Social Media 101 for Direct Relief


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I created this "How To" social media presentation for the employees and Board members for the non-profit My goals was to make sure everyone had a basic understanding of all the online channels the organization was participating in so that they would know how to find the channel and share its content.

This 90minute "boot camp" went over the online basics (from what our goals our, to the work we're doing, to what "social media", SEO, blogging etc. is) so that people would know how to support the work online and get their own tweet on!

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Social Media 101 for Direct Relief

  1. 1. THE SOCIAL WEB: HOW YOU CONNECT A Presentation for Direct Relief by Alex Beauchamp Photos from:
  2. 2. I’m doing an online campaign,using influencers & a hashtag to get our tweets out! Whoah, hotshot, I don’t understand your Social Media doohickey & why I should care. Break it down in plain English!
  3. 3. THE SOCIAL WEB… Tells our story Allows us to engage/respond3 Builds & drives community, in real-time   advocates, donations. Connects us to donors,  Drives decision making. employees, media & partners.  Answers people’s questions. Strengthens bonds with  current ones. builds – or breaks – trust.   Inspires, informs, educates Helps create brand  and entertains. awareness in authentic ways.   Direct Relief Social Media 101
  4. 4. HOW THE SOCIAL WEB WORKS4 Gerry: I wish I could find a nonprofit to Ginger: Check out trust & be a part of. @DirectRelief! But I don’t trust any… They’re amazing. Read this story: GINGER GERRYNot a Donor. No Brand Donor & advocate through Becomes a new Donor &Awareness. Twitter User. traditional channels. Twitter User. Advocate. Repeats Cycle. Direct Relief Social Media 101
  5. 5. PERCEPTION The Holistic Approach to Social Media for Business
  6. 6. REALITY I’m sending an email & working an event – let’s align & blow this baby up. Our web site is so 1974. Let’s get it updated! Our work isn’t getting noticed; we need to get our story out there & money in stat!
  7. 7. ONLINE GOALS Be the “GO TO” RELIEF Org Consistent Increase BRAND MESSAGING across AWARENESS & all channels share of voice Digestable, shareable, Campaign Tracking & searchable CONTENT METRICS $$ PARTNERSHIPS (Advocates,ENGAGEMENT Donors & Partners)
  8. 8. THE WORK Create processes (content, Monitor, listen, Respond publication, campaigns, coordination)  Online Campaigns Content (coordination, creation,  Update Web site (CMS, structure, publishing) content)  Engage (internally, advocates, donors, media, partners)  Paid and Organic Search  Mobile (site, giving, communication) Brand Channels & Content  Advocate Program Humanize Brand  Internal Education & alignment The Holistic Approach to Social Media for Business
  9. 9. I got the bossman to care about social but I still can’t explain what it is. You have to break it down simply THE CHANNELS
  10. 10. 10 Photo by Douglas Wray on Instagram
  11. 11. I got the basics. Now I need details.
  12. 12. Look at all those tweets. Let me search for info on #May4MomsTWITTER
  13. 13. Great for: Short snippets of Information Sharing communication Reaching new & potential donors   Info Sharing (ours, partners or Engaging with current donors  relevant info)  Real-time listening & responding  Engagement & Community Sharing resources, content (ours &  Connection others)   Promotions & campaigns Keeping track of media & partners  Engagement with customers,  partners, PR, employees etc. 
  14. 14. 14 TWITTER BASICS  Following: People who have chosen to follow you or people you’ve chosen to follow  Tweet: 140 character message. 112 if you’re including a link. Retweet (RT): Sharing verbatim what another person tweeted (IE RT @username I love DirectRelief!).  @Username: A name a twitter user chooses for themselves and that is used to ‘talk’ directly to them or include them in a conversation. (IE: Hey @DirectRelief you’re great!)   Direct Message (DM): Private message between two people who are following each other. Hashtag (#): used for events, webinars, ideas, groupings. Is searchable. (IE: It’s #WorldAidsDay!)   List: Private or Public way to follow/display users without having to follow them.
  15. 15. 15 TWITTER CONTENT Direct Relief Social Media 101
  16. 16. TWITTER LISTS Easily organize & see Twitter Users16   List can be public or private Lists can be about customers, media, analysts, magazines, thought leaders   Easy to add/remove people  Lists can be viewed on Direct Relief Social Media 101
  17. 17. 17 TWITTER TOOLS The official site for twitter. They have apps for the phone and iPhone. You can easily send  out messages, tweet our photos/videos and create lists. Hootsuite, TweetDeck For your personal use, you can set up these to tweet from or to monitor & search our  products/competitors/partners etc. Good for saving searches or managing several accounts. Shortens long URLs so that they are twitter friendly. Also can be used for tracking (IE  how many people clicked the link) Direct Relief Social Media 101
  18. 18. I could tell you how You’ll have to be I’m doing but I’ll just friends with me first. post in on Facebook And then decide if I instead. like your content. Please don’t tag me in a photo. I was supposed to be at work.FACEBOOK
  19. 19. Good for: Engaging with our community Purpose: Share multi-media content with a Promoting events  community or friend that has chosen  Updating donors on what we do  to ‘like’ you. Reach (getting our ‘friends’ to talk  about us to their facebook friends’)  Campaigns Sharing powerpoints, photos & videos.  Polling/feedback   Direct Relief Social Media 101
  20. 20. FACEBOOK BASICS The voice matters just as much – if not more – than the content shared on Facebook.20   Content should & personalized (IE: not just cut and paste a news article). You can highlight another page/person by adding @ before their name (IE @DirectRelief)   Promote Webinars & Events on Facebook Content can be directed to a target audience (IE to countries/regions, demographics or language)   When you “like” a post, it helps that post get seen by others.  Create special “Landing Pages” for promotions  We’re competing with funny cat videos, baby photos & wedding announcements.
  21. 21. HOW WE’RE DOING21 Direct Relief Social Media 101
  22. 22. It was easy. I should have made it private I’m though. Who’s the confused – kid to my right? how did II’m glad I’m in your join this “Opera” circle? circle & we can “Hang Out”GOOGLE+
  23. 23. Sharing news in a blog format Purpose: Good for: Sharing content Photo slideshows  Segmenting connections  Sharing links  “Hanging Out”  Segmenting  Search  information/connections   Connecting live to others (webcam/voice/content)  Direct Relief Social Media 101
  24. 24. 24 GOOGLE+ BASICS  Group/Search words with #Hashtag like on Twitter.  Highlight people/companies by adding + before their name. IE +DirectRelief  You can add people into circles  You can do photo slideshows  If you’re in Gmail/Google Reader you can easily share content Direct Relief Social Media 101
  25. 25. 25 GOOGLE+ SIGN UP  Go to  If you have a Gmail account, click the big red “sign in” button: Direct Relief Social Media 101
  26. 26. 26  Once you are signed in, search “Direct Relief” in the tool bar. You’ll see our logo appear – click on it.  Click “Follow” Direct Relief Social Media 101
  27. 27. 27  Next time you log into Gmail, your top navigation will look like this:  The highlighted areas are for Google+ (or G+). On the right, if there’s a number, it will notify you of new activity. On the left, your +Name is how you get to your G+ profile. Direct Relief Social Media 101
  28. 28. You know what would make this report better? Pretty pictures! That’s easy for me to find, sir. I’ll search Flickr right away.FLICKR
  29. 29. Sharing Photos & Images Purpose: Excellent SEO Good For:  Sharing event, company &  employee photos that require  high visibility Media/Bloggers (they can download, use, embed)  Managing/Organizing photos Content & Image  Management  Direct Relief Social Media 101
  30. 30. FLICKR BASICS There’s only one Flickr Account.30 Can create sets for different events.  Trip photos, company events, community  photos & employees that are shareable go up  Can easily be tweeted, blogged and shared with media.  Need permission of people in photos if you can see their face.  No photos of private information can go up (IE: if there’s a monitor with financials on it – no go!)  All content must be properly titled, describe and tagged 
  31. 31. FLICKR CONTENT Have a photo to go up? Please work with Alex for uploading. Be prepared to have31 and add it to a simple spreadsheet that Alex will give you. This helps our volunteer know how to add it to Flickr and we’ll never have to ask you for the info again!  Title: If it’s an event, use event name first. IE: Haiti.  Description: It’s searchable to use lots of reach text to help with organic search  Tag: words used to describe the photo. IE: haiti, partner, clinic, direct relief. Direct Relief Social Media 101
  32. 32. 32 SETS Direct Relief Social Media 101
  33. 33. THE GOAL OF EACH SET33 Direct Relief Social Media 101
  34. 34. THE GOAL OF EACH PHOTO34 Direct Relief Social Media 101
  35. 35. I could watch these cat videos all day. YOUTUBE
  36. 36. Purpose: Notes: Videos 2nd largest search engine People ‘listen’ to YouTube just as much   as they watch them  Videos are best under 2min Great for media/bloggers (Can embed  files into blogs & get specific URL’s)  create play lists favourite other videos & have them  shown on our channels  People can leave comments Can shoot with your phone! Doesn’t  have to be HD – just has to happen! 
  37. 37. 37 YOUTUBE Direct Relief Social Media 101
  38. 38. 38 SUBSCRIBING TO CHANNEL Direct Relief Social Media 101
  39. 39. GET EMAIL ALERTS FOR NEW VIDEOS39 Direct Relief Social Media 101
  40. 40. 40 SHARING A VIDEO Direct Relief Social Media 101
  41. 41. If only I had a way toshare our newsletter in an email, everyone could see it as it was intended to be seen…. SLIDESHARE
  42. 42. Purpose: Easily sharing Powerpoints and PDF presentations Having a way to socially share presentations  Leveraging organic search   Direct Relief Social Media 101
  43. 43. 43 TO FOLLOW  You need to create an account first. Then you can click “Follow” to receive updates Direct Relief Social Media 101
  44. 44. 44 SHARE A PRESENTATION Direct Relief Social Media 101
  45. 45. Will she write a recommendation, too? Mission successful. Let’sconnect on LinkedIn so we can work together in thefuture – even if it’s not on the same planet. LINKEDIN
  46. 46. Business and Media “Phonebook” Purpose: Connect, follow & recommend companies/products/people  Share news and information via updates and forums  Job search  Networking with employees & partners  Group Discussions  Sharing your job history & highlighting what you now do  Add “Causes I care about” & “Organizations I support” section. You can add Direct Relief!  
  47. 47. 47 FOLLOWING
  48. 48. Well, sir? What do you think?I think I am ready toget my tweet on! Find me as @Bossman! QUESTIONS?
  49. 49. 49 CHEAT SHEET Facebook: Slidshare:  You can read our content without having an account  You do not have to have a Slideshare account to share  To share our content within Facebook you need to  We put our PowerPoint and PDF presentations up have an account and be logged in here. Allows you to easily share these documents in emails, web sites and social networks.  ‘Liking’ our posts helps our posts show up on others walls Google+::  We post public events (online & offline), photos, 737 stories, updates & thank you’s  You do not need an account to read or link to the Twitter: information  You can read our content without having an account  If you have a Gmail account you can easily get the  To share our content within Twitter you need to have Google+ or sign up directly on Google+ an account & be logged in.  More like a blog/news site; less community focused  Think of Twitter as “Headline News” to share to people than Facebook and we can share larger amounts of interested in what we do, who have donated, who are content without character restriction. our partners or employees. Flickr: YouTube:  You do not have to have an account to look at or share  You can watch and share our video content. You do not photos need to have an account to share our videos.  We’re working on this to make public thousands of  If you have a Google account you can get a YouTube photos we have up there that you can easily share in account and subscribe to our channel, getting email email, embed on web sites, create photo shows or updates when we do update and also giving you the share on social networks. ability to ‘favorite’ videos. Direct Relief Social Media 101