The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 26


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 26

  1. 1. 29th September 2008 Finally! That only took, oh I don't know, two weeks to upload after it was written.. Grr. Anyway, it's the Science of a Legacy Chapter Twenty-Six: Evil with a Single 'E' Hello and please have a pint. Last time, er.. It feels like it's been a while. But our Generation Five heir, Gadus Tegenaria, found out that he'd been captured by the ever so freaky Tricou teens as they believed him to be his father, Ocean, who was needed to perform a resurrection. If that sounds confusing you might as well just give up now, because it's only going to get worse. But if you think you know what's going on - onwards you go to get totally confused! Whee.
  2. 2. It was a normal start to the day in the Tegenaria household. The boys Sidneyia and Vauxia had already had their morning argument, and as usual it had ended with Sid winning and Vauxia in tears before the sun had even come up. "It's not faa-air!" he wailed. "Why does Sid always think he's so smart? He's not!" "Now now little one, hush. It's all going to be ok." said Ocean, and he tried to comfort his middle grandchild.
  3. 3. "Don't touch me! I'm not a baby anymore, I don't need cuddles from you!" Vauxia sniffed angrily as he wriggled out of Ocean's grip. "I want you to stop trying to make everything better with cuddles Grampa, because that does not work." he went on. "I just want everything to go back to normal, and I WANT DAD! Now leave me alone!" cried the child, and an back upstairs. Ocean sighed. Clearly it was time for some action.
  4. 4. "I really hope I'm wrong about this.." Ocean sighed and rubbed his head. It had taken most of the day for the walk Downtown from the Tegenaria Home, and the sun was now high in the sky. Even so, the old man shuddered as he went through the gate of the impressive mansion.
  5. 5. "I really thought I'd never have to come back here." It was the House of Fallen Trees, and Ocean's childhood home.
  6. 6. Out of view from the front of the house, five teenagers were sitting in the grass of the garden discussing all the usual things that kids do. You know - clothes, the latest episode of Doctor Who, what hats are just so totally in and oh yes: their captive chained in the loft. "I still can't believe it.." on of them was saying.
  7. 7. "No, neither can I." sighed the one with the (not so in) hat. "That guy really isn't Ocean. You were so sure Taylor.." "Shut up Theresa." snapped one with rather silly hair. "No, it's not him. But it looks so much like him. I wouldn't be past betting that their at least in some way related though, you mark my words - that guy up there's got Tricou blood in him somewhere for sure."
  8. 8. "You, you really th-think?" piped up a young boy, who'd been keeping himself pretty much out of the others' conversations for the most part. "I do Tyler. And so somehow he'll help us get our family back, they've all been buried for far too long. I'm not sure how yet, but our father Jon Smith Tricou will be back th us shortly, I can feel it." "Wow Taylor, that's so exciting!" Tyler cast a look over his shoulder at the graves of his family, before turning back to smile at his brother. "I can't w-wait until we're all back together again!"
  9. 9. Meanwhile inside Ocean had finally managed to clamber up the many flights of stairs to the loft. He'd always been scared of it when he was younger, and so knew that that would be where Taylor would hide things. And so it was with a mixture of joy and horror when he saw what was up there. "Oh my son, what have they done to you.." he whispered.
  10. 10. "Gadus, are you alright?" he said louder as he approached the bars. The captive inside smiled for the first time in far too long. "Dad? Dad! It really is you! Oh, you came. I always knew someone would come! It's been awful, and these freaky little kids kept saying.. Hang on, how did you know where to find me?"
  11. 11. "There no time for that now!" said Ocean. "But we must be quiet and quick. Can you pull your hands free? These chains must be terribly rusty by now. Try - pull hard now, use those 10 body points." Gadus did as he was told and to his surprise the iron fell away after several hard tugs. "Ow! That really hurt.." he muttered, and massaged his aching wrists. "Good. But these bars seem pretty new and solid." Ocean sighed as he gave one a sharp tap. "We're not going to get through this by force."
  12. 12. "In that case, what are we to do? Hmm." And Gadus started to think. But Ocean quickly stopped him, with what could almost be described as a smile in this situation. "You don't grow up in the House of Fallen Trees without having a master key to sneak out at night." he said. "How do you think we managed to turn up on community lots at all hours?"
  13. 13. "Wait, what?" "No time, no time!" said Ocean, and he pulled the key he'd used to open the front door out of his pocket and tried it on the lock. Without too much trouble the key turned and the door of the tiny cage flew open!
  14. 14. Ocean grinned and put the key back in his pocket. "Taylor never learns.." he chuckled. "Oh wow Dad, that was brilliant! I bet The Watch couldn't even do that! But what did you mean, and why did all those kids think I was you? And why-" "There is no time son, we're got to get out now! Before anyone sees us. Now quick!" And the two of them turned and started to run.
  15. 15. "Slow down Dad! I can't go this fast, and there's so many stairs.." panted Gadus. "Just keep going! And hurry!" "But what if I-
  16. 16. "FAAA-AAALL..."
  17. 17. "What was that noise?" Outside all of the Tricou teens heard a loud crashing sound from the house. Taylor jumped up in an instant and looked around.
  18. 18. "It sounds to me.. Like a bungled rescued attempt! Now I wonder who, dear siblings, would be stupid enough to try something as dumb as that in the middle of the day?" "Mighty Mouse!" "Shut up Tyler."
  19. 19. "Mmfpphh? .. Ow." "Gadus, come on! Stop fooling about." Ocean urged. But he knew there was no way no one couldn't have heard that fall.
  20. 20. Gadus picked himself up as quickly as possible and the two started to make a run for the door again, with as must haste as they could must. I just hope there's no one about to hear that.. Ocean hoped silently to himself.
  21. 21. "I can't believe he would actually be so stupid, that it could just be so easy.." Taylor muttered. "Just as well I always keep this thing handy!" he glared at the four others as he lifted the receiver of the bone phone. "And you laughed that I always carried it with me Dickson, pfft. Let's get this thing done!"
  22. 22. "We're almost there, we're going to make it!" "Make WHAT Dad"? "JUST GO!"
  23. 23. "Oi, secretary lady! I think you'll find that all six of us are now here, so do your stuff and give us our Dad back pronto!" "No need to shout, I can hear you perfectly well enough.. But yes, my records indicate that the conditions are met. Are you ready for what must be done?" "Yeah yeah whatever, just step on it lady." "Alright then. Hold on tight to something kiddo!"
  24. 24. "Oh biscuits and seaweed.." But they'd made it out the gate! They'd been so close to getting home in one piece..
  25. 25. Gadus stopped in the middle of the pavement when he saw the lights over his shoulder. "Dad.. What the hell was that? It was freaky!" But Ocean didn't slow his pace for a minute, and just shouted over his shoulder to his son that they had to go. Gadus didn't argue, and the two sprinted in the direction of Strangetown.
  26. 26. "Taylor.. Are you sure you did this right?" The green mist was begging to clear, and coughing the teens began to be able to make out some figures.
  27. 27. "Do not fear my daughters, do not fear. For he has done well, as I knew he would." This mist disappeared, and a man became visible and very very real on the lawn. "My children, I have returned to you all." said Jon Smith Tricou, as he surveyed the scene and shocked faces around him.
  28. 28. "Well done my dears, I knew you would come through for me." he said leaping in the air. "Does this mean we can have family barbeques again?" wondered Tyler. Jon Smith stopped his joy jumping. "Though I'm amazed some of you managed to still be here.." he said, and had a proper look at his children.
  29. 29. "But there are only five of you! The Reaper informed me that after one hundred years for my deeds, all six of my children would be needed in order for me to return. Taylor, where is your brother Ocean?" "Oh wow, is that a story and a half. Father, just you wait when you hear what I have to tell you.." And Taylor began to explain Ocean's tale, and his suspicions of Gadus.
  30. 30. When he was finished, Jon Smith was silent. The children were too scared to speak, they could remember how rageful their father could become and had no desire to be in the firing line. "So.." he said slowly after a time. "Ocean has betrayed us all, and sworn allegiance to another family? This I shall not tolerate. It is done, I name him as the First Sacrifice!" Even Taylor then gasped.
  31. 31. Night had once again fallen when Ocean and Gadus reappeared, panting and gasping, on their own doorstep in Strangetown. "We made it!" Gadus breathed, thrilled to be back home at last. "Yes.. But not in time." Ocean sighed. "Come on, we're got some explaining to do."
  32. 32. "MY POOKIE MUFFIN YOU'VE COME 'OME AT LARST!" "Whoa! Cadence.." Gadus struggled to catch her as the Contessa launched herself at him the second she saw who it was walking through the door.
  33. 33. "Oi'm just so glad you're back me love! I was so worried I were, when you didn' come back wiv me cheese.. About you though, not the cheese! I missed you morest." she smiled through a few tears, and covered her husband in kisses. This, Gadus really didn't mind. "And I missed you too.." said Menidia, coming up to Ocean and giving him a quick kiss. "But where have you been?" "I need to explain it to everyone. Call whoever you can Meni, get as many people here as possible."
  34. 34. Within the hour a small congregation had gathered, but that was enough for Ocean to convey the importance of the situation to. "My dear friends and family," he started, "I wish I could bring you better news, I really do."
  35. 35. "But alas-" "But there were these really freaky kids, right? And they were all 'Ooh, Ocean!' and I was all 'No, Gadus!' and they went 'argh' and then there was this huge fight, but I won, and oh yeah Dad helped too."
  36. 36. "Oh puffin, tha' sounds so awfully scary and brave of you! No wonders you is so hurt." "Er.. Is that really how is happened?" said Menidia, with a hint of doubt in her voice. "Pfft, doubt it. I know my heir. You have trouble opening jam jars Gadus!"
  37. 37. "Oh thanks Gin." Ocean chuckled. "Now now, it's true we're all very glad to have Gadus back and he's been wonderfully brave through out this experience, but he is being too kind."
  38. 38. "For this is my fault. My siblings captured Gadus, believing him to be me. When I made the decision to come to La Fiesta Tech to be with you Menidia, I didn't think properly about the consequences. But it is not a decision I have ever regretted, not even for a moment, and my family is here with you. My father was not a good man, and he did some awful things which eventually got him killed. But for his sins he was clever, and made a deal with the Reaper that after one hundred years in his servitude he would be able to return to the living. The condition was that all six of his children were present to give part of their souls to him, for he no longer had one of his own."
  39. 39. "I see.." said Meloti thoughtfully. "They needed you to bring back Jon Smith Tricou, am I correct that that is who your father was?" "Yes Meloti, that's right." "That much makes sense, but why harm my nephew? As a warning?"
  40. 40. "Again, I think not. You have all been lucky enough to be born into the Tegenaria family, and haven't known any other life. But when I was a teenager-" "No way were you ever a teenager, Dad!" Gadus said, and started to flail again. "Ah, but I was. And I can tell you that being perpetually trapped at the same age does get confusing. Gadus, you even said that they called you by my name - and I think that they just got their timings wrong and that they didn't realise just how old I've gotten. But that's not important anymore, we now need to focus on the fact that my father is back. Now that he is, he will be able to bring back the rest of the Tricou line."
  41. 41. "I don't really want to meet anymore of them if I'm honest." said Gadus. "Those teens were creepy enough, especially that one with the silly hair!" "Taylor always was a disaster.." sighed Ocean. "But it's not going to be as simple as it was bringing back Allozyme, or you Carrie. Because of what my father did not only are his six children needed to bring him back, one must be sacrificed in return for each remaining member of the Tricou Family."
  42. 42. "But that's horrible!" said an outraged Carrie. "To kill one's own children just to bring back those who have already had their time?" "You don't know my father.." "Please can we not get to know him?" butted in Gadus.
  43. 43. "We must do something to stop this! I cannot pretend I'm not angry with you Ocean, none of this would have happened if you'd told us first before going off by yourself. This is exactly the sort of thing that The Watch is here to stop! How could you be so careless?"
  44. 44. "Corvus thinks Carrie should calm down. Ocean didn't know what was going to happen, and Corvus know that looking after children is the most important thing. Corvus think Ocean wanted to protect Gadus, and when one is protecting one does not always think straight. And Allozyme would agree to that if he were here." "Oh, I suppose you're right." Carrie sighed. "But the question is, what do we do now?"
  45. 45. "Yes, what do we do now? Look, I don't mean to get all creator-y on you, but is the Legacy in danger or what? I don't like the sound of this Jon Smith one bit, but where do we all go from here.."
  46. 46. "If I know my brother, Taylor will have already told our father about me and how I left them all to be with you. And if I know my father, he will have been riled terribly by this news. He never did like me, but I think he at least expected me to be weak willed enough not to leave. And so.. I believe he will have made me the First Sacrifice." Gasps went up around the room, but Ocean quickly hushed everyone. "You all know that I am not long for this world as it is. No, don't look at me like that - it's true. Even if I die of natural causes, that will do for the Reaper and he will allow my mother and Jon Smith wife, Jennicor Tricou, to be released. It is highly possible that my father will not get a chance to act, as will I have already passed on with Meni."
  47. 47. "Oh dear, I really don't like the sound of any of this.." worried Meni. "Neither do I Menidia, but oh my stars - Ocean you've done so well to work this out, and especially well that you managed to get Gadus back!" smiled Meloti. "Even if we don't know what will happen now, the important thing is that you're both back safe and well."
  48. 48. "Yes, it's great to have you back Gadus." I said, and gave him a big hug. "You had us all really worried! I missed my little heir." "We all did." said Ocean. "But son, I think I can hear someone waking up who would quite like to meet you."
  49. 49. "Rar rar rar! Raaaar! Fishies go rar!" "Oh wow, you're even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! My little Marella.. To think I've missed meeting you all this time!"
  50. 50. "Hello little one, I'm your Daddy and I've missed you very much." "Daddy go rar fishy?" Gadus laughed, but waved his hand at his daughter anyway. "Yes, Daddy you can go rar fishy if that's what you want."
  51. 51. "Because I'm never going to leave you all again, do you understand little Marella? And I'm going to make sure you get everything you want in life from now on. Anything at all, my little girl." "Piranha!" giggled the toddler.
  52. 52. While Gadus was busy meeting his daughter, the meeting broke up and everyone began to leave all hoping that not too much would come of the day's events. "You are a silly old fool.." Menidia sighed. "But a brave one at that. I don't care what happens next, because you saved our son and got yourself back in one piece. I need you, you know!" she smiled. "Well I had to come back - I need you too, always have and always will Meni."
  53. 53. And then they found that they needed each other to have slightly less clothes on. Yay!
  54. 54. Once Marella was quite happy to be chewing on her blocks, Gadus sought out the Contessa in the kitchen. "Cadence, she's wonderful. You've done such an amazing job of looking after the kids, and you're still looking as gorgeous as ever!" he added with a wink. "Oow, honeybun tha's so noice of yous to say, but.. Why don' you come sit wiv me for a while, I've just made some grilled cheese I 'ave!"
  55. 55. "It is well good to 'ave you you back me love, I've well missed out evening chats over cheese followed by a good bonk! It's been far too long!" "I agree, I really missed your cooking." Gadus said, which really made Cadence smile. If you're going to compliment her on anything, it better be her cheese first and foremost. "So tell me, how are the boys doing?"
  56. 56. "Oow, well.." "What? What's the matter? They haven't been hurt have they?" "No, nuffink loike tha'. It's jus'.." Cadence looked down at her plate. "It's jus'.. They don' always get on too well sometoimes. I fink it's jus' cos they were missing you, and didn' really know wha' ta do abou' it. Sidneyia took it ou' on little Vauxia a bi', and ee's so noice bless 'im that ee's been get'ing well upset sometoimes. But now you is back, I'm sure it won' mat'er one jot!" she finished cheerily, and went back to munching.
  57. 57. In the morning, Gadus couldn't wait to see his sons. But as he went in their bedroom, he caught them right in the middle of the ritual morning argument. "But astronauts could so live in a castle if they wanted to Sid, don't be mean!" "Well don't be such a whiney baby, and no they couldn't - you don't know anything Vox." Gadus gave a little cough.
  58. 58. "DADDY! I knew you'd be back, I just knew it! I always said you'd come back!" cried Vauxia, and threw himself at Gadus, who happily caught him. "Oh course. You're getting so big Little V, I'm sorry I missed your birthday. We'll have a big party for a next one, ok?"
  59. 59. "Ok, just so long as you're there!" "I will be, I promise."
  60. 60. "It was me who kept telling him you'd be back Dad, I knew it first! I'm the biggest and cleverest after all." said Sid smugly as Gadus bent down to give him a hug. "You're both my big and clever boys, Sidneyia. Though you're getting so strong now, whoa that's tight! have you been practicing hugging girls then?" "Daaad.." "Should we be?"
  61. 61. "Well no Sid, probably not yet. But it's never too early to start! Now, breakfast anyone?" "..Can it not have cheese in it?" "I'll see if can be arranged. I'm sure I can remember how to cook pancakes or something. But let's not ask your Grammy, hey? Her cooking never seems to have good consequences."
  62. 62. And so (thankfully) things began to go back to normal for the Tegenarias. Gadus' wounds healed or faded to scars, and everyone just enjoyed him being back. Gadus made it to the top of the Athletics career and became permaplat.
  63. 63. Marella learnt to fly. "Flying rar rar bird goes RAR!" Indeed it does.
  64. 64. Sid's mastery on the violin earned him a visit from the creepy lady from the Music society, and yet another subject to brag about. "Young Sir, I haven't heard skills like yours since the night Arvicanthis performed the Twelve Dancing Shrews at the opera house!" "Him? Pfft, just wait until you hear my latest composition. It'll knock his tail off for sure!"
  65. 65. Ocean continued to get harassed by all the family ghosts. "Whoo, well done for bringing my Grandson back! Go help yourself to a biscuit dear, but don't get crumbs in my bed. Whoo, my bed!" "Whoo 'our' bed, love of my life."
  66. 66. And sibling bonds were formed. "Rah rah rah!" "Ehehe, yay brother! Very good rar. Love Vox!"
  67. 67. "Aww, I love you too Marella. We'll have each other when you're big, so Sid won't be mean to us, ok?" "Love Sid too! But can't rar like Vox." "Exactly." said Vauxia, and gave his little sister a kiss.
  68. 68. "Er.. Menidia? Are you ok?" asked Ocean. "Yes yes, it's just oh! Ara really bag quite a hottie for a husband didn't she?" swooned his wife. "Um. If you say so dear."
  69. 69. So that's random relatives? Check! The most uncoordinated line of smustling children ever? Check! Hey, it must be a birthday party!
  70. 70. "Oh wow Sidneyia, that cake looks amazing! And there's so many people here.." "Yes, but none of it's for you because you're too little. Now shoo, I want everyone to make as much noise as possible!" "Okay okay, but just so you know there'll be more at my party!" smiled Vauxia as he ran off, leaving his brother shaking his head.
  71. 71. But there were a lot of people standing by as Sid got ready to blow out his candles, and none were tooting harder on their tooty things than Gadus. It had been ages since he'd been to a birthday party, he was determined to make the most of it!
  72. 72. And so Sid grows up into a 'delightful' Orange jumper. Nice. So, while we wait for him to get changed: Sidneyia Tegenaria, the first born of generation six is a Leo of 7/9/3/6/3 with a passion for music. And he has rolled, duh duh de duh.. Knowledge! With a LTW to top the Journalism career. Well, we can't have anyone else getting the scoops before him can we?
  73. 73. "So you decided against the bonking route then?" Gadus asked when the cake had been cut. "Yeah, er Dad? You might want to stop with that at some point, there are far more important things in life you know!" Sid said and rolled his eyes at his father. "Oh really? Like what, I'd like to know." "Oh, I don't know.. Only.. Everything!"
  74. 74. "Oh Mum, Dad can be so single minded sometimes." Sid said when he found Cadence in the kitchen. "Forgive ya Dad, ee's just been missin' a woman's touch fer a while!" "Oh goat - Mum! I did not want to hear that, please." "Fine, would you loike anover cheese sandwich instead then?" asked Cadence. "Mum! There's the single minded thing again. Don't you want to see the world, explore everything there is to see out there? I mean, come on! You can't be the best if you just stay still." he said earnestly. "We-ell.. Maybe after anover sandwich."
  75. 75. And then Sidneyia went to bed in very appropriate pyjamas. So now for something completely different! Well not really, there are still lots of birthdays.
  76. 76. Allozyme was really enjoying getting to be a family man (zombie) at long last, and doted on his granddaughter Ysabelle. She was such a sweet little girl that he couldn't help but drop everything for a quick game of red hands or to help her braid her hair whenever she asked. Yes my friends, zombies do indeed make great hairdressers (or so I'm told).
  77. 77. However, Ysabelle was not this family's only little girl. Norris and Nihm also had a second daughter.. Everyone - please meet Evil Susan. Don't be fooled by her sweet little face, I have a feeling it's really just a gentle facade. My suspicions were first aroused when I saw her personality. 3/10/10/10/2 - well, what would you think? For my little blurb, I'd have to say that that's being evil whilst looking evil next to the big pot of evil.
  78. 78. "You haven't noticed anything odd about our youngest daughter, have you Dad?" Norris asked Allozyme one evening. "What, Susan? Of course not! She's a toddler, what could possible be odd?" "We-ell.. I do wonder about her sometimes." added Nihm. Allozyme was still confused. "Susan?"
  79. 79. "..Never!" You look at that face! You tell me she's not plotting something! From that day on oddly enough, Ysabelle decided never to do her homework on the hallway floor again. Why? You tell me.
  80. 80. It wasn't long before the little sister grew up, as is always the case. "Susan." "Ysabelle."
  81. 81. "OOOGAH BOOGAH BOO!" "Argh, what are you doing?" shrieked Ysabelle, and shrank back in fear of the faces her little sister was pulling. "WIDGETS! Just glad I'm finally the same size as you sis, makes being Evil so much easier." said Evil Susan.
  82. 82. "Susan! Are you being evil by the cake?" "Neeoo-oow.." "Try not to be evil by your cake Susan, and watch your sister grow up like a good girl." "Neeoo-oow.."
  83. 83. "Oh phew I can get his over with quickly.. For some reason I don't really fancy being a child anymore." "Your loss sis, your loss. I'll be over here, just watching - k? Possibly waiting too. Watching and waiting." "Blow out faster you stupid stupid candles!" puffed Ysabelle.
  84. 84. I have very few girls this generation, and Ysabelle is the only one in the first wave (as I'm calling it). So hey look it's a teenage girl! "No really, I'm just glad to be taller than Evil Susan again." She seems to have a lot of blush on, but I just like to think that she's permanently embarrassed.
  85. 85. "Hello old woman that I'm related too! I don't care if it's Ysabelle's birthday - pay attention to me now." "Sweetie, I'm trying to watch the game if that's ok? But we can play on the swings in a little bit, and I'm sure your Grandfather would love to come to. Why not ask him?"
  86. 86. "What the hell lady?! The tv isn't even turned on! Don't you know who I am? I'm Evil Susan for crying out loud! Geez, what's wrong with you.." "Er.. I, er.." and with that, Carrie ran off to hide behind the nearest pot plant and/or giant IKEA floor lamp.
  87. 87. "I do not get our family, GrandZombie dude." "Neither do I little one, and they think there's something odd about you! Can't see it myself personally." "Lo-osers."
  88. 88. You guessed it, all the sparey spare children of spares were are busy growing up throughout Strangetown and there seemed to be a birthday party every other day. I won't make you remember them all - fear not! I get confused with them all myself. But as it always goes, I do have a certain fondness for some.. "C'mon Sid, while Ysabelle's watching! Reckon you can take me?" "Without a doubt, you are the softest kid in this hood Jingo.. Besides, she's not watching you but she will have our eyes on me once I take you down." Jingo is the son of my Simself and Spider Jerusalem Vetinari (on holiday from DrSupremeNerd's Vetinari Dualegacy). If my Simself was not busy making full use of the wonders of ACR I would probably have advised my son not to ask Sidneyia to hit him..
  89. 89. "C'mon Sid, right here - I can take it! Hey Ysabelle, watch this!" But she just shook her head and went back to playing chess with one of the many Shrewlets crawling around the neighbourhood. "Boys are ridiculous.." she said to herself. "You sure about this Jingo? You didn't even want to join in our water balloon fights when we were kids." asked Sid "Yes! ..Is she watching?" "Yup, watching me."
  90. 90. "Take THAT you wuss!" "O-ow! That hurt.." Oh dear. I do believe I have spawned a Knowledge Sim with fluff for brains, ya don't play Punch Me with Sidneyia!
  91. 91. "What the hell man? That was so not cool." "Yeah? Well neither are you. Now stop acting like my kid brother and put 'em back up!" Sid grinned, jumping from foot to foot. "Mmm.. No. Can't we do something non violent instead? I've changed my mind."
  92. 92. "Have you heard about Evil Susan?" "Eheheh." "She's just so.. Evil!" "I know, it's mad!"
  93. 93. Evil things were praying on everyone's minds in Strangetown it seems. "Oh, I hate roaches.." "Roaches!" wailed Menidia. "Why oh why must there be roaches?"
  94. 94. And much as I had them exterminated, everyone insisted on playing with the little buggers and generally making more of a mess. "But they're just so squishy and icky! I need to poke them." Thankfully, I seem to have a (semi)sensible Sim in the Main House again. "Dad! You might want to come back inside now, Marella only wants you to take her to her 'snap snap' cake. Fish only knows why.." "Ok, just one more squish."
  95. 95. Mmyes, minds really do seem to be elsewhere today.. Don't they Menidia? "I'm merely reminiscing about our date this morning. Without dates like that none of this lot would even be here!" Anyhoo, birthday birthday, wiggle wiggle toddler grow up.
  96. 96. "Oh wow! My hand can make a snappy fishy!" said a wowed and newly kidified Marella, while she waved her new big hands about. "Whoo, that's the spirit!" cheered Ocean. Meloti wasn't too sure what was going on with the family these days, but thought it best to cheer along anyway. Menidia always made sure to invite her brothers to the grandkids' birthdays, so that they could get to know them for the future. Even though she still thought of them all as her big brothers, she was glad that they would always be there to look after the Tegenarias.
  97. 97. Still worried that he'd missed so much of her life, Gadus had bough his daughter a mountain of gifts. Marella was so excited that she rushed off to open them all straight away, and quickly found the outfits to her liking. "I can't believe all the boxes! You didn't have to do all that Dad, I'm just glad you're here." she grinned in her pink pyjamas. "Oh course I did my princess! I told you, I'm going to make sure you've t everything you want in life." "Oh cool! Can I have a big fish thank then?" "We've already got four.." muttered Ocean.
  98. 98. "Look, all I'm saying is that if maybe you jigged less when performing classical music maybe you'd get better reviews! I really don't think you always do wonders for the rhythm of the pieces. It gets quite choppy." Sid was explaining to Arvicanthis. "But my music is Shrewtastic!" protested the Shrew. "All the nice ladies with hats say so!" "Well, that maybe - but I'm just saying that if you listened to me, it could be better." "Oh.. Shrew to this!" said Arvi, and he stomped off back to The Nest where he happily found Maid Mallory in their new sauna.
  99. 99. It wasn't long till everyone dispersed after Arvicanthis left, and Marella was so tired from her party that she just fell into bed. After a few sandwiches with Cadence, Gadus snuck upstairs to tuck her in. "You're such a sweet little girl!" he said quietly, "I just hope you're happy, you look happy at least. Maybe I should get you another doll house just in case.."
  100. 100. The next evening, naturally over cheese, Gadus and the Contessa attempted to explain to their children what had happened to him now that Marella was old enough. " you see, you must stay away from that big house Downtown, and you must never bring any strange teenagers or old men you don't know home - just in case!" Gadus said in earnest. "Well said my li'tle crumpet! I'm definitely not bringing any strange brands of cheese home either!"
  101. 101. "This all seems to me that if you a Grampa had acted more sensible then this could all have been avoided.. Does no one in the family ever think"? sighed Sid, rolling his eyes. "I think it sounds exciting!" piped up Vauxia. "We have to be brave and fight them! Ooh, ooh, we could have swords. And be knights! Brave Tegenaria knights!" "Vauxia, don't be so ridiculous-" Sid started, but was promptly cut off by his little sister. "Well I think you're both being ridiculous." said Marella. "We'll be fine Dad, we're not stupid enough to go rar if they try to bite us. Well, I'm not stupid enough at least.."
  102. 102. Vauxia and Marella are turning into quite the little clones. Vauxia was pleased to have someone that he got on slightly better with than Sid, and Marella was just happy to have someone to play snapping chase-y eels with. Gin's awesome genetic analysis says that.. they look quite similar. Oh, the skillz! But I'm positive they both have the Repens nose (I'm very glad it's still around!) unlike Sid, and I think that chin has come down the Tegenaria side as well, and that's Gadus' mouth I reckon. Oh, I dunno - they're cute!
  103. 103. Marella also got into private school, probably thanks to the Contessa again. Even though there's no first-born effect business, they seem determined to do as much together as possible! "Hello Dad!" "Goodbye Dad!"
  104. 104. But it was quickly time for Vauxia to join Sidneyia in the wonderful world of teenagehood, and he was actually quite looking forward to it. Sid does not seem so happy about it. "Just make sure you don't get in the way, ok? And if Ysabelle calls, she'll be calling for me, right? Not you." he reminded Vauxia. "Yeah yeah, whatever! There's way more cooler things than being girls and knowing stuff Sid. Like being brave and valiant, and.. Hey! People actually came to my Birthday!" he said excitednly, noticing that the many guests were beginning to pour through the door.
  105. 105. Though it was mostly just close family, that was beginning to mean quite a big gathering for a Tegenaria birthday! But after the disappointment of his last birthday little Vauxia was thrilled to see them all there, especially Gadus. Even though he didn't want to say it, Sidneyia was pleased to see his brother so happy. He doesn't seem to be the best at getting his feelings across at times, but two crappy birthdays in a row is just a bit much for anyone.
  106. 106. "I wish.. to be big and strong and brave, and fight dragons and stuff!"
  107. 107. And maybe rescue the odd damsle or.. twenty? "Sounds good, and then to woohoo them!" Oh yes, Vauxia rolled Romance with a LTW to Woohoo 20 Sims. Hurray! He's so squishably cute that I think it suits him, and I think he's really going to enjoy his aspiration. To remind you, Vauxia is a Gemini with a personality of 3/9/10/4/9 who's into fitness. And I think he's smashing.
  108. 108. And who is the most proud of him? "I'm telling you Ara, my son is going to have thii-is many women! I've been training him for this ever since he was little, I'm glad he listened. But who wouldn't?" Gadus bragged to his sister. "Pfft, I think the two of you have rather different views on Romance.. But good for you Vox, just try not to listen to your Dad too much. He often talks garbage." "Can do Aunt Ara!" grinned the teen.
  109. 109. With all the excitement in the game room, I er, kind of wasn't paying attention elsewhere. Cadence NO! "I just wants a friend to eat cheese wiv me when snufflekins is sleepin'! So this one will do, look at me now swee'ie." "Shrew?"
  110. 110. "Not today thanks." "Oh boffles." (Phew!)
  111. 111. "Madame, I am a Pleasure Shrew! Think of all the daylight hours I would lose to sing? And I don't think that pale-a skin would work too well with my shrewtastic tail either. I'm very sorry, but Shrew to you! What is with these birthday parties here, I miss Mother! She'd have sorted it out." said Arvi, before running away from Cadence to think very hard about brambles.
  112. 112. But it wasn't long before Vauxia found him, but Arvi didn't mind. He was just pleased that this one didn't have any fangs. "Ok Uncle Arvi, they all say you're one to talk to about dating?" he asked. "Well Shrew, that's something I do know about!" smiled the Shrew. "Ok cool, because I'm going to need to have a bunch. And they need to go well! But please. no fur." The two then spent the rest of the night talking, and Arvicanthis finally had a good time at a party.
  113. 113. "Will he ever snap out of it now?" Sid asked. "Nope. I'm resigned to the fact he's going to be a Shrew forever." Meloti replied. "What? No! I was talking about Vox. The one without the whiskers. Though it is.. hard to tell."
  114. 114. It was quite late by the time all the guests finally left, but Vauxia was still a bit too excited to go to sleep in the room he shared with Sid and Marella. "I just can't wait to meet all the girls! There's got to be more than Ysabelle out there, or else I'm really stuck.. It's going to be so awesome!"
  115. 115. "There's got to be like.. hundreds out there! And what's more irresistible than a knight in shining armour?" With that, he decided to go upstairs and dream of dragons. And that is it for no-
  116. 116. "Ahem. I think we should end with me actually, don't you? Don't you?" Yes yes, whatever you say Evil Susan, whatever you say! "Good. Thanks for stopping by everyone: this was something or other, thanks to someone or other, especially a bunch of people who aren't me, yadda yadda yadda. The weirdo woman in the green dress says you're awesome. I don't think so, but whatever. I'm Evil Susan and I expect you not to forget that. Now go away!"
  117. 117. "Grr." "Aw, come on Mum! It's not that bad a vest!" "No Jingo, it's not that! It's just..
  118. 118. ..Evil Susan turned up glitched to your birthday party!"