Authors index (at school with the Kings)


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Authors index (at school with the Kings)

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Authors index (at school with the Kings)

  1. 1. 1 INDEX OF AUTHORS. BLANCO Uvencio Hernandez, (Caracas, Venezuela, 1955) lecturer and writer on chess; teacher, instructor, arbiter and organizer of chess FIDE; member of the Chess In Schools Commission (FIDE), vice president of the Iberoamerican Chess Federation (FIBDA) and president of the Venezuelan Chess Federation (FVA). Contact: CAMPITELLI Guillermo, (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1972) PhD in Psychology (University of Nottingham, 2003), Assistant Professor at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, Australia. Contact: CAPECE Adolivio, (Milan, 1947) journalist, National Chess Master, press officer of the Italian Chess Federation - FSI. Contact: CAVAZZONI Carlo Alberto, (Carpi - MO, 1953) game expert instructor Youth FSI - Italian Chess Federation and a professor of neurobics at the Università per la libera età Natalia Gizburg of Modena. In 2009 he was named "Instructor of the year for Central Italy". Contact: D’EREDITÀ Giuliano, (Palermo, 1962) physical, PhD in History and Teaching of Mathematics and Physics, Department of Employee at the Regional Department of Professional Education and Training Sicily, President of the Youth and Education Commission of the FSI - Italian Chess Federation . Contact: DI MAURO Carmelita, (Gela - CL, 1958) Primary School Teacher, Chess Instructor FSI - Italian Chess Federation and UISP - Italian Union of Sport for All / Chess Coordination Primary schools and Delegate FSI Province of Caltanissetta. Contact: DI TERLIZZI Eleonora, (Milan, 1978) PhD in Developmental Psychology and Education. Professor of Developmental Psychology at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Brescia and the University of Molise in Campobasso. She offers training courses for educators, teachers and parents. Instructor for chess instructor courses at the Regional FSI Committee Lombardy. Contact: FRONZI Daniela, (Rome, 1966) instructor and arbiter ASIS - Chess Association for the Hearing Impaired and AICS - Italian Association of Sport Culture / Sector Checkers and Chess, Scientific Director of CPRS - Research Center for the Hearing Impaired and chess, AICS Provincial Manager - Italian Association of Sports Culture / Industry Checkers and Chess, instructor for the UISP in juvenile prisons in Rome. Contact: FERNAND Gobet, (Romont, Switzerland, 1962) Ph.D. in Psychology (Fribourg University, 1992), Professor of Cognitive Psychology at Brunel University in London, England. Contact: FUCCI Maria Rosa (Andria - BAT, 1954), psychologist, psychotherapist, Division of Pediatrics (UONP.I.), AUSL H Rome, Pomezia District. Contact:
  2. 2. 2 MAGGI Luigi, (Rome, 1958) Director of Formimpresa Srl., a company involved in consulting and development of Human Resources, is also on the board of other group companies. As a trainer, gives priority to issues of managerial skills in the central and local governments as well as in the great enterprise. Throughout his professional life he worked in several countries of America, Southeast Asia and Europe. Since 2007 he is Vice President and Secretary of the Regional Committee of the FSI Lazio - Italian Chess Federation. Contact: MARTINENGO Letizia (Aosta, 1975) a clinical psychologist and expert in sports psychology, has earned the title of Doctor of Psychology in "Psychodynamic Organization and Education" and works in Turin and Aosta. Collaborates in research with the University of Turin on topics of health psychology applied to sport-educational context, with particular reference to performance anxiety, doping and the relationship between motivation and moral functioning. Instructor for teachers of primary and secondary school on the themes of emotionality and interculturalism. She is a contractual lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology of Turin. Contact: MARINO Massimo, (Ancona, 1962) Psychotherapist of helping relationships (person- centered therapy of Rogers), he deals with Psychology in sport and in business and is the creator of Chessterapy, scientific coordinator of the CPRS - Permanent Centre of Scientific Research of ASIS Chess Association for Hearing Impaired and is the Head of the National Chess for AICS - Italian Association for Culture and Sport. Contact: MERLONE UGO, (Turin, 1964) Associate Professor of Mathematics applied to Economics. Faculty of Economics, University of Torino. Contact: MILETTO Roberto, (Turin, 1952) child neuropsychiatrist, Division of Pediatrics (UONPI), AUSL H Rome, Pomezia District. Contact: MIRCOLI Carla, (Rome, 1964) Instructor of the FSI - Italian Chess Federation. Creator and organizer of chess events, teaching courses in computer training for children and adults. She was named "Best Instructor of the year for Central Italy in 2008". Contact: MORRICONE Ennio, (Rome 1928) composer and orchestra leader, academic of the Santa Cecilia, winner of the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement 2007 (Oscar), the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, and many Silver Ribbons and David di Donatello awards. MORRONE Filomena (Bocchigliero - CS, 1959) Primary school teacher since 1983, teaches at the Primary School Leonardo da Vinci, of Pini’s Lido, Anzio 3 °Circolo Didattico. Contact: OTTAVI Marco (Rome, 1965) Sports trainer and educator UISP Chess, currently President of the Chess League UISP Rome. Contact: PAULESU Sebastiano (Sassari, 1968), Instructor of FSI Youth was awarded as "Best instructor for the South and the Islands in 2010". Contact: PERRONE Marcello, (Copertino-LE, 1951), degree in physics, secondary school teacher, Youth technical manager of FSI - Italian Chess Federation, member of the Education and
  3. 3. 3 Youth FSI Committee, member of the Commission FSI-MIUR, Head of FSI Chess Schools, Chairman of the Education and Youth FSI Committee (1998-2008). Contact: POMPA Alessandro (Rome, 1962), a preschool teacher since 1994, Italian FSI Champion "under 20" 1982, former responsible for Training Chess League Committee UISP - Italian Union of Sport for All (1998/2005). Contact: RAGONESE Lucio (Linguaglossa-CT, 1955) Player, coach and chess referee. Director of "Chess Review" since 2006. Creator of "Chess & Puzzles", "Chess & Information Technology", "Snakes and ladders" and the school project "Mind Games". In 2010 he organized the conference "Chess against bullying - compliance with the rules," and in 2012. He received a plaque from the MIUR-commendation "for his great efforts in educating youth through sport of Chess". Contact: SGRÒ Giuseppe (Monza - MB, 1975), a clinical and sport psychologist, teacher of CONI Sport School a member of the Medical and Scientific Committee of the FSI - Italian Chess Federation, Psicosport Srl.’s consultant. Contact: SGROI Maurizio, Federal FSI doctor, nutritionist and sports physician, president of the medical-scientific Commission of FSI. Contact: TONELLI Giada, (Milano, 1975) work and sport psychologist. President of Study and training Psicosport Srl. Center in Sport Psychology. Contact: TRIBUIANI Renato, (Tortoreto, 1946) Professor of Physical Education specializing in rugby and chess master, is secretary of the medical science of FSI. Contact: TROVATO Majla Roberta, (Gela - CL, 1977) cognitive psychologist and specialist of Neurophysiology, specialist of educational training processes-cognitive rehabilitation. Contact: TRINCHERO Roberto, (Moncalieri - To, 1966) Associate Professor of Experimental Pedagogy and Methodology of educational research at the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences - University of Turin. Contact: VITALE Giacomo (Aquaviva delle Fonti - BA, 1964) CM Checker - Candidate Master, founder and chairman emeritus of the CSAC - Chess Club "The Bishop" of Carugate (Mi), now ADSAC - Amateur Chess Association "The Bishop" Carugate. Italian champion ever ASCID - Italian Association of the Blind amateur chess 1987, 1992, second 1991, 1997, several times the third 1986, 1989, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2001 and once Italian champion half- blitz ASCID - Italian Association of the Blind chess amateur 1990. He participated as the first Italian chess at Olympic chess for the blind (Hungary 1988) (team of 4 players) and the World Championships for the blind (Germany 1990) to obtain a good performance (16 of 32 ° between the best players in the blind the world). Contact: WILD Alexander, (Bressanone, 1960) Instructor-Youth FSI Italian Chess Federation, awarded Best Instructor for the North 2008. Contact: