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ClouDesire @ Italian DevOps Initiative 2013 #idi2013
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ClouDesire @ Italian DevOps Initiative 2013 #idi2013


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Verso il primo cloud application store italiano, con OpenNebula, Puppet e REST: ClouDesire. Nonostante il proliferare di piattaforme e soluzioni cloud, queste tecnologie richiedono know-how e risorse …

Verso il primo cloud application store italiano, con OpenNebula, Puppet e REST: ClouDesire. Nonostante il proliferare di piattaforme e soluzioni cloud, queste tecnologie richiedono know-how e risorse per poter essere pienamente abbracciate, soprattutto in Italia, dove applicativi e architetture legacy regnano (ancora) sovrani. ClouDesire si pone come obiettivo di semplificare il processo per portare su cloud un'applicazione (web o legacy), e distribuirla in modalità XaaS, fornendo tutti i necessari tool di supporto.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. ?A solution to reduce time to sellfor software vendors, in a dedicated andcustomized store or in a global marketplace,using a cloud computing environment.ClouDesire doesnt embrace a single product,technology or service, and expose full-stack APIfor a complete control of its behavior,to avoid vendor lock-in.
  • 2. - 1 2 3 Create Configure Configure an account a private the base template on ClouDesire store with required application stack 4 5 6 Install the Define SLA and Sell application into metrics pricing for the application the customized application on the store(s) template template 
  • 3. - 1 2 3 Browse the "Buy It!" Proceed with vendors catalogue payment or the ClouDesire marketplace 4 5 Wait a few Start using minutes for the the application application deployment 
  • 4. - 1 2 3 Wait Provide Send to vendors for deployment resources periodic reports requests arising monitoring on applications after an order and revenue alerting 4 Bill to vendor 
  • 5. Open Source Data Center Virtualization Framework • Physical Hosts & VM resources usage and monitoring • Heterogeneous hypervisors support (KVM, Xen, VMWare)FEATURES • Public Cloud connectors (EC2) • Remote Cloud connectors (Federation) • Public API: XML-RPC, EC2, OCCI • Images catalog • Enforcing infrastructure security policy with ACL
  • 6. • Focusing on data center virtualization• High-performances core, scriptable drivers• All in one package, without external deps• Truly OSS, user-driver development• API-agnostic
  • 7. - ? Dont reinvent the wheel No license costsDeveloped with interoperability and industry standards in mind Functions served by remote API, not only GUI Easily extensible to support multiple clouds/hypervisors
  • 8. CMS is a Web Service exposing an abstraction layerfor wrapping and aggregating the main functions provided by the underlying Cloud Management Framework. It provides independence and more high-level functions of the underlying Cloud Management Framework.
  • 9. REST-API for accessing cloud resourcesFrontends: native API, CIMI, EC2Backends: OpenNebula, Amazon, IBM SmartCloud, OpenStack, Arubacloud […]
  • 10. It is used to create a new Virtual Context after a customer purchase, to instantiate the required resource and to monitor step-by-step the deployment status: if something go wrong, it will retry until success. • Search for pending deployment orders • Injects requests in a newly created context,FEATURES interacting with CMS to launch new VM instances • Monitors the deployment process and retry on temporary failures • De-schedule VMs when expiration date is reached
  • 11. Building BB is the minimal deployable entity on ClouDesire which contains one or more vendor Apps. It is composed by a single or multiple VMs, and should be Block provided with a specific platform integration module, named Agent. Virtual VC contains one or more BB, usually providing value-added vendor services. Each Agent inside a BB can interact with any Agent inside the same Virtual Context Context. It is a collection of Contexts, associated to a particular customer. EachEnvironment vendor have access to all customers Environments. It is a ready-to-be-deployed Virtual Context, containing one or more BB, Template created, configured and maintained by a particular vendor, stored in a catalog.
  • 12. Web Service that expose all the business-logic functions to achieve the platform requirements. It rely on the CMS to interact with the lower infrastructure. • Catalog management and Billing •FEATURES Monitoring and metrics gathering • Backups and restores • Agent Communication • Template/Sandboxing management • User management and Authentication
  • 13. A software component that is used in a Building Block, as platform integration point for instance management and metrics gathering. • Monitors the services status inside VMFEATURES • Receives remote commands (e.g.: restart services) • Pub-Sub communications between agents inside the same virtual context
  • 14. Every request needs to be routed to the correct destination This is the users entry point to reach a running application. • Implements user authentication,FEATURES based on SSO • Enforce access policies • Map each HTTP request to the correct deployed application
  • 15. A Symfony2 web application where different entities can: Orders status, BB availability and basic instance Customers management. List of their Customers, Orders, BBs. Vendors Monitoring and automation of deployed instances. Template and billing management.Administrators Managing and monitoring of the entire platform. Twitter bootstrap: front-end framework for geeks Guzzle: HTTP-client REST-friendly NoVNC: HTML5 VNC viewer (NO MORE JAVA)
  • 16. A web application where a software vendor can publish its own applications, along with others vendors apps. Customers can browse • Catalogue Management the catalog andFEATURES • Products Listing, Featured products place orders on them. • Shopping Cart
  • 17. A web application where vendors can manage their own applications catalog and customers can place orders on it. Snippets are provided for easy integration • Catalogue Management into an existing web siteFEATURES • Interface customizations • Billing & Metrics Management ("Buy this" button). • App Sandboxing
  • 18. More on ClouDesire http://www.cloudesire.comWe are hiring! job@liberologico.comContact me