecountry scorePalau 7.69Palestinian Occupied Territory 7.69Panama 15.38Papua New Guinea 23.08Paraguay 46.15Peru 84.62Philippines 61.54Poland 30.77Portugal 30.77Qatar 15.38Romania 38.46country scoreRussia 15.38Rwanda 69.23Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.00Saint Lucia 7.69Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 7.69Samoa 7.69San Marino 0.00Sao Tome and Principe 23.08Saudi Arabia 7.69Senegal 84.62Serbia 38.46country scoreSeychelles 0.00Sierra Leone 61.54Singapore 15.38Slovakia 15.38Slovenia 38.46Solomon Islands 0.00Somalia 38.46South Africa 46.15South Korea 30.77South Sudan 0.00Spain 38.4648 |
  49. 49. Health care, wellbeing and safety scorecountry scoreSri Lanka 38.46Sudan 46.15Suriname 30.77Swaziland 61.54Sweden 30.77Switzerland 30.77Syria 23.08Taiwan 15.38Tajikistan 38.46Tanzania 76.92Thailand 23.08country scoreTimor-Leste 23.08Togo 61.54Tonga 0.00Trinidad and Tobago 30.77Tunisia 15.38Turkey 53.85Turkmenistan 23.08Tuvalu 0.00Uganda 76.92Ukraine 46.15United Arab Emirates 15.38country scoreUnited Kingdom 30.77Uruguay 46.15USA 30.77Uzbekistan 30.77Vanuatu 7.69Venezuela 30.77Vietnam 38.46Yemen 46.15Zambia 84.62Zimbabwe 69.2349 |
  50. 50. 506. time withfriends50 |
  51. 51. 51 | girleffect.orgThere is a substantial lack of data pertaining to the amount of time adolescent girls spend with their friends.The data used here focuses on women in general instead of girls, as this is the only data available. Even thiscoverage is poor: only 34 per cent of countries have any data for the selected indicators.Time with friendsDATA LEADERS The majority of countries with data for these indicators are well-developed economies such as France, Russia, Germany, Canada, USA, UK and China.51 |
  52. 52. The chosen indicators for time with friends are as follows:⊲ Percentage of women who see friends: never / only a few times a year / once or twice amonth / on a weekly basis⊲ Percentage of women who report spending time with people at sports, cultural andcommunal organisations: never / only a few times a year / once or twice a month / on aweekly basisChosenindicatorsfor Time withfriendsNote that for Time With Friends, Maplecroft is not aware of any global data set thatis specifically focused on the amount of time adolescent girls spend with friends. Forthis reason, this data focuses on women in general and is not disaggregated by age.52 |
  53. 53. Time with friends scorecountry scoreAfghanistan 0.00Albania 100.00Algeria 100.00Andorra 0.00Angola 0.00Antigua and Barbuda 0.00Argentina 100.00Armenia 0.00Australia 0.00Austria 100.00Azerbaijan 0.00country scoreBahamas 0.00Bahrain 0.00Bangladesh 100.00Barbados 0.00Belarus 100.00Belgium 100.00Belize 0.00Benin 0.00Bhutan 0.00Bolivia 0.00Bosnia-Herzegovina 100.00country scoreBotswana 0.00Brazil 0.00Brunei 0.00Bulgaria 100.00Burkina Faso 0.00Burundi 0.00Cambodia 0.00Cameroon 0.00Canada 100.00Cape Verde 0.00Central African Republic 0.0053 |
  54. 54. Time with friends scorecountry scoreChad 0.00Chile 100.00China 100.00Colombia 0.00Comoros 0.00Congo 0.00Costa Rica 0.00Côte dIvoire 0.00Croatia 100.00Cuba 0.00Cyprus 0.00country scoreCzech Republic 100.00Denmark 100.00Djibouti 0.00Dominica 0.00Dominican Republic 0.00DR Congo 0.00Ecuador 0.00Egypt 100.00El Salvador 0.00Equatorial Guinea 0.00Eritrea 0.00country scoreEstonia 100.00Ethiopia 0.00Fiji 0.00Finland 100.00France 100.00Gabon 0.00Gambia 0.00Georgia 0.00Germany 100.00Ghana 0.00Greece 100.0054 |
  55. 55. Time with friends scorecountry scoreGrenada 0.00Guatemala 0.00Guinea 0.00Guinea-Bissau 0.00Guyana 0.00Haiti 0.00Honduras 0.00Hong Kong (China) 0.00Hungary 100.00Iceland 100.00India 100.00country scoreIndonesia 100.00Iran 100.00Iraq 0.00Ireland 100.00Israel 0.00Italy 100.00Jamaica 0.00Japan 100.00Jordan 100.00Kazakhstan 0.00Kenya 0.00country scoreKiribati 0.00Kuwait 0.00Kyrgyzstan 100.00Laos 0.00Latvia 100.00Lebanon 0.00Lesotho 0.00Liberia 0.00Libya 0.00Liechtenstein 0.00Lithuania 100.0055 |
  56. 56. Time with friends scorecountry scoreLuxembourg 100.00Macao (China) 0.00Macedonia 100.00Madagascar 0.00Malawi 0.00Malaysia 0.00Maldives 0.00Mali 0.00Malta 100.00Marshall Islands 0.00Mauritania 0.00country scoreMauritius 0.00Mexico 100.00Micronesia 0.00Moldova 100.00Monaco 0.00Mongolia 0.00Montenegro 0.00Morocco 100.00Mozambique 0.00Myanmar 0.00Namibia 0.00country scoreNauru 0.00Nepal 0.00Netherlands 100.00New Zealand 0.00Nicaragua 0.00Niger 0.00Nigeria 100.00North Korea 0.00Norway 0.00Oman 0.00Pakistan 100.0056 |
  57. 57. Time with friends scorecountry scorePalau 0.00Palestinian Occupied Territory 0.00Panama 0.00Papua New Guinea 0.00Paraguay 0.00Peru 100.00Philippines 100.00Poland 100.00Portugal 100.00Qatar 0.00Romania 100.00country scoreRussia 100.00Rwanda 0.00Saint Kitts and Nevis 0.00Saint Lucia 0.00Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 0.00Samoa 0.00San Marino 0.00Sao Tome and Principe 0.00Saudi Arabia 100.00Senegal 0.00Serbia 100.00country scoreSeychelles 0.00Sierra Leone 0.00Singapore 100.00Slovakia 100.00Slovenia 100.00Solomon Islands 0.00Somalia 0.00South Africa 100.00South Korea 100.00South Sudan 0.00Spain 100.0057 |
  58. 58. Time with friends scorecountry scoreSri Lanka 0.00Sudan 0.00Suriname 0.00Swaziland 0.00Sweden 100.00Switzerland 0.00Syria 0.00Taiwan 0.00Tajikistan 0.00Tanzania 100.00Thailand 0.00country scoreTimor-Leste 0.00Togo 0.00Tonga 0.00Trinidad and Tobago 0.00Tunisia 0.00Turkey 100.00Turkmenistan 0.00Tuvalu 0.00Uganda 100.00Ukraine 100.00United Arab Emirates 0.00country scoreUnited Kingdom 100.00Uruguay 0.00USA 100.00Uzbekistan 0.00Vanuatu 0.00Venezuela 100.00Vietnam 100.00Yemen 0.00Zambia 0.00Zimbabwe 100.0058 |
  59. 59. 59 | girleffect.orgwhat’s stopping usgetting girl data? Small nations are often overlooked by data collectors. Other nations lack data because of political reasons. For example, South Sudan has no data because the most current data was recorded before the country’s secession from Sudan. Data is often limited by the remit of a specific report. For example, the data for all indicators under Age At First Marriage is taken from Demographic Health Survey (DHS) country reports and therefore has limited coverage to the countries it covers. For education there is high-quality data collected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) – but while this covers the majority of countries, it doesn’t cover them all.We need more data, disaggregated at the point of collection, at a sub-national level.59 |
  60. 60. 60 | girleffect.orglimitationsThe scores presented for each topic are purely an assessmentof the data presented on the Girls Discovered website. Thewebsite is designed to be a comprehensive source of dataon women and adolescent girls that is regularly updated.However, it is possible that some disaggregated data setsmay not have been included on the website and are thereforenot included in the assessment of data coverage.Note also that the scores do not give any representation of the quality orreliability of the data available. While the quality of primary data cannotbe guaranteed, only reputable sources are used on the Girls Discoveredwebsite.All indicators are weighted equally within the scoring so that a clearassessment of the available data is presented.Data disaggregated and analysed by Maplecroft60 |