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1st Newspaper of 4th National Selection Conference of EYP Georgia

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4th NSC - Newspaper 1

  1. 1. tt able! nforge ake it u Let’s m WELCOMING 21/05/2010 In this Issue NSC Express Editorial 2 Welcoming of 3 the President Interview with 4 Head Orgas ECON 5 AFCO 6 AFET 7 CULT 8 SEDE 9 LIBE 10 EMPL 11 ENVI 12 School of 13 Survival Tbilisi, Georgia Editor Mariam Bakradze
  2. 2. Ial tor Edi Dear delegates, your questions, supporting you along After an eager and anxious wait, the different steps of the session, tak- the journo team is glad to welcome ing pictures and leaving you an agree- you at the 4th National Selection Con- able means to remember this experi- ference of EYP Georgia! ence, the newspapers! Maka You have finally arrived from We are sure that you, dear dele- different places in the city that will gates, are well prepared for committee host this session - Tbilisi, but now work and that in two days you will be what is going to be next? Just an acro- able to use your impressive rhetoric nym, EYP. These three letters do not skills during the General Assembly simply mean "European Youth Parlia- (GA). However, in this Issue we de- ment", but also energy, friendship, cided to publish eight articles covering the committee topics you are going to Sopho cooperation, fun, newness and much more. The experience that you are discuss. We hope they will provide going to have will keep you very you with useful information and new busy, but also terrifically excited! points of view for discussion and de- bate - but remember: it is you who Your enthusiasm and passion will have to write the resolutions! be the real essence of the session and we deeply trust in you. So, we invite you to enjoy this wonderful experience! Giorgi The press team will do its best for making these four days unforgettable Don’t be shy, open your mind and for everybody. From now on, apart try to get to know new people - be- from getting hundreds of pictures and cause you might find some great being filmed on the miles of video friends. tape, you will receive the session’s magazine. A couple of fresh-printed Have fun and enjoy IT! pages containing our deep thoughts Yours, and concerns about everything hap- pening during these four days. Smil- The Press Team ing, being energetic, answering all Nino Sopho Tatuli Gurami Maia Page 2 NSC Express
  3. 3. Welcoming of the President of the Session Welcome Welcome Welcome! You are absolutely lucky to be here in EYP my beloved participant. Being a delegate at the any event of the European Youth Parliament is the great pleasure, joy and at this same times the great responsibility as well. EYP not only makes people happy, active and motivated, but also gives us the wide arena of opportunities, in order to gain professional skills, find strengths and weaknesses in ourselves, and also EYP indicates indi- rectly how to improve ourselves indeed. Here we are at the 4th National Selection Conference, where challenges will challenge you, where your vi- sions will be altered and where you will conclude that living as active person is more or less the sense of our life. The motto of the session is You in Action and that’s you who should prove and adjust it actually. I am very proud and honored to preside the session, I will do as much as possible with my brilliant chair’s team, and significantly with you - beloved delegates to achieve the maximum and make this event truly unfor- Caption describing picture or graphic. gettable for each of us, what will push for the next EYP experience, gladness, surprise! Yes, we are here to start, to create and to love – Congratulations. Yours, Teo Lavrelashvili Page 3 WELCOMING
  4. 4. Interviews with organizers And so, National Selection has taken its start, we are sure that most of you are and will enjoy it, but who did it for us? Many of you already know each other and know out dear heard orgas who make this session. Hereby you may find some new discoveries in our organizers. Hope you will enjoy it and once more see what a great community EYP is. Questions 1. Your Name and Surname 2. Age 3. Your motto 4. Who do you want to be in future? 5. How long are you in EYP? 6. How did you get involved in EYP? 1. Sandro Jupalakiani 1. Mari (Marekhi) Gvaramadze. 7.Why is the session going to be the 2. 20. 2. 22 3. Live your life to the fullest, Why? most funny or the best in history of 3. Fortunately I don’t have moto Well younever know when life is EYP Georgia? going to end. (cycle) :) 4. Diplomat 8. Why should everyone love you on 4. Just what I am now, I am happy 5. Already for 1 year, Since 3rd Na- this session? tional Selection Conference, 2009. to be Sandro Jupalakiani 6. It happened really easily, but the 9. What kind of whether would char- 5. From the first day. Was it 2007? most difficult moment of my life will acterize you the best? be leaving this family. 6. Did I get e-mail from a friend? 7. Because it’s the first time in the 10. If you were jewellery what would 7. Because we are the orgas! J We history of EYP-Georgia, when the you be? session is held in the Parliament of Do IT! Georgia. 11.What are your recommendations 8. They should love me not only on 8. Because I’ve already loved all of to the delegates? them. this session, allllllways 9. Maybe spring. 12. What is you receipt against 9. Foggy one 10. I’ll think about it. PED? 11. Girls, Be carefully with Teona 10. Diamond, since beautiful women (The president of the session), she 13. Choose quickly: wear it ;) likes girls. I experience it on myself. - Day or Night? 12. Unfortunately there isn’t any 11. Be ready for hunger in the Par- receipt against PED for me. - Vodka or apple juice? liament 13. - Night, because I love sleeping - EYP or Sex? very much. 12 Immediately apply for just an- - Both 14Your final word. other session - EYP of course :) 14. Don't always go where the path 13. - Night may lead but go where there is no - Vodka path and leave a trail. - EYP 14. NIGHT—> VODKA -> EYP Page 4 NSC Express
  5. 5. Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON) Brought by Maka Chairperson Mariam Chikhladze “The key challenge in order to rein- force sustainable growth and job The Greek national debt is forecast to rise to around 125% of GDP next year, creation is to accelerate structural is the current criteria suitable and helpful or should the conditions of the pact be reforms, as the financial crisis has revised? Is the Euro zone endangered at present? Is Greece’s repeated failure to negatively affected the productive abide by the pact and the crisis it now faces an indication of the need to revise the capacity of our economies. In the pact? Or is opportunity to show the strength of the pact and to push Greece into case of product markets, policies action to remedy its fundamental problems for wider benefit? We will need to that enhance competition and inno- address this question in these debates. vation are urgently needed to speed up restructuring and investment and The stability and Growth pact (SGP) refers to the third stage of The Economic to create new business opportuni- and Monetary Union (EMU), which began on January 1, 1999, it is intended to ties.” Jean- Claude Trichet, Presi- ensure that Member States maintain fiscal discipline after the single currency has dent of the European Central Bank, been introduced. To maintain a well-functioning EMU and the stability of the 4-02-2010. single currency, it was necessary to reduce the spillover effects if excessive gov- ernment borrowing. Another reason for creating the SGP was to prevent the Following the recent fall of the “free-rider effect” (Undisciplined behavior which is made profitable under the financial markets and the growing assumption that other countries preserve discipline) as well as the “deficit bias public deficit in many Member effect”(the tendency of governments to run excessive budget deficits for purely States, especially in Greece, how political reasons). The SGP was adopted in June 1997 by the European Council can the national governments and consists of fiscal monitoring of Member States by the European Commission and the European Institutions and the Council, and the potential of sanctions (to be applied after warnings). respond to the economic crisis SGP adherence is mandatory for all EU members, except for sanctions measures, and what reforms should be im- which are applied to the members of the monetary union only. Member stated plemented to secure the national adopting the Euro have to meet the Maastricht convergence criteria: an annual economies? budget deficit not exceeding 3% of GDP and the national debt lower than 60% of GDP or approaching this value. If the excessive deficit (or debt) is traced, EU Arguments to reform the SGP: instructions take following steps: the SGP is too restrictive and rigid and the objective of having - The commission issues a report: is there really an excessive deficit? deficits close to balanced of in surplus too difficult - Council makes the decision: issuing recommendations Asymmetry: fiscal development is closely monitored only after ap- - Formal notice and sanctions are announced: the Council adopts a notice; the pearance of difficulties and not in “good times” Political incorrectness : sanctions against a sovereign government Commission takes final corrective measures. The SGP does not include any bailout clause which allows that a government in deep fiscal problems will be rescued by other governments of EU institutions Arguments Against: (exposing governments to the discipline of market forces). Criticism of SGP comes from undisciplined governments that are not courageous enough to adopt unpopular reforms in “good times” The Pact has simple and unambiguous rules Without sanctions the SGP becomes toothless device for enforcing fiscal discipline Page 5 WELCOMING
  6. 6. Committee on Constitutional Affairs (AFCO) Brought by Nino The construction of Europe needs to Chairperson Ani Nozadze be legitimized, at all times, by the The European Parliament (EP) is the only directly - elected body of the support and backing of nations and citizens. It relies on a dynamic bal- European Union. Today the EP is firmly established as a co-legislator to- ance, combining consolidation – of gether with the European Council and plays an active role in drafting legisla- our ties, our policies, our econo- mies, our institutions – with enlarge- tion, which has an impact on the daily lives of its citizens. Its areas of com- ment, history having for too long petence are: environmental protection, consumer rights, equal opportunities, separated from the European family certain of its natural members. The transport, the free movement of workers, capital, services and goods, etc. European Union was conceived and After the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty the competencies of the Euro- constructed on the ruins of past wars and dictatorships and on the pean Parliament have been even increased. This means, that the area where hope of a new world." Mr. H. Van the EU citizens have their interests has been widened. Apart from that, the Rompuy, President of the European Council -Intervention at the cere- citizens can now initiate new legislative acts themselves. mony for the entry into force of the The new provision indicates, that 1.000.000 citizens of the EU may take Treaty of Lisbon (Lisbon, 1st De- cember 2009) . the initiative of inviting the Commission to submit any appropriate proposal on matters where, in the citizens’ opinion, a legal act is necessary. But the The EU has changed its institu- tional structure with the recent problem still remains: sometimes the members of the EP forget, that they are implementation of the Treaty of representing the citizens and they should not act according to their own free Lisbon to better respond to the challenges of the 21st cen- will. They should bear in mind, that they represent the EU citizens and any tury.How can the EU, and in par- decision taken by them should serve the people’s interests. Together with ticular the Members of the Euro- pean Parliament, work at best in this, more citizens have to realize, that it is them, who are represented by the this renewed organization and members of the EP and they can make the change by at least going to the guarantee the representation of the citizens' interests? elections and thoughtfully choosing a candidate/party. Page 6 NSC Express
  7. 7. Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) Brought by Sopho Chairpeson Giorgi Chitidze ‘This Parliament is to send out two separate messages. The first is for The United Nations Human Rights Council is to review the situation in the people of Iran: Europe sees in the Islamic Republic of Iran on 15 February 2010. Until now, Iran has es- Iranians and, particularly in its young people, the hope for a future caped any kind of sanction since the Council's creation in March 2006. A in which their country will embrace firm decision by the international community, including China and the democracy and freedom and will take on an important role in the re- countries of the Islamic Conference, would help to induce Iran to respect its gion, as it deserves. The second is human rights undertakings. for the Iranian regime: we are telling it that Iran will never fulfill its un- "The countries that say nothing about the bloody crackdown that has questionable potential as long as been taking place in Iran for the past eight months are accomplices to these violence and obscurantism are the main features of a political regime crimes," Reporters Without Borders said. "When the UN Human Rights that merely pays lip service to the Council conducts its Universal Periodic Review of Iran, it must show that it values of justice and peace and continues to brutally oppress its is up to the task. Its credibility must not be eroded yet again." people.’ MEP Ana Gomes - Plenary The Islamic Republic has just been celebrating its 31st anniversary but its Sitting of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, 22/10/2009. press freedom record during the past 31 years has been appalling. Several thousand newspapers have been closed since February 1979, hundreds of The current political self-isolation of Iran is creating tensions with journalists have been arrested, hundreds have been sentenced to long jail its neighboring countries as well terms and dozens have been summarily executed or murdered. as with the rest of the world. How should the EU face this poten- Since June 2009, the crackdown on criticism of the regime's political and tially explosive situation? Would religious institutions has created a climate of terror leading to self- economic sanctions be a suitable and sufficient solution? censorship and the flight of many journalists into exile. When journalists are arrested, their most fundamental rights are flouted and they are often subjected to long spells of being held incommunicado or in solitary con- finement. These periods of being held incommunicado can be regarded as forced disappearances and crimes against humanity and constitute violations of international law. Page 7 WELCOMING
  8. 8. Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) Brought by George All consumers need clear, accurate Chairperson Nana Maisuradze information to make informed 87% of 8- to 17-year old children play video games at home (Bureau of choices. But this is particularly about children – some of the most vulner- Labor and Statistics). Video games do influence children; however, many able consumers in society. And our people do not realize how video games help children. The negative aspects clear message today is that industry and national authorities must go of video games are well known. Too much time is spent indoors playing further to ensure that all parents games, massive multiplayer online games can enable people to live in an have the power to make the right decisions for themselves and their alternative world, violent games can influence children towards violence, child.” Meglena Kuneva, EU Con- and children have easy access to mature rated video games. On the other sumer Protection Commissioner hand, video games provide a myriad of benefits. Of course, some video On the question of video game games are better than others in terms of benefits. safety, should the EU encourage all its Members States to enforce Regulating video games would thus treat a symptom of the disease, but the Pan European Game Informa- not the disease itself. moreover, if video games are indeed a substitute for tion (PEGI) system or implement a European legislation concern- real-life violence, regulating the games might even make violence worse. ing video game safety? Which Contrary to fears about the violent reputation of some games, there is no other steps are necessary to pro- tect and allow children to develop firm proof that playing them has an automatic negative impact on children's important skills such as creativity behavior. or visual-spatial recognition? However, if people are going to advocate restrictions on liberty, the bur- den of proof is on them to demonstrate that their hypothesized relationship is real and widespread enough to cause concern. For even if it is shown that violent video games lead to more crime, the case for government interven- tion is complicated by measurement issues, concerns over personal liberty Attempts to regulate cultural goods like video games may involve far more than considerations of personal liberties alone. Regulations that restrict access to pornography, for example, may actually increase the social prob- lems they are intended to correct. Regulations restricting access to violent Page 8 NSC Express
  9. 9. Committee on Security and Defense (SEDE) Brought by Guram Chairpersons Teona Lavrelashvili Tsotne Chanturia Taking into consideration the cur- Europe and Russia: Building a Strategic Partnership rent political issues on the worlds The Russian Federation is one of the most important partners for the scale, namely the demise of the European Union. A key priority of the European Union is to build a strong “orange revolution” and political strategic partnership with Russia based on a solid foundation of mutual re- turmoil after elections in Ukraine, spect. Russia’s contribution to Europe’s cultural heritage is an important Kyrgyzstan issues, Georgian- element of our common ties. Russia is also a major supplier of energy prod- Russian tense relationships. At this ucts to the EU. Russia is a large, dynamic market for EU goods and services, time Russia is negotiating with a with considerable economic growth. The EU’s market, on the other hand, is French side a €500 million deal to by far the most important destination for Russian exports. Companies from buy at least one Mistral, an assault the EU are the main investors in Russia. ship capable of carrying up to 16 1. The Common Economic Space aims to make the EU and Russia’s helicopters and a 750-strong land- economies more compatible to help boost investment and trade. The ultimate ing force. Hence the question arises objective is an integrated market between the EU and Russia. This can be about the possible expansion of the achieved through regulatory convergence, which does not necessarily imply Russian Federation and its influ- the harmonization of Russian norms and standards with the EU acquis. ence over Europe’s security archi- 2. The Common Space on Freedom, Security and Justice covers the tecture. area also known as Justice and Home Affairs. This is a growing area of co- operation between the EU and Russia, based on respect for human rights, as Regarding the ongoing political the two face pressing common challenges - namely terrorism, illegal migra- processes in Europe having con- tion, cross-border crime, including trafficking in human beings and drugs. nections with Russia and it’s pol- The EU and Russia need effective judicial and police cooperation to tackle icy implications, how should EU these problems. act according to it’s principles 3. The Common Space on External Security aims to enhance coop- but at the same time manage to eration on foreign policy and security issues, while underlining the impor- settle disputed security prob- tance of international organizations such as the UN, OSCE and Council of lems? How should EU frame the Europe. There is much scope for Russia and the EU to combine their efforts proper relations with the Russian in conflict prevention, crisis management and post-conflict reconstruction. Federation? This is especially the case with regard to ‘frozen’ regional conflicts in the common neighborhood. 4. The Common Space on Research, Education and Culture aims to promote scientific, educational and cultural cooperation, particularly through exchange programs. These will help strengthen our combined economic and intellectual capacities while at the same time fostering people-to-people ties and better understanding among societies. Page 9 WELCOMING
  10. 10. Committee on Civil Liberties, justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) Brought by Sopho The positive answer to the Novem- Chairperson Tiko Janjghava ber 2009 referendum in Switzerland There are an estimated 200 mosques and prayer rooms in Switzerland, that banned the construction of minarets in the country has been mainly in disused factories and warehouses. Only four have a minaret, in- subject of religious, cultural and po- cluding the mosques in Geneva and Zurich. On 29th of November a majority litical controversy all across Europe. of the Swiss people and the cantons have adopted the initiative against the What could the EU do in order to construction of minarets. Consequently the construction of new minarets in guarantee both the respect of the freedom of mind and faith of the Switzerland is no longer permitted. The four existing minarets will remain. It people and the peaceful coexis- will also be possible to continue to construct mosques. tence of different cultures? The proposal on banning minaret construction was championed by rightwing and ultra-conservative groups. The government and most political parties as well as churches and the business community came out strongly against it. Members of the People's Party and the Federal Democratic Union collected enough signatures to force a nationwide vote. The statement said freedom of belief would not be affected. "Muslims in Switzerland are able to practice their religion alone or in community with others, and live according to their beliefs just as before. The Islamic religion is intolerant, but we do not want to limit freedom of religion, we want to outlaw the political symbol," said Ulrich Schlüer, a member of the rightwing Swiss People's party and one of the leading pro- moters of the anti-minaret initiative. The controversial proposal to ban minarets was brought up by the right wing Swiss People’s party, which says minarets are symbols of rising Mus- lim political and religious power that could eventually turn Switzerland into an Islamic nation. We do not forbid Islam -- we forbid the political symbol of Islamization, and this is the minaret,” Schluer (right wing politician) said. “The minaret has nothing to do with religion; the minaret is a symbol of political victory [of Islam]. The first thing the Turks did when they conquered Constinople -- they installed a minaret on the top of the most important church. Page 10 NSC Express
  11. 11. Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) Brought by Maia Chairperson - Mariam Asanishvili One in six people in Europe face a daily struggle to make ends meet, Nowadays unemployment is the problem for every country in the world. but poverty can also affect the rest The situation became much more difficult after the world financial crisis, of us – and our societies as a whole. While most of the tools for starting from 2008 – the result of it is that a huge number of companies went tackling poverty are at national bankrupt, consequently plenty of people lost their jobs. level, three quarters of Europeans also expect the EU to help.” Another problem regarding this, is the issue of disabled people. They Vladimír Špidla, EU Commissioner need to get involved in society and feel as a fulfledged citizens of the country. for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. To do so, it is nessesary for them to get job in accordance with their physical abilities. It is also crucial to defeat dicriminatry treamtment of the people Fighting poverty and social exclu- sion is key to the EU goals of im- while recruiting. Every person should be granted an equal opportunity to get proving social cohesion, achiev- the job, it does matter whether male or female, black or white, citizen of the ing economic growth and devel- oping more and better job oppor- country or non-citizen, ect. tunities. Considering that the de- Unemployment is the main reason of poverty. The higher the cision to declare 2010 the 'European Year for Combating unemployment rates, the less developed the country is. Those two things Poverty and Social Exclusion' usually go together. So if the state is eager to move forward and become a was taken in response to the eco- nomic downturn, how can the EU prosperous country, it should first solve the issue of empoyment and social tackle the sharp rise in unem- welfare of its citizens. It can be achieved in a number of ways, e.g having ployment that many Member States are still facing? new strategy in economy, which will result in more places to work. The EYP committee on employment and social affairs (EMPL) is required to think about the problem of umeployment (as well as any other social problem which might seem acude in todays Europe for the respectful delegates) and provide rightful solution for this worldwide problem. Page 11 WELCOMING
  12. 12. Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) brought by Tatuli Chairperson Giorgi Samkharadze, Madona (Tea) Okhanashvili Genetically Modified Organ- Environmental activists, religious organizations, public interest groups, professional isms (GMOs) are consid- associations and other scientists and government officials have all raised concerns about ered to be the answer to the GM foods, and criticized agribusiness for pursuing profit without concern for potential food crisis, being more re- hazards, and the government for failing to exercise adequate regulatory oversight. It sistant to environmental seems that everyone has a strong opinion about GM foods. conditions and increasing Depending on the region of the world, people often have different attitudes to food. In the productivity of the fields. addition to nutritional value, food often has societal and historical connotations, and in Still their introduction in ag- some instances may have religious importance. Technological modification of food and riculture is controversial food production can evoke a negative response among consumers, especially in the ab- since GMOs might have a sence of good communication on risk assessment efforts and cost/benefit evaluations. negative impact on biodi- versity and harm human The issue raised today on the National Selection Conference of EYP Georgia concerns health: EU’s effective ways of dealing with this challenges. This union itself serves as a safety- regulator in this field to its member states ensuring that there are no genetically modified How can the EU keep foods in Europe that pose a danger to consumers. Today genetically modified foods have high standards in food to be EU approved before they can be sold in Europe. safety and at the same time protect its citizens? The delegates of NSC will have to debate on the effectiveness of the long procedures described below and to analyze new possibilities of dealing with GMOs. This is GMO Compass – the main topic of debate of our committee members . GMO Compass Page 12 Newsletter Title NSC Express
  13. 13. SCHOOL OF SURVIVAL! : D brought by Maka Dear reader :), yes, yes U! Since session of EYP needs uncountable amount of strength as well as energy we decided to give you some tips for sur- vival :) witch we hope will help you through the session and will possible answer on some questions which may arise in dele- gates :) Enjoys Guys! :) EYP Survival Guide 1. Grab any food you can so get to know as many people as quotes from the Committee Work. get. During EYP sessions food possible. It is always fun to read something shortage is a common phenomenon. 5. Enjoy the Teambuilding. nasty :D 2. Drink coffee. If we say It is embarrassing, crazy and 8. General Assembly is the “drink coffee” we MEAN it. It’s really stupid, but if you don’t par- most important event during a not like a cup per day “ it’s more ticipate you gonna be the only Session. Yes, we have to admit like a pot. loser. that GA might get boring some 3. Be nice to orgas. Don’t 6. Don’t Spit! Yes, that some- time (we are sorry, but no, you piss them off or you can forget time might happen during commit- still are not allowed to sleep). So about your food and coffee ra- tee discussions so bear in mind drink a lot of coffee. tions. the pople sitting near you! ;) 9. Last but not least: Don’t 4. Wear clean socks. After 7. DO Gossiping! Put as much worry, be happy & have all you want to make friends, gossip stories in gossip box as you right? EYP friendships are unique, can, it maybe funny stories or fuuuuuuun! EYP ABC ARRIVAL It's the beginning of So beware! INTERNATIONAL SESSION host every session. LOVE Universal love is all around delegates from throughout Europe. BIG FAT PONY A basic EYP game us... "We're all in the train of love, ah!" SERIOUS The European Youth Par- that is always played in EYP sessions. NEEDS The needs of the delegates liament is a very strict and serious or- DRINK Lots of coffee or something are being fulfilled by the CJO's (chairs, ganisation. ;) else with caffeine. journos and organizers) to the highest TBILISI Place the regional session is FRIENDS You can be sure that you extent possible (see below) held. get lots of friends from around Europe OFFICIALS Chairs, journos and UNDERSTANDING EYP expands through EYP. orgas are here for delegates for guid- your understanding of different cus- GA General Assembly is the ance and help (chairs and orgas) and to toms, cultures as well as politics. placeand the moment to show what you write about them (journos) . VENUE through sessions you have are made of! PED Check out the article in follow- opportunities to go to amazing venues MARY AND SANDRO The two ing issues for the meaning. Course such as parliamentary buildings, resi- people that we can thank for this won- you'll know what it means after the ses- dences of ministers, NGO (Non- derful session! Thank you head organiz- sion anyway. governmental Organization) headquar- ers! SHREK Disney characters are al- ters and schools, of course. IDEAS In EYP you get to express ways included to EYP-games. YOUTH Makes the “Y” in EYP. your own ideas, even the most idealistic NATIONAL SELECTION Session ZULU DANCE another legendary and naive ones, without being judged. on national level where people are cho- EYP-game... "If you look at meeee a JOURNOS the paparazzi who watch sen for International Once zulu you will seeee...". you at all times during sessions and tell REGIONAL SESSION sessions on gossip to everyone on black on white. regional level are forums on local level. Page 13 WELCOMING
  14. 14. That’s all, folkes! See you in the next ISUUE! :)