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The fish story
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  • It's difficult to say a lot without saying too much.
    I was there when you presented the fish story in Lugano at USI, and I have to admit that the presentation you gave has been a real awakening call. Since then, it's a pleasure to notice the reaction of my audience each time I give a presentation. Finally they are listening, they are interested and active. Thanks.
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  • Can apply this in life. There is a Cantonese saying, 'More said, more mistakes'. Thanks for sharing.
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  • 1. The Fish Story www.tudorgirba.com
  • 2. Based on The Fish Story, a story with Indian origins from Presentation Zen, the book.
  • 3. I want to open a fish store. Vijay, a young indian
  • 4. we sell fresh fish here
  • 5. we sell fresh fish here “we” is not really needed the Father
  • 6. fresh fish sold here
  • 7. fresh fish sold here “here” is superfluos the Brother
  • 8. fresh fish sold
  • 9. fresh fish sold it’s clear that the fish is sold. the Sister
  • 10. fresh fish
  • 11. fresh fish everyone can see that the fish is fresh. the Neighbor
  • 12. fish
  • 13. fish everyone can identify the fish by the smell. Vijay himself
  • 14. I still think fresh should be stated. and Me
  • 15. fresh
  • 16. Omit needless words.
  • 17. Tudor Gîrba www.tudorgirba.com creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/