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Created this for a client I was working with as an exercise to find out what colours to go with for their branding. They needed a logo and web site but had never gone through branding before. This is …

Created this for a client I was working with as an exercise to find out what colours to go with for their branding. They needed a logo and web site but had never gone through branding before. This is part of a series and only certain colours were chosen to go through because they already had set preferences and, based on the brand industry, these would be the colours that would work best.

I do believe it's a designer/branders job to choose the colouring so this excercise was aimed to help them understand why their first chose combinations might not be the best and what colour conveys to a consumer. They'd already been through a logo design with someone else which ended up being completely wrong for their brand.

This is a step in the right direction to get them on track and create the right identity with colour.

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  • 1. COLORS +bRNi 1
  • 2. W hy Color M atte rs“Research reveals people make asubconscious judgment about a person,environment, or product within 90 secondsof initial viewing and that between 62% and90% of that assessment is based on coloralone.” The Institute for Color Research 2
  • 3. RE DPERSONALITY: Leads an eventful life. Courages and likes to take risks.Impulsive and passionate.WORDS: Vitality, Action, Adventure, Aggressive, Blood, Danger, Drive, Energy,Excitement, Love, Passion, Strength and VigorDESCRIPTION: Red activates your pituitary gland, increasing your heart rateand causing you to breathe more rapidly. This visceral response makes redaggressive, energetic, provocative and attention-grabbing. Count on red toevoke a passionate response, albeit not always a favorable one. For example,red can represent danger or indebtedness. 3
  • 4. RE D 4
  • 5. YEL LO WPERSONALITY: Intellectual, idealistic, imaginative. True friend, high-minded.WORDS: Idealism, Caution, Cheerful, Cowardice, Curiosity, Happiness, Joy,Playful, Positivity, Sunshine and WarmthDESCRIPTION: In every society, yellow is associated with the sun. Thus, itcommunicates optimism, positivism, light and warmth. Certain shadesseem to motivate and stimulate creative thought and energy. The eye seesbright yellows before any other color, making them great for point-of-purchase displays. 5
  • 6. YEL LO W 6
  • 7. ORA NG EPERSONALITY: Friendly, caring, social by nature. Cheerful orange evokesexuberance, fun and vitality.WORDS: celebration, motivation, Affordable, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Fun,Jovial, Lighthearted, High-Spirited and YouthfulDESCRIPTION: With the drama of red plus the cheer of yellow, orange is viewedas gregarious and often childlike. Research indicates its lighter shades appealto an upscale market. Peach tones work well with health care, restaurantsand beauty salons. 7
  • 8. ORA NG E 8
  • 9. G RE ENPERSONALITY: Persistent, determined, consistent , assertive and firm. They feelcomfortable in the wild. A loyal citizen and friend.WORDS: Crisp, Environmental, Fresh, Harmony, Health, Healing, Inexperience,Money, Nature, Renewal and TranquilityDESCRIPTION: In general, green connotes health, freshness and serenity.However, greens meaning varies with its many shades. Deeper greens areassociated with wealth or prestige, while light greens are calming. 9
  • 10. G RE EN 10
  • 11. SUPPOR T COLO RS 11
  • 12. X AuhM rAA.O ad @ExhRI believe in sharing content so feel free to use this presentation. If you do use it, please just give credit where credit is due. Thanks! 12