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Online Brand Management and Crisis Communication
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Online Brand Management and Crisis Communication


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. By Alex Beauchamp @ Girl at Play Media. ONLINE BRANDMANAGEMENT & CRISISCOMMUNICATION 1
  • 2. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?SOCIAL MEDIA IS always about what the reader/ SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T about thecommunity/customer needs or wants, not about the company’s needs/products/company itself. services. She’s a Random He’s a Brand User + She becomes a New Twitter User Advocate on Twitter Customer & Brand Advocate 2
  • 3. INTERNAL PARTNERSHIPSYou’re in a large company, you mighthave all these departments & more.If you’re a small company, you mightbe all these departments. 3
  • 4. ONLINE BRAND GOALS Lead + Inspire Earn + Keep Trust Brand holistically Expand Connect + Engage Drive Sales Be Strategic Increase Online Brand Share Create compelling, Measure Success digestible & engaging content 4
  • 5. DEFINE THE BRAND VOICE ONLINE Brand/Company Overall Social Media Voice/Persona Official Blog Facebook Twitter YouTube Voice/Purpose Voice/Purpose Voice/Purpose Mission Bio About About Content Channel Content Response Description 5
  • 7. MONITOR & RESPOND ONLINEREAL TIME DAILY WEEKLY REPORTING • Sentiment• Twitter • Blogs & Media • Growth • CoTweet • Google Alerts • Reputation • TweetDeck • Areas of concern • Hootsuite • RSS Feeds • Twitter Search • Areas of opportunity • Sprout Social • Industry Newsletters • Marketing Metrics • River of News• Forums • Slideshare Downloads• Facebook • LinkedIn Tools: • Sprout Social •Sprout Social, Google Analytics, Radian6 and/ • Radian6 • Comments (Blogs, Flickr, OTher or Alterian social channels) •Internal Data Keeping (Spreadsheets)• YouTube •Stakeholder Meetings 7
  • 8. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONThree elements to crisis communication:• Monitor: industry news, partners, campaigns, social channels, customer service calls• Engage: Employees, Customers, Media, Partners, Brand Ambassadors, Communities, Affiliates• Advocate: Rally your actions, position, responseThings to note:• Internal communications is paramount in all crisis communication.• Someone else’s crisis could become yours• Time is critical – you don’t have any• Old and inaccurate online information can become truth• When is a crisis over? Sometimes its obvious, sometimes not• Continue monitoring even when things seem to cool down – there could be a second wave• Note what a crisis did to the company’s reputation and communicate that with all internal sources 8
  • 9. OWNERSHIP 1. Honesty, accountability cohesion and timeliness are the best policies with customers, employees and partners. 2. If you’re not transparent your community, customers and competition will know and use this against you. 3. Employee representatives should be in on the planning to have “ownership” in a crisis situation. ©2011 Alex Beauchamp,. 9
  • 10. DEALING WITH NEGATIVITY1. Humanize Your Brand 4. Be Transparent and Explain2. Listen and Accept – don’t censor 5. Fix the problem if there is one3. Do not be defensive 6. Funnel comments/5. Respond directly concerns internally 10
  • 11. Alex Beauchamp Site: Twitter: @AlextheGirlI believe in sharing content so feel free to use this presentation. If you do use it, please just give credit where credit is due. Thanks! 11