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Ratio analysis question

  1. 1. I.H.M Dehradun ACCOUNTANCYNotes by -:G.K Sawhney7895190950 TOPIC - RATIO ANALYSIS Ques1) Following information is available in respect of Sumit ltd. Debtor 120000 Gross sales 820000 Sale return 20000 Gross Profit 200000 Net profit 120000 Operating Expense 60000 Interest 10000 Tax 10000 Current Asset 320000 Current Liability 160000 Fixed assets 400000 Debenture 200000 Opening stock 80000 Closing stock 120000 Compute all possible ratios. Ques2) Following information is available from the books of Rahul ltd. Return Inward 50000 Cash sales 70000 Gross profit 265000 Net profit 135000 Fixed assets 380000 Current assets 275000 Current liabilities 115000 Opening Stock 65000 Closing Stock 95000 Opening Expense 85000
  2. 2. Interest 20000Dividend 15000Tax 10000Sundry Debtor 110000Bill receivable 10000Debenture 140000Compute the following ratios: 1) Current ratio 2) Quick ratio 3) Interest coverage ratio 4) Opening ratio 5) Inventory turnover ratio 6) Debt equity ratio 7) Average collection period 8) Return on total investment 9) Proprietary ratio Ques3) Following information is available from the books of Ashish ltd.Fixed asset 450000Gross sales 1080000Sale return 40000Cash sales 40000Gross profit 210000Net profit 105000Operating expense 68000Interest 22000Tax 10000Dividend 5000Current Assets 340000Current liability 160000Sundry Debtor 120000Opening stock 110000Closing Stock 150000Debenture 140000 Compute the following ratios: 1) Current ratio 2) Quick ratio 3) Inventory turnover ratio 4) Gross profit ratio 5) Net profit ratio 6) Operating ratio 7) Fixed assets turnover ratio 8) Interest coverage ratio 9) Return on total investment 10) Return on equity
  3. 3. 11) Fixed assets to net worth 12) Debt equity ratio 13) Average collection period 14) Debtor Turnover ratio Ques 4) Following information is available from the books of Star hotels;Gross sales 880000Sales return 80000Cash sales 70000Net profit 120000Interest 40000Tax 30000Dividend 10000Gross profit 250000Operating expense 50000Sundry debtor 85000Bill receivable 15000Stock in hand 145000 Compute the following ratio: 1) Gross profit ratio 2) Net profit ratio 3) Interest coverage ratio 4) Operating ratio 5) Average collection period 6) Stock turnover ratio Ques7) Following information is available from the books of Aditi ltd.Gross Sales 720000Sale Return 20000Cash Sales 60000Opening Stock 65000Closing Stock 85000Sundry debtor 75000Bill receivable 5000Gross Profit 210000Net profit 140000Opening expense 40000Interest on debenture 20000Debenture 200000Fixed Assets 360000Current Assets 280000Current liability 140000 Compute-:
  4. 4. 1) Current Ratio 2) Quick Ratio 3) Debt equity ratio 4) Average collection period 5) Gross profit ratio 6) Net profit ratio 7) Operating ratio 8) Inventory Turnover ratio 9) Return on equity 10) Return on total asset 11) Fixed asset turnover ratio 12) Turnover ratio 13) Return on total capital Ques8) Following information is available in the books of Asish ltd.Gross Sale 750000Sale Return 20000Cash Sales 60000Gross profit 190000Net profit 130000Opening Stock 86000Closing stock 114000Sundry debtor 70000Debenture 140000Current Asset 230000Current liability 105000Fixed Asset 285000Calculate:1) Current ratio2) Quick ratio3) Gross profit ratio4) Net profit ratio5) Debtor turnover ratio6) Average collection period7) Debt equity ratio8) Operating ratio9) Fixed asset turnover ratio10) Current Asset turnover ratio