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Batuman Issue1

  1. 1. Page 2 Hello dear delegates and officials of the 2nd Batumi International Fo- rum. Hope you’ll enjoy few days in the capital of beautiful Adjara re- gion and your participation in the forum will be useful both for us and yourself. This newspaper is for you, so share with me and our won- derful journos ideas how to make it more interesting and pithy. Photo on the cover is not made in Pisa (Italy), it is Batumi, Georgia, and during your stay in this city you’ll discover many more great plac- es like this, even if you are Georgian and it’s not your first visit to this Black sea pearl. Smile! And look for Batuman (see the last page). Journos, delegates, officials Special dietary needs: Fruits :) ---- No special needs ---- No special dietary needs is required. --- NO --- nothing ---- n/a ---- no special needs ---- Fortunately, i don't need :) ---- no ---- N/A ---- N/A ---- I don't eat pork ---- I do not eat pork ---- No ---- there are no special dietary need ---- no needs ---- No pork, please ---- N/A ---- haven't ---- NO ---- not need ---- I have no special needs ---- No, I haven't ---- Nothing special ---- Just no becon or smthing includes becon ---- none ---- none ---- no ---- none ---- no special needs ---- nothing.... ---- i am not on diet::D:D:D:D ----
  2. 2. I have an honor to wel- come you to the 2nd Batumi International forum of EYP Georgia which takes place in Batumi – Georgia’s premier beach resort, located at the Black sea. Here are few important things you have to know about the city which easily makes visi- tors fall in love with it, as it possess a real certain unique charm and exceptional beauty. Let’s start from the history of the city. Places that you shouldn’t miss while The history of Batumi is very closely connected you are in Batumi not only with the history of Adjara, but with the history of whole Caucasus. The part of the city called “Old Batumi” is nearly 150 years History lovers are welcome to visit mu- old. The rich trading city of Batus was first seums or historical monuments. There re- mentioned in ancient manuscripts in the 1-st c. ally are a lot of things to see; for instance, B.C. by Plinius. The past and the present of the Batumi Theatre, the State Museum of the city are illustrated in the State museum by Adjara, the museum of Fine Arts etc. various exhibits. The architecture of Batumi is Sightseeing tour of Batumi includes particularly refined and is constructed at the visits to the Botanical Garden, which pro- height of art duces a huge impression on the visitors. Nouveau. You can visit it any time of the year, as either one or another of the nine depart- ments (among them special species from The city is East Asia, North America, New Zealand, noted for its Mexico and other regions are exhibited) is subtropical always ready to accept guests. Something coastline cli- is always flowering here. This place is mate framed unique in all the southern Caucasus for the with rich plants that grow side by side at different green moun- seasons. tains and leg- endary night- Among the many attractions within the life. The city the most memorable ones are Gonio- health giving Apsaros (a Byzantine castle Ten miles qualities of south of town with a crenelated wall which this combina- now guards a courtyard of citrus trees) tion of sea and mountains air is renowned. and the detritus of stone Roman water- The open waters of the Black Sea connect Ba- works (scattered under a magnolia tree). tumi with European ports – as does its new international airport. SEE PAGE 4
  3. 3. Page 4 FROM PAGE 3 WHERE TO EAT according to You can get rolled up pancakes, aromatic Adjaran coffee with whipped cream and Georgian wine that natives claim rivals Western European vintages at Privet iz Batuma, or Hi From Batumi (Memed Abashidze 39). This old town cafe frequented by students features Among the many attractions within the city photos of the port in its Russian Empire the most memorable ones are Gonio-Apsaros (a Byz- heyday. antine castle Ten miles south of town with a crenel- ated wall which now guards a courtyard of citrus trees) and the detritus of stone Roman waterworks (scattered under a magnolia tree). Also there is un- beatable Water dance and Music show at night, Nuri- geli Lake and some great religious structures like Catholic & Armenian churches and Old Mosque. Even closer from the city centre you can visit the Dolphin- arium and Aquapark fascinating collection of ocean life. But if you aren’t attracted by sights, entertainments and amusements are more than enough for you too. The nearly beaches are well resourced with hotels and restaurants. In the centre of the city there is the "Tbilisi” cinema. Here people arrive not only to watch films, but to play a game of billiards as well, and even from the adjoining. WHAT TO SEE The night Batumi is particularly beautiful. Nobel Technological Museum When watching dancing French fountains on TV, you (Leselidze 3), the former house of are really impressed, but what you feel standing in a Ludvig Nobel (brother of Alfred, creator few meters from the real fountain, is far more than of the Nobel Prize). Exhibits explain how being just impressed! The repertoire is so diverse, Nobel, who built the refinery Stalin de- that it can satisfy anybody’s taste. fied, helped turn Batumi into a major commercial center. If you don’t speak Let’s enjoy both the old and new faces of this Georgian, the museum is hard to locate beautiful town, get to know it better, have a lot of without the aid of an excellent map and fun and help yourself to view that will let you taste informed driver. its atmosphere at first hand.
  4. 4. IT ALL STARTED WITH SHAMTUMI One year passed since first international forum in Georgia, gathering teens of 13 different nationalities in Batumi. The forum led under the presidency of Shamal Ratnayaka was a huge success and the most important event in the History of EYP Georgia. What has changed since then? A lot! EYP spirit has been spread from the east Georgia to the west, involving cities - Gori, Mtskheta-Tserovani, Kutaisi, Zugdidi. Second Batumi In- ternational Forum has honor to welcome youth from the whole Georgia. IV National selection conference was huge event in Tbilisi. Occupying the Parliament of Georgia delegates felt the real sense of being member of European Parliament. Delegates were welcomed by warm words of David Bakradze, the Chairman of the Georgian Parlia- ment. Feminists from all around the world were pleased to hear that female - Teo Lavrelashvili became a new president of EYP-Georgia. Placing herself at the head of the Batumi International Forum and leading it with huge motivation, Ms. (<-still) Lavrelashvili made it possible the Forum to be held under the official patronage of Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili and to be led by quite experienced EYPer Magda Świder. I wish United Youth for Peace successful work with their intelligent chairs and a lot of sunny days in Batumi. As it is said about this city:
  5. 5. Page 6 EXC LUSIVE “This summer was somehow spe- cial, the reason is my second half, part of myself, who supports me in everything and he himself is my success and vice versa“ I feel honoured… I feel honoured to introduce you the President of European Youth Parliament – Georgia, Ms. (still!) Teona Lavrelashvili. It’s remarkable (as every- thing about her) that at the same time she is the Head-Organizer of the 2nd Inter- national Forum of Batumi. Our president was inaugurated only 3 months ago, but during this time she has managed to initiate two regional sessions, International day of Youth for the first time not only in EYP but in Georgian Youth history, and, of course, the International Forum in Batumi - as you can see. Truly great job! Yet, as she declares it is only the beginning. I’m very lucky too as I had a chance to inter- view Teo and to touch even her very intimate issues. So, trust me and read the arti- - As we know negotiations about the 2nd International Forum of Batumi had a place during the 7th International Conference - Georgia’s European Way which was held at July 15-17, 2010. Among Ministers, Parliament’s Chairman Deputies, the representatives of the Council of the European Un- ion and other International organizations attending the conference, how could you, Ms. Teona La- vrelashvili, make these very fruitful negotiations with Georgian President? - At the very beginning, it should be mentioned, that attending the 7th Governmental International conference was already the very important success, as EYP Georgia was the only youth organiza- tion attending the conference, hence I was the youngest participant, but exactly my participation at the conference made Batumi International Forum and August 12th happened. SEE PAGE 7
  6. 6. FROM PAGE 6 Namely I took the responsibility not only of EXCLUSIVE one organisation, or of a certain group of people, but as one of EU parliamentarians, head of committee on AFET told me, I took Well, during the official dinners, I had ne- the responsibility of the Georgian youth, gotiations with members of European Parlia- hence of the country. That is why after my ment, special representative Peter Semneby, am- presidential election I did not even have a bassador Per Eklund, ministers - Baramidze, rest: we made Dusheti session, International Yakobashvili; deputy minister Bokeria, who rec- day of Youth followed (that was the greatest ommended me to the President and discussed success on the national level). It was obvi- Batumi Forum with him. Frankly speaking, the ously shown that EYP is prominent and most successful negotiations I made it during dominant leader in Georgian Youth. Then we conference after-party in the restaurant. Geor- managed Batumi International Forum - you gian folk music and nice atmosphere truly assist- might have seen the order of President, ed me in the negotiations. where he transfers 20 000 GEL to EYP Geor- Also, it must be mentioned, that during the gia. closing ceremony of the conference, Mr. Saa- - How can you turn this hard work into the kashvili made the speech, which was quite criti- pleasant business and which stimulus cal toward the EU, especially towards Tagliavini helps you to get such effort? commission. After that, Mr. Giorgi Baramidze (state minister for Eurointegration) asked the 170 participants - ministers and diplomats, if - All people know, that I can manage im- somebody wanted to use the extraordinary portant deals anyway, but this summer was chance and ask President some question. Sur- somehow special, the reason is my second prisingly, noone raised the hand, but the reason half - NIK, part of myself, who supports me was almost clear, no one expected the critical in everything and he himself is my success approach of the President towards the EU. At and vice versa. that moment I realised that it was time of EYP - And in the end I want to check up the fa- and only I asked a question about the role of the mous gossip from Dusheti Summer Ses- young people in the Georgia’s EU integration sion: Is it the truth that you are signing process. I mentioned EYP, how important deal into Skype with the password – MyMajes- we are making in front of such an important au- ty? ditory and after that, everyone was getting to me, holding out my hand, congratulating my - Yeah, I remember this gossip, as always courage and promising every kind of help to- there are a number of gossips around me ;) wards my career. In my career EYP is crucial and Of course no, my Skype ID is not MyMajesty, Batumi is only the beginning. it was just popular joke, as my friends call me DIADO TEO, in English it may sounds - For me, who knows you, it’s not surprising MyMajesty, that is all;) you always perform a lot of responsibilities and duties. In this case also you took the re- sponsibility for being the Head-Organizer of the session. Please, tell us what kind of diffi- culties you had in this hot summer making the presidential and session’s organizational af- fairs at the same time? - Busy life became very habitual for me, however I realised that this summer was very different, as I made a step on another level
  7. 7. Page 8 ONLY IN BATUMAN! Magda Świder is from Poland . She studies Psychology at Warsaw Universi- ty. But another interesting fact is that she is studying Latin, German, French, Spanish, Italian and English. Next month she will begin study Russian. Hence it follows from that - she is a fu- ture Polyglot. Isn’t she? Now listen to her amazing love story: ated by him from the “One day we met in Rzeszo w, my hometown. I was fascin very beginning. t- seemed to be very sophistica Only that at first I wa s a bit shy and insecure. He y date I can be anyone I want. Ever ed. But then it tu rned out he makes feel like g fun together... I met we re partying together, havin with him was amazing. We lems seemed to disap- truly amazing people than ks to him. My everyday prob travelling around Europe to- pear whenever I was ar ound him. Soon we started r ex- e, affectionate... I have neve gether. Our love wa s and still is very passionat that makes me feel this way. perienced that in my life. He's the only person nnot see each other, I pr oaching and I tell him we ca Whenever my exams are ap the road together again. miss him so much that as soon as it's possible we hit e of our love. But it was Couple of times I could have failed my exams becaus re of me. He's my true love.” worth it. He broade ns my horizons, he takes ca She has never been in Georgia. Her favorite season is autumn. Magda loves musi- cals, RENT is her favorite. Her first EYP Session was in Poland in September 2006. It was National Selection Conference of EYP Poland.
  8. 8. ! ONLY IN BATUMAN FROM PAGE 8 2006. September. Her first session. Shy and scared. No idea what EYP was. Just one reflection - “it’s such a crazy to see so many new people at one place, all speaking English, playing weird games and being very spontaneous” and disappointment… She thought EYP was supposed to be very serious, but turned out it wasn’t. She thought it was all about politics, but it wasn’t. And so, once she got used to that… she started falling in love with EYP. Met really cool people, improved English, had so much fun during the session, experienced lots and lots of positive ener- gy, support from her fellow delegates and especially from her chair… (Even now she’s like an archetype to her) Then … when she had returned to home, she felt really terrible. Boring school… people who were mean and picky… all of this added to memories from the session and PED was ready. She had to heal it for a longer while…. Magda Świder is the President of the Batumi 2nd International Forum. Ex- pectation…Don’t you think that it’s very important? I think that it is. So listen: n to be one of -O bviously I want this sessio s ever been to. I th e best sessions anyone ha ars’ Forum. Eve- hope we’ll beat the last ye usly amazing and ryone says it was outrageo ill try to make it extraordinary. This year w I hope I will even better. And of course any people. make friends with many, m in the Black Ohh …and I expect to get a bath Sea Magda’s We will beat last years’ forum
  9. 9. Page 10 Submit your photo application by Sat- urday and win a very special prize. Discover Batuman in yourself! Ask any journo for details. A very special team of Sandro Jupalakiani (editor), Tinatin Akhvlediani, Manvel Qeshishyan, Erekle Chanchi- badze, Nona Gagniashvili, Qristine Margvelashvili and Mariam Chubabria (journalists) contributed to this newspaper. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. EYP GEORGIA 2010