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Is our current design and innovation systems modeled after the males mind? Are we living in a world where the consumer culture is defined by masculine standards? Manmade explores these questions and ends with an invitation to return to the origins of design and create a complimentary feminine system. We call that system Girlapproved.

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    1. 1. GIRLAPPROVED GAME : THE PREFACE This is a story about how to make marketing, consumer culture and american economy stronger, healthier and happier. This story lives in almost every dimension of american culture. It is truly everywhere for us to see, yet has never been told before. This obvious yet hidden aspect reminds us just how sneaky and insidious habits of thought can be. This story was written by Heidi Dangelmaier in conjunction with 100s of future female designers, all of whom were born after 1988. Although people are not accustomed to seeing females as inventors and visionaries, we ask you to revise your thinking and keep your mind open. This story, if understood and applied, is powerful and practical enough to unleash a world of economic opportunities.
    2. 2. marketing is a game and somebody made up the rules.
    3. 3. whoever gets the most customers wins.
    4. 4. In the beginning, even before there was marketing there was man, and man invented commercial design and consumer culture as we know it. The game of marketing, including all its rules, how to play it, how to win, was manmade.
    5. 5. Based on man’s perception of beauty, pleasure, utility, meaning and value, he created beliefs, methods, standards, techniques, creative paradigms, and artistic styles. He created schools to teach his game, and business institutions to play it. Man even invented what to wear on game day. Females were not involved.
    6. 6. Marketing, design, the consumer and the creative industry at large have been established on a foundation of masculinity. This is true for all creative industries.
    7. 7. Man created many beautiful things and there was great prosperity and abundance. He even designed money, the prize of the game itself. GO MAN!
    8. 8. And where were the women while all this great history was going down? In the beginning they didn’t even have permission to play the game (Boo!). Their first mission was to wrangle themselves a place on the game board. But finally, with hard work, they got to play (Yay!). GO WOMAN!
    9. 9. But here is the totally ironic part: yes, these women were females, but their creative and intellectual contributions were not feminine. When it came to the game of marketing, they thought like men. This re- mains true even today.
    10. 10. Why? Our educational and professional instutions, even our award systems are still manmade. And in these institutions women are trained, habituated, and disciplined to conform to masculine beliefs and practices. After years of subtle conditioning, even females themselves rarely realize they still play by manmade rules.
    11. 11. But there is a time when rules are broken. Not for the fun of it, but because they need to be broken. A new way must be forged because the old no longer works. And in the game of marketing, not working means not winning customers.
    12. 12. That tim e is no w. Th e Post88 has arrive d .
    13. 13. A new female is here, and she was born after 1988. And this little lady is different. She has been fortified in ways no other generation of fe- males have before. In her upbringing something very new was nourish- ing and reinforcing her inner sense of self, giving her permission to be herself. Instead of being raised only on a strict diet of manmade, she was also raised on a little thing called social media.
    14. 14. And as much as she loved man, she did not love all man made, nor the way that he played his game.
    15. 15. Why? She was born female afterall, and feminine and masculine are often not the same. As a female, her truths, perceptions and sensibilities are different. Her values, her drives and her needs are different. She finds humor, beauty, joy and inspiration in things man does not. Even the way her mind perceives, organizes and processes information is often distinct from her manly counterpart. Though some things are shared by both genders, many things are not.
    16. 16. As a result, what is sexy to him, is often not sexy to her. What ex- cites him, often causes no reaction whatsoever in her. Some things that he thinks are practical, she has no use for. And sometimes, what he believes represents progress, she often fears will hold society back.
    17. 17. Now Post88’s are happy to let man have all his beliefs, but the trouble starts when his masculine values are defining the direction of the entire consumer culture and marketing world as we know it.
    18. 18. What does this all say for the game of marketing? It’s losing strength. Manmade alone is no longer enough to win every con- sumer.
    19. 19. How can marketing get it’s strength back? The masculine foundation of design and consumer culture must be extended to account for feminine values, beliefs and perceptions. Just like the founding fathers of marketing who made up the rules in the first place, a feminine system must be invented from the ground up.
    20. 20. What are females perceptions of beauty, pleasure, utility, meaning and value? How must manmade research and creative and mea- surement processes adapt to acount for the differences in the femi- nine mind? What are feminine educational and businesess prac- tices, and how can they be practally implemented?
    21. 21. The genders are equal, but they are not identical. Understanding, respecting and accounting for these diffences in design and marketing will unleash game-changing innovation. The balance of masculine and feminine will bring renewed growth, strength and economic gains across every industry.
    22. 22. The manmade game of marketing can no longer be a game of man’s way only. Launching a battle of man versus woman is equally unproductive. Everyone loses. The new game, a game where masculine and feminine work in unison, is true progress. We call that game Girlapproved.
    23. 23. Girlapproved is a way forward. It is a new set of rules, and a new type of game, one where everyone finally wins. It is time.
    25. 25. Girlapproved was founded by Heidi Dangelmaier and collaboratively developed with over 100 Post88 females. They have been working daily for over four years to build GA on a bedrock of rigorous research in topics as vast as engineering, architecture, psychology, gender studies, graphic design and art history. GA is a practical system of invention and design, and has been tested and validated with several of the world’s largest brands. We believe that understand- ing this story is a crucial stepping stone for design and innovation to progress, please pass this story on help us create a future where everyone wins : man, woman, and yes even the economy.