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Architettura Laboratorio Ad Eng
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Architettura Laboratorio Ad Eng


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My work in the field of design, art direction and temporary events. Press Ctrl and L to view full screen; pg down/p for the nex/previous page. …

My work in the field of design, art direction and temporary events. Press Ctrl and L to view full screen; pg down/p for the nex/previous page.

Published in: Design, Business
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  • 2. DESIGN ART DIRECTION TEMPORARY EVENTS Industry and global The “company From “product type” Articulated process, Our culture: connect- From idea to reality. product. standard” concept. to “company type”. adapted to your ing unrelated worlds. Often clients ask “only” Brand originality is the Proposing itself like a We analyse your business company culture. We live the passion for an original and elegant main competition tool be- “company standard” the values, bringing them into Every project is original. project. product. ing in the global market. brand brings the whole your competitors market. Actors, times and steps We connect unrelated Sometime they ask only a Originality of a product is company body as emerg- In that market we make change, adapting them- reality. new head quarter. not enough. ing tool. our proposal, born from selves to your identity. Our goal is to use these It doesn’t matter. You need to compose an Not a product or a col- your peculiar character. Wright choises make the new connections to A good product, like an original range of prod- lection. success of the project. increase the company elegant architecture is a ucts, a new brand and Our experience, over the budget. right starting point. communication style. years, produced the tools able to configure original “company standard”.
  • 3. Design
  • 4. Furniture Design Lazy e King Sofas and accessories collection for_Somaschini
  • 5. left: King sofa detail right: Lazy, armchair and Sofa
  • 6. Product Design Premiere Slicer Collection for_Berkel
  • 7. below: Gravity feed slicer, front right: Gravity feed slicer, detail
  • 8. Gravity feed slicer: details
  • 9. left: Gravity feed slicer, side view right: Detail
  • 10. Product Design Excelsior Professional coffee machine for_Brasilia S.p.A.
  • 11. above: detail left: front
  • 12. left: front and detail view right: back and detail view
  • 13. Product Design Opus Professional coffee machine for_Brasilia S.p.A.
  • 14. left: front view above: black view (raised version)
  • 15. left: detail view above: side view
  • 16. Product Design Plaza/Gran Plaza Automatica professional coffee machine for_Brasilia S.p.A.
  • 17. before and left page: Gran Plaza with frigor module right: Detail
  • 18. Furniture Design Confident and Cherie Sofa and armchair collection for_Antidiva
  • 19. left: Cherie Collection above: Confident sofa, front view
  • 20. Product Design Salina Door handle for_Manital
  • 21. previous page: front view below: details right: view
  • 22. Product Design Tender Door handle for_Colombo Design
  • 23. previous page: front view above: details left: view
  • 24. Product Design Mood Continuous floor collection for_Venerom
  • 25. Mood Collection: above, some of the collection patterns right and left side, two material details.
  • 26. Product Design Plug Golf trolley for_Teknonomad
  • 27. left: front and back view right: front view
  • 28. left: details view right: wood finishing
  • 29. Furniture Design Blade and Barry Sofa and bed collection for_Tacchini Italia Furniture
  • 30. below: Blade view right: Barry, view and detail
  • 31. Product Design Automatic coffee machine _in progress
  • 32. previous page: concept drawing below: maths modeling surfaces, views right: color studies
  • 33. the prototype: detail views
  • 34. Art Direction
  • 35. Art Direction Somaschini brand Image for_Somaschini Somaschini is a historical company located in Brianza. Its work is related to sofa and bed collection from 1960. In 2001 Architettura Laboratorio is called to renovate the company image with a new col- lection of 8 new sofa and a new communi- cation language. A year later the new collection and the catalogue comes out.
  • 36. above: Textile collection detail right: images from the collection catalogue
  • 37. Art Direction J cafè _in progress Jcafè is a new brand concept born from the partnership of a football team, a coffee producer and Brasilia. The studio worked from the beginning on the whole concept of the brand, creating the whole coordinate image and merchan- dising.
  • 38. left: Merchandising details, the withe room concept right: Tobacco room concept.
  • 39. Art Direction Brasilia per_Brasilia S.p.A. Brasilia sells the 80% of its product out of Italy. The studio started the collaboration with a new professional machine, Excelsior, and grew up in seven years. Now Architettura Laboratorio is involved in the growing process of the company, giving shape of several ideas in different field of the brand’s body. The Head quarter, a restyling of the Logo, collection of machines, web site, commercial stands in Milano and, in general, the coor- dinate image of the whole company.
  • 40. previous page: web site and logo below: the home-page concept of the web site a destra: Brasilia head quarter interiors
  • 41. above: product concepts left: pages of Excelsior catalogue
  • 42. Art Direction Venerom for_Venerom Venerom makes con- tinuous floor in several material and technics. From the classic “ter- razzo veneziano” to the last polymeric fashion contemporary floor. In 2006 Architettura Laboratorio began her image change and created a new “design oriented” collection of continuous floors. We started with a new catalogue whose task was to communicate in a new, elegant, fashion, language the new Ven- erom Philosophy. A Year later we started with the new floor collec- tion named Mood. We are now starting with the last shift: the new website of the company. It will be online on genu- ary 2009.
  • 43. left: the general catalogue cover right: some general catalo- gue pages
  • 44. arte nei pavimenti continui left: Mood collection stilistic above: Mood collection environments and detail
  • 45. right: Mood collection catalogue pages above: Mood collection environments and detail
  • 46. Art Direction Espressobar for_Espressobar Espressobar is a start- up company. Its business is focused on coffee capsules. Its commercial channels are internet, commercial corners and call center. Architettura Labora- torio worked from the beginning on the whole concept of the company. We created a Logo, the Head Quarter, the commercial corner for the malls activities, the packaging and com- munication activities. Our project started on December 2006 and is still on.
  • 47. previous page: logo e packaging left: Espressobar corner detail below: coffee grain packaging
  • 48. left: break area detail below: offices areas
  • 49. Temporary Events
  • 50. Temporary Events Stand Tacchini Italia, Salone del Mobile, Milano. for_Tacchini Italia Furniture above: external views fo the stand a destra: interior detail of the stand
  • 51. Temporary Events Stand Brasilia, Host, Milano. for_Brasilia S.p.A. above: general views right: bar area view
  • 52. Temporary Events Stand Valtur, BIT, Milano for_Valtur S.p.A.
  • 53. left: general view right: detail view