The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 31


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 31

  1. 1. 5th June 2009 Hi-i! It feels a little silly doing an introduction after having one up but hi-i again and look I'm on 31 and whatnot. Last time college was finished for Generation Six, and they popped (literally) back to Strangetown for both planned and non-planned babies, and also surprise babies from dead Tricous. Poor old Tyler. Anyway, THINGS! GO!
  2. 2. “Oh good goat „Rels, what happened to you? You‟re all.. full of baby!” “Mmm, and apparently I‟m not the only one around here. What happened to you? And Sid! What‟s he doing full of baby? And is Mum? .. But, oh Vox.. It‟s been just awful.” Cadence had managed to corner her eldest with a proposition while her other two children gabbled away, with Marella briefly filling her favourite brother in on what happened.
  3. 3. “Roight, seein‟ as we is all full of babies now (which is abdosodunkly brillian‟) I don‟t fink there‟s going t‟be quoite enough room „ere for all of us and the sproglets. So.. It‟s just as well we „ave two houses, isn‟t it right Sidneyia?” Sid sighed. He knew what his mother was implying, but he liked having the Blue House all to himself! But.. “Sure. Whatever.” “Won‟erful! Marellikins will come and live wiv you so you can look after her.” “-But!”
  4. 4. “No. You lis‟en „ere, your li‟tle sister needs you and I know you don‟t mind helpin‟ really. It‟ll be fun!” “-But!” They could understand the logic, but none of Cadence‟s children were very happy about the arrangement. But she was right – there wasn‟t enough room for Marella to stay. So after many hugs and poking of unexpected pregnant bellies she and Sid left for the old family home.
  5. 5. And later that night, Cadence‟s point started to really hit home and bumps got bigger and babies got closer. “Oh wow, this feels so bizarre. How are we going to cope with two at the same time? But good goat Mum was right, having four babies all here at once would just be impossible! I just hope „Rels is going to be ok over there.”
  6. 6. “BLEH! Not impossible, more fun swee‟ie!” Cadence had leapt excitedly into to room. “‟ave you gown and popped too baby? Innit AMZIN‟?!” “Aaargh, MOTHER! Please don‟t do that..”
  7. 7. “Wha? I can‟t „elp it I roight can‟t! I is just so exci‟ed, BLEH!” shrieked the happily pregnant vampire. “Oh please to fishness, stop!” “BLEH! BLEH BLEH BLEH!!” “..I want to go to sleep at some point tonight if that‟s at all possible Mum. I haven‟t done this before remember!”
  8. 8. “Sorry choppit. I jus‟ think it‟s such a „appy time for us all I do.” But not one to stay angry, Vauxia quickly gave his mother a big hug when he saw how sincere she was about her excitement. It might not be particularly shared by her children, but he did get that she really was happy about their current situation. “There there, it‟s fine. I know you‟re excited, and I doubt you‟re the only one. Just.. less blehs maybe in future yeah?” he pleaded. “Oh, fumbledumpkins.”
  9. 9. But Vauxia was right, Cadence wasn‟t the only one eagerly awaiting the next generation. Gadus was cheerily pondering the situation and his almost-second chance over his ham(CHEESE)burger as he sat in the Tegenaria‟s new dining room. It‟s funny he though, one day all these chairs are actually going to be filled.. I just hope I‟m around enough long enough to meet them all. I don‟t want to miss out on it all again! ----
  10. 10. Down the road, more ham(CHEESE)burgers were being consumed. “So er. Thanks for letting me stay here Sid.” Marella tried. “I kind of don‟t have anywhere else to go.” “Mmm, s‟fine.” “Good-o. What happened to you then? I kind of get Vox having to have babies one way or another, but what‟s your deal?”
  11. 11. “Abduction, it was hardly my choice. I had to leave my position in Takemizu for it, I‟m hardly thrilled by what‟s happened but I don‟t really have much of a choice. I was fine on my own anyway.” “Oh silly, no you‟re not. No one‟s fine on their own! You didn‟t have to be either! But like, you‟ve still got me.. if you want.” They sat in silence for a while. “Oh alright Sid, look I don‟t you don‟t like me, but-“
  12. 12. “Don‟t like you? What do you mean „don‟t like you‟? Of course I like you Marella, you‟re my sister - but I hardly know you! You and Vox always had your „special little club‟ I wasn‟t allowed in when we were younger, and at LFT you spent the whole time with Evil Susan or our cousins. And now we‟re both on our own here in a situation neither of us want to be in, so we just have to get on with it.”
  13. 13. “It‟s not my fault.” Marella said quietly. “You didn‟t exactly want to be our friend.” “Yes well, times have changed and all that. Let‟s just try and make this work, ok? Vox has Mum and Dad to help but we don‟t, so I think we‟re just going to have to help each other and hope the world doesn‟t explode.” “Fine. .. Can I finish your burger?” “No.” ----
  14. 14. “Yes, thank you darling for the gift of eternal life – but I thought we agreed that I didn‟t want it?” “Ooow, but jus‟ think! If we both live forever then we can „ave babies forever an‟ EVER!! Innit a great idea?” “Dearest, I think you‟re getting a bit overexcited again.” Gadus sighed and patted his wife on the shoulder. “Oow. Sorry.”
  15. 15. “What‟s all the hissing about?” asked Vauxia. Cadence‟s squeals had woken him up yet again. “It‟s a hiss of baby jooooy!” said Cadence as she started to wave her arms around yet again.
  16. 16. “Vamprocillin all round then?” laughed Gadus. “..Yes?” “BLEH!”
  17. 17. Gadus swiftly cured himself and returned with a bottle for Vox. “That was speedy.” He said and started to drink. “You‟ve moved the supply then?” “Yes.” Gadus grinned. “It‟s even in front of the brie now, she‟s been doing this so often.” “Urg, do you ever get used to this taste?” Vox grimaced as his skin flooded with colour again.
  18. 18. “Not really, but you get used to your mother. Anyway, I‟m sure we can blame hormones or something in a typically manly fashion.” “Mm, but I don‟t seem to have the desire to turn my whole family into the living dead and I‟m pregnant as well!” “No, but you have been spending an ordinate amount of time in the garden.. Anyway – it can‟t be much longer can it?” Gadus said happily and patted his son‟s tummy. “Oh good goat I hope not.”
  19. 19. “BLEEEEEEH!” Turns out there wasn‟t much time left at all! After her early evening of biting Cadence decided that tonight was as good a time as any to finally start the procession of many many children. Hooray! The boys swiftly ran to her to continue with the tradition of making useless comments while she gave birth.
  20. 20. I know I missed the last one, but has anything about this changed?” Gadus worried. “Oooow, not overly fluffmop! Just... HISS.” “That‟s it love, you just keep on hissing.”
  21. 21. But so it was with a finally bleh and hiss that the rather late member of Generation Six made an appearance – Hallucigenia Tegenaria. “What a roight noice little sporg of the girl kind! Naww, I loikes her I do. Well worf all the blehing, if I do say so myself.” Yup, we have another girl. Hallie has brown hair and green like Vox and Marella, how charming. Now, I was kind of sort of desperate to name a child Hallucigenia just because.. it‟s funny and I want to! Hallucigenia is another species known from Cambrian era fossils (as was my G6 theme) and is like a big sausage with spikes on one side and loads of legs on the other. When it was first described they got it upside-down and didn‟t realise for a good hundred years – d‟oh. Go look for a picture, really.
  22. 22. “Well done boys, as much help as always – but look! We „as a nice lit‟tle one now!” Cadence grinned as she cuddled the new born. “I have another daughter?” Gadus was still a bit stunned by the whole business I think. “But that‟s brilliant!” “Haha, „Rels is going to be so pissed she‟s not the baby girl anyway!” Vauxia cheered as he said hello to his new little sister.
  23. 23. But the cheering quickly turned to shouting. “OW! Why didn‟t you warn me that this was actually painful, Mum?” he cringed. “You always said it was great!” “Well, gettin‟ the kidlet as a presen‟ at the end is roihgt good, it is.”
  24. 24. “And your Mother says I‟m no good at helping with these things.” Said Gadus. “I‟ll just go and wait over here until you‟re finished..” And he wandered over to wait at the desk. “Argh, you‟re both useless!” Vauxia shouted.
  25. 25. “Oh. Wow.” He breathed when he was over, “That‟s.. actually pretty cool.” He gasped, looking at the tiny green baby he now had in his hands. Tiny boy to be accurate! “I think Mum was right, in a way that was worth it! But hang on. ..Oh dear.”
  26. 26. “Look Dad, I appreciate all your waiting quietly, but I need you to hold this one for me for a minute.” He said and quickly tried to pass the baby boy to Gadus. “What, already? That was quick. Hang on just a second, let me shut this down..” “No, NOW!” Vox cried, and thrust the baby into Gadus‟s lap. Luckily Gadus was a very good cuddler.
  27. 27. After a few more shouts, Vox was rather shocked to be holding yet another green baby in front of him. But this time it was a girl! Generation Seven is apparently growing fast. (Yaaay) “Huh.” “Is tha‟ all yous got to say!? Tha‟ well ain‟t fair! „Ow come you gets a buy one gets one free and I don‟? Where‟s my ovver one!” moaned Cadence. “No, it‟s just I wasn‟t expecting two! Oh look at her, she‟s ever so pretty.. And surely you have enough children now Mum?” “Never!”
  28. 28. “Oh I think these three will be quite enough for us all to get on with.” Said Gadus happily as he bounced the alien boy. Three babies! Well, that was certainly better than two he concluded – he was sure they could all manage. So, the names of this little green twinlets? The boy is named Myotis, and the girl Pipistrelle. My mini-theme this time is bats! Myotis is the genus of mouse-eared bats and a cool word, and Pipistrelles are the most common bat in Britain and my personal favourites. They‟re so small they can fit n the end of your thumb, and weigh less than a pound coin! Aww, they‟re great. ----
  29. 29. “..and then ES just completely lost it, you know how she does, and chased the guy around waving her little stick thing for over an hour! He only got away by leaping into the pool, yeah we built a pool after you left, and so then she threw a thwap ball at his head and he had a lump the size of Ireland. It was awesome! Doncha think?” Marella was gabbling at the other Tegenaria family home. “Moral of the story is don‟t eat Evil Susan‟s chilli then?” Sid smiled. “Exactly! Cool, I feel much better now. It‟s nice to have someone to tell these stories to and play games with. I mean, Tyler always used to be so..” Marella trailed off.
  30. 30. “But that‟s in the past.” She said defiantly and brushed off any uncertainty from her face. “Anyway, I have a tiny mini baby to focus on! That should be.. fun?” “Fun? You think this‟ll be fun! Geez, I had to watch the both of you being born remember – and it does not look fun Marella! And we‟re all on our own, how do you keep forgetting this?” Sid reminded her. “Mum was on her own.” She pointed out. “Yeah, but..”
  31. 31. “Oh stop whining! Babies! Fun, whooo! And the sooner we give birth the sooner we can all stop waddling about the place.” “Now that I do like.” “See? Look! There‟s a plus side to everything. Because if I don‟t get this baby out of me soon I‟m going to-“
  32. 32. “Now see, we‟re not nearly close enough yet for you to start finishing my sentences..” Marella sighed as her brother started to make the oh-so-pleasant sounds that every single Sims makes when they‟re about the do a little plumbbob splitting. ..Except Sid‟s was ever so slightly louder and shouter than usual, and Marella almost felt as though she should be covering the ears of her unborn child.
  33. 33. But Sidneyia finally calmed down and was left holding the third member of Generation Seven, another little boy – but this one named Ivan. “Please please tell me that there‟s more than one type of alien abductor out there little guy, because otherwise this is just going to be too creepy for words..” Ivan could only scowl. Luckily it was a scowl with big purple eyes under a black brow, as opposite to the bright and utter redness of Myotis and Pipi and thus my family tree is saved from a very confusing branch twist of icky confusingness. Sid already approved greatly of his son‟s ability to scowl, and had barely time to pop him in his crib before..
  34. 34. “OH GREAT GOAT IN THE SKY OF BOWLING ALLYES!” “Geez „Rels, do you have to be so loud? For once in your life could you just try and be a little bit quieter?” “£$$%£”%@@@¬¬¬^^11 TO YOU SID! And quite possibly this child!”
  35. 35. “You sure about that?” Sid smiled as his sister swung her daughter into her arms. He had to admit, now they were actually here, the children didn‟t seem half bad at all! It was actually quite.. nice Marella just quietly stared into her daughter‟s eyes – eyes she‟d been finding herself dearly missing over the past few months. “Lacey.” She said quickly. “Her name shall be Lacey.”
  36. 36. “What do you think?” she asked. “S‟nice.” Sid replied. “But you should probably quit with the staring and start with the feeding.” He suggested, and went to check on Ivan, mainly to see whether his ear drums were still intact. “Yeah.. yeah, I‟ll get on to that..” Marella said dreamily, still taken quite a back.
  37. 37. Lacey may have only been a few minutes old, but her resemblance to Tyler was already undeniable. She had his eyes, his hair, his skin – everything. “He‟d have loved you, you know..” Marella said quietly to her. “See? He‟d even be making that exact face you are right now! I‟m very very glad you‟re here, my little Lacey.” ----
  38. 38. I like girls! They like me! They look so good in their seven jeans! *DING DONG GENERAL DOORBELL NOISES*
  39. 39. “Dad?” he called. “DAD! Could you go get that?” But after a while Vauxia realised that Gadus was probably off somewhere with Boris Johnson and conceded that he would actually have to post-pone his little singsong. After a quick debate over getting dressed (his fear of it being Evil Susan at the door won out) he grabbed some clothes and wandered down to see who it was.
  40. 40. “What the-?”
  41. 41. “What in the world.. DAD! You really need to get out here NOW!” Despite his confusion, Vauxia reached into the basket to pick up the small child – he looked like it needed a hug, and he kind of felt like he wanted to give it one.
  42. 42. “Oh great goat! What the fishness is that?!” cried Gadus as he stepped onto the porch. “Where did it come from? What‟s it doing here?” “I‟m not quite sure.. I think it might be a girl though Dad, more than an It.” “Oh right. Right.” “Er. Do you want to take her for a minute? She‟s quite squirmy.”
  43. 43. “Aww, there now little one, it‟s alright!” Gadus said kindly as he took the baby, who settled down at once as he rocked her. “Well now, this is a surprise. We can‟t just leave her outside like this now, can we?” “We already have so many babies already, what‟s one more?” Vox sighed. “It‟s not like one became two became three has now become four is it?” “Mm, quite, quite.” Said Gadus, clearly not really listening. “I wonder where she came from though?”
  44. 44. “I have no idea – why would someone give us a spare baby anyway? But.. I guess she belongs to us now?” Vox asked. “We can‟t leave her out here, I‟d say she belongs with us now. What‟s one more Tegenaria, eh? And who could not want this sweet little thing.. She‟s adorable!” “Well someone clearly didn‟t.”
  45. 45. Vauxia jumped down the steps to have a look around, to see if there was any sign of who‟d left them the child. And quite to his surprise, he saw a figure slinking away slowly at the edge of the lot. Immediately his heart sank.
  46. 46. “Oh Allison.. What have you done now?” Sighing, he went inside to help his father set up yet another crib for the new addition.
  47. 47. After they‟d put the little girl to sleep, the two of them surveyed the nursery. It was an understatement to say it was getting more than a little full these days. “And half of them are green,” Gadus mused, “it‟s extraordinary.”
  48. 48. “Extraordinarily FANTASTIC!” he cried, punching the air in delight. “WOOOOHOOOO!” “There‟s just so many of them..” Vox said quietly. “This is brilliant!” “Oh Dad, not so loud, I think I‟m getting a headache.” Something feels.. weird.” Slowly, he started to sway and fall to the ground.
  49. 49. “Oh er, are you quite alright Little V?” Gadus asked, finally noticing that something not quite right was going on. “So.. many.. of them... SO MANY!” “Yes, but that‟s a good thing son.”
  50. 50. “MANY MANY BABIES.” “Um.. I think we need Cadence.” ----
  51. 51. “Alright! Where is she!? Where is that useless drip bag of a best friend? WHERE IS-“
  52. 52. “” “WHOA! Evil Susan, what the heck happened to you?! You‟re all.. green. And and.. whoa.”
  53. 53. “Oh so you noticed did you?” Evil Susan snapped, turning the growl at Marella. “Well yeah, it‟s kind of hard not to ES! Seriously girl, what happened to you?” “You left, that‟s what happened!” she snarled. “You LEFT, no warning, no „Oh ES may I?‟ No – you just buggered off without any shred of warning!”
  54. 54. “I had to do something to pass the time „Rels, I sure as fishness wasn‟t going to sit around wasting my time with those other bozos in the Greek House. Amy wasn‟t even any fun to tease anymore, she just cried all the time and the damn Shrews had learnt to tuck their tails under. Things happened „Rels. Things do, YOU just weren‟t there to see them. I saved your useless life from those creepy dead-not-dead old fogies and then you just abandoned me.”
  55. 55. “NO ONE abandons Evil Susan! No one.” “I didn‟t abandon you!” Marella protested. “I was pregnant, I had to drop out of LFT – I didn‟t have a choice! You knew that ES. And you saw what happened that day with Tyler and I couldn‟t, I just couldn‟t.. anymore..” she trailed off. “Oh yes, that. So where is this spawn that made you take off? It can‟t be that great, not when you could have stayed with me instead! ME! Evil Susan!” Before Marella could even retort Evil Susan had already stomped off in search of her friend‟s baby.
  56. 56. “So, we meet at last foul friend stealer. Well you look awful for a start, and far too small.”
  57. 57. “See look? I can pick you up just like that – and what can you do about it eh? Nothing.” Lacey stared in confusion at this strange green annoyed woman holding her. Not knowing what else to do, she started batting at the pretty sparklies this odd woman seemed to be emitting. “Hey! Hey, who said you could do that?!” Evil Susan spluttered.
  58. 58. “She likes shiny things.” Marella smiled as she came in to reclaim her child. “She seems to like you too, actually.” “Yes. Well. Be that as it may I‟m not a fan of her. Or even shiny things for that matter!” said Evil Susan quickly, and hastily placed the baby back in the crib. “Come „Rels, let us go away from this terrible place of children.” She continued, and pulled Marella from the room.
  59. 59. Just as the girls came back into the main hall, Sid flew through the door, shouting (as usual). “‟Rels! You‟ll never guess what - they loved the abduction story, they just threw the promotion at me. BAM! They just-“ But when he saw who was in their hallway he stopped mid flow. “Er, that‟s great Sid.. Just, maybe not now k?” “Oh this is going to be good!” cackled Evil Susan as their eyes met.
  60. 60. “You.. Don‟t even let me get started on you!” “Well I think you already have.” Sid snapped. “So, you‟re back. Oh hurrah! What are you doing in my home anyway, don‟t you have your own family to terrorise?” “Yes, we‟re all back too I hasten to add. Including Amy.”
  61. 61. “That‟s not of your business. None at all!” Sid shouted quickly. “Oh I think it is, I‟ve had to listen to her ear-shattering sobs for the last year! And you know what? I blame you, it‟s all your fault I had to put up with that. I‟m Evil Susan! I do not approve of crying.” “Oh how silly of me to forget. Anything you do approve of „Oh Evil One‟?” “Yes actually, you falling in a toilet.”
  62. 62. “Anyway!” she said, turning back to Marella, while Sid happily thought about times before he‟d shared a room with Evil Susan. “Amy‟s back?” Marella asked. “Oh yeah, she‟s gone home to see her nephews before she works out what to do. You know, seeing how she doesn‟t have a future anymore.” Evil Susan added with a glance over her shoulder. “And I, I must be going. To find some sensible people who aren‟t full of whiney time- sapping babies!” ----
  63. 63. “‟Ere! We seems to „ave annover „un. „Ow‟d that „appen?”
  64. 64. “Oh you know, just your bog standard doorstop drop.” Sighed Vauxia, tucking in Myotis that evening. “Oow now, none of tha‟! I is not „aving you fallin‟ on the floor again you is not. It took nearly all ma Wensleydale t‟get you up again.” “Sorry. It‟s just, don‟t you find all of this a bit much? I didn‟t want any babies, and now they all seem to have come at once! It‟s not exactly what I wanted Mother.”
  65. 65. “Oh hush. You fraver and I „ave seen you you know! You is well likin‟ all these little ones. Don‟t fink we don‟t know! You well wants to keep them you do.” “Well of course I want to keep them, I‟m not saying I don‟t love them! Just that I miss my old life sometimes. You must miss whatever it was you did before you had us sometimes too, Mum?” “Not in the slightest biscuit muncher.”
  66. 66. He‟d been putting it off, but Vauxia knew he needed to talk to the woman he‟d seen leaving their drive the previous day. But then again he reckoned, a date was a date. “Allison! Great to hear from you. Er, I was wondering.. You didn‟t by chance happen to leave a baby on my doorstep the other day now did you?” A gabble of shouts came down the other end of the phone. “Whoa, calm down! Alright, alright, I hear you there‟s no need to shout about it.” More shouting was the response to this.
  67. 67. “OK! Look, let‟s meet up and talk about this shall we? My Aunt‟s just opened up a new art gallery downtown and I know you used to go on and on about her work so let‟s head over this evening.” The shouting had stopped. “No noise? Wow, this must be a good idea. I‟ll see you there then, shall we say six?”
  68. 68. He hung up quickly before his date had time to dispute this any further. Well at least it is still possible to have a date even with all these kids, he thought to himself. Even if the date is concerning said kids, it still counts!
  69. 69. Vauxia found Allison waiting for him when he arrived, and he at once took her into the small café below the gallery to try and smooth things over with coffee. Thankfully he knew from past experience two of his date‟s favourite things were art and coffee – how handy. “Hey Aunt Ara!” Vox waved, “I love how this place turned out, you did a brilliant job with it. How many places do you own now?” “Thank you sweetie, you seem to be doing quite well yourself.” Smiled the ageing Tegenaria. “And this would be number five dear, I think I‟ve saved the best to last! I‟m sure you‟ll agree when you see it.”
  70. 70. “So what kind of things do you have? Besides free coffee for your favourite nephew of course..” “Be careful of that young man, it‟s going to get you into trouble one day if you‟re not mindful.” Ara chuckled as she kindly handed over drinks to the two of them. “It already has!” snapped Allison, huffily taking her coffee and flouncing over to a table.
  71. 71. Sighing, Vauxia went to join her. “Ok Allison, let‟s get on with it. What the fishness is going on here? I don‟t hear from you for months and then suddenly you decide it would be a fitting make up gift to donate me yet another child?” “‟Yet another child?‟ how many to you have exactly!” she cried.
  72. 72. “Quite a few collectively, but that‟s not the point! My parents have been thrilled with yet another addition to the fold, but that doesn‟t mean we‟re just an adoption home Allison. We can‟t look after everyone!” “Oh really? I thought that‟s what you‟ve been trying to do Vauxia, you like looking after us all poor little lost distressed damsels. What‟s one more?” “She should be with her family Alli! So let me just try and understand what‟s going on here – is she your daughter?”
  73. 73. “Of course, and yours too you bozo!” Allison shouted, flinging her coffee everywhere. “I – hang on, what?” “She‟s your daughter too, you idiot. You think I passed her onto you as a date gift or something?!” “Er..”
  74. 74. “Oh for foodles sake, think about it Vox! I‟ve got nothing, nothing at all – I couldn‟t even take a job after graduating because of the little one. Your family pretty much seem to run this town, I knew you‟d be able to give her a better life than I would and I knew she‟d be safe with you! Because you love everyone! Argh, for a nice guy you certainly missed the obvious here.” “So.. she‟s mine too?” “Don‟t make me headdesk at you.”
  75. 75. “Sorry, I was just expecting, oh I don‟t know. That you just wanted some help or something, which of course I would have given you, not that.. Oh well, at least I‟m getting pretty used to kidlets now!” he finished cheerily. “So, we keep calling her „her‟, does she actually have a name that is anything more than that?” “Vesper. Her name is Vesper.” “Vesper.. I like it, very pretty. As I‟m sure she will be, just like her mother. Ok Vesper-Mother, care to actually go and view some art of the most arty artwork kind? I think most people down here have probably had enough of being scalded with your lovely drink.” Allison blushed, and was surprised as she found herself allowing Vauxia to lead her upstairs.
  76. 76. “So. Art! Isn‟t it nice? I love art.”he said when they reached the gallery entrance. “Especially.. late.. art.” “You really have no idea about any of this, do you?” Allison smiled. “Nope, none at all! That‟s why I need a lovely lady such as yourself in order to show me around.” “Shh, I‟m still meant to be angry at you remember!” “Alright alright. Oooh, look at this nice.. thing!”
  77. 77. As they started to roam the galleries, Allison became more and more impressed with Ara‟s selection. And in his own way, so was Vox. “Now this kind of art I can get!” he commented. “Just look at her, she‟s gorgeous! Hm, I wonder what happened to the model, or if she ever feels lonely.” “Exactly how many times am I going to have to shh you on this trip? She looks.. lost. And there‟s no tag, how strange.”
  78. 78. “This one‟s pretty.” Mused Vauxia, wandering off to the next section. “It‟s certainly a daring use of colour, that‟s for sure.” Allison remarked as she joined him. “‟My Breakfast Revisited‟, how charming.” “Must be early art.”
  79. 79. “You know what Allison, I only brought you here because I thought you‟d like it – but some of this stuff is actually pretty cool!” She nodded. “Yup. I could happily get lost in a place like this for hours, it‟s fascinating. There‟s more to paintings than pretty faces and colours you know Vox.” “Oh now don‟t say that.”
  80. 80. “I mean, look at this one!” Allison gasped. “Your Aunt has such a fantastic eye! It‟s gorgeous.” “I‟ll say, that‟s one beautiful girl alright.” “VOX! So not then point!”
  81. 81. “Calm down, calm down. Let‟s have a look then, I‟ll try and „learn‟ about all this..” He bent down to read the plaque beneath the portrait. “My darling daughter Cecily, commissioned for her 21st birthday by her doting father; Henry Urswick.‟ Huh. I guess that‟s them in the other painting too. Is that what you lovely lasses like for a gift then, to sit down for hours with someone shouting at you if you so dare as breath?”
  82. 82. “It‟s a lovely gesture Vox, not just anyone could have commissioned portraits back in the day.” “Back in the day when?” “Oh.. I don‟t know! The days when people had portraits!” Allison spluttered, annoyed she didn‟t know the answer. “But never mind that – you want to steal young Cecily off back to your lair as well?”
  83. 83. “Le gasp! Do my ears deceive me? Has the great and woohooful Vauxia Tegenaria finally found someone he doesn‟t want to sleep with?” Allison mocked in faux shock. “Ok, now it‟s my turn to shh you.” He laughed. “But seriously Allison, getting back to it.. Do you really want to give Vesper to us?” Vauxia asked at last. “She‟s your daughter too.”
  84. 84. “I know, but..” Allison‟s eyes fell to the floor. She clearly wasn‟t happy about what she‟d done. “Money‟s important for a child‟s well being and until I have more than what I do I just can‟t take care of her the way I‟d like to. And you can Vox. So please, will you? For me? At least until things get better.” “Oh of course Allison! Always. She‟s a very sweet little girl and we all love her already. But come and see her whenever you‟d like – open invitation to the Tegenaria house!” he grinned. “and besides, the way my luck is going at the moment I suppose it‟s Vesper‟s Birthday tomorrow isn‟t it?” Allison nodded and Vox started to laugh. “Oh of course it is! It just wouldn‟t make sense for her to have a different birthday to her siblings and cousins now would it? Oh well. Tell you what, come to the party Allison, it‟s already all organised and then we‟ll have a chance to introduce Vesper properly to the rest of the family. You can even do the cake twirly honours!” “Promise?” “Promise. Oooh, look at that one over there!” And he ran across the floor.
  85. 85. “Now that is one girl who could happily come back to my lair. Wow, just look at her hair! Her eyes! Hey Ali, come look!” “Ah, I see you have gotten past your momentary lapse into normal-dom.” Allison smiled, and happily followed him over.
  86. 86. “What? I like pretty things is all. Pretty pictures. Pretty girls. Pretty you.” He grinned, and pulled Allison to him. “Soo. Party tomorrow night, yes? Yes?” “Oooh.. fine! Damn you and your.. Voxness!” “It‟s all in the hair Alli.” He grinned. ----
  87. 87. “Oh my, they really weren‟t lying about you little one – you‟re gorgeous..” Amalthea sighed as she cuddled Lacey. Marella had asked her to babysit while she out, not that she‟d let on where she was going, and Amy had jumped at the chance. Everyone she knew seemed to be having babies except her, but she tried not to let that bother her. Helping out her brother with his two and anyone else when she could was enough. For now. So she settled into the nursery for the evening, and happily watched over Ivan and Lacey. To her surprise, neither of their parents ended up coming home at all that night.
  88. 88. When morning came she was less than pleased, and even less thrilled when she saw who had come to relieve her of duty. And Sid was quite shocked to see who the sitter had been. He‟d just assumed Marella had roped in one of the many nannies floating around, not.. her. Awkwardly he thanked Amalthea for watching the children and looking at the floor mumbled that it was nice to see her, how had she been etc etc. It was not met well.
  89. 89. “How have I been?” she replied angrily, “I don‟t know Sid, how have I been? How was Takemizu! And what do you and Marella think you are doing exactly?” “I er, it was – what?” Sid was rather taken aback. Amalthea just doesn‟t do angry! “You can‟t just scamper off and leave your children for a whole night! What if I hadn‟t been here, or able to stay? Do you two have any idea what you‟re doing at all?” “Hey hey, clam down Amy! Let‟s go outside for a minute, it‟s a bit too early in the morning for the babies to start screaming with all the noise again.” “Fine. But I‟m only going with you for the babies‟ sake.”
  90. 90. The two went out into the garden and sat down, it was actually turning into quite a lovely morning. But that didn‟t stop Amalthea from continuing her rant. “.. you two just need to be more careful, yes I know neither of you were expecting this but you just can‟t risk things like that. You are their parents, you need to be there. Remember what happened to your Father, and we all know that was all kinds of bad. You can‟t just.. leave Sid. Like that. It isn‟t fair. To them, I mean.”
  91. 91. “I didn‟t leave you Amy.” Sid replied bluntly. “But..” “I‟m sorry if that‟s what you thought, I really am, but it was never like that.” “But.. you did.” “I had a job out in Takemizu! How was I supposed to know that was going to upset you? I‟m not a mind reader!”
  92. 92. “I just wish you‟d thought, or said something to me or.. anything!” “Well you could have said something to me too. To be honest Amy, I really didn‟t think you‟d be interested in which part of the globe I was living on. You still had such a lot of time at LFT to go, I couldn‟t have expected you to.. I just didn‟t think you‟d care if I went.” “Sil-ly, of course I care! Your mind really does work in very strange ways Sidneyia Tegenaria.”
  93. 93. “I know, I‟m only just beginning to realise that myself. But somehow you seem to understand it.” Sid smiled. “And you‟re right, „Rels and I are an absolute train wreck at this parenting malarkey – we could really use some help. What do you say Amy, do you want to move in and help us? Please.” “Really? You mean it?” Amalthea couldn‟t contain the excitement in her voice. “You want me to come and live here? With you?” “That‟s the idea.”
  94. 94. “Then I suppose I‟ll have to say yes!” she laughed as Sid put his arm around her. “I mean, at this rate I‟ll be surprised if those kids even remember what you two look like!” “Oh, I‟m sure they‟ll manage somehow. But you‟re just in time, it‟s well, everyone‟s birthday tomorrow. We‟re going to need your help. But come on then, let‟s get you settled in.”
  95. 95. And settle in she did. 
  96. 96. “Why is your friend looking so angry?” Allison whisper to Vox the following afternoon as the Tegenarias and all their various friends gathered to start a marathon on baby cake tossing. She was nervous about meeting everyone, but excited that she was getting to be the one to toss Vesper into toddlerdom after all. “I thought you told me it was a good thing she‟d moved in with your brother!” “But it is!” Vox whispered back. “He can‟t have already pissed her off, it‟s only been a day!”
  97. 97. “Oh chill out you not-very-silent-whisperes! They‟re just ticked at me for barging in at *cough* the wrong time of day.” “Mm, yes thank you for that „Rels.” Sid sighed. “No problem! Besides, it‟s awesome having Amy around, the company‟s improved by about a thousand per cent. I kid, I kid!” she added when she saw the look on her parents‟ faces.
  98. 98. Behave you lot.” Said Gadus, struggling to keep a grip on Myotis, who was reaching out for his twin his their father‟s arms. “Yes, or you won‟ get any of these lovely cheesecakes I is makin‟ specially for today. We‟ve got six of „em to get through and I is well more than „appy to do it all meself. So be quie‟ and be good!” added Cadence already eyeing up Hallie‟s cake. “Right then my dear little family, I think it‟s time we got on with this. I‟ve missed quite enough birthdays already without having you all bicker through these ones.” Smiled Gadus. “Everyone ready?”
  99. 99. "One.."
  100. 100. "Two.."
  101. 101. "Three.."
  102. 102. “And twirl!” “..I‟ll just be off to set up the next party then.” Said Sid, and the family quickly cuddled the new toddlers and the entire party trekked off to the next party, with barely time to grab a slice of cake along the way.
  103. 103. So let‟s take a quick gander at how they all turned out! Hallucigenia, Gadus and Cadence‟s extra child so far looks like a brilliant mix of her parents and probably the most equal which I‟m excited about, yay! She‟s a Pisces 2 5 3 7 10, so will be throwing food in your face in a loving fashion with one hand on the Myshuno! Machine at all times.
  104. 104. Oh dear fishness, I already love these two more than words can say – please give a big hurray for the twins! Myotis is a Libra 7 10 4 5 10, so is quite likely to clean your bathroom and then offer you a big bleachy hug, though you may have to remind him to bring his clothes too. Pipi on the other hand is a Gemini 6 10 10 3 6 so will beat you in any races towards the chess board, but again you may be asked to play strip chess.
  105. 105. And finally our little surprise Vesper, now fully adopted into the Tegenaria clan. With her grey eyes and red hair she has lovely colouring, and I‟m really looking forward to see how she turns out because I can‟t tell whose features are dominant – yes seven generations later I‟m still awful. But she‟s also a Libra like her half-brother, but has a personality of 3 9 4 5 8 so is more likely to be messing up your bathroom for you as a kind favour, but at least wearing a shower cap.
  106. 106. “Wow,” said Marella once all the guests had made it across to the Blue House, “Amy sure did a fantastic job with the decorations.” “I know,” Sid agreed happily, “I think she‟s really enjoying joining in with all of this! But wow, these guys have certainly gotten heavier quickly.”
  107. 107. “You sure you don‟t want to do the honours?” he asked Amalthea as she walked past. “I think you two have got this one covered actually.” She smiled, and joined in as once again the Tegenaria clan got out their tooty horns and whacked on party hats.
  108. 108. It didn‟t take long for the two babies to be caked and baked, and the party carried on into the night. But looking at them Lacey is a) possibly the cutest toddler ever and b) certainly a good match to keep her mother company. For you see she is an Aries 7 10 6 3 5, which is exactly the same as Marella bar one less playful point. So all I can say for her is whatever her mum is up, she‟ll be following right behind.
  109. 109. Oh. Holy. Haddock. While Lacey may be the cutest toddler I‟ve ever had, her cousin Ivan may be the scariest. Eep! Not only does he have a rather ginormous head, he‟s also an Aries with a personality of 10 9 4 6 0 – bajeebers. Even Evil Susan managed at least a couple of nice points on a good day! Ivan‟s going to be leaping out of bushes threatening everyone with a scrubbing brush, and I mean everyone! He is most certainly Sid‟s son, deary me..
  110. 110. “Cuddle!” Lacey demanded. She‟d been unable to be confined to her crib, and decided that if the adults all got to stay up and play, then so did she! “Uncle CUDDLE!” “Well what am I supposed to do with that?” Vox asked her. “I‟ve only just got used to you all as babies, and now you‟ve gotten even bigger!” “Cuddle! NOW!!” “Yup, you‟re definitely Marella‟s daughter alright. Ok then Lacey, let‟s see what we can do about that.”
  111. 111. While his siblings continued to amuse themselves in various ways, Sidneyia approached Amy. “You really did such a good job with this party Amy, everyone‟s having a fantastic time. Thank you.” “Aww, it was nothing. Really.” She blushed. “I just wanted to do something nice for you all.” “I know you did, it‟s been wonderful having you here – you‟ve made such a difference.”
  112. 112. “..So I wanted to do something nice for you.” “QUICK! He‟s going to do something stupid and embarrassing!” shouted Evil Susan. “I know, and I don‟t care!” Sid shouted back.
  113. 113. “Amalthea, I‟m still not quite sure how I‟ve been lucky enough to have you stick around and look after me, and all of us really – but you have and I really do love you for it. Yes, that‟s right, I love you. Always have. For many other reasons apart from that, but I just wanted to make sure you really knew. So please.. will you marry me? In front of all my ridiculous friends and family?”
  114. 114. “YEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!!!” “So they finally got there then?” asked Marella. “Yup, some people just have no clue how to go about dating do they?” replied Vox not even breaking stride of his slap dance. “Nope, they really don‟t.”
  115. 115. And it turns out it was just in time! Because clearly I don‟t have enough babies already. --- And that is where I‟m going to leave you! After a chapter full of happy! What a nice change :) It's really really great to finally have this finished and posted so I can a) get on with G7 eeee and probably more importantly b) become much more community active than I have been the past couple of months. My lack of replying on time and commenting on all the wonderful chapters floating about has been annoying me to goodness, and I've already slapped my own wrist about it several times. If I don't get better in the next few weeks I'm going to eat my own hat, and my hat was free so it'll be a terrible waste to have to do so. Mark my words, ye of little faith have a cookie and so on. But thank you ever so much for reading, and despite my awfulness in the world of communication it always means so much to know that there's people other than me enjoying the adventures of my quite mental Sims. I realised the other day when I was on how truly insane all mine seem to be.. But never mind :) Hurray for people who make nice and clever CC, not hurray for lack of exchange. But for now, this has been Gin - avoiding sorting out fedex requests for weevils. I miss you more than Shaq miss free throws already!
  116. 116. "Oh my great goodness to fishpie.. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
  117. 117. "Grr, rrraaaw rrroooooAAAAR! Haha, this is awesome."
  118. 118. "Isn't is great?" "Who the HELL puts a giant shark in the middle of an art exhibition?!" I do Allison, I do.