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Cloud Computing in practice with OpenNebula ~ Develer workshop 2012
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Cloud Computing in practice with OpenNebula ~ Develer workshop 2012



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  • 1. Cloud Computing, in practice with Giovanni Toraldo - Sysadmin
  • 2. about.me/giovannitoraldo● Keywords: Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, PHP, Drupal, Symfony, Open Source, pizza, beer, geek.● OpenNebula contributor, currently working on Cloudesire at Liberologico.
  • 3. About OpenNebula OpenNebula.org is an open-source project developing the industry standard solution for building andmanaging virtualized enterprise data centers and IaaS clouds
  • 4. A bit of history
  • 5. Core features● Virtual infrastructure management and orchestration (KVM, XEN, ESXi)● External cloud connector (EC2)● Interfaces for Cloud Consumers (EC2, OCCI)● Capacity and performance management● Monitoring● Accounting● User quota, ACLs
  • 6. Why not something else?● Focusing on data center virtualization● High perf core, scriptable drivers● All-in-one package, batteries included● Opensource and user-driven development● API-agnostic
  • 7. Architecture
  • 8. Shared storage
  • 9. Shared storage: NFS or?GlusterFS: completely decentralized, noSPOF, FUSE client, developed by Red Hat:http://gluster.org - use ON shared driver.MooseFS: no native HA, proven stable,automatic balancing of resources:http://moosefs.org - use ON shared driver.Ceph: should solve a lot of problems, butactually only the block device is "stable":http://ceph.com - use experimental driver
  • 10. Monitoring● Ganglia: near-zero configuration, distributed monitoring and graphing for HPC, clusters, and highly dynamic environments.● im_ganglia driver can be used to off-load frontend from hosts resources polling via ssh.
  • 11. Monitoring● Check_mk: use a local agent to gather metrics on every node, generate nagios/icinga configs to retrieve them and generate alerts when shit happens.● HOST_HOOK and VM_HOOK can be used to dynamically attach/detach hosts and VM instances within Check_mk.
  • 12. Its time to party...
  • 13. Overview of the CLI Interface# Login as root/opennebula and su on oneadmin$ su - oneadmin# Currently configured hosts and their status$ onehost list# Currently available vnetworks$ onevnet list# Show leases and specific configuration of the vnetwork$ onevnet show 0# List available disk images$ oneimage list# List registered VM templates$ onetemplate list# Show template details$ onetemplate show 0
  • 14. Resourceshttp://opennebula.org/documentation:rel3.8http://blog.opennebula.org/http://bit.ly/opennebula-3-book-packtpubhttp://marketplace.c12g.com/appliancehttp://dev.opennebula.org/http://opennebula.org/software:ecosystem