Girlapproved Introduces the POST88s


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We are the world’s authority on females growing up with social media. GIrlapproved is uniquely qualified to help brands answer the core questions required to increase market share with this new female (see post88s).

Technology is not only changing culture, it is changing us as a people. Females are undergoing unprecedented advancements to their identity and power. As brands face a very new future, they must evolve to remain powerful. Girlapproved helps brands identify and design new growth opportunities through products, branding, technology and communication.

Girlapproved is a way forward. It gives brands economically substantiated permission to invent and advance. Girlapproved is not about trying to be new, cool or different; it was designed specifically to identify and address unmet needs and desires that are forming due to profound shifts in female culture. Girlapproved is the first-ever female invention and design methodology, producing the most authentic products and brands available.

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  • Girlapproved Introduces the POST88s

    1. 1. THE POST88S
    2. 2. After four years of collaborating daily with young female designers (ages 16-22), we recognized a phenomena so powerful that will force changes across all industries. The girls are an uprising consumer segment and the forerunners of a cultural revolution we call the POST88s. They mark the ending of marketing as we know it, and propel us into a new exciting future of social, cultural and economic growth.
    3. 3. POST88s represent a revolution in the power of the consumer. They demand a level of authenticity and identification higher than what brands have ever delivered. Meeting her needs requires setting aside not only our assumptions about females, but also contemporary research and design methodologies. To generate profitable solutions for the POST88 consumer, new paradigms of inquiry, design and invention must be created.
    5. 5. POST88S A CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION PARAMETER THAT WILL DISRUPT EVERY MARKET FEMALE MARKET 1 POST88s are a new consumer market who have such distinct drives, motivations, values, and sensibilities that you cannot group them with millennials or the older female market.
    6. 6. POST88 SOCIAL MEDIA S TRIGGERED A POLARIZING & A CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION PERMANENT SHIFT IN THE PARAMETER THAT WILL DISRUPT PSYCHOLOGICAL MAKE UP EVERY MARKET OF THE POST88 FEMALES FEMALE MARKET FEMALE MARKET 2 The image-affirming benefits of social media on newly forming identities propelled the females sense of self into healthier states than society has ever experienced before.
    7. 7. POST88s PRE88s 3 These two female market segments are compelled by vastly distinct motives. Brands cannot expect to serve both POST88s and PRE88s with the same products and designs.
    8. 8. TODAY, WHAT TURNS THE PRE1988’S ON IS TURNING POST1988 FEMALES OFF 4 Females psyche and identity have undergone permanent drastic shifts. What often turns PRE88s on actually turns POST88 females off. This holds true for everything that she consumes.
    9. 9. 0 100 HIGH 0 100 LOW SELF SELF 5 POST88s have a higher sense of self than any other female generation before. This new sense of self is dramatically influencing all of her consumer preferences and choices.
    10. 10. INTERNALLY DEFINED EXTERNALLY DEFINED 6 These girls are independent, self governed and internally defined. They are not susceptible to traditional persuasion, external demands and trends. POST88s stand up for their own beliefs.
    11. 11. GIRLS BRAND TRUTHS TRUTHS 7 She will only agree to things that are consistent with her own truths, Brands can no longer dictate her truths. They need to ground their products and messaging in her belief system.
    12. 12. GIRLS BRAND STANDARDS STANDARDS 8 Brands can’t define her standards. POST88s look internally to find their own standards, asking “What’s cute to me? What’s useful to me? What’s fun to me? What’s smart to me?”
    13. 13. NEEDS NEEDS SERVE DEFINE HERS HERS 9 Brands must learn how to serve her needs. They can no longer define them for her. Being new, cool or hip is not enough - you must also align to her definition of what is needed.
    14. 14. ? GIRLS STANDARDS GIRLS = TRUTHS NEEDS SERVE HERS 10 What are the intrinsic truths, needs, standards of females? Historically we never answered these ques- tions. For the first time, brands must discover what females authentically want.
    15. 15. GIRLS STANDARDS GIRLS = TRUTHS NEEDS SERVE HERS 11 Pioneering work needs to be done in gender and design to determine the authentic truths, standards and needs of females, and then apply them to every aspect of marketing.
    16. 16. ? WHAT’S SEXY TO A GIRL? HOW DO WE PORTRAY THIS IS PICTURES? 12 To see just how little we know about a female’s true values, all we have to do is to ask some basic questions regarding females desires. Even these simple questions on sexy leaves society stumped.
    17. 17. ? WHAT’S A GIRLS RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY? DO WE ACCOUNT FOR THIS IN BANKING? 13 Even practical questions, such as those regarding money, products, and industries, pose the same challenge as the more abstract ones.
    18. 18. IN TIME, THIS NEW FEMALE WILL BE THE ENTIRE FEMALE MARKET 14 There is one absolute truth brands can’t escape: POST88s will grow more economically powerful each year and eventually dominate the entire female market.
    19. 19. S IC G IN ON RE N ISH CA TS IO TR Y ND OR YS SH BL EC M CA TO PU FA FE SP EL AGES 11–14 15 11 Each year, more industries will have to reinvent themselves to meet the requirements of the POST88s. If brands don’t realign, they will lose generations of females to come.
    20. 20. ES LE S ON ER BI GE S IC OM MO E UT ET PH RA EN ND MP SM TO VE GI LL CO CO CO AU HY CE BE AGES 15-18 16 11 The paradigms we use today in marketing and design cannot produce brands and products that are consistent with the intrinsic truths, values, desires and design attributes of POST 88 females.
    21. 21. NT S IC G NY REE RE G N CA M AIC I OO L Y NG TR N N IO IY U Y SR SH T RIM M LO TE SH H EC N KI OC ND RN O OR A NS AL FE P B AY FA C HB EL E EM GR FA CU TO PU AL CL SP AGES 11–14 19-22 17 11 Each year, more industries will have to reinvent themselves to meet the requirements of the POST88s. If brands don’t For the first time ever, brand survival pivots around answering the question “WHAT’S A GIRL WANT?” realign, they will lose generations of females to come.
    22. 22. We are the authority on POST88s. Our Girlapproved invention methodology is guaranteed to create new products, brands and communications that connect to this revolutionary new consumer. Girlapproved is “permission to invent”. Not to be new for the sake of innovation, but to address the deep unmet needs that are growing amongst female consumers, and to help brands increase market share by fulfilling these massive opportunities.