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Olam Brochure

  1. 1. The brand behind the brands
  2. 2. The Brand Behind The Brands 1 Fundamentals Olam is a leading global supply chain manager of agricultural products and food ingredients.Our distinctive position is based both on the strength of our origination capability and our strong position in the destination markets worldwide. We manage each activity in the supply chain from origination to processing, logistics, marketing and distribution. Our complete integration allows us to add value and manage risk along the entire supply chain from the origins to our customers. We are suppliers to many of the world’s most prominent brands, and have a reputation as the ‘brand behind the brands’.We are committed to providing employment, supporting the community and protecting the environment in every country in which we operate. Across our worldwide network we seek to create value, at every level, for our customers, shareholders and employees alike. We will continue to pursue profitable growth because, at Olam, we believe creating value is our business. Contents 01I42 Fundamentals 02I42 Heritage 04I42 Worldwide 08I42 Origination 10I42 Processing 12I42 Logistics & Shipping 14I42 Marketing 16I42 Distribution 18I42 Cocoa 20I42 Coffee 22I42 Sheanuts 23I42 Sesame 24I42 Cashew 26I42 Other Edible Nuts 27I42 Beans 28I42 Spices 30I42 Rice 32I42 Sugar 33I42 Dairy Products 34I42 Cotton 36I42 Wood Products 38I42 Risk Management 38I42 IT & Systems 39I42 Sustainability 40I42 People & Training 42I42 Future
  3. 3. The Brand Behind The Brands 3 Our Heritage Olam was established in 1989 by the Kewalram Chanrai Group, which has over 140 years of business experience. In the past 15 years Olam has developed into a dynamic supply chain manager based in Singapore and a world leader in many of its businesses. Our success has enabled us to attract world-class investors, namely, Russell AIF Singapore Investments Limited (managed by AIF Capital Limited), Temasek Holdings, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Seletar Investments Pte Ltd and International Finance Corporation, adding both business and financial strength to the company. (Opposite) Founded in 1860, the Kewalram In 2003, Temasek Holdings, through In addition to these world-class Our corporate heaquarters in Singapore Chanrai Group is one of the oldest its wholly owned subsidiary Seletar investors, the management team of (Above) international companies in Africa and Investments, acquired a stake in the Olam has a significant shareholding Left & Middle:Our World class investors Asia with a long and successful tradition company, encouraged by Olam's strong in the company, which greatly aligns Right: Idanre – the heart of cocoa growing of being in business. Headquartered in international perspective. Temasek shareholder and management interests industry in Nigeria Singapore, the Group is a multi business Holdings is an Asia investment in creating value. conglomerate operating in over 45 company focusing on maximising countries and employing over 12,000 shareholder returns by being an active people worldwide. investor and shareholder. Temasek's In 2002, Russell AIF Singapore sole shareholder is the Ministry of Investments Limited (managed by AIF Finance of Singapore. Capital Limited) became the first Our third investor is the International external investor to take an equity stake Finance Corporation (IFC). IFC's mission in the company. AIF Capital is one of is to promote sustainable private sector the largest private equity investors in investment in developing countries, Asia, with over 100 years of combined helping to reduce poverty and improve investment experience. people's lives.
  4. 4. The Brand Behind The Brands 5 Worldwide Olam has operations in over 35 countries, across 14 businesses and employs over 3,000 people worldwide. We operate an integrated supply chain, sourcing from multiple village level collection points in the origins and supplying to over 3,000 customers in more than 50 destination markets. With our proven ability to grow organically by exploiting adjacent opportunities, we have evolved from a single country, single product trader, to a multinational, multi-product integrated supply chain manager. We have leveraged our resources, including people, knowledge, systems and assets, to create competitive advantage and maximise our potential – consistently outperforming the expectations of our stakeholders. The integration of these activities – origination, processing, logistics, marketing and distribution – forms a recurrent core in all of our businesses. Our Businesses Confectionery & Beverage Ingredients Cocoa Coffee Sheanuts Edible Nuts, Spices & Beans Cashew Other Edible Nuts Beans (This Page) Olam is a company with broad horizons Sesame trancending many boundaries Spices Food Staples & Packaged Foods Rice Sugar Dairy Products Packaged foods Fibre & Wood Products Cotton Wood products
  5. 5. The Olam Value Chain 7 • The Netherlands • United Kingdom •• Poland • France • Russia •• United States of America •• Italy • Kazakhstan •• China • Uzbekistan •• Turkmenistan • United Arab Emirates •• India •• Mali • Thailand •• Guinea Bissau •• Burkina Faso •• Vietnam •• Guinea •• Benin Nigeria •• • Togo •• Ghana •• Cote D’Ivoire •• Cameroon •• Uganda •• Singapore •• Kenya •• Gabon • Congo • Brazil •• Tanzania •• Indonesia • Papua New Guinea • Mozambique • Zimbabwe •• Madagascar •• South Africa The Olam Value Chain • Origin • Marketing Office • Benin • Madagascar • Benin • Madagascar • Brazil • Mali • Burkina Faso • Mali Supply chain manager of agricultural raw materials and food ingredients • Burkina Faso • Mozambique • Cameroon • Nigeria Integrated across the value chain from farm gate to factory gate • Cameroon • Nigeria • China • Russia • China • Papua New Guinea • Cote D'Ivoire • Singapore • Cote D'Ivoire • Poland • France • South Africa Secondary Processing • Democratic Republic of Congo • Singapore • Gabon • Tanzania • Gabon • South Africa • Ghana • The Netherlands Origin Sourcing Inland Logistics Primary Shipping & • Ghana • Tanzania • Guinea Bissau • Turkmenistan Origination & Warehousing Processing Marine Logistics Marketing Distribution Customer • Guinea Bissau • Thailand • Guinea • Uganda • Guinea • Togo • India • United Arab Emirates Warehousing Storage • India • Turkmenistan • Indonesia • United Kingdom • Indonesia • Uganda • Italy • United States of America • Italy • United States of America • Kenya • Vietnam Risk Management • Kazakhstan • Uzbekistan Olam acts across this range • Kenya • Vietnam • Zimbabwe
  6. 6. The Olam Value Chain 9 Origination Our experience starts at the origin. At the heart of our business is our origination activity, where our knowledge and expertise assists farmers and collectors and provides us with a consistent supply of good quality produce. We believe in partnerships that are dedicated to long-term success for Olam and our suppliers. (Opposite) Olam is one of the world’s leading Our trained and experienced field However, the reason behind our An Olam expert discusses the cotton sourcing companies, with a unique managers, with well-institutionalised extraordinary success in origination crop with a grower in Central Asia procurement reach. Our distinctive field operating systems, enable accurate lies not simply in our physical presence (Above) advantage is our origination capability. stock and quality assessment and in many origins and our innovative Left: We constantly assess crop yield and Our physical presence across a wide effective risk management. This ensures approach to business but in our belief quality – a coffee farm in Cote d'Ivoire network of locations allows us to source we have complete control over in partnerships, enabled by the close Right: Quality of fresh produce is preserved the products from as close to the farm procurement, logistics and storage. and productive relationships that we through control of moisture – our drying gate as possible directly from the origin. We are a multi-product company, develop with growers and suppliers. yard in Brazil To support this, we have developed a which enables our country operations network of up-country procurement to cross-source products by sharing units and warehouses. resources, thereby making each country and business, cost competitive and locally effective.
  7. 7. The Olam Value Chain 11 Processing Olam is engaged in processing and adding value to the various agricultural products that we handle. The primary and intermediate processing of products in the origin enhances Olam’s origination strengths. Adding value through processing is fundamental to our strategy and enables us to provide the required quality for our customers on a consistent basis. (Opposite) We process most of the products we All our cashew processing facilities Our qualified and experienced managers Our cashew processing facility in Brazil supply before they are delivered to the adhere to the international quality closely monitor every stage of processing (Above) final customer. Our processing activities standards (HACCP) demanded by and packaging to maintain stringent Left: We continually invest in appropriate range from processing and grading of our customers. quality standards. The ability to control new technologies coffee, pressing of cocoa beans, shelling and add value through our own In cocoa processing, we enter into Middle: Green coffee being processed and blanching of cashew and other processing activities is pivotal to in Cote d'Ivoire tolling agreements with processors, edible nuts, ginning of seed cotton to mainly at the origin, and provide both strengthening our overall supply chain Right: We maintain high standards of hygiene – cotton lint, to sawing of timber logs the cocoa bean supply and marketing management. our HACCP certified processing facility into to sawn timber and milling and expertise for the semi finished products. Olam’s processing activities, particularly polishing of rice. We also are able to supply a range of in the developing countries, has helped Olam is one of the leading processors high quality cocoa powder to our to transfer technology, build local of cashew nuts globally. We have buyers. capability, create local employment, considerable investments in the As a leading coffee supplier, we have and generate higher foreign exchange established cashew processing centres, invested significantly in modern earnings for all the economies. of India, Vietnam and Brazil. This has processing equipment and manage played a pioneering role in transferring factories for the hulling, grading and the complex processing skills from colour sorting of green coffee in the traditional cashew processing centers, producing origins. These coffee to raw cashew nut producing origins like processing capabilities enable us to Tanzania and Cote d’Ivoire with reliable customise our output to meet specific quality and reduced costs. quality and grade-mix requirements of the coffee roasters.
  8. 8. The Olam Value Chain 13 Logistics & Shipping Olam’s infrastructure in the origins facilitates the efficient export and import of our products. We have the ability to manage the multi-modal transportation requirements of our businesses. This ensures we remain competitive and flexible to meet our client’s requirements, no matter how complex they are. (Opposite) We place significant emphasis on our Olam is always ready to offer innovative The in-house management of our Our managers oversee all aspects of the ability to organise every detail of the solutions to logistical challenges. We are shipping operation also enables us to shipping and discharging process logistics chain, beginning with the one of few companies to have moved reduce costs, improve efficiency and (Above) aggregation of numerous small parcels cocoa in megabulk from Africa and maintain the quality of products. We Left: Our extensive network of warehouses help into suitably sized lots for shipment. Asia. Efficient logistics management is are able to impact the rate of loading us maximise supply chain efficiencies Our investment in transportation enabled by our wide geographical and discharge in the case of vessels Middle: Cartons of cashew kernels being infrastructure, combined with contractual spread and the extensive infrastructure on time charters, where there are stuffed in containers for export agreements with numerous haulage of warehouses and transportation significant benefits to be gained from Right: Inland transportation of Olam's logs in Cameroon waterways companies, enables us to move our systems we use. With our network, compressing the turnaround time. As a products quickly and efficiently from we have a global reach, but at the same result, customers receive reliable, timely up country to the port. The effective time, we provide a local response to our and competitive supplies at their management and co-ordination of customers and ensure a customised chosen destination. shipments is integral to our success, and efficient service. Everyday, throughout with our in-house shipping function our worldwide operations, goods are providing the company with additional being moved to our warehouses, advantages. The strength of our shipped, discharged and delivered to freighting and forwarding capability our customers. provides us with a competitive platform for our business and ensures reliable and timely delivery to our customers.
  9. 9. The Olam Value Chain 15 Marketing Our extensive network and integration within the supply chain enables us to provide our customers with timely, consistent and reliable supplies as well as up-to-date information on the world markets. This has helped us forge privileged relationships with the end users to whom we provide various value added services and customised solutions. Olam is committed to having the best people and technology to support our customers in effectively responding to opportunities and market developments. (Opposite) Customers expect a reliable supply Our offices in Singapore, London & New In addition to our own marketing Our traders are constantly in touch and efficient service. We achieve this York form the axis for all our hedging expertise and infrastructure, we have with markets around the world by getting to know our business activity, with rapid access via our brokers an extensive network of trusted and (Above) partners and determining their specific to the London (LIFFE) and New York experienced agents, with an in-depth Left: Olam's traders have instant access to needs. We are dedicated to building (NYBOT) futures exchanges and to understanding of the local markets, the futures markets around the world unique relationships with customers that our banks for covering our currency which is particularly important in Middle: Olam has strong presence in our reflect their individual requirements by exposure. These offices form the key fragmented industries like cotton. With destination markets – our Netherlands office providing them with customised hubs for our marketing activities with our origination skills, we are able to offer Right: Strong customer relationships are of paramount importance to us solutions, including special grades and experienced traders who are in constant a level of service and information, which quality, traceability, providing organically contact with our customers worldwide. differentiates us in the market place. certified supplies or fair trade produce To service the more specific customer We have strong relationships with certified supplies and tailor made risk requirements marketing offices have our customers, including major management solutions. An example of been established in Poland, The multinationals and support their supply this is in the marketing of timber where Netherlands, Russia, France, U.A.E, chain requirements adding value and we offer a basket of origins and species South Africa and China. providing a reliable source of raw to customers. The offer quantity of each materials and customised solutions of the species within the basket can be and services to them. tailor-made to suit the user’s requirement without burdening the customer with a heavy inventory.
  10. 10. The Olam Value Chain 17 Distribution Olam provides timely and cost effective deliveries to customers throughout the world. Our supply chain infrastructure and our close relationships with other logistics companies enable us to meet the specific needs of our customers which vary in terms of location, time of delivery, volume, and packaging. What differentiates Olam is our willingness and ability to service each client’s unique requirements. (Opposite) As one of the world’s leading supply Our distribution activities depend on We have developed our packaged food Delivery of cashew kernels to a customer chain managers of agricultural products the product, market and customers’ business to cater for new products to from a warehouse in Rotterdam and food ingredients, we deliver requirements. For example, in the case supply in our existing and new markets. (Above) products of a consistent standard to our of cotton, we are able to deliver directly We have begun to distribute our milk Left: Our rice brands provide good value customers in the destination markets. to the large textile mills in Italy, Portugal, powder brand, “Pearl” in various African to our customers in Africa With expertise in shipping and logistics, Brazil, China, Taiwan, South Korea and markets and launched a 3-in-1 coffee Middle: Delivering cocoa to a factory we are able to manage the supply chain India. In the case of cashew kernels, mix in Russia. gate in Nigeria and provide cost effective delivery of our we are able to deliver grade-wise door The timely supply of products of a Right: Distribution of our branded rice products. We also provide value-added delivery to roasters and salters across consistently high standard ensures that services such as Vendor Managed Europe and North America, while in the our customers can outsource their Inventory (VMI) services, which involves case of rice, we distribute directly to small inventory management to us, while the outsourcing of inventory activities by wholesalers and retailers in numerous having complete confidence in our our customers to us to reduce working urban and rural locations across countries ability to deliver. capital requirements and improve just- in Asia and Africa. We distribute a portfolio in-time practices by tapping our of brands in rice across these markets, inventory management expertise. which include ‘Gangan’, a Thai parboiled In order to understand our customers’ rice and a high quality white rice, ‘Mama requirements, we maintain regular Africa’, from Thailand. Through the same communication with them, both pre distribution network, employing an and post-delivery, through our network enterprising sales force, we distribute of offices and marketing agents/brokers. sugar and milk powder.
  11. 11. Confectionery and Beverage Ingredients 19 Cocoa Olam is one of the world’s largest originators of cocoa, being physically present in most of the major exporting countries in Africa and Asia. Headquartered in London, we have a strong marketing and trading presence in all key markets through our regional hubs in Singapore and New York. In all countries we have built upon our origination strengths to ultimately provide chocolate manufacturers and cocoa powder users with their most valuable ingredient. (Opposite) Olam is one of the world’s leading In 1998, we became the first International Olam’s trading team has a wealth of Cocoa – 'the food of the Gods' – and a valued suppliers of cocoa beans and cocoa Company to be granted approval by experience in both the physical and commodity in Africa products, which include cocoa butter, the Ghana Cocoa Board to operate as futures markets and close relationships (Above) cocoa liquor and cocoa powder. a Licensed Buying Company and have with leading cocoa processors and Far Left: A cocoa pod being inspected maintained a leading position thereafter. chocolate manufacturers worldwide. Olam has an extensive primary in Indonesia We are leading exporters in Cote d’Ivoire, Olam’s marketing and trading Left: Quality assessment in Cameroon procurement network in each country; and is one of the world’s most diversified Nigeria, Indonesia and Cameroon and headquarters moved from Singapore Right: Cocoa nibs are ground into cocoa liquor sourcing companies, operating as have good market shares in countries to London in 2003, to ensure greater Far Right: Different types of cocoa powders for confectionery, baking and beverages Outspan in various countries including as diverse as Uganda, Tanzania and proximity to the origins and to further Cote d’Ivoire. Papua New Guinea. develop its customer base in Europe, Olam has developed from its processing Eastern Europe and North America. We have a good understanding of the of cocoa products in Nigeria to sourcing Olam continues to be a major supplier countries in which we operate and an products from many processors, to most of the processing and chocolate ability to develop and maintain strong particularly in Africa and Asia. Value industries in the Asian region and has a relationships with the farmers, co- added activities such as cocoa butter growing position in Japan and China. operatives and agents who supply cocoa. We engage quality control melting and liquid delivery are being inspectors who monitor cocoa at every undertaken and we have an ability to stage, from source through to export. provide high quality natural and alkalised cocoa powder to our customers.
  12. 12. Confectionery and Beverage Ingredients 21 Coffee Olam is one of the world’s largest shippers of robusta coffee with operations in most major robusta producing countries. The spread and reach of its procurement network and its significant investments in processing in these countries distinguishes Olam from its competitors. This and its understanding of quality allows Olam to service the most discerning of customers. Olam is now expanding its presence in arabica origins to replicate the pre-eminent position it has established in robustas (Opposite) Olam drew on a wealth of experience in Our investment in sophisticated One of our key competencies – the Our manager checking coffee cherries origination operations when the coffee processing operations and quality ability to assess the true values of readiness for harvesting business was first established and today control systems allows us to offer coffee at origin – is based on our quality (Above) we are one of the major trade houses in special grades tailored to customer systems, our cupping facilities and our Left: Grading of coffee in our factory in Vietnam coffee as well as one of the largest specifications. The regular channels trained quality and cupping personnel. Middle: Bagging of green coffee in Cote d'Ivoire shippers of robusta coffee in the world. of sourcing and control on processing Right: Tasting of coffee at our inhouse We have leveraged our leadership Our procurement reach sets us apart enable us to offer a high consistency in position in the robusta market, our cupping facility from the competition. In almost every quality. This, combined with our logistics understanding of quality and our town that is a coffee source, from Cote strengths in the origin and destination relationships with the major coffee d’Ivoire to Uganda in Africa and Vietnam markets, including our ability to hold roasters in the world to develop our to Indonesia in Asia, there is an Olam stocks close to our customers, allows arabica business and thus provide a buying office or an Olam buying agent. us to provide a high level of service to comprehensive range of coffees to Our presence on the ground gives us both the large and small coffee roasters. our customers. access to valuable market intelligence that helps support our marketing and trading decisions and provides our trading partners with proprietary origin information.
  13. 13. Confectionery and Beverage Ingredients Edible nuts, Spices and Beans 23 Sheanuts Sesame Olam is one of the largest exporters Our heritage: Olam was established in Olam is a significant participant of sheanuts Kewalram Chanrai 1989 by the in the world, with in the sesame trade out of Africa, operations in all the major Group, in Nigeria. From the beginning managing an extensive procurement producing countries. We have a we have benefited from the Group’s network focused on sourcing directly privileged relationship with many 140 years of business experience from the farmers and small collectors. of the villagers world. many cases throughout the who in This has been a Our effective quality management rely upon our involvement to start strong foundation for Olam’s growth and processing systems adds value the a dynamic this crop grown in intocollection ofmultinational based in to our customers by providing them the wild in Singapore. the Savannah regions with a consistent quality of sesame of West Africa. We place significant seed. Olam, today has the largest emphasis on the quality of the origin presence in the sesame product and are developing industry. processing initiatives at the origin. (Above) Olam operates in all of the major In Ghana, we have been awarded the We are probably the only sourcing (Above) Olam is a key player in the African Uganda and Mozambique. Significant The majority of sesame that we supply Left: Sheanuts grow on wild scattered trees sheanut producing countries and we are Ghana Export Promotion Council Award company with laboratories and Far Left: Quality controllers discussing sesame industry, managing an extensive investments in infrastructure including is primarily used in the crushing industry, Middle: Sheanuts provide important revenue the largest supplier of sheanuts in the for Non Traditional Exports, in equipment in up-country locations with the results of their analysis primary procurement network. Our warehouses and cleaning machines, in which Japan is the largest importer to the Savannah people Left: One of our sesame cleaning world. This is a natural business choice recognition of our commitment to the trained personnel able to test the FFA procurement operations start at the first ensures that we manage the entire and our principal market. We are Right: Turning of sheanuts controls the machines in operation for us as we capture the synergies of growth and development of the sheanut level of sheanuts at the farmgate. We point of collection, where the sesame chain of operations from collection, expanding our origin base to include temperature and FFA Right: Sampling of sesame in our the sourcing infrastructure of other industry. To maintain our position we are also able to add value by warehouse in Nigeria seeds are delivered by the farmer or storage and processing through to Sudan, India and Myanmar with the crops located in or adjacent to the continually seek to improve the quality processing sheanuts into sheabutter, Far Right: An export ready bag small buying agents in lots weighing just packing, transportation and shipping. objective of adding to our portfolio the savannah areas, including cashew, provided to our customers, with which is then further processed into a couple of kilograms. With our network This approach has allowed us to add white and hulled sesame from India and sesame and cotton. Our experience in particular attention being paid to critical shea styrene and shea olien. The ability of buying units and agents, which value through the introduction of Sudan. This would leave us uniquely the procurement, drying and shipment quality parameters, such as the oil to understand and manage the quality number over one hundred in the large effective quality management systems, positioned in terms of being physically of sheanuts spans a decade, with our content and the percentage of free fatty of sheanuts is our competitive operations, we are able to aggregate which assures our customers of a high present in most major origins across first shipment of 3,000 tonnes to acids (FFA). We manage to keep the advantage, which is evidenced by the the supplies into sizable quantities. quality sesame seed in their factories, Africa and Asia. Sweden in 1991. We are the only FFA as low as possible with our efficient capability to consistently deliver a Olam’s sesame business originated in improving their processing yields. We sheanut supplier in the world to be drying processes and good warehouse reliable product in large volumes to our West Africa in 1995 and we made our have recently integrated further along physically present in all the Shea management practices. customers. first shipments from Nigeria and Burkina the value chain by investing in hulling growing origins in Africa with an Faso to Japan in that year. Growth facilities and producing table grade established procurement network through geographic expansion followed, hulled sesame seed. reaching to the very first link in the chain as we set up procurement operations in - the collectors. the East African origins of Tanzania,
  14. 14. Edible nuts, Spices and Beans 25 Cashew Olam is fully integrated along the entire supply-chain of cashew starting from the farm gate in 15 producing countries, through its processing facilities in seven origins, right up to the end user’s factory gate across markets in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa. The procurement spread and processing infrastructure makes Olam a unique participant within the cashew industry and also underlines its commitment to knitting sustainability and community development into its core business operations. (Opposite) Olam has a diversified sourcing Olam operates large scale centralised Through its marketing offices in Olam's cashew processing facility in Brazil operation in all cashew growing areas factories, where the kernel output Singapore, Rotterdam, New York, (Above) across 15 countries, including Brazil, is graded according to stringent Moscow and Durban, all the major Far Left: We operate one of the largest cashew India, Vietnam, Indonesia and various international standards. Most of our cashew users have a timely access to processing facility in Tanzania origins in West and East Africa. The facilities are HACCP certified by Olam’s proprietary market information Left: Quality control at roasting stage success of this operation is built on internationally renowned companies and intelligence. Right: Our state of the art filling center in Vietnam Olam’s superior origination and logistics like SGS and BVQI. Olam’s factory in Olam’s vertical integration and Far Right: Cashew Kernels ready for export capability, excellent relationships with the Tanzania is also certified for supplying geographical spread, coupled with its farmers and other local suppliers, as well organic cashew, with traceability innovative model of buying, processing as an in-depth understanding of the raw established back to over 1800 and distributing kernels - has enabled seed quality and value. Olam is probably individual farms. it to build a unique competitive position the world’s largest supplier of raw Apart from the capability to offer the in the industry, making it probably the cashew nuts with around 25% market complete spread of all cashew grades largest Cashew supplier in the share of the current global trade flow. from all origins, through its own factories world today. The knowledge of cashew processing - Olam also provides tailor made that Olam has built over the years in solutions like guaranteed 100% foreign established processing centres like material free kernels, container stuffing India, Brazil and Vietnam has been without using the traditional cardboard successfully transferred to the cartons, and packaging in bulk bags producing countries in Africa, like to its customers. Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria.
  15. 15. Edible nuts, Spices and Beans 27 Other Edible Nuts Beans Migrating the cashew business into Our heritage: Olam was establishedain Olam is a niche player in the beans larger edible nuts business was 1989 by the Kewalram Chanrai industry, catering to requirements for a natural adjacency for the beginning Group, in Nigeria. From Olam. direct human consumption, as well Leveraging on the strong and well- we have benefited from the Group’s as the animal feed industry, in select established business experience 140 years ofrelationships with destination markets. We leverage our customers the world. This has throughoutin the food services, been a origination strengths in key producing snack, bakery and confectionery strong foundation for Olam’s growth countries to meet our customers’ sectors, we offer them a larger edible into a dynamic multinational based in requirements across a range of nuts portfolio today, which includes Singapore. products including red and white peanuts, almonds, and hazel nuts. kidney beans, field peas, lentils, and We are continually building and chickpeas. integrating our supply value chain, to ensure that we meet stringent customer requirements in each individual product category. (Above) Olam has grown and leveraged its We offer the entire range of in-shell, We are looking to expand our product (Above) Olam’s entry into the beans business We have leveraged our origin presence Although we still consider ourselves as Far Left: Peanut plant growing in South Africa existing origin and market presence to blanched and kernel grades to meet the portfolio as well as the specific value Left: We offer a wide range of beans was initiated through our origination in China, Russia, South and North a niche company in this industry, we Left: We offer all three forms of peanuts – build comprehensive strengths within exacting standards of the snack and chain participation in various edible nuts from around the world presence in East Africa, which had an America to expand the portfolio of see tremendous opportunities for In Shell, Shelled and Blanched Right: Olam provides customised grades the peanuts supply chain. We have ingredient industry. by continually investing and upgrading existing trade flow into the Middle East product and service offerings to our growth in the future. We are seeking to Right: The nut industry provides livelihood through sorting processes direct origination capability across most While relatively a recent entrant in the our procurement, processing and and Indian sub-continent. Starting from customers. Apart from our direct expand our product portfolio as well as for many Far Right: Edible Nuts offer a healthy exporting origins including China, almond and hazel nut business, Olam distribution infrastructure in key origins this niche trade flow, we quickly infrastructure in various origins, we are our origin and market spread in the snack alternative Vietnam, India, East and West Africa, seeks to provide its customers with a and consumption markets. expanded our distribution presence in also engaged in sourcing the product coming years. South Africa and Brazil. Our marketing comprehensive package of product the Indian sub-continent as well as from select suppliers in many countries, offices in Singapore, Indonesia, quality, delivery and other value added expanding into other consuming including Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Moscow, Durban, Marseilles and services, similar to those that it provides markets in South and North Africa. Canada, Turkey, Uzbekistan, China and Rotterdam service a host of customers in cashews and peanuts. Ethiopia. in most of the importing countries and destination markets.
  16. 16. Edible nuts, Spices and Beans 29 Spices Olam’s direct presence in the key producing countries of pepper, led to our entry into the pepper business. Rapid and substantive investments in origination, processing and distribution infrastructure have made us one of the world’s leading suppliers of pepper, cloves and other spices into the major consuming markets. Our current spices portfolio includes a host of spice seeds and seasonings, herbs, dehydrates and other spice condiments, which are distributed globally through our widespread network of marketing offices. (Opposite) With a captive procurement and Olam’s direct presence in all major Olam plans to consolidate its position in We undertake crop study and forecasting processing infrastructure in Vietnam, cloves origins (Indonesia, Madagascar the spice industry by integrating along at the farm level Indonesia and Brazil, as well as a direct and Zanzibar) as well as the main ginger its supply chain in selected spices, (Above) origination capability from India and producing countries (Nigeria, China) investing in specialised processing at Left: Our pepper processing facility in Vietnam China, we believe, Olam is one of the gives us a unique procurement spread, origin and further expansion of the Middle: Our range of spices leading industry participants in black unparalleled in the industry. product range to include other seed Right: First stage evaluation of quality at and white pepper. Our versatile plants Olam’s offices in Indonesia, Vietnam and spices, herbs and dehydrates. our warehouse enable us to ‘tailor make’ the product to Middle East also procure, process and In addition, we will continually strive to produce all grades including ASTA, supply a host of other spices and spice enhance our value to our customers by steam-washed, and sterilised pepper, condiments like gambier, arecanut, providing a bundle of services including to meet the needs of our discerning long pepper, garlic, cassia, nutmegs, consistency of product quality and buyers, including the retail and industrial mace, cumin and turmeric. contractual performance, product spice and seasoning manufacturers as customisation, enhanced food safety With marketing offices and stocking well as the oleo resin industry. and hygiene standards, traceability and points in Rotterdam, Marseilles, New York, Singapore, Moscow, Durban, fair trade practices, customised risk Dubai and India – Olam is able to reach solutions, and reliable proprietary and service its customers across a market intelligence. variety of markets and also offer customised delivery and payment terms, to meet specific customer requirements.
  17. 17. Food Staples and Packaged Foods 31 Rice Olam’s physical presence in the major rice exporting countries and its distribution infrastructure in the major African destination markets has provided us with an unparalleled insight into the market. With the company’s strong shipping and logistics capability and a portfolio of well- established brands in many markets, Olam is one of the top three rice players in the world. On any given day, we have multiple cargoes of rice being loaded or discharged in some part of the world. (Opposite) Olam has a distinctive position within The majority of the rice trade occurs Our over-riding concern for quality is Loading of rice in Thailand the global rice market as we participate between developing economies. Olam evidenced by the importance we place (Above) in the complete value chain from is one of the leading buyers of rice from on quality control inspectors, who closely Far Left: Quality control prior to shipment sourcing, shipping and logistics Thailand, Vietnam, China, Myanmar monitor the quality and the packing at Left: Bagging of our rice in Thailand management through to branding, and India. We import and distribute our suppliers’ mills and warehouses prior Right: Rice loaded into one of the vessels marketing and distribution. rice in Africa using the extensive to export. The rice business relies upon on time charter Our physical presence, in all the major network of our sales force, distributors the company’s in house shipping Far Right: 'Mama Africa' is one of our leading importing and exporting countries, and warehousing facilities that we have expertise to ensure that the supply line brands of rice in West Africa provides us with an in-depth established in most of the key markets is uninterrupted and cost effective. understanding of the dynamics of in this region. The growth in the demand We have successfully integrated every the local markets. This expertise has for our own registered brands, element of the origination and distribution allowed us to develop long-standing established over a number of years, process enabling us to meet stringent relationships with producers and is evidence of our ability to cater to deadlines and effectively execute consumers alike. the requirements of diverse markets. customised supply contracts.
  18. 18. Food Staples and Packaged Foods 33 Sugar Dairy Products Olam’s strength in sugar comes from Olam’s recent entry into the dairy Our heritage: Olam was established in our ability to use our extensive business has been extremely 1989 by the Kewalram Chanrai network in the key sugar markets in successful, enabling it to attain Group, in Nigeria. From the beginning Africa and Asia to distribute sugar, significant market shares in many we have benefited from the Group’s as well as from our strong sourcing of the major importing countries 140 years of business experience relationships with producers in the in Africa. Olam has established throughout the world. This has been a world’s major sugar origins including exporting operations Olam’s growth strong foundation for in Europe and Brazil, Thailand and South Africa. sourcing networks in all the major into a dynamic multinational based in Our long-standing and multi-product dairy producing countries. With Singapore. business relationships with buyers at increasing participation in the Asian destination gives us a superior cost and the Middle East markets and position and a strong base of loyal the launch of consumer packs in customers. Africa, the dairy business is poised for rapid growth. (Above) Olam’s sugar business began in 1995 The knowledge and understanding that Olam’s sourcing and trading (Above) The dairy business comprises largely Olam’s dairy business began in 2003 Besides catering to the industrial and Far Left: A sugar cane plantation with the import of our first consignment was developed in West Africa was headquarters in Singapore acts as the Far Left: Meticulous quality control of milk of powders, cheese and fat products with the import of our first consignment repackaging segment in bulk packs we Left: Cane – a key source of sugar to Nigeria and Ghana. We currently leveraged into expanding the sugar center for all its physical and futures before purchase such as butter and butter oil. Olam’s of milk powder into Algeria. We rapidly are also directly marketing consumer Right: Bags of sugar at our warehouse Left: Bagging of milk powder before export distribute sugar in destinations where business into East Africa including hedging activity with ready access to participation is principally focused in expanded into other adjacent markets packs, with ‘Pearl’ being one of our for distribution in Africa Right: Our dairy business is built on our we have a multi-product presence. Uganda and Madagascar, and into both the London and New York the powders category. and are today supplying dairy products leading brands, in several markets in Far Right: Refined white sugar – our strength in our origin and destination markets principal product Multi-point storage ensures availability of Central Asia. In South East Asia, our markets. Our offices in Brazil, Thailand, Far Right: 'Pearl' is our flagship milk Commonality of customers and to all the major African countries, Asia Africa. These consumer packs are stocks in locations as close to our business has been focused on India, Poland and Netherlands provide powder brand distribution channels provided us the and the Middle East to discerning available as tins, sachets and bag in customers as possible, providing them Indonesia following the liberalisation of valuable research information in relation foundations for initiating and developing industrial end users, repackers boxes in various sizes. immediate access. The sugar business the market. In addition, we have been to the sugar business. this business. The dairy products and distributors. With participation across all segments in benefits from the many synergies it has regularly supplying into Sri Lanka and business leveraged the existing network With export operations in Poland, the destination markets and a presence with the rice business including shared Bangladesh as well. for other commodities imported by Netherlands and sourcing networks in most of the producing countries, the customers and costs. Olam into Africa and Asia to quickly in East Europe, South America and dairy products business has good growth establish a significant market presence. Oceania, Olam is able to offer customers prospects within the Olam portfolio. a wide range of choices from high-end applications to the commodity grade dairy products.
  19. 19. Fibre and Wood Products 35 Cotton Olam has a global sourcing network covering 90% of world trade in cotton. We have the capability to offer a diverse range of qualities from over 30 key origins. We are focused on quality control and by integrating all elements of the value chain we aim to provide the best spinning value to our customers. We provide an effective global supply chain bridge between the cotton farmers in the producing countries and the spinners worldwide. (Opposite) With a rich heritage in the textile the spinner. In addition, Olam acts as a We have developed innovative financial Inspection of cotton before export industry it is natural that cotton was one-stop shop to provide agricultural and risk management solutions to help (Above) one of the first businesses that Olam inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and manage inventory cost and protect Left: A Cotton flower established. We believe that to have also ginning inputs to farmers in the margins in volatile environment for our Middle: Seed cotton awaiting ginning effective control on the cotton supply producing countries to secure cotton customers. Providing such customised Right: Ghanian Kente cloth chain it is imperative to have a physical volumes at the farm gate level. solutions helps us develop preferred presence in the origin, strong quality With marketing operations in Europe access to these customers. focus, superior logistics and risk and Singapore, we are strategically Olam values integrity in our dealings management skills. placed to serve customers in Asia and as a core value in the cotton business, We have a strong presence in the global beyond, at any time of the day. Our which is a key to the development of cotton supply chain with focus on marketing activities are focused in long term sustainable relationships with Central Asia, West Africa, East Africa, Europe, the Far East, China and South our key partners including farmers, Brazil and US. We ensure the availability Asia, where we also operate through a ginners and spinners. of cotton for a variety of grades including network of trusted and experienced specialised grades like Extra Long agents. Professionals with experience in Staple (ELS) cotton throughout the year. physical cotton, risk management and Olam’s key strategy is to add value by the futures markets manage the trading our involvement in the complete supply of cotton, in Singapore chain, from procurement of seed cotton, converting this to lint and delivering it to
  20. 20. Fibre and Wood Products 37 Wood Products Olam is one of the largest suppliers of teak from Africa adding value with a vertically integrated operation including log selection, processing, shipping and redistribution. Teak is a raw material that is environmentally friendly and can be harvested and replanted in managed forest areas. Our ability to transfer knowledge across origins, species and markets has enabled us to grow rapidly with specialisation in the tropical logs and lumber market. (Opposite) Olam’s first timber business was in the medium local suppliers who deliver the The diverse geographic spread helps us Our log park manager directs operations sourcing and shipping of Ghana teak to logs at log parks in port city locations. to offer a choice of origins and species in the Cote d'Ivoire India. Our ability to transfer knowledge We have recently commenced sawn to our customers that meet their (Above) across origins, species and markets has timber sourcing from Brazil. individual needs. We use our wide origin Left: Truck and Rail transportation of timber enabled us to diversify from teak to spread and familiarity with multiple The major focus areas in the origins are in Cameroon non-coniferous tropical hardwoods. markets to suggest alternate species, Middle: Large loader moves an Olam log risk, quality and logistics management. We chose to operate in the tropical The control over quality is reflected in which may offer better value to our Right: Sawn timber ready for export sawing logs segment due to our strong our effective management systems customers. Our objective is to enhance presence in the producing countries, starting with the physical log selection value through providing superior service understanding of the African context and measurement undertaken by to our customers whilst contributing to and expertise in origin supply chain trained graders at the log park. The final the economies and people who benefit management. product, either in log or lumber form, is from socially responsible forestry. Today we operate in most of the tropical then screened for export, with its quality Olam considers preservation of forests hardwood producing countries namely, specifications detailed, marked and as a part of its social responsibility that Gabon, Congo DRC, Nigeria, Cote segregated lot-wise for shipment. aligns with its long-term business d’Ivoire, Brazil, Ghana and There is also a continuing effort to objective to deal in wood products that Mozambique. We harvest teak in integrate along the value chain as in come from sustainable and well- Government allotted parcels (Cote origin processing or increased primary managed forests. d’Ivoire) and buy lumber from small and level of aggregation. We currently medium forestry enterprises (Ghana). process hardwood logs and rough sawn Our hardwood logs are from small and lumber in Nigeria and Brazil.