The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 23


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 23

  1. 1. 10th August 2008 Afternoon! Or whichever greeting is suitable for you. Welcome to The Science of a Legacy: Chapter Twenty-Three. I can officially put this chapter into Generation Six, and that makes me oh-so excited. I've also installed Bon Voyage, nervously, and so far nothing's exploding which is good. I've somehow managed to get flu in the middle of August which sucks, so just pretend that there's a cough inserted every other word, ok? Last time we saw Generation Five graduate La Fiesta Tech with as least drama as possible, while our heir Gadus flaffled around with trying to find a spouse. And he did. Sort of. If you want to see what happens next - you know what to do!
  2. 2. The morning after his graduation party, Generation Five heir Gadus Tegenaria arrived back to the family home in Strangetown. It was fair to say, it had been a bit of a rushed journey back. "Mum! Dad!" he panted as soon as he got through the door, "you haven't had any, er, unusual visitors have you?" "Nice to see you too, Gadus!" Menidia replied.
  3. 3. "Sorry Mum. It's just that my, er, friend got a bit over-excited at our party and I thought she may have.. Oh dear, and it's daytime as well!" Gadus worried. "Cadence seems like a lovely young, well not young, lovely woman, well not exactly woman. Er. Lovely being? But don't worry, we put her to bed upstairs in a scary looking box Gin brought over a while ago." "What's Gin doing with scary looking boxes?" "Don't know, but she was muttering about flaming balls and weddings and 'just in case', it's was all a bit odd. But there is going to be a wedding, I take it?" she asked.
  4. 4. "Oh yes, that. Look, you and Dad go and set up the garden with balloons and things. We're going to have to wait for night as it is, and I have some things I need to do in the meantime. I think." "Oh don't start with that! Days like this are not for doubts and thinks, then it all goes wrong! Trust me on that, Gadus." Menidia smiled.
  5. 5. And so the Pleasure Sims set about getting ready for their son's wedding, in a very sensible way. "WHOO! Our odd little boy's getting married!"
  6. 6. Due to Gadus's activities at La Fiesta Tech, it became necessary to hire a new maid. Bye bye Genesis! Please do not be kissing my heir now.
  7. 7. "I asked you to help!" he sighed as Genesis left. "I still have to do things that include, you know, proposing."
  8. 8. "Then it can be time to party!" and Gadus happily joined in the smustle, only to find Menidia and Ocean had stopped. "What? He hasn't actually proposed to her yet?" they said, looking worriedly at each other. "Well she didn't really give me a chance!" he protested. "Now please. Garden?"
  9. 9. Menidia and Ocean eventually dragged themselves away, and spent the rest of the afternoon having a water-balloon fight outside. Five minutes before nightfall, they decided to set up for the wedding. "Just so long as he actually gets married.." Menidia thought to herself.
  10. 10. But evening came, and Gadus called out through the house for the Contessa, not quite sure if he was ready to go looking for scary boxes just yet. "Cadence? Are you actually here?"
  11. 11. "I'm sensing my Snufflekins needs me, oi am!"
  12. 12. "Pookie!" "Cadence!" he smiled and gave her a hug. "You really came all the way over here last night?"
  13. 13. "Well it's not like it's far when you can fly like a London pigeon, ain't it?" "No, I guess not." Gadus thought for a minute. "You remember what we were talking about though? When you ran off?" "Well of course I do, darlin'! Weddin's an' babies weren't it? It all sounds super-de-doper to a gal loike me!" the Contessa trilled.
  14. 14. "Well in that case.. Cadence, I wasn't sure I'd ever find anyone I'd actually want to do this with, but there really can't be anything more forever than this so er, will you marry me?" Gadus asked, still not quite believing he was proposing!
  15. 15. "Oh mah bloomin' fish an' chips! Of course I's will, poppet. I'd plum forgor'en you ain't asked yet! But I can't see me-self spending the rest of forever wiv anyone else, so we should get started righ' away!"
  16. 16. "You know.. This might actually not be so bad." he said. "Thassit bunckin! Now there seem to be people already arroivin', they must be psychic or summin', you go say 'ello, and I'll get me finery o-wn!" With that she rushed back upstairs, leaving Gadus to assure the guests that yes - there would be a wedding happening that night. Hopefully.
  17. 17. Now there's a happy little cockney Contessa. "It's well exciting, innit?" she said, as she headed out to the garden.
  18. 18. Not everyone was having a smooth trip over to the arch though. "NORRIS IS A POPULARITY SIM! Just letting you know!" Hiiii Kerie! "Don't be so pathetic Ocean." Menidia said over her husband's screams. "And don't get over- excited."
  19. 19. "Norris is a Popularity Sim!" "So's Nihm!" "Wow - that's amazing!" "Who knew?" Bah. But this is the biggest wedding I've held to date, and everyone actually pitched up and began wandering over to watch! I'm pretty sure you'll recognise everyone, so I won't give you a long long list of attendance.
  20. 20. "Bleh! Tha's great an all, but where's me groom? I wanna get hitched some toime tonight, you knows!" I don't know, he seems to have gone the wrong way across the garden..
  21. 21. Gadus eventually made it across, last of everyone in his traditional style, and the ceremony could begin. "Oow, pookie.. You make me as happy as a bobbin, you do! I wan-na be your missus and give you lots of kisses. For ever an' ever an' then some more!" "Cadence, that's so lovely."
  22. 22. "I didn't know if it was possible to find a love that would last always, but then I realised that I'd already found you! I don't think it's possible to be more long lasting that you, Cadence, and even though you're kind of odd - I think that it works." "Oow, of course it does!"
  23. 23. And Atrica smiled on as his Great-Great-Grandson wed the vampire of his dreams. I think he'd have very much liked to meet him, Gadus reminds me of him a lot. Generation Five heir Gadus Tegenaria Sagittarius 2/3/9/8/5 Romance - Top Athletics Generation Five spouse Contessa Cadence Vijayakar (such a British name..) Pisces 7/4/3/4/5 Pleasure - Something or other
  24. 24. And then everyone went yay! Even though there weren't enough chairs, oops.. Aspiration points for all!
  25. 25. "He did it! He actually did it! No doubts at all." Menidia cheered. Then she turned around. "What are you all looking at?"
  26. 26. "Norris is a Popularity Sim!" "Well I just liked Billy's cape.." said Arvi. "Why don't I have a cape?"
  27. 27. "Well done son, well done!" his mother shouted as Gadus made his way inside for the cake cutting. "Thanks Mum.. I think." "No! No doubting yourself! That's bad. I keep telling you!" (I was actually very relieved to see those red rings - sorry Gadus. When only the Contessa had them under the arch I was worried I was being struck by the same glitch that wouldn't let Meni and Ocean get married. But apparently bad memories just take longer to show up. Phew! And again, sorry Gadus.)
  28. 28. "HAHA, GIN HEART-BARFS YOU!" "Blargh!" And that was how Repens nearly killed Ocean. Thank fishness for energizers. Poor guy, he never has the best luck with ghosts. Maybe they scare Sims they don't know more often?
  29. 29. Everyone else made it back inside scare free, for cake cake time! "Biscuit, even I knows you're supposed to use a fork to eat cake. They 'ad already been invented when I was born they 'ad, no need to play pretend."
  30. 30. "But it's so much more fun this way!" Gadus laughed. He narrowly managed to avoid impaling himself on Cadence's fangs, and good thing too - I fear he's already had enough of his mini-taste of the afterlife!
  31. 31. "I'm so pleased you went through with this first time." Menidia said when everyone had grabbed a slice of cake. "But why wouldn't I? I love Cadence" "I'm so happy to hear that" she smiled. "There's no better reason to not hesitate with a wedding. That's all I'm saying." "Mum, you really don't need to panic about me panicking! I'm fine. Really."
  32. 32. "..Though it may take a little while to get used to your bride." "I right miss the sunshoine, I do! Obviously looking at Gorgeousness over there is as lovely as a ray of sun so don't ma'ter, but it would be quite noice I guess. What's your favourite sky thing, Mrs. Tegenaria?"
  33. 33. The party hadn't even begun to wind down, but Gadus and Cadence decided to steal away to the upstairs bedroom post-cake to be alone for a while. "Cadence.. You know there's something we never got to do on the night of my graduation?" he said. "Eat mushy peas?" "Close, but not quite."
  34. 34. "BONK!" Do I hear a little lullaby? Oh yes, I think I do.
  35. 35. When they emerged downstairs a while later, Gadus found his sister waiting for him. "I would ask why you aren't wearing your tuxedo, but I have a feeling I know why." Ara smiled. "But I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you managed to find someone like Cadence who'll, let's face it, sort you out!" "I'm fine! And while we're at it, Goopy's fine too! But ok, I see your point." he laughed. "Good luck sis, I'm sure we'll both be fine." "I'm sure we will too."
  36. 36. Meanwhile, Cadence was getting distracted by shiny things. "What in the world is this contraption? It's well odd, it is!"
  37. 37. So to find out, she stuck her head in it. "Oooow my wellington boots!"
  38. 38. "That was well odd, innit.. Maybe a grilled cheese saanwich will 'elp me feel bet'er. Or maybe 200. Oow, no! Everyone's leavin', I can't make 'em for 'em too." Contessa Cadence Tegenaria Grilled Cheese - Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Not only have I never played a vampire before, I've never played a Grilled Cheese Sim before either! Bring it.
  39. 39. I think she's happy about it, too! "Where's the cold thing you put food in? I ain't 'ad to eat for a few centuries 'afore. What d'ya do?"
  40. 40. "Well this ain't too bad! It's nearly bed-mornin' toime though, so I'll make some for snooky to have for 'is breakfast. I do 'ope he loikes 'em, or we've got a problem."
  41. 41. Snooky did like grilled cheese, and happily ate three. Maybe I cheesed the wrong Sim? He wasn't too sure how to spend his days until Athletic came up, so he took his parents advice and made friends with the family's invisible fish. "..Even I can see this is ridiculous." But you look so cute doing it!
  42. 42. So instead he decided to work on his Sports enthusiasm. Even though he'd already maxed all his skills, he wanted to know as much about them as possible to help with his career. "Wahey! That's 56 goals to me, and how many to you Dad?"
  43. 43. "That would be zero, son.." Ocean said, as he dived in completely the wrong direction yet again. He couldn't wait to go on a nice long hike later, maybe get chased by a few bees, things he was better at.
  44. 44. "Thank you for en'ertainin' me 'usband all day, Mr Tegenaria." Cadence said over dinner that evening. "'Ow do you like your grilled cheese? I made it 'specially for you, I did!" "Well that's very kind of you Cadence, but what are these little crunchy bits?" "Sand o'course! For your Ocean. I fought you'd like a beach to go wiv it?" "Oh. Well, like I said, very kind. Gadus!" he called across the kitchen. "I'd put that sandwich back if I were you!"
  45. 45. But the Contessa didn't mind, it meant all the more for her! "And all the more cheese rinds to block up the trash compactor.." thought Gadus. But he was surprising himself by how much he was enjoying life with Cadence. Homely Romance was seemed to be much more his 'thing' that all the dates his cousin Rutilus preferred.
  46. 46. "DON'T COMPLAIN!" "I'm not, I'm n-not Grandma Saeva! I'm glad it makes her happy! That makes me happy!" "Good boy. When are those babies coming, any how?"
  47. 47. Soon it would seem! "How exctin'! But this is no fitting dress for a mother.." The Contessa ran to the wardrobe and began to rifle through the clothes, determined to find something more suitable to her liking.
  48. 48. "Much be'ter. And there's an apron to help speed up ma cheese makin' and everyfin'." I think it suits her. Her secondary aspiration has also been changed to Family, not that it makes a dent in her cheese-tastic Want panel.
  49. 49. "Oow, please Mrs. Tegenaria! You've only had two sandwiches tonight. I wan' make you lots more, they're well nice." "No no no! I want a salad!" No one in the house is nice enough to talk to Cadence about cheese at the moment. At least when she had her baby it can't tell her to stop! Poor kid.
  50. 50. Oh dear. Ocean! How did you manage to catch heat stroke in the middle of winter?! I don't even know what to do when this happens!
  51. 51. "Well I don't know what you expect me to do.." said Menidia, looking down at her husband on the pavement. "I'm sure he'll be ok though, he's probably been through worse." And she shrugged and went back inside the house.
  52. 52. Ocean managed to get up by himself, but was in dire need of something cool. We didn't have enough lemons to make any lemonade, but a passing penguin seemed to do this trick. "You look cold! You must be cold.." "..Tummy rubs?"
  53. 53. "'urry up and finish on that bike! I've been waitin' plum near an hour to play Don't Wake the Llama wiv you, bumpkin!" "Cadence, go to bed! You really shouldn't be up during the day, try not to forget." Gadus sighed. "Would you like me to make you some sandwiches for lunch to make it up for yous?" "Cadence, no!" he puffed. "GO TO BED!"
  54. 54. Gadus managed to eventually convince her to go back to sleep, so they were both happy to see the baby pop that evening - safe and sound. "You're.. leaving you sandwich?" Gadus asked, curious, when the rings had subsided. "I's got a be'ter idea, I has!"
  55. 55. "Oh yeah, and what's that?" he smiled, pretty sure he already knew what the answer was. "It's bonking time!" she hissed. And they both hurried upstairs. Whenever Cadence hisses it generally means she's feeling frisky, which makes me laugh! Just so long as there's no biting involved.
  56. 56. But post-bonk, they were in for a surprise. "Oh ma waffles and toooaas'eeers.. Wake up 'ubby!"
  57. 57. "Whassit? Whaasit?" Gadus mumbled, sort of falling out of bed. "We've got 'un! We've got a little 'un!" Generation Six has arrived! Gadus and Cadence have a little boy, who's name is Sidneyia. Sidneyia is an extinct trilobite species of the Cambrian era, and also a baby with skin tone 2, grey eyes, and BROWN hair. Cadence is a dyer, but I've yet to have brown hair anywhere in the Legacy so I'm actually pleased!
  58. 58. And so were the new parents. "This is so exciting!" Gadus said happily, "I didn't know it'd be this good! I don't know why some Romancers don't enjoy this.." Of course, Gadus wasn't the only one to move back from LFT ready to start a family. I think we should check in with a few others, don't you?
  59. 59. In a bright and shiny new house across the street.. For the same reason Goopy was very excited, Ara was very happy. They'd just become Mr and Mrs Gilscarbo, which mean only one thing - "Wedding night!" Or wedding afternoon. On a couch. While I hid under the desk. But they both were happy they'd waited, as their wedding had been yet another cute state of affairs..
  60. 60. Again, in their own way. Oh, the joys of spare motherlode.. You'd actually be richer if you went back to the main house, you know. They've got over $500,000 and my spares only get one motherlode each. Anything else you're going to have to work for, missy!
  61. 61. "Goopy, I had no idea how important you would become when I first met you outside my shop all those years ago. But I'm very glad that I found out. You've become a real gentleman, just about, and I can't wait to find out what you're like as a husband and a father." "Er, what? When were there babies involved? Never mind, it probably won't be that bad. But I'd really sorry I kidnapped you Ara, and gave you the wrong idea about me. Because I do love you, and can't wait to finally have some woohoo."
  62. 62. "Well, that's sweet enough for me Mr Gilscarbo." she smiled. Goopy failed to hide how happy he was, and grinning as the rings were exchanged while most of The Watch and Ara's family looked on. Ara Gilscarbo Sagittarius 2/3/10/7/10 Fortune - Earn $100,000 Goopy Gilscarbo Leo 4/10/4/4/3 Romance - Top Athletic
  63. 63. "Well done sis!" Gadus cheered. "Man, I wish you good luck with that guy. He needs to brush his hair for a start." "I don't think luck's needed.. You should have seen them at the last meeting!" Vole smiled.
  64. 64. Unfortunately, the lure of the new stereo was just too much for some (most) of the guests. "Aunty Meni, should you be outside?" Fred asked. "No no, I can get the aspiration points from here. Plus this is the best smustle I've been in for ages! This is what weddings are actually about, you should know that dear."
  65. 65. "Dude. I feel your pain." Now look, you both wanted to get married so don't throw those red rings at me! I know better.
  66. 66. "Goopy! I told you to take small bites." "Mmffgg! You shouldn't shove it in my face then. But the sooner we eat this, the sooner everyone can leave and the Goopster can get his groove on." But Ara wanted to socialise for a bit longer, much to Goopy's dismay.
  67. 67. "You're not going to give me any sage advice and 'right decisions' and the big decision on marriage, are you Dad? Gadus said Mum was going a bit strange at his wedding." "What? Oh no, of course not Ara. We always knew you'd be fine, you've managed to turn this chap around to your way of thinking no problem. We were worried about your brother for a while, but he seems to be settling into life with Cadence and Sidneyia better than we could have ever expected."
  68. 68. "..And your mother's just being a bit intense at the moment. I think she's just excited that you and your brother are getting married is all."
  69. 69. "Thank you for being so patient Goopy, I really appreciate it." said Ara when she'd sought out her new husband. "It's well worth the wait to make you happy." he smiled. "However.. Everyone seems to be getting ready to leave now.."
  70. 70. And they needed no more invitation than that. Aww.
  71. 71. Married life suited the Gilscarbos well, and it wasn't long before they realised they were going to be joined by another member. Ara was annoyed that this meant she couldn't open her new business right away, or check in with Ara's Aesthetics that often, but was thrilled as the prospect of a baby. As was Goopy! He was busy working on his promotions, oddly he'd never been to active in The Watch when it came to training.
  72. 72. But before they knew it, their son Becks had arrived and the Strangetown baby boom was well underway. I can already see plans for a Day-Care Centre burning in Ara's mind.. But life looks like it's going to be rosy over here, but I think there's one more happy ending we need to check in with before we go.
  73. 73. After graduation, Norris had decided to take up Allozyme's offer of coming to stay with him. But before they could begin getting to know each other all over again, there was something he had to do. "Dad.." he said nervously. "This is Nihm. She's the one I've been telling you about." Allozyme looked confused for a minute. "Nihm.."
  74. 74. "What's up Allo! So this is why you skipped out on the last meeting? House building. Well, it looks awesome!" Nihm said, and poked the zombie playfully. "You know each other?" said a shocked Norris. "Yes." said Allozyme grumpily. He didn't liked being poked. "Nihm's Mother is my sort-of Aunt. I say sort-of, because she's not actually related to us anymore. Clearly she's not as good as the death thing as I am. But don't worry, you have my blessing kids." "Awesome! Because the wedding's this afternoon, so go get your suit on." Nihm smiled.
  75. 75. Allozyme couldn't stay grumpy for long, he was so happy to have Norris and Nihm living with him. It really was a new beginning for all of them, and he wanted to get started! "This a day I never thought I'd see." he said to Norris after they were changed, and gave him a big hug. "My baby boy, all grown up and about to get married and actually.. Here!" Norris laughed. "I kind of feel the same way!" he said. "I can't believe after all this time we're a real family again." "Let's make it official, shall we?"
  76. 76. As with the other weddings, the house filled up with Tegenarias and Turners and goodness knows who else in no time! Cunningly, Allozyme broke the stereo so everyone had to go and watch his son say his vows. But for the Popularity couple, the guests were distraction enough! "A best friend in the first five minutes? This is the best wedding ever! Now who haven't I met.."
  77. 77. "Agreed, best wedding ever!"
  78. 78. "Yup, best wedding ever!" Stop that Sam, it's not lady-like. Lisa would be shocked! Er. Who exactly have you fallen in love with? "Root." Great. Thanks.
  79. 79. But there are some loves that are meant to be. "Nihm, I don't really know where to start." sighed Norris. "All I ever wanted, it to find a family who loves me, one that I can call my own. There are so many of my friends who have helped set me in the right direction, but I know I'd found the family I needed when I met you. I've never been sure of who I am or who I want to be, but now I know. I'm an Agelenidae, and I'm yours." "Oh you silly, it doesn't matter what your name is. You'll always be my wolfie!"
  80. 80. Norris Agelenidae Pisces 7/1/10/2/8 Popularity - Top Politics Nihm Agelenidae Libra 2/7/5/9/7 Popularity - Top Law Enforcement
  81. 81. "Mum, you came! I didn't know if you'd be allowed to, but oh - I'm so happy you're here!" Carrie gave her daughter a big hug. "It's all out in the open now, kiddo. And I wouldn't miss this for anything, apparently even death can't keep me away!"
  82. 82. Nihm wasn't the only one surprised to see family. "Sam, thank you so much for replying to my invite. I was worried you wouldn't be able to get passed Lisa." Norris said as he hugged his adopted sister. "Norris, I told you I'd always be able to find you! I didn't tell Mother, I think we can all do without her ruining today. I love her so much, but don't want to see you that upset ever again. But I wish you would come visit us, really. You haven't even met my fiancé yet!" He sighed. "I know Sam, I wish I could. Just trust me when I say The Watch is working on it. Now stop making out with my cousin!"
  83. 83. Good fishness, it was always Norris' mouth I thought was a little frog-like! That's just.. scary. But anyway, Generation Five clearly don't believe in forks.
  84. 84. "I can't get to the chair, there's a chair in my way!" "Neither can I-I-I-I.." "My environment is tanking! Sort it." Once again, I fail at building. Apparently 4x4 is not big enough for a dining room, and then on top of that I forgot to decorate it. Look, just go and eat your cake in the sun room, I'll sort this later - promise!
  85. 85. "Hello. We've come to crash your party." "Er, who are you?" said Ara. "Bohemians! It's what we do and it's groovy! And this guy just followed us. Now, which way to the keg?" That's the Simself of Jamie/DocGirlP who write the Bohemian Legacy on the left, and her Generation Three heiress Atrimes on the right. Sadly they didn't bring along Artimes' twin brother Apollo who's also running around Strangetown, as he always does wonders for a party score.
  86. 86. "Ahaha! Who's being inappropriate now?" Bad Bertie! That's your.. um.. first cousin twice removed, possibly more! Be gone from this party.
  87. 87. "I always enjoy meeting someone new, but you probably shouldn't be caressing Ara. Bye bye!" "Shut up, girls are rubbish anyway! But oh so soft to touch.." I really need to get him a girlfriend. Jamie? "No thanks, my eyes are being burned enough with my own ACR as it is! I don't want yours as well."
  88. 88. "So. You're all bohemian and against The Man and things, what's what like?" "It's ok, but it's a bit difficult when your sister's an evil Romancer out to destroy your family." "Sounds a bummer. Want to play Red Hands to make it better?"
  89. 89. "That was an amazing wedding!" Nihm said a the couple ran to their limo and the party ended. "I know! I met so many new Sims and even scored a few BFFs! And did you see how everyone was always thinking about us?" "I know! But then, that always happens. We are awesome after all!"
  90. 90. Shorty after they'd returned from their honeymoon 'round the block, Nihm found herself not only in Cadence's pyjamas, but also feeling a bit too wonky inside for her liking. "It's going to be ok.. It's going to be ok.. I'll get to meet someone new.."
  91. 91. This, I do not think she wanted to meet. Pregnant Sims being sick! Ahahaha!
  92. 92. Allozyme was thrilled with the events on the other hand. "You must be so excited, I can't wait to be a Grandfather! This little one is going to be the most loved child in all of Strangetown with all of us looking after them. Do you need me to get you anything else. I'm sure I can get Arvi to fold this paper into a humorous shape for you if you want. That's a lovely face by the way.."
  93. 93. Norris is the first of Generation Five to become perma-plat. Yay Norris! He's now the Mayor of Strangetown, after a landslide vote for his child protection bills. Wouldn't you have voted 'yes' too?
  94. 94. Nihm was happy to put her job on hold while she was pregnant, and more than content to get back to her love of nature. She hadn't had much time with the events as university, so was enjoying the peace and quiet. And I think that this lovely picture is as good a place as any to leave these guys, when they're all shiny happy and so on. So let's have a birthday!
  95. 95. "Tickle tickle tickle!" Even though Sid was only a baby, Gadus had really enjoyed taking care of all his needs. The other family members hardly got a chance! But now it's time for him to toddlerfy we'll see how much of a handful he really is.
  96. 96. "Oow, 'e just looks to lovely when 'e's all sweaty and holding our baby!" Ocean's brought Spider Jerusalem Vetinari home from work, so he ended up staying for Sid's birthday - though he seems to be outshining the grandparents in terms of excitement. "We are excited, we're just saving our energy for the traditional dancing in front of an open fire later!"
  97. 97. Gadus masters the throw and spin on the first try! And oh my, I think Sidneyia is a cute little thing. I'm never sure, but I think he has Gadus' mouth, nose and cheeks, but possibly Cadence's eyes. Except for, y'know, not being red. But whenever I say things like that I get it wrong, we'll try again when he's an elder or something. It took me that long to work out Meni had the Repens nose! Sid's a Leo 7/9/3/6/3, so will be slowly walking up to shake your hand, and then pick bits out of hair with a little scowl on his face.
  98. 98. Sid makes the best toddler faces I've seen for ages! "It's an express train comin' wiv a cargo of snuggles for Sidney! But don't ea' it." "Num."
  99. 99. Confused as he may have been throughout his life, Gadus has really found his calling as a dad. I've heard Romance sims can be a bit hit or miss as parents, but he had to be good at something! He's probably the best dad I've ever had, so prop to Gadus! "Say.. Bonk!"
  100. 100. "Sidneyia bonk bonk!" "Yes, that's right. One day you will get to bonk bonk! Just make sure that they stay around for the morning, Sid. That's what'll make you happy." "Happy happy bonk bonk!"
  101. 101. Not that everyone else wasn't proving their worth. "Sidneyia go wheee!" "Just so long as there's an 'h' in that, little guy."
  102. 102. "Cadence, I think Sid is the best thing that's ever happened to me!" Gadus was saying one evening. "Wha', even be'ter than me me china plate?" "Well no, but I was wondering.. Can we have another one?" he asked. "O' course! I got to eat twice as much cheese when pregnant last time!"
  103. 103. Generation Six is well and truly underway now! But I'll leave you with this squeeable picture of Sid for the time being. I always forget how much I like toddlers.. Alas I couldn't fit the adventures of the rest of Generation Five into this, but I'm going to foray into the world of spares only updates which I've never done before - so you will get to see the funny that was Fred and Billy's wedding at some point! Thank you to everyone who's Simselves and Legacy Sims they've kindly let me steal, and to clever CC creators who make my Sims stylish and foxy, and obviously the lovely people who read this. You make my sinuses happy! If you haven't already, steer yourself towards as soon as you can for a bunch of amazing Legacies and writers. This has been Gin, who's going to lie down and die in a duvet in front of the Olympics. Toodles!
  104. 104. "Oops, I don't think I'm meant to do that am I.."