The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 18


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 18

  1. 1. 26th April 2008 Zoom zoom zoom! It's The Science of a Legacy, as if you didn't know by now. So, we're up to Chapter 18, eh? Who'd have thunk it.. Last time I left you with a short little update, and if I were feeling more awake I could give you a decent recap - but I'm quite sleepy and so will just tell you that reduced price flapjack is a very good thing. Love and cuddles, now on you go.
  2. 2. The sun was rising in Strangetown, and Corvus Tegenaria had paid an early morning visit across the neighbourhood, to the home of the current Legacy generation. "It's not fair.." he sighed.
  3. 3. "Uncle Corvus?" Menidia had just finished feeding the cow plant it's usual leftover bacon, and spotted her relative at the family's memorial wall. "Aren't you forgetting a 'Great' there, Menidia? Or the two that your children use?" he sniffed. "You feeling ok? How long have you been out here.." the heiress asked, Corvus wasn't acting like himself.
  4. 4. "Corvus has been out here long enough. Don't you miss them, Menidia? Corvus misses them all, every day." his eyes looked sad, not something usually seen in the cheery Spare. "Of course I do, Uncle Corvus. But there's nothing we can do, they had to leave us.. Though I do wish I could talk to Mum, or Grandpa Repens, I still need them sometimes." "But you have not watched them all die. Corvus has been around when they all left us. My parents, my brother, both my nieces.. It is not fair anymore."
  5. 5. "Corvus wants to make sure that no one dies. Not anymore!" and he swept down the garden, with the sadness in his face replaced with a sense of purpose. "Wait!" But Menidia knew her shouting was futile, once Corvus got an idea in his head - it was hard to convince him otherwise. But as an heiress, she understood that everyone had their time, even if it hurt. But Menidia wasn't worried about her (Great) Uncle, he had a good heart.
  6. 6. That afternoon Gadus brought a 'friend' home from school, excited as it was his Birthday that evening. "So you can stay, and have some cake, ok? Mum says I can't have a big party because we're still mourning for Grandma and Grandpa apparently, but you know!" he grinned at Samantha. "I.. I didn't realise that you lived here." she said quietly.
  7. 7. "Sure I do!" Gadus grinned, "I'm a Tegenaria alright, and this is my home." "I should have guessed from your name!" Sam laughed, "but you're really fun to play with Gadus, it's a shame.." "What's a shame?" he asked, confused by this girl.
  8. 8. "I'm not allowed to play with you, my Mother says so, and I love her." she turned and walked down the porch stairs. "I'm sorry Gadus. But Happy Birthday." Gadus rolled his eyes and headed inside. "Pfft, girls.." he muttered.
  9. 9. His older sister Ara returned home soon after, thrilled that she'd finally reached the top of her teenage Science career. "S'up my little cheekos? I had an awesome day, I got to name all the lab rats! I called them Binky and Patrick, don't you think tha-" "Finally!" Gadus groaned. "Ara, you're late! Now just go stand over there with a clacker." "Okie dokie, little bro!" ---- Note: Binky and Patrick are the names of my goldfish, isn't that nice?
  10. 10. The sound of clackers and tooty horns filled the air, even though it was only a small celebration, and the youngest Tegenaria stepped up to his cake. "Whoo, you blow out those candles, son!" yelled Ocean, who loved parties of any kind. "Yeah, goooo Bro!" joined in Ara.
  11. 11. "Hm, ok then.." Gadus was thinking carefully. "For my Birthday, I wish.. I wish. I wish that. Er."
  12. 12. "That we all get to dance on down afterwards!" Didn't he grow up well? Even if his boogie-face is interesting to behold. But Gadus rolled Romance - my first ever in SoaL, whoo! Even though his LTW is to become a Hall of Famer, I may try for one of the Romance impossible points with him at uni. Not for points obviously, but just because I've never really played a Romance Sim before. Whee! Thank you Gadus.
  13. 13. "Look sis, I know my moves are white hot, but could you just, you know, move?" Gadus glared cheerily at his exasperated sister. "You really need to stop hanging round with Root.." she said. Ara then rolled her eyes, and continued to celebrate with her brother.
  14. 14. "Root taught me everything I know! Except for what I came up with myself, of course. " Gadus said proudly. "But this really isn't turning into a party.. Where are Mum and Dad anyway?" "Well you know Mum" Ara replied, "she's busy poking the fire. And Dad.. Well, he's just outside being Dad."
  15. 15. "Bees! Argh, why'd it have to be bees.." Ocean didn't seem to be having the best of luck during his hikes sadly.. But much as he moaned, he loved spending time in nature. "But not with bees!"
  16. 16. "Fair enough" Gadus smiled. "But come on sis, you need to work on your moves - it's no wonder you haven't been asked on a single date yet!" "I've had more important things to do!" came the retort, "a masterpiece doesn't just paint itself you know. Things such as dating can wait." "Not for me they can't, sis! I'm getting started tomorrow, Root and I have already discussed how to go about it, and I've made plans.." "As long as they don't involve you actually dating Root, knock yourself out." she sighed at her little brother.
  17. 17. With both Ara and Gadus now old enough to stay at home, Menidia and Ocean got back to the business-y business of running R's R 'n' R. Where the customers were always happy! "By Spider Jerusalem, I do not know how I just walked away with five flamingos and a fish tank!" "It's all for the greater good, Gin!" Menidia trilled and opened up the business.
  18. 18. But things were going rather well at the Tegenaria's first attempt at a business after having lain dormant for several generations. They do a fine line in plastic flamingos, fish tanks, and bowling memorabilia. Repens clearly had a keen eye. "Anne! You need a pink plastic protector! You need three!" "Oh yes, yes I really do! I've never even heard of those things before, but I must have them!" Anne Legacy is from Dicreasy's Victorian Legacy, where she's a lot more vampy than she is here.
  19. 19. Things were going so well in fact, that Menidia felt it was time that they hired some help. So she asked one of her best friends, Olivia. "Of course, I'd be honoured Menidia! Your outfit is still dynamite though.." Yay, I've never had an employee before! Now TILL TILL TILL, you. Olivia Legacy come from StyxLady's Just Another Legacy, which is full of yay goodness.
  20. 20. "Corvus! You've stopped brooding, thank goodness. It's so not you.." and the business owner hugger her Uncle. "It's alright Menidia, everything's in motion. Now I just need a flamingo or two.." "Now that I can help you with. How about five?"
  21. 21. "Di, you need this expensive fish tank to go with Anne's flamingo. Whaddya say?" "Perfect! Now, do you also sell Lycra bathing suits?"
  22. 22. "LARCH! Larch Vetinari, you need an aquarium too! Perfect for keeping those childrinions occupied on a rainy day." "Or I can shove Cypress' head in it - perfect!" Larch, keeper of the childrinions, steps from DrSupremeNerd's Vetinari Dualegcy where we share nerd genes.
  23. 23. As does this fella. "Tell me Mrs. Tegenaria, does Gilbert Jaquet frequent this venue?" "To be honest Cassidy, I haven't actually seen him around for a while.. Best ask Gin - she's at the bar." "I like the sound of that! Perhaps I may find your husband as well, mm." "Hands off, bub."
  24. 24. And here it is people! The final star to push R's R 'n' R up to Level 10, yaaay! I've never ever had a Level 10 business before, and it was actually a lot more fun/easier than I thought it'd be. Though Menidia and Ocean have been living off energisers here for the past Sim week.
  25. 25. And who threw this star? Random placeholder for Chapter Three! Thank you random placeholder. But R's R 'n' R was not the only place with flying stars..
  26. 26. ".. and I traced my lineage all the way back to the great Atrica, and for once Mrs. Bauchman was actually impressed!" gloated Wesley Tegenaria "Although she did say I should have made more of a point on the filth and poverty suffered."
  27. 27. "Wow, that's amazing!" grinned Sam, "I would love to know that much about my family! You'd like my brother, well he's not really my brother, but he loves that kind of thing too. Gosh, you're everso smart, Wesley.."
  28. 28. "Well know you, it just comes naturally to some people. What can I say? It's a gift I am burdened with." He tried to be nonchalant about matter, but inside Wesley was grinning. He loved to be paid compliments, especially when it was over his hard work. "True." But Sam's smile was fading. "I've gotta go Wes, you know how my Mum is.." "Alas my dear, I do."
  29. 29. Sam turned to leave, but bumped into someone rather blue. "Mrrughmmn!" Allozyme smiled at the little girl, he loved having children around. "Gee, I've got to go Mister.. Hey wait, do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar." "Grrumpog." came the reply. "No, I guess not then.. Oh well, see ya!" and with that, Samantha scurried off home, unaware of what she had just encountered.
  30. 30. Wesely strutted into the lounge, and flopped down next to his sister. "Wes, you just missed it! The Princess Goldfish was just on, you'd have loved it. It was my favourite film when I was your age." Fred smiled as sweetly as she could at her brother.
  31. 31. "What is it with things like that around here?" he asked. "Like what?" "Like the amount of goldfish and shrew related franchises! It's simply not normal, I tell you. But then.." he looked her up and down, "you're not completely normal either.. This family just isn't!" "But in a good way!" Fred exclaimed. "Now come on, it's time to blow out your candles."
  32. 32. For it was Wesley's birthday! There's a lot of these around at the moment. The whole household gathered in the living room to see him grow up.
  33. 33. "Whoo, way to go son!" Styx shouted, beaming as she saw how handsomely her son had grown up. "But you match the couch! Never mind, I'll knit you a nice new jumper." "Mother, it's quite alright. I think I look alright as I am. I look.. well, worth around $100,00 I expect!" Yup, Wes rolled Fortune, with the same LTW as Ara to earn $100,000. Do I see some business partners in the making here?
  34. 34. While the rest of the family went to gorge themselves on Birthday cake, Allozyme went to sit down in the other room. He looked rather forlorn. Being the concerned brother that he is, Meloti quickly noticed and went to join him. "Allozyme.. I'm sorry. I know it was Norris' Birthday last week. It can't have been easy to watch Wesley grow up." he smiled weakly at his zombie brother who looked close to tears. "Durhgmf." "I know you miss him, but hey! I bet he thinks about you everyday. And Lisa can't keep a hold of him forever."
  35. 35. "Wertupy?" "Yes, I know so! Well get him back, he belongs with us. Norris is a Tegenaria, and I promise you brother, we will all help you get him back in your life!" The two brothers grinned and embraced, then walked/sloped over to get slices of cake and join the others.
  36. 36. "Gadus! Stop being ridiculous." Vole Turner snapped at her cousin. "But he's always been so weird.." "I'm not asking much! Just go home with him tomorrow, you never know! I bet you'll like him if you give him a chance, Wes and Root did."
  37. 37. "Oh alright! I'll be nice to Norris, but don't expect anything magic.." Gadus sighed and gave in. He knew well enough not to bother trying to win arguments with the females of his family. "Thank you" said Vole, and gave him a quick hug. "You're staying for Root's Birthday tonight?" "Wish I could, but Mum and Dad are actually coming home tonight. Ara's cooking, and I need to be there to laugh at her. Laters Vole!" and he skipped down the stairs, with a quick pose on the bottom - just in case anyone was watching.
  38. 38. "Yeah, so that old bag's really lightened up since you showed up, Sam! Cheers for that one, shrewette." Rutilus wasn't used to getting A+'s, but their teacher seemed to have brightened up these days. "No worries! It's no nice to get to know you all you guys.."
  39. 39. "Awesome! Want to stay for some burrowing grub Birthday cake, then?" the young Shrew was always up for a party. "Um.. I think I'll pass on that one, Root. But I'll see you tomorrow!" It was funny how no one ever wanted to stay for dinner at the Turner household.
  40. 40. "Whoa, slow down there!" This time Samantha had bumped into Vole. "What's the hurry? You could hurt yourself if you fall over, you know. What's your name?"
  41. 41. "Samantha Bauchman? Who are you? You look really odd." Sam said tartly. "I'm Vole, sweetie. But it's nice to meet you, Sam! And my Dad's a Shrew, it's kind of hard to explain. But I've heard a lot about you." "That's really odd. And I have to go now anyway, my Mother says I should only be friends with the right kind of people, and I'm not quite sure who that is yet."
  42. 42. As Sam left, Vole went to find Mallory. Something about that little girl had put her on edge. "Something just doesn't seem right, Mum. I mean, 'the right kind of people' - what's that all about?" she asked her. Mallory sighed, and looked at her daughter.
  43. 43. "Oh Vole, I could go on all day about how that Lisa is a terrible mother. The way she treats her son.. I'm so pleased you took him under your wing, the boy needs some friends more than anything. I don't know the whole story there, and I don't know if I want to." "And Sam?" "She's adopted, from what I gather. She's a sweet kid, but I worry what that woman will do to her. Arvi sweetie, do you know anything about Lisa Bauchman?"
  44. 44. "..Arvi? ARVICANTHIS!" "Mhum, what? My goodness, I really do look Shrewtastic today! But yes, I'm quite ready for Root's Birthday celebrations. Baked the cake myself!" the Shrew finally looked away from the mirror and grinned at his wife. "No, that's not what I- Oh, never mind. Just fetch the cake." Mallory sighed. Much as she loved her husband, she couldn't help but wish he sometimes paid more attention to the world around him.
  45. 45. Forgetting the Bauchman's for now, the Turners lined up to celebrate the aging of their youngest member. "Come on, my boy! I hope you grow up into that tail of yours!" Arvi grinned. "Wish for some clothes for Dad!" Vole shouted at her brother.
  46. 46. "That's just what I was thinking, Vole.. That, plus some new tap shoes. A shrew's gotta have rhythm!" And with that, Rutilus blew out his candles.
  47. 47. And grew up and into his tail, no doubt. It's fair to say, Arvi was more than a little proud of him. Root set to work on mastering one of the most basic traditions of his family. "Every Pleasure Shrew needs to be able to do this.. Ok Rooty, find your centre.. Flying lotus shrew leap of dooom!" We have this generation's Pleasure Shrew, people! Root rolled the same aspiration as his father, but with the LTW to become Celebrity Chef. Here's hoping he breaks away from his father when it comes to culinary tastes..
  48. 48. The next morning, a game of chess was taking place at the end of the street. "Oh my goodness! Norris, when did you grow up?" said a very surprised teacher. "About a week ago, Lisa." Norris just looked at his mother. "But I made us all breakfast, seeing as it's Sam's birthday." "Oh wow Norris, thanks" grinned his little sister. "Samantha, Norris, you must always call her Samantha." Lisa corrected.
  49. 49. "I can't wait till I'm as grown up as you, Norris.." Samantha loved her brother, even though they'd got off to a rocky start. "Yes, just don't become like him, Samantha." Lisa reminded her daughter. "Why do you always have to be like that? I'm nearly an adult Lisa, and I'm sick of this. If my father was still alive I know you wouldn't be like this. I'm going to find out what happened to him, and don't try and stop me." Norris glared at his mother over his pancakes.
  50. 50. "Norris.." "What Lisa, what is it now?" he said curtly. "..Be careful?" Norris' mouth fell open, but he didn't have time to ask his mother what she meant as the school bus was honking outside.
  51. 51. But that day Lisa finally achieved her second biggest desire, after a daughter of course, and became the Education Minister for Strangetown. It was true, she'd lighten up on her students since Samantha came into her life, but now she had control over the entire system. She couldn't let them have an easy ride now! Especially those Tegenarias.. she thought to herself.
  52. 52. True to his word, Gadus joined Norris at The End of the Road after school. "So Vole told me to come here, and I don't want to put up with any geeky stuff, ok? I have moves to work on.. So, what do you do around here?"
  53. 53. "Well, I have the whole basement to myself, how does that sound?" Norris grinned. "Really?" Gadus was intrigued, "I never have any space away from my family! Your Mum doesn't mind?" "Nope, she encourages it!" Norris smiled at Gadus again, knowing that he'd won him over.
  54. 54. Once they were down in Norris' basement, Gadus couldn't believe what a place it was, so different from anything he'd seen. "This is awesome, man! And you have so much cool stuff.. I think I may have totally misjudged you at school. Er, sorry about that man.." he said sheepishly. "You and your Dad must love hanging out down here!"
  55. 55. "Hey, don't worry about it." Norris said. "I'm just sorry Lisa always came down so hard on you and your cousins. She's not a fair woman. I know what better than anyone. As for my Dad? I don't have one." "Oh man, I didn't know. Sorry 'bout that. Geesh, I just can't get anything right, can I?" Gadus gulped.
  56. 56. "Again, don't worry. I'm used to it, but I want to know what happened to him. Lisa just tells me he's dead, but I don't know anything more than that. Vole's helping me look into it, d'ya wanna join us?" "Sure, I guess. Man, I can't imagine what it'd be like not having a Dad.. Even though mine is a bit useless sometimes. Hey, want to borrow him sometimes? Just give him some bubbles and he's quite happy."
  57. 57. "No to the Dad, but thanks for your help Gadus!" and Norris went to hug his new found friend. "Whoa, whoa! No-o touchy. Root's already lines someone up for my first date, sorry man!" "No, I didn't mean.. Oh whatever, thanks for your help. Really." Norris smiled as Gadus went back upstairs. His future was looking rosier by the day!
  58. 58. Later that evening Norris came back upstairs to watch Samantha grow up, though he had the feeling there'd been a lot of birthdays this week.. "Samantha, you are the most beautiful daughter anyone could ever ask for, and I love you. Now grow up pretty, dear!" Lisa called. But suddenly she stopped. "WHAT is that thing over there? NORRIS! Get rid of it at once!"
  59. 59. A stray wolf had wandered in. "Calm down Lisa, it's just Balin." Norris stroked the canine, who he'd made friends with to keep himself going in the days before Sam. "Come on boy, let's leave these girls to it." Norris led the wolf out the room.
  60. 60. "What're you doing in here boy? You can't just wander inside! Though it's great to see you, I've missed having you around." The wolf nuzzled at his hand. "Heh, you're really affectionate tonight, aren't you boy? You're -OW!"
  61. 61. "You bit me! Eesh Balin, that hurt.." Norris nursed his hand, but the wolf just looked on expectantly. "That really huuuu-
  62. 62. uuurt! Wh-what's happening?"
  63. 63. "Eeeeeeeooooooooww!" A bright light emanated from Norris and lit up the tiny bathroom.
  64. 64. "Well," he grinned, "this is different!"
  65. 65. Back at R's R 'n' R, Ocean took Menidia in his arms. "We finally did it!" he grinned, "I'm so proud of you Meni, all this was down to you." "Mm, but I couldn't have done it without you, Ocean!" sh smiled back. "Let's go home, I'm actually beginning to miss the kids, even if they do interrupt our dates!"
  66. 66. It was only a short drive from Bluewater to Strangetown, and Menidia and Ocean were home before not too long. "Hi kidlets, miss me?" Menidia announced as she strolled through the gate. "Mum, you're actually back! It's so good to see you." Ara was pleased to see her parents back, and flashed her gleaming smile at her Mother. "Awesome, finally someone else to play red hands with!" Gadus' people skills still need some work, it seems.
  67. 67. As Ara and Gadus were growing up, features of both their parents were really starting to shine through. Although neither had been declared heir yet, Menidia loved it that she could see both herself and Ocean in them, as well her Mother and Grandfather. "Muum, you're looking all sentimental again!" Ara blushed. It wasn't only her features they'd inherited, Menidia's shyness was present in the two of them. Though luckily, her children seem to be coping better with it than she. "Yeah, just go set fire to something, ok? Eesh Mum, we can't just stand here all da for you to gawp at!" said her son, as they both headed inside.
  68. 68. Menidia followed them, and was just glad to be home. She'd enjoyed working at her Grandfather's business, but was much more content to 'hand out' with her husband and children. And Passerine of course, who is still alive! This amazes me everyday.
  69. 69. The weekend rolled around soon enough at the Legacy House, which means one thing in these lands: skilling, skilling and yet more skilling. Funners! "Muum, do we have to do this now? I'm not even dressed!" Ara really hoped her 10 point smile let her off the hook on this one. "No! I want to go and juggle bottles with your father, let's get thus business perk transition out the way. Believe me Ara, you'll thank me one day." her Mother replied, sounding reasonably wise for once.
  70. 70. Gadus claimed that he needed to work on his 'life skills', and called up the matchmaker. He needn't have worried, this was the kind of skilling that Menidia and Ocean whole-heartedly approved of! "No, I don't want any of your cheap tat thanks, my cousin has already picked out someone for me. Here the number, now summon them forth!" The gypsy looked at the slip of paper, and then back up at Gadus with a puzzled expression. "Well.. if you're sure."
  71. 71. But as the date fell from the sky, Gadus' mouth fell open in shock. "Enjoy your date, lovie!" giggled the matchmaker, and quickly pocketed her simoleons. "Tank Grunt? Root set me up with Tank Grunt? Oooh, I'm going to kill that Shrew.."
  72. 72. But much to his surprise, Gadus thoroughly enjoyed his morning on the lawn. "And then my Dad was all 'Argh, a bird! A little tiny bird!', it was hilarious, I tell you." he joked. "Oh, tell me about it!" Tank replied, "My Dad cries at the end of The Princess Goldfish, every time! He always thinks she's going to get eaten by the eels."
  73. 73. Even though Ara had been given the highest promotion at her evening job, she began to feel that she may have been working too hard. She had contracted the flu, and her skin was looking more than a little worse for wear. "*coughcough* I blame Dad making me and Gade wear this ridiculous 'ocean' make-up everyday.."
  74. 74. Menidia wasn't getting any younger, and even though she had achieved two LTWs already she hadn't achieved the SoaL heir requirement of topping the Natural Science career. "Madame, thou doth realise that if thou doest not get thy promoted today, thou will have to wear the Ecological Guru costume when thou be-ish an elder?" Molecule the Servo offered helpfully as she left for work one afternoon. "Ok Meni, don't panic.. You can do this.. For the threat of being all old and wrinkly, you can do this!"
  75. 75. And she could. "Take that, handicap! I'm still young and springy, HA!" Natural Science never showed up on the computer, I was starting to loose hope for her. Ocean's at the top of Oceanography (lolz), so I think I'll make that a requirement for the spouse from now on. Because the uniforms are awesome!
  76. 76. "Sis, you do realise that now Mum has become an Ecological Guru it's going to hold for one of us too? And you know what that entails, right?" Gadus asked his sister over breakfast the next day.
  77. 77. "Sure I do!" Ara laughed, "saving the puppies, kissing the whales and getting someone else to rake the leaves!" "Er, no."
  78. 78. "Being naked." "Oh right." Ara's expression suddenly changed. "Say, do you want to do it? You seem to like posing." "Not that way!" Both of the kids were a bit horrified at the idea.
  79. 79. Oh dear Lineage, did you just become an elder? ... I forget to breed from you, didn't I? ... And now we're going to lose Parsi's line in the main house, and his body shape. Erm, oops?
  80. 80. "I don't care how old you are, Lineage! You're still the best little puppy anyone could ever have, isn't that right my little snookums?" Ara's kindness stretched to everyone, be they fish, sims, or aging dogs.
  81. 81. Gadus had taken the threat of possible future nakedness to heart, and was hitting the exercise bike hard. It's not just the future, he thought, I've got another date this afternoon, and it damn well better be with a girl this time!
  82. 82. "There is something reeeally wrong with this picture.." Ara wasn't happy with her latest attempt at a masterpiece, for some reason the things just never seemed to sell all that well.
  83. 83. "I mean, who wants to look at clowns that rather resemble hippos? *sigh* I think I might go back to the pottery wheel, it was far less creepy."
  84. 84. A few hours later: "Oh.. my. I don't feel right.. I think.. maybe.. just maybe.. I was, whoa! On the bike a little too long? Muh, my head. I think. I think I need a shower. There is no way that this can be attractive!"
  85. 85. However, he seemed to perk up after a good hair washing. It's such a wonder what Herbal Essences can do to a boys self-image! "This afternoon was so totally worth it! Let's see anyone not want to be in these arms!" He nearly though and Tank included, but quickly stopped himself and headed downstairs to snatch some dinner.
  86. 86. Alas he found that Menidia had been cooking, and being a wise lad decided to make his own. He'd heard the cautionary tale of her incident with the tea-party - even if it was 15 years ago. "Oregano.. Yes, I've heard Uncle Arvi often refer to it as the herb of love! Or wait, was that nettles?" but he shrugged and put some in anyway.
  87. 87. "Oh my gosh this game is hard!" Ara exclaimed as she battled her way through a game of chess with Ocean. Well, when I say battled.. "Ara sweetie, the bees stings have swelled by eyes shut, can you move the little castle for me? And don't worry, you're doing better than your brother is."
  88. 88. "Enjoying your dinner, dear?" Menidia giggled at her son. She considered leaving him happily snuggled in his spaghetti, but thought she ought to do the motherly thing and wake him.
  89. 89. "Mnuh-uh? What? Oh great.. No one saw that, did they? Did they?" he looked around, panicked. "No, of course not love. By the way, your date is here." "Already?!" and he sped off towards the door, only falling over twice.
  90. 90. Regaining he composure, he strutted down the stairs to greet the girl. "So you're the girl then? Wow, you look a lot better than Tank Grunt!" he said, relieved. "Well duh!" said blonde girl who's name I don't remember but creeps me out because I think he dated Arvicanthis too.
  91. 91. Gadus led her inside, and looked her up and down. "Mmhmm, yup. Much better." he paused. "Want to see me dance? No, wait! I have a better idea!"
  92. 92. And he took her in his arms, and charmed her the best way he knew how - with the magic of his feet. "So.. yeah. You're definitely a lovely girl alright!" was then the best he could manage with his mouth.
  93. 93. This had mixed reactions with blonde girl. "Wow, you're gorgeous alright.. And I did enjoy that dance, and it didn't go wrong in any way - but suddenly I don't like you for no reason! You know, it's just like my good friend Melody Tinker says, maybe Tegenarias just aren't good romancers.."
  94. 94. "WHAT!? I'll have none of that talk!" Gadus was outraged and pulled her towards him and planted a kiss firmly on her lips. They broke apart, and they were both a little out of breathe, with big smiles on their faces. "Can't romance.. My arse!" Gadus declared happily.
  95. 95. With his first Dream Date in the bank, Menidia gave her son a big hug once his date had left. "Your Father and I are so proud of you Gadus! We knew you had it in you. But without a single fire? My, that's an interesting route to go.."
  96. 96. Other people were less jubilent about this. "Sniff, I died and so missed my Grandson's first kiss! This is a disaster.." I miss you too Saeva, really. And so does everyone else, so hush your crying and just go cheer for your bed like a good ghostie.
  97. 97. Yet another game of chess was taking place in the Bauchman household as night settled over Strangetown. "..but Mother says that I should not be socialising with them! I suppose I like everyone else at school well enough, but In just can't 'hang out' with them anymore like when I was a child, I don't know how you still do it! They're not our sort of people, Norris."
  98. 98. "Sam." he said slowly "You shouldn't judge people, you never know what they may be really like on the inside." "Don't be ridiculous Norris, what could anyone possibly have to hide? They're not like us!" Norris smiled, and bid his goodnight. And this is where I shall leave you, my sweet and tasty readers. Thank you to everyone who has let me steal their Simself of Legacy characters, all the wonderful creators of the CC that I use, and to Jonny for indirectly letting me know you could have teenage werewolves! Until next time everyone; this has been Gin, avoiding revising for her exams that start in two days! Oh, by the way.. I couldn't decide on my 'end' picture this chapter, so you get three! Lucky you.
  99. 99. "BAH! You married in the wrong Downtown kid! I'm the emo-gangster, everyone knows this!" Wrong house, kid. Try next door. "BAH!"
  100. 100. Sometimes it's just all too much for a little Shrew..
  101. 101. "What? The Winehouse is hot right now!" "..Whatever Norris." (P.S. I agree with Sam)