Mobile Marketing Essentials Workshop


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A Mobile Marketing workshop I held at the 2013 Industry Disruptors conference held on Saturday, November 23rd

By the end of 2013 mobile phones will have overtaken PCs as the most common web access device worldwide. At the moment, people spend on average 12% of their media consumption time using mobile devices, whereas only 3% of advertising budget is funneled through this medium. Therein lies a huge opportunity for both brands and publishers. In that context, it would be of utmost importance to explore how we integrate mobile marketing in our communication strategy.

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Mobile Marketing Essentials Workshop

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Essentials
  2. 2. Imagine a bunch of statistics that would convince you of the importance of mobile or visit
  3. 3. We sleep with it
  4. 4. we love it
  5. 5. It’s the first thing we see
  6. 6. 2005 Hell... we love it you might even say... who is this guy?
  7. 7. 2013 It’s a love it we religion
  8. 8. Mobile Phone & Smartphone Market Worth $341.4 Billion by 2015 The global app economy was worth $ 53Bn in 2012 $ 143Bn in 2016. 
  9. 9. Corporate Confusion Photo Credit:: h.koppdelaney
  10. 10. it’s a kodak moment Photo Credit:
  11. 11. Marketing on mobile Photo Credit: Rodolfo Velasco
  12. 12. Tips and tricks
  13. 13. There are no tricks Photo Credit:" JD Hancock<
  14. 14. Mobile WEB Optimize your site Photo Credit:>Valerie Everett
  15. 15. Mobile WEB Sad but true
  16. 16. Mobile WEB # Keep it Simple. Keep in mind that simplicity is an absolute necessity for a mobile-friendly website. Photo credit: kevin dooley
  17. 17. Mobile WEB # Be concise. There must be nothing excessive in a mobile website. Photo Credit: leg0fenris
  18. 18. Mobile WEB # Open the door. The server identifies mobile devices, make sure that mobile visitors are automatically redirected to the mobile page... don’t ask them just serve them Photo Credit:">h.koppdelaney
  19. 19. Mobile WEB # It’s all about context. Remember that actions a person might want to take when using their mobile while out and about are not necessarily the same as when they are using a desktop at home or a laptop in the office. Photo Credit: Wouter de Bruijn
  20. 20. Mobile WEB # Keep it short. Don’t allow too much text input for users. Even if you require filling a form for some reason, like signup, login etc.
  21. 21. Mobile WEB # Design for the screen. There are such rules as proper size of buttons and spaces between them, avoiding overloading pages with various images Photo Credit: adactio
  22. 22. Mobile WEB # Test for compatibility. Define the range of devices so your website could be properly tested on them: various devices, operating system versions and screen resolutions.
  23. 23. Mobile Apps Let’s make an APP
  24. 24. Mobile Apps # Apple 22 October 2013 1 million apps # Google Play July 24, 2013 1 million apps
  25. 25. Mobile Apps Do you really need an app?
  26. 26. Mobile Apps #App for apps sake? If your purpose for developing a mobile app is to only increase your brand impressions and grow your potential client list, think again. Photo Credit: <a href="">woodleywonderworks
  27. 27. Mobile Apps # Does it have value? The first step is to identify exactly what the app’s for, and what you want it to achieve. Is it to enhance customers’ interactions with you, improve your brand presence, or generate revenue through paid downloads, in-app advertising or purchases? Photo Credit:">IronRodArt - Royce Bair ("Star Shooter")
  28. 28. Mobile Apps # Which Platform is best? Apple iphone - Ipad - Android phone - Android tablets - Windows phone - Blackberry - Firefox etc Photo Credit:">~Aphrodite
  29. 29. Mobile Apps # Do you know your users? Will the app’s users be web-savvy or novices? What will their usage patterns be, and on what devices? When do you expect them to use the app, and for how long? Photo Credit: <a href="">Eneas</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>
  30. 30. Mobile Apps # What is your content? Apps generally either consume content, or create it. If they are consuming content, it’s vital to know where that content comes from. How it gets into the app influences the size of the app, and the complexity of making it. Embedding content makes apps harder to update, but simpler to build. Photo Credit: <a href="">JD Hancock
  31. 31. Mobile Apps # What’ll it do? Successful apps are simple, usable and reliable. It’s better to launch a simple application that does one thing well, than one that does several things badly. The more focused the app’s purpose, the better. Photo Credit: Nina Matthews
  32. 32. Mobile Apps # How to choose partners ? Please don’t assign the app development to your little nephew... ususally you get what you pay for Photo Credit:">ChrisL_AK
  33. 33. Mobile Apps # Source code ? Make sure the code is yours Photo Credit:">ChrisL_AK
  34. 34. # The devil is in the details App name App icon App screenshot App store desciption App store ratings and reviews
  35. 35. Mobile Apps # App Name Photo Credit: ChrisL_AK
  36. 36. Mobile Apps # App Icon
  37. 37. Mobile Apps # App Screenshot
  38. 38. Mobile Apps # App Store description
  39. 39. Mobile Apps # App store ratings and reviews
  40. 40. Mobile Apps 3 major after launch problems to consider before launching # Discover the APP # Retain the User # Engage and Monetize
  41. 41. # Early promotion PR press releases Review sites Social Media
  42. 42. Mobile App Marketing and Advertising # Ok you‘ve got an app... now what
  43. 43. Mobile App Marketing and Advertising # Bring in the users
  44. 44. # The right tools
  45. 45. Mobile App Marketing and Advertising # Acquisition Channels and advertising technology
  46. 46. Mobile App Marketing and Advertising #Measure everything user acquisition cost user retention customer lifecycle value
  47. 47. Mobile Advertising # Advertise on mobile
  48. 48. Mobile Advertising # Huge budgets ???
  49. 49. # What are they looking for
  50. 50. # SMS & MMS Photo Credit: <a href="">glen edelson</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>
  51. 51. # Banner Ads
  52. 52. # Native formats
  53. 53. # Notification Center
  54. 54. # Transmedia Campaigns
  55. 55. # The Right Mix
  56. 56. # Loyalty
  57. 57. #Targeting
  58. 58. Facebook Demographics API Calls Custom Tagging Geolocation/ Geofencing
  59. 59. Device Type Operator Time dependancies Past Behavior
  60. 60. #What do they do?
  61. 61. # Smart
  62. 62. Evolve or die Photo untrained eye
  63. 63. MOBILE MARKETING ESSENTIALS Disrupt Startup Scale Up George Giannakeas @gioris November 23 2013