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  • Most of the world can not!
  • Most of the world can not!
  • Can’t what?
  • 12snap needed?
  • Facebook looks to monetize their own intent within FB ecosystem
  • Nihal Mehta - Mobile Marketing 3.0

    1. 1. the evolution ofmobile advertising. from 1994 to 2012 march 2012 @nihalmehta
    2. 2. mobile is putting nearlyeverything within “the arms reach of desire”along the customer’s journey.
    3. 3. why mobile? can youimagine living without it?
    4. 4. 91% of Americans have their phone within reach 24/7
    5. 5. the rest of the world can’t  7 billion people  5.9 billion mobile subscriptions • 3+ billion unique • 2/3 are feature phones
    6. 6. smartphones> PCs
    7. 7. phones > toothbrushes5.9 billion 4.2 billion
    8. 8. the drivers for growth convergence economy marketing opportunities speed handsets data tariffs industry promotion consumer behavior
    9. 9. more than a phone…mobile is a cornerstone to the daily lives to the vast majority.
    10. 10. consumer channel choice is about convenience&need mobile is an access point
    11. 11. the convergence of media TV Radio Recordings Comms. Print Cinema InternetSource: Ahonen (2007)
    12. 12. paths of mobile advertisingSource: comScore (Feb. 2010)
    13. 13. SMSthe first SMS was sent in 1994 Text-to-vote
    14. 14. WAP the first mobilebanner was seen in WAP in 2002
    15. 15. june29, 2007 the day the world changed
    16. 16. mobile webthe mobile banner got better.
    17. 17. mobile rich media the mobile banner got richer (rich media).mobile rich media achieves 2.5 times higher interaction than standard banners
    18. 18. but 60% of clicks onmobile banners are.. ACCIDENTAL!
    19. 19. bluetooth
    20. 20. QR
    21. 21. advertising platforms are still NOT taking advantage of the major pillars of mobile:1. real-time2. location3. contextso what does the future hold?
    22. 22. “mobile 3.0” 1.0: 2.0: 3.0: 2004-2008 2008-2012 2012 First mobile display ad Growth of mediation Real-time biddingnetworks and supply-side exchanges platforms Focus shifts to multipleFocus on featurephones Focus shifts to form factors smartphones Brands become mobileDepartmental branddollars Component of digital content publishers spend for brands Direct response forDirect response forcontent subscriptions Direct response for digital goods purchasesvia carrier billing downloads via App Store Targeted inventoryLack of inventory is Growing Abundancedefining limitation of inventory
    23. 23. NFC
    24. 24. facebook
    25. 25. geo (carrier SMS)
    26. 26. inaudible
    27. 27. video
    28. 28. rewards
    29. 29. cross-platform
    30. 30. intent1,000,000,000MENTIONS OF INTENT FROM 100,000,000UNIQUE USERS
    31. 31. ProductsIntent RetargetingTargets consumers with mobile and webdisplay advertising based on explicit andimplicit, check-ins and relative sentimentDirect ResponseEnables marketers to respond toconsumers in real-time with relevant offersthat drive transactions
    32. 32. Case Study: Entertainment Intent Retargeting Product Delivery: .95%Campaign ObjectivesDrive awareness of artist CD release to existing and new fansExecutionRespond to targeted consumer mentions of the artist andexcitement for the new albumResultsLocalResponse delivered a .95% CTR – almost 2x ourplatform average
    33. 33. Case Study: QSR Intent Retargeting Product Delivery: .86%Campaign ObjectivesPromote awareness of new product and branded game tie-in from QSR brandExecutionRespond to consumer check-ins at QSR retail locations nationwide with messaging to promote thenew product and associated online gameTarget and respond to users that make positive mention of healthy living and express interest in anactive lifestyleResultsLocalResponse’s Check-In Retargeting banner product garnered a .86% CTR, with Rich Mediaplacements clicking above a 1% CTR
    34. 34. Case Study: Auto Direct Response Product Delivery: 58%Campaign ObjectivesCo-opt consumers that check-in at competitive sponsored eventsDrive consumer engagement on client’s mobile websiteIncrease brand’s following on TwitterExecutionRespond to targeted consumer check-ins and mentions in Real-time with an invitation to client’sevents in the surrounding areaResultsLocalResponsedelivered a 22% CTRClient saw a 10% increase in Twitter followers over a 3-day campaignUsers Interacted with the LocalResponse dynamic ad unit resulted in a 58% conversion rate forclient’s mobile site
    35. 35. Case Study: Retail Direct Response & Intent Retargeting Product Delivery: 330%Campaign ObjectivesDrive awareness of the new film-inspired clothing line at selected retail locationsUtilize the viral nature of Twitter to turn consumers into word-of-mouth marketers for clientExecutionRespond to targeted consumer check-ins at client’s retail locationsTarget and respond to mention of the film and the clothing line inspired by the film with details about the launch of theclothing lineResultsOn our Direct Response product, 33% of targeted users who clicked through to the LocalResponse custom landing pagealso then engaged with the client’s mobile siteAt a 330% CTR, the Direct Response portion of the campaign performed over 16x the platform average of 20%The Intent Targeting portion of the campaign performed above platform average at a 0.73% CTR on banner ads served
    36. 36. Case Study: Travel Direct Response Product Delivery: 47%Campaign ObjectivesCreate awareness and exposure of the brand and limited-time sweepstakesUtilize the viral nature of Twitter to encourage users to re-tweet ads to turn consumers into word-of-mouthmarketers, generating additional scale and earned media for the campaignExecutionRespond to targeted consumer check-ins at select, relevant venues nationwideTarget and respond to users that make mention of Entertainment/Travel client and/or the holidaysEncourage customers of Entertainment/Travel client to enter sweepstakes to win an exclusive prizeResultsLocalResponse delivered a 47% CTR on our Direct Response product; 40% of people who clicked through to theLocalResponse custom landing page via Twitter entered the sweepstakesLocalResonse’s Intent Retargeting banner product garnered a .64% CTR across iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms
    37. 37. shift in accountability value chain from CPM (mobile banners)  CPC (mobile/local)  CPA (driving people to purchase)  CPT (actual transaction)
    38. 38. global mobile ad spendis expected to balloon to$6 billion in 2012, upfrom $3.3 billion last year.
    39. 39. grazie!