Air Traffic Control: How to Guide Your Content From Ideation, to Creation, to Publication


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Even if only one person has their finger on the “Publish” button, many people will play a part in creating and curating content for your organization's blog, website, newsletter, press releases, social media, and other communications channels. By offering relevant, engaging, well-crafted content, your organization can spark conversation, share your message, and advance your cause all on your own terms. But, it can be a complex juggling act to do it all: generate content ideas with program staff, choose the most compelling content, work with others to drive the content production process, and gather the often strong opinions of stakeholders and approvers. Simultaneously and efficiently moving multiple pieces of content from start to finish requires focus, patience, and a few tricks of the communications trade including:

- How to create and maintain an editorial calendar to help you focus on your best content.
- How to create and iterate your editorial process and governance.
- How to manage a content channel with multiple contributors and approvers, such as a group blog.

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Air Traffic Control: How to Guide Your Content From Ideation, to Creation, to Publication

  1. Air Traffic Control How to Guide Your Content FromIdeation, to Creation, to Publication Lauren Girardin, @girardinl 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference #13NTCair
  2. Hi, I’m Lauren Girardin. I’m amarketing, communications, andstorytelling consultant based out ofSan Francisco, California. I work withnonprofit and philanthropy clients bothindependently and through a groupcalled the LightBox Collaborative.There are many links to tools andresources throughout the presentation.To find these links, just look forthe  symbol.
  3. What is content strategy? “Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content.” – Kristina Halvorson, Author,  Content Strategy for the Web Blog post about content strategy: 
  4. Your content creation dream…
  5. Your content creation reality. photo: “Flughafen” by Ryu Ho Yeol
  6. Your editorial flight plan
  7. You are Air Traffic Control
  8. Editorial process in 3 easy steps
  9. What your What you What they content shouldwant to say want to hear cover
  10. Organize an Idea Bank    
  11. Create an Editorial Calendar
  12. Why use an Editorial Calendar?
  13. 
  14. Engage others
  15. Translate ideas into an plan of attack
  16. Pace yourself
  17. Ready…
  18. Set…
  19. Takeoff!
  20. Things could go wrong…
  21. Things could go wrong…
  22. Things could go wrong…
  23. Things could go wrong…
  24. Hopefully things won’t go this wrong.
  25. Bring the plane in for landing
  26. Remix your content
  27. What are your ideas?Questions?
  28. Lauren