Urban textures project


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Urban textures project

  1. 2. Research http://tinyurl.com/38n4naz This photo is a very good example of urban textures, as it shows the urban environment very well, using repetition of cars one a very wide motorway in America. The photograph is taken in colour, and the textures in the photo are made up of all the cars in arranged and organized lines, which are caused by the traffic jam. The main focal point is the curve of the motorway, as this is the bit that is in the most focus in the shot. It is taken from a high angle, to show the perspective of the shot and to show how far back the repetition is going on for. The cars make the photo look really interesting as it really shows the urban textures as an environment being repeated over and over again.
  2. 3. http://www.paulpolitis.com/bwgallery/urban/photograph.asp?photo=54 This photo, taken by Paul Politis, is in monotone, making it look mysterious and abandoned. The main focal point is the tall, vertical building, as it contains the strongest contrast between the dark and the light. The urban texture in this photo is shown by the bottom building, as the shadows and lighting gives the look of a rough texture. Also, the vertical building shows texture, as you can see the bricks in the lower half of the photo.
  3. 4. http://www.paulpolitis.com/bwgallery/urban/photograph.asp?photo=84 Again, a photograph by Paul Politis, this photo shows urban textures very well as you can see the textures of the cracks in the wall. The photo is in mono tone, and there is no main focal point as you do not know which box to look at. Again, the shadows do make the texture of the wall stand out a lot more, as the shadows within and around the cracks in wall show how deep the indents are.
  4. 5. http://www.highresolutiontextures.com/best-hrt-flickr-pool-1st-edition This photograph is by someone called ‘max’ from highresolutiontextures.com. I think that this shows urban texture very well as it shows the corroded, cracked, crumbling floor which it maybe broken by acid rain or from cars driving over it. The photograph is of concrete on the floor, with bits of weed coming through the open cracks. The cement looks as if it is peeling off the wall, because of it being dried up by the heat. I love this photo because it shows textures really well, as the dark shadows show the depth of the cracks in the floor.
  5. 6. Contact Sheets
  6. 9. My Final Shots.. PB060899 I chose this photo as a final photo because I think that the where the paper around the wood and the metal grid is singed, gives an excellent texture where you can almost smell the burn, also the metal grid gives it a further dimension. I love the burn marks all over the paper, giving it a brown, dirty look to it. The lump of solder attached to the metal grid gives a smooth texture, which contrasts very well with the grating, rough texture of the metal grid. The burnt paper around the grid makes most of the focus be on the most textured part of the photo, the grid. In the edit I decided to blur the background more and also change the levels of light in the photo by a slight amount, as I though by blurring it I could the audience focus on the grid more than the background, and I changed the levels to make the photo a little darker to make it look more rusty and dirty.
  7. 10. PB120924 I have chosen this photo as a one of my final photographs because I love the texture of the roof in this photo, I like the way that it twists and curves and overlays other bits of the pillars of the building. The lighting in this photo is lighter towards the top of building and the shadows are coming from below. I really like the shapes used that are in this photograph, as the triangles on the roof make another circle, but then they have other triangles coming off them, going into the tall pillars supporting the church. I edited this photo by simply just changing the levels of the photo, to make the church have more brown and yellows in it, to show the shadows that define the textures on the roof and the pillars.
  8. 11. PB120942 I have chosen this photo as one of my final shots, as I love the perspective in the shot. I love the way that the arches get bigger and bigger as they get closer to you. The texture in this photo I believe is the arches, and the way in which they overlay eachother, but also I love the architecture behind the arches, the bit that is above the arches, as it adds another dimension and perspective to the picture, as behind it there are more arches. In the edit, I decided to again, change the levels and curves, to make some parts darker in the photograph, but also I wanted to make some certain angles and parts of it lighter. Overall I added a glow to the photograph to again show the shadows which define the indents of where the texture is on the photo. I also cropped the photo to take out unnecessary parts of it.
  9. 12. PB120951 I have chosen this photo as a final photo because I love the twists, and I love the way that it looks like I have photoshopped the original, as all of the pillars look as if they are very close together, and two of them seem to look like they are the same size, giving an illusional effect at first look. The texture in this photo is quite clear, as it is the twisting effect on the pillars looks like they are merging and twisting into eachother, and I love the way that this photo is very simple, yet it is kept interesting by the random directions of the twists. In the edited version, I decided to use the curves effect lighten the photograph, to bring out the curves and twists, instead of hiding them behind shadows.
  10. 13. PB120998 I love this photo, I love the way that the whole church has an echo to it, and the texture is the roof at the front of the picture, which is completely different to the roof at the back of the church, and this gives a great sense of perspective, and also the way in which everything gets smaller towards the black, mysterious looking darkness at the end of this cathedral which looks like a tunnel. I also love the lighting in this photo, I love the way that the shadows seems to creep up the side of the church, upside the pillars. In the edit, I cropped the red object out of the photo, as it was a distraction and was unnecessary , and I also used the levels tool to change the lighting, which I feel has given the picture a more cosy effect, but the sense of mystery at the end of this tunnel keeps the warmth of the church cold, and this use of warmth and cold, makes you feel like you are there.
  11. 14. PB121003 I like this photo because the texture on the roof is repeated, over and over again, and I love the way that the structure of the building is repeated over and over again, the building seems to be one big texture. I love the way that again the shadows are creeping up from the sides of the pillars, and I love the way that all of the light is on the roof. In the edit I decided to darken the shadows on the sides of the pillars, to enhance this creeping effect, but at the very top of the picture, on the roof, I decided to lighten the photo, using the levels tool, and as the picture gets smaller towars the back of the church, I decided to give it a yellow glow, to show the natural shadows in the photo.
  12. 15. PB121005 I love this photo, and I have chosen it as a final photo because I love the way that the star shapes on the roof contrast with the tall vertical pillar, and I love the textured patterns used in the architecture of the roof. The lighting in the original photo isn't very good, and there aren’t many shadows that you can obviously see, so I edited the photo to darken the tall pillar, to make it contrast better with the pattern on the roof, and in the edit I decided to lighten, but again give a yellow glow to it, to make the shadows and the texture stand out more. I also really like the angle that this photo is taken from, looking up at the pillar, and I love the way that the pillar looks as if it blocks out the pattern on the roof. In the edit I also cropped out the left side of the photograph as the purple object is unnecessary and takes the focus off the main detail in the photo.
  13. 16. Final Photo This photograph reminds me of the inside of the windpipe, medically known as the trachea. The ridges are similar to the rings of cartilage found supporting the trachea and the way that I have taken this shot, makes it look like a long tunnel, as it darkens towards the end. The cathedral is a place of worship where followers go to celebrate their God. It is for this reason I have decided to name it ‘God’s Trachea’. I love the lighting in this photo, in the original and the edit, as it gives it a warm and comforting feeling, but the darkness at the end of this tunnel gives a sense of mystery. The texture in this photo is on the roof of the Cathedral.
  14. 17. How I would relate the photos to the photographers I have researched I would relate most of my work from this project to the photographer Paul Politis as most of his work is taken of building with a repetative structure, just like my photos of the church. I think that some mine may have looked better in black and white but then they would look too much like Paul Politis’ photos and the way that I have used the colour has aloud me to experiment with Photoshop and edit my photos by experimenting with the light levels in the photo.