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How Social Media Is Changing The World - Prepared for SOAS, University of London
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How Social Media Is Changing The World - Prepared for SOAS, University of London


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Delivered to Masters in International Marketing at SOAS, University of London, March 8, 2013.

Delivered to Masters in International Marketing at SOAS, University of London, March 8, 2013.

Published in: Career

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  • What have I missed?
  • Before there was social media, you’d eat a doughnut, you’d say ‘Hmm, I love this’ – if there was a person within your earshot they’d hear it and that’s that.
  • Today, we find ourselves sharing our experiences with the world through a myriad of platforms. Some were created as a result of demand, others created the demand.Twitter is about real time engagement. Facebook is about what you like and dislike, Foursquare is a location based network, instagram is a visual based social network, you-tube is a video based, pinterest is collection based, lastfm – crowd-sourced
  • We all have an inherent ambition to do something that changes the whole world. We started with the factory idea, we believed we could change the whole world if we had a factory that could churn out change. We then moved on to the TV idea, that believed if we had a big enough mouth piece if we could buy enough ads we could win. We’re now in this new era of change where we don’t need money or power but can change the system by leading. Heny Ford started with the factory idea. He found men who were paid 50 cents a day and paid them 5 dollars a day and because he had an efficient enough factory he could build a lot of cars, he could build roads, he could effect a lot of change, he could change the fabric of an entire country. The essence of what he was doing was based on ever cheaper labour and ever faster machines. The problem we’re running into is that we’re running out of both. So we shift gears and focus on TV. If I have a product and money and can tell enough people I can succeed. In this model, you are the king and you are throwing out stuff to the people. Average ideas being mass-marketed and spammed. Tribes are about leading and connecting like-minded people. Tribes are everywhere. Everyone thought the internet would homogenise everyone but instead it’s allowed people to congregate into communities of like-minded groups. People on the fringes can find each other and go and connect. Tribes connect because they want to, nobody’s forced them, they’ve connected because they want to. What we do now for a living is find a tribe that belongs together and then go and assemble other tribes in a bid to change the world. And spread the idea till it becomes a movement. You don’t need everyone, you just need 1000 people who care enough to carry your message. It’s about finding true believers.
  • Powered by social media. The new era signifies transparency, authenticity (cowed sourcing the truth) and agility (it happens fast)
  • Transcript

    • 1. HOW SOCIAL MEDIA IS CHANGING THE WORLD Delivered on March 8, 2013 #SOAS #Marketing @girisham1 1
    • 2. What’s the one thing you want toget out of today? 2
    • 3. 3
    • 4. 4
    • 7. RESULTS• 120,000 viewings in four weeks• 2.2 million page views• 20m twitter reach and positive mentions by Simon Pegg, Jonathan Ross and Stephen Spielberg• 4,000 submissions of prose and artwork, and 150 pieces of branded media acclaim.http://www.brandongenerator.com 7
    • 8. Lessons learnt• Remarkable content creates relevance• Consumers respond to brands that engage in co-creation• Target influencers to create a snowball effect 8
    • 9. #AskAvanade 9
    • 10. RESULTS• 1086 views of 35 videos (over two days)• 32,976 reached via 116 tweets• 25 sales leads 10
    • 11. Lessons Learnt• Be agile• Take risks with ROI focussed outcomes• Engage with customers on their turf 11
    • 12. Sears Black Friday Campaign #SocialMediaFail 12
    • 13. Calming a TwitStorm – O2 #SocialMediaWin masterclass 13
    • 14. Calming a TwitStorm – O2 #SocialMediaWin Being direct • Customer (@gay_platform): "@O2 Were still waiting for that apology.. or maybe they texted me and I cant see the message because my phone DIDNT WORK" • O2 response: "@gay_platform Firstly, here are our deepest apologies. Network should be back up and running for you. Hows your service?" 14
    • 15. Calming a TwitStorm – O2 #SocialMediaWin Personalisation Customer (@24vend_Ltd): "@O2 had to travel to Italy to get signal -- desperate times!!!" O2 response: "You can come back now. Were back in business :)" 15
    • 16. Calming a TwitStorm – O2 #SocialMediaWin Firefighting Customer (@MrJeb): "Oi! O2! Because of you I missed a call from my dear old mum. For that I think I owe you a pint. Ta! :)" O2 response: "Um... youre welcome, we think. But if your mum asks, well totally deny this tweet" 16
    • 17. Calming a TwitStorm – O2 #SocialMediaWin Rising above it Customer (@grahamcummings7): "@O2 F**K You! Suck d**k in hell" O2 response: " Maybe later, got tweets to send" 17
    • 18. Calming a TwitStorm – O2 #SocialMediaWin Being gracious Customer (@Beckyyyy123): "Whoever is tweeting for @O2 deserves some sort of giant cake" O2 response: "If its a giant, Jaffa Cake, Im in" Customer (@Beckyyyy123): "@O2 your wish is my command" O2 response: "Awesomes! Sorry about the kamikaze comma in the last tweet. Finger s are numb." 18
    • 19. Calming a TwitStorm – O2 #SocialMediaWin 19
    • 20. Lessons Learnt• Crisis planning begins with proactively building a reputation• Just because you’re ignoring social media doesn’t mean social media is ignoring you• In a crisis? Be human in your response 20
    • 21. HOW WE GOT HERE? 21
    • 22. Marketing to tribes and the power of movements 22
    • 23. TELEVISION & THE ONSET OF MASS MARKETING Buy Ads Make more The TV – profit Industrial Get More Complex Distribution Sell more products 23
    • 24. The Power Shift: From Sellers to Buyers The Web Search Customer reviews & User Generated Content 24
    • 25. Scarcity & Abundance: The Trade-Off 25
    • 26. From campaigns to conversations 26
    • 27. Why You Should Care? 27
    • 28. The Social Media Revolution 28
    • 29. Top tips for a career in marketing Read 1 international newspaper/site every day Have a point of view on the future of something Travel and try and live at least a year of your life away from your home country before attempting to move for a job 29