The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 17


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 17

  1. 1. 1st March 2008 Lo's! Welcome to The Science of a Legacy, or SoaL when I can't be bothered to type that all out. This is a shorter chapter than usual, and I believe may be called 'filler' because I love my little side-plots so! Recap? Erm, G3 heiress Saeva died taking her enemy Vee down with her. 'S about it! Oh, if you're looking for more Shrew action at any time, check out The Quest For Shrew-Hoo, a Bachelor Challenge I'm currently writing starring our very own Arvicanthis! Speaking of Arvi..
  2. 2. "Voley-o! Is that you my little beetle castanet I hear? I've spotted some rather large spiders in the garden, do you want to come and collect them with me for your birthday cake? I've got jars!" No matter how old he got, Arvicanthis Turner was still happy to treat the garden as his own personal Shrew play-ground, and had raised his two children in a similar fashion. Though his daughter, Vole, had other things on her mind that night rather than spiders.
  3. 3. "I can't tonight Dad!" she shouted back, "I've brought a friend home from school!" "Whhyyy?" Arvicanthis replied, just a little crest-fallen his daughter wouldn't play with him. "Because no one ever plays with Norris and I felt sorry for him! Take Root instead, if he's not off dancing with Gadus again.." she sighed, and turned to her guest who was laughing uncontrollably at her.
  4. 4. "What's your problem? Don't laugh at me! I'm doing you a favour by asking you here." "Haha, sorry.. Look, I just had never heard anyone be called a beetle castanet before. Your Dad's funny!" Norris giggled. "What's your Dad like?" Voley asked. "I-I don't have one. Lisa said I don't have one."
  5. 5. "But everyone needs a Dad!" Vole gasped, shocked at the news. "So you're stuck all alone with your yucky Mum? That's so not shrew.. I'm sorry we all ignored you at school! I promise I'll be your friend from now on, Norris!" "Really?" Norris gulped. "You mean it? But I should probably be getting back soon, Lisa hates it when I'm late." "Sure as I'm a Shrew!" Vole giggled back, "And I'll talk to the others too, we just all thought you were sulky, not sad. They'll want to help you! Don't worry. You want to stay for my birthday tonight?" "I can't Vole, really can't.. I was supposed to go striaght home after school as it was! I've probably pushed it far enough for today." Grinning, Norris skipped home, happy that he'd made his first friend - unknowing that she was in fact one of his many cousins.
  6. 6. "Roooot, wanna catch spiders for Voley-o's cake?" Arvicanthis asked as he wandered into the kitchen, looking for his son. "Er, son? What are you eating? Those better be caterpillar crunchies!" "Erm, sure Dad, 'course they are.." Rutlius hastily stashed his corn chips away, and ran out into the garden squeaking with his Dad.
  7. 7. With the spiders gathered and the cake suitably garnished, the Turner's gathered for Vole's birthday. She'd decided against a party, and had just wanted her immediate family around because everyone was still so sad after her Grandmother's death. "Daaad.." she said through gritted teeth, "stop making such a fuss."
  8. 8. "Wheeee! It's my little shrewlet's birthday! Toot toot for Shrew-dom!" Arvi was too busy skipping around to notice, and can you blame him? It's an exciting time when any young shrewlet comes of age.
  9. 9. But as Vole twirled as the sparklies settled, Arvi just jumped around even more manically and his daughter couldn't help but smile. "Daaad!" she giggled, "you're going to fall in the cake! I want to save some for Fred and Ara tomorrow.." Vole's pruty.. She's also a Family Sim, do I see someone trying to fill the role Saeva left behind?
  10. 10. *Burp* "'scuse me." "Root!" Vole exclaimed, "Did you eat all my cake?" "Erm, no.." said her little brother sheepishly. "Aw, come on Vole! It was a spider surprise souflee! What shrew can resist that? And there'll be enough cake at Ara's own birthday tomorrow anyway."
  11. 11. And there will be! Cooked by Molecule of course, Menidia is generally not allowed near the oven after her last tea party o' flames disaster. Instead she's spent a lot of time re-building an old car for her children to use as teens. And guess what? It's finally done! Obviously, because here's a picture of it.
  12. 12. "Fred's a Popularity Sim." "I want more best friends." "Guuuys!" Ara interrupted. "You're here for my party, not to play chess and make obvious silly coding thought bubbles! Now please go and put some fun hats on, please?" "Heh, sure thing little cus!" Fred smiled "Glad you're about to join us, we even picked a new outfit for you for when you grow up!"
  13. 13. "Mum! Couldn't you have even gotten dressed for my party?" Ara sighed, even though she was glad her mother was there at all. "Well I did dear, but then +500 for wearing PJs!" "Ignore her sweetie, the main thing is that you look wonderful!" shouted her Grandfather, Sean.
  14. 14. "Well here goes nothing.. "I wish that me and Fred and Vole are best friends forever, and that we all get really good jobs and ear lots and lots of money!"
  15. 15. "And that you all get brains!" interrupted her little brother. "GADUS! Ignore him birthday god, I Ara Tegenaria, want to have a good life with lots and lots of friends and my family and money."
  16. 16. "Lots and LOTS of money!" And with that Ara grew up, looking nothing like herself. As you‘ve probably guessed she rolled Fortune, with a LTW to earn $100,000. That should be fun, because I've never done that one before. I still don't know who's going to be heir, but Ara'll get that LTW whatever, I hope.
  17. 17. "Thanks Vole, this is such a lovely outfit!" "Hey, you deserve it! And now we've sorted out your hair you look wonderful!" The two cousins hugged, excited about getting to spend their teen years together. I don't even want to know what they've got planned, these girls..
  18. 18. Her parents had given Ara a pottery wheel, which is set up straight away with more than a hint of excitement. "And I'm going to make plates! And pots! And models of dragons!"
  19. 19. "Yeah, I can see it now.. A big dragon, with me, Fred and Vole, all riding it! And then I can make a castle, and then maybe a pony for Gadus or something." Ara was a really creative child, and she wanted to spend all her time on bigger and better projects. If only Free Time let you earn talent badges properly.. Patch it, EAxis, PATCH!
  20. 20. But as happy as throwing herself in crafts, Ara still missed her Grandmother awfully. No one knew what had happened, other than that both Saeva and Vee were dead, and it was still weighing heavily on their minds. No number of plats could change that, but Ara seemed darn sure to try. "I think I'll make that pony now, a happy little 10 nice point pony.."
  21. 21. No one missed Saeva more than her husband, Sean. "Oh love of my life! I wish I knew what had happened to you.. My life is empty without you, my dear." Oh dear, do try and cheer up. Look, I got you a nice torch for your telescope! Try playing with them, yes?
  22. 22. "Aaargh, this is most terrifying and exciting and WONDERFUL!" I had a feeling it may cheer you up and get your mind off things. Good old Knowledge Sims!
  23. 23. And so like his son before him, Sean had a fantastically awesome time being probed and poked, and dumped back on his front lawn. "You sure this is the right house, Merv? It looks different!" "Postive Mildred! Just drop 'im out 'ere, I want to go watch some Duffy the Werewolf Trainer!" "Aye Merv, that's a good show. A good show."
  24. 24. Like her father before her, Lineage barked angrily at the craft - though without Parsimony's words of wisdom. Menidia was less concerned for her father's wellbeing. "Ahaha! No way, Dad! That was too funny, do it again, do it again!"
  25. 25. The next morning, Ara wanted to know if what she'd heard in the night was just a dream. There weren't really aliens, were there? And why on earth would a probulator cheer up her Granddad.. And were there dragons involved in any way?
  26. 26. "It's the magic of science, my dear Ara! As a Tegenaria, it's something you must learn all about. Look to the stars, read Wikipedia, and always carry a trusty microscope." "A what-y scope? Can I make it out of clay, because that sounds super fun!" "Well, I have not heard of such a thing, but I'm sure your Grandmother would have been thrilled by the idea, so give it a go my dear!"
  27. 27. Gadus was less interested in matters of science, and more interested in matters involving him beating Wesley at sports. "You sure you're ready for this?" he shouted across the garden to his cousin. "Er.. yes?" came the reply.
  28. 28. "I didn't dance with Root to get quick feet for nothing!" he shouted back, and kicked the ball as hard as he could towards the goal.
  29. 29. "Aaaargh!" Wesley screamed at the on-coming ball and wisely thought that he'd better dive completely out of the way, rather than face the foot of Gadus. "Will you not do that." he puffed from the floor.
  30. 30. "What, beat you with my mad skillz? GOOOOOAL!" the youngest Tegenaria whooped and ran round the garden, waving his hands in the air. Ten minutes later, faint cries of "GOOOOAL!" could still be heard from those sitting inside, and Wesley was still slumped against the goal post faintly wondering when he could go home and why he'd agreed to come in the first place.
  31. 31. Meanwhile, Sean was IN DA ZONE. I'd always wondered what that meant, so apparently it means that you glow a little bit and get sparklie. But Sean's the first of my Sims to max enthusiasm in a hobby (Science, of course). Sean is such a hard worker, and even though Saeva was mighty she never over-shadowed him.. Yay for Sean!
  32. 32. "My little girl, you're still not above a tickle.. coochie-coo! Would you like to hear some more about science, per chance?" "Dad! Stop it! I'm full of bubbles and jelly, stop!" Menidia was laughing, "And I want to go and play with my new toy, come and join me!" I would also like to take this slide to point out that that is still the same Passerine that Repens got, so I'm just a little proud of my bird keeping skills.
  33. 33. As he was crossing the living room to join Menidia, Sean had to take one of his many side routes. "MENIDIA! OCEAN! I've told you to put the fire out after lighting it, NOT just to wander off and play with the fish! My goodness daughter, you really must be careful.." he sighed as he extinguished the little bit of burning carpet. This was a chore that the whole family was used to, Menidia was lovely but one of the most accident prone Sims about.
  34. 34. "You must take care, Menidia! Not that I'm blaming you, but I don't want us to have to use that bone phone again.. Is that clear? Just be careful, my dear" he warned her as he joined her at the model railway. "Oh Daddy, I know. I am careful, I know what happened to Allozyme. But have some faith in me! I'm a grown-up now!" Menidia retorted and plonked down some more trees.
  35. 35. "Well I'm not a grown-up, and I don't want to be.." Gadus groaned as he arrived home from school. "I'm still getting Ds, it isn't fair! I hate school!" "Never mind!" cried Menidia cheerfully "You'll be done with all that soon, now come and play trains with us!" and her son scurried over.
  36. 36. "..Oops." "MENIDIA!" "Sorry Dad." "Never mind, just hang on a moment and I'll get the extinguisher."
  37. 37. "Um.. Dad? Forget the extinguisher, call the fire brigade! Gadus! Where's Gadus?" the heiress screamed, as the blaze swept across the wooden toy. Sean didn't need telling twice and swiftly ran to the phone, keeping a cool head in all the drama.
  38. 38. But the fire was leaping out of control, and within seconds Menidia was caught in the blaze. A similar situation had lost her brother, and she was terrified for not only her son, but herself.
  39. 39. "MUM! MUMMY!" Little Gadus was trapped at the other side of the fire, and Sean ran into the flames to try and get him out, shouting for Ocean who was peacefully hunting bugs in the garden.
  40. 40. Ocean ran in the house and dived in to try and pull Menidia out, while everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs. Things did not look good for the Tegenarias.
  41. 41. Thankfully, Sean's calm head had saved them as the fire brigade rushed in just in time to put the blaze out. Sean and Ocean grabbed canisters and assisted him, until the flames were completely gone. And I let out a huge sigh of relief - this was not planned!
  42. 42. "Oh, why does this always happen?" Menidia wailed. "I'm so sorry everyone.. Gadus, Ocean, Dad, are you all ok? I-I-I was being carefully, it just h-h-happened Dad! Please forgive me Dad!" ... "Dad?"
  43. 43. "Oh botheration." sighed Sean, "Must we do this now?"
  44. 44. "KIND OF, YES. NO ONE DIED IN THAT FIRE AND I WAS EXPECTING AT LEAST TWO BODIES FROM YOUR CARELESS DAUGHTER, SHE'S ALREADY SERVED ME WELL." "Don't speak about my daughter that way! She's just.. sometimes unfortunate with her endeavours." Sean said reproachfully to the Reaper. "FINE FINE, WHATEVER. BUT YOU'RE OLD. SO LET'S DO THIS THING."
  45. 45. "No promotion? That is not the way to make monies.." Ara had just arrived home from work. Her mother has unfortunate accidents, she has unfortunate timing. Though I guess I'm actually glad in this instance she missed the blaze, phew! But go say goodbye girlie..
  46. 46. "YOU'RE A BRAVE MAN SEAN TEGENARIA, NOW COME. SHE IS WAITING." "As I have been to see her again, I'm coming Love of my Life!" he smiled, knowing he could see his beloved Saeva again.
  47. 47. Name: Sean McGaw Tegenaria Lived: 78 Days Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Top Medical Career - achieved Max Seven Skills - achieved Hobby: Science - maxed Spouse: Saeva Tegenaria Children: Meloti, Arvicanthis, Allozyme, Menidia Grandchildren: Winifred, Norris, Vole, Ara, Gadus, Wesley, Rutilus Ah, sweet Seany Sean. Like a said before, you were very reliable and hard-working as a spouse! Great dad, and my first spouse to max all skills and my first ever sim to max a hobby - well done you, Sean! And you were abducted, so lived a very fulfilling Knowledge Sim life I do believe. Toodles my little Science bug!
  48. 48. "Grandpa's dead! I nearly died! I need a shower!" Gadus couldn't stop crying, but after all it had been quite an action-packed afternoon. "And worst of all," he sniffed, "my homework didn't even get burnt up!" Poor chap.
  49. 49. As night fell, Menidia was just feeling worse and worse about herself. "Sniff, I still can't believe what happened. Why can't I get anything right? I'm still as useless as I ever was.. And now Mum and Dad are gone as well as Grandpa Repens. It's not fair, I need them back!"
  50. 50. Luckily Ocean was more than happy to listen to his wife's problems. As a former emo townie boy, he knew well the ways of woe. "Hush Meni! Number One: You're not useless, look at our wonderful children, blooming business and how much our fantastic family and friends all love you. Plus you've already topped one career and are well on the way to a second! Number Two: It's not your fault, it really was just an accident and could happen to any of us! Number Three: Wonderful as your parents and grandparents were, you don't need them. You've got me! We have each other and the kids! That's a lot of love, Meni." Menidia smiled, and got up and gave Ocean the biggest hug she could manage.
  51. 51. Across town, in a much smaller and unhappy house.. "Norris! You're late! You didn't come straight home after school, did you? Where were you?" Lisa Bauchman barked at her son. "Minus 350 points? "Do NOT speak to me like that, you insolent child! Where were you? What were you doing?"
  52. 52. "I got asked to go and play round someone's house! And she had a lovely family, and I had a nice time! She's my friend now. And she had a really funny Dad, why won't you tell me what my Dad was like? And where he went?"
  53. 53. "You don't have a father, he's dead! And don't forget that Norris!" Lisa was growling dangerously. "Now, WHO did you go and see?"
  54. 54. "Vole Turner! Not that I see why you care.." he shouted back "Turner.. That's ok then. Norris, I need you to be home so you can work on your studies, do not just disappear like that again. Now, go to your room for the rest of the evening, I have paper work to attend to." With that Lisa stalked off into her study.
  55. 55. Norris was more than happy to see out the day sitting on his bed daydreaming. "One day, I'll live in a big castle with my Dad, just us because he won't want Lisa to come.. And Vole can come to visit! Yeah, and anyone else who lets me play with them. Yeah, yeah! It'll be so awesome. And I'll take my parrot Scribbles too, he likes to play."
  56. 56. Later that night Norris snuck out of his room to grab some cookies from the cupboard when Lisa wasn't watching. He spotted a creature out of the window, and went to see if it wanted to play. "You're a great big fluffy doggy!" he smiled, and the wolf surprisingly let him ruffle its fur. "And your fun, will you come back and play tomorrow?" the wolf barked in what appeared to be agreement, and licked Norris' face before scampering off into the night. Norris smiled and went back to bed, he really was making friends today!
  57. 57. The next day Norris' quest continued, and he asked Wesley to come home with him after school. Lisa was less than pleased with this development, and wasn't keen on her son's new found social streak. "You said I couldn't go anywhere, not that I couldn't bring my friends here.." he questioned his mother. "No! That's not what I meant!" she shrieked. "Yes, hello? Who is this? Mrs. Tegenaria? I'd appreciate it if you didn't allow your son to visit here again, I'm afraid we simply can't allow visitors. Thank you and goodnight." Lisa then ushered Wesley out the door in as brisk a manner as possible and frowned at Norris.
  58. 58. "It's for your own good," she tried to explain to her son, "You're a Bauchman, you see! And we need to work hard and achieve greatly. We must be seen well within the community, and a well- behaved studious child reflects that. You can't be running around wasting your time, or cavorting with those below us."
  59. 59. "I don't get it!" Norris growled quietly. "What if I don't want to be a Bauchman?" Lisa looked sharply at him, but Norris bravely said; "I want to be a Tegenaria." "Well," she replied sternly, "you're not and you never will be. Never say anything like that ever again, you hear me?"
  60. 60. When Norris had gone to bed, Lisa heard a knock at the door. She opened it to find Mallory Turner, who entered without invitation or 'hello, how's your baking?'. "You can't just barge into someone else's home!" Lisa spluttered at her. "And you can't mis-treat a child! There's something not right here Lisa Bauchman, and I warn you - the Turners are on to you. Stop pushing our kids in your classes, it's not right, and it's not decent of a mother." Mallory could be quite fierce when she wanted. But I suppose you need to be to keep three Shrews in line.
  61. 61. Unshaken by Mallory's words, Lisa decided the time had come to place a call. Norris clearly wasn't co-operating and was asking far too many questions. She couldn't risk someone telling him about Allozyme, but she needed to focus her attention elsewhere. "Yes, hello? Unwanted Children 4 U? I'd like to place an order."
  62. 62. "I need a daughter. One who will truly understand my needs. Yes, ONLY a girl will do. ... Really? Wonderful! ... You don't happen to do exchange programs do you? No? Oh well, that's too bad. Goodnight then." Lisa hung up, and went to bed as happy as could be.
  63. 63. The sun rose, and Lisa Bauchman strode off to work - she was the Dean of Education for Strangetown. She couldn't wait for the 'surprise' when she got home, and almost skipped off to her car pool. "Finally I'll have a daughter who will love and understand me, finally.." she grinned.
  64. 64. 10 am rolled up, and so did the 'Unwanted Children 4 U' minivan. "This is your new home little Miss, out you get?" "Well.. it looks a bit small. But I can't wait to meet my new Mother!" and the girl leapt out the van, and ran up the stairs and inside the Bauchman House.
  65. 65. "What are you doing here? They didn't tell me there would be any other children." the girl asked, shocked as she sat down next to Norris on the couch. "Snow Day.." he mumbled. "Who are you? Why are you here?" "First, direct me to a mirror - all this snow has made a mess of my hair! I hate frizz.."
  66. 66. 10 minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom. "Right, where's our Mother? Are you an orphan too?" she demanded. "What? No!" Norris was very confused. "But my Dad's dead, and Lisa's my Mum though I'm not allowed to call her that. And I live here! That doesn't explain what you're doing here, or who you are."
  67. 67. "My name is Samantha, and Mrs. Bauchman adopted me. So I'm your sister!" Samantha grinned. "Oh dear." "What? What!" "Well I wouldn't want to stay here if I was you.. Lisa's not exactly the most caring parent. But.. but it would be good to have some company around here, it gets a little lonely. I'm not allowed any friends! I'm Norris, by the way."
  68. 68. "Ok then! Don't worry Norris, we'll be bestest friends!" Samantha grabbed him and gave him a big cuddle. "BESTest friends forever and ever!" "Yay?" Norris was still confused why this manic little huggy girl was in his house, but it felt nice for someone to give him a cuddle so he didn't really mind.
  69. 69. Five o'clock rolled 'round all too fast, and Lisa arrived home. Samantha heard the car pull up and ran outside, anxious to meet her Mother. Lisa stared in wonderment at the little girl running towards her. "There she is.. She's finally here."
  70. 70. "You're finally here!" and Lisa hugged her new daughter. "Hi! I'm Samantha, thank you for adopting me Mrs Bauchman." Sam beamed. "Oh Samantha, you must always call me 'Mother' and its my pleasure! I've been waiting a long time for you."
  71. 71. Lisa brought Sam inside and sat her down on the couch. Norris made a move to exit to his room, but was quickly plonked back down. "Now Norris," Lisa began, "this is Samantha, your little sister. You must always be respectful to her and do as she asks. Her needs now come first. Is that clear?"
  72. 72. "Um, yeah.. Hi Sam." he ventured. "No no, always Samantha. That's proper of a young lady." Lisa interrupted. "Either's fine by me actually!" Sam whispered to Norris and smiled at him.
  73. 73. "Now Samantha, you shall have Norris' bedroom. And Norris, I'm sure there's some space you can use down in the basement. We haven't used it since your Fath- .. We haven't used it." Norris groaned. "Samantha, you and I shall now discuss what it means to be a lady over a cup of herbal tea. Doesn't that sound nice?" Samantha smiled at her Mother, and Lisa ginned back with a look of love. "Norris! Basement! NOW!" she shouted, her eyes not moving from Sam's face.
  74. 74. Norris sighed as he shuffled down the stairs. He'd really hoped having a sister would be a big adventure, but now he wasn't too sure. And the basement? "Thanks, Mum.." he thought.
  75. 75. But he got to the bottom on the stairs and stopped. There was so much space, more than he'd ever had in his life before. And it was all his! To do with what he wanted! Norris was shaking slightly with the excitement.
  76. 76. There was still some money left in the account Allozyme had given to the Nanny to provide for Norris when he was a toddler, and so Norris was able to use the last of it to furnish one corner of the basement. Meagre as it was, he was thrilled. "It's my own private den! It's my own secret world, away from Lisa! Yipee!"
  77. 77. Upstairs, Lisa had already started Sam on her 'training'. "Always remember that you're a Bauchman now, Samantha! Never a Turner, and especially not a Tegenaria. A Bauchman princess, that's what you are. You are better than them all!" Lisa crooned at the little girl. "Even better than Norris?" Sam asked, a bit confused. "Especially Norris. He doesn't understand, boys generally don't. He takes too much after his Father to be of any use to us." "Where is his Father? Is he really dead?" This time, Lisa didn't reply.
  78. 78. Over the next few days, Norris tried with his Mother, still in the hopes that things would get better for them as a family now Sam was around. "I got an A+ in Mr. Gilscarbo's class, Lisa, look! LOOK!" he gushed when they all got home from school. "Samantha!" Lisa just looked right over him "do let us go and bake scones, I simply must tell you about all the gossip of the neighbours!" "Yes Mother!" Sam followed Lisa into the house, but glanced over her shoulder back at Norris, with an expression that said 'sorry!', and walked on.
  79. 79. Norris stomped down the basement stairs. "I'm so sick of this! Why won't she talk to me more? Why isn't she like Vole's Mum? Or Wesley's? Right, that's it! I've had enough! I'm growing up - right now!"
  80. 80. And he did. Very well as well I may add. He also pledged to continue his quest for friends and rolled Popularity. He also looks quite a lot like Allozyme, I put his father's hair on him and the resemblance was uncanny. He's still got Lisa's mouth which ruled him as a child, but just like his Dad did - he's really blossomed as a teen. Good luck to you Norris, really. But we'll have to see how he gets on next time, because we'll just catch up on the Legacy House before we go..
  81. 81. "Oh Gadus, I'm still so sorry.." Menidia tucked her son in and kissed him on the forehead. She still felt guilty about the fire, and worried about her skills as a mother. "I wish Mum was here," she thought, "she'd know what to do."
  82. 82. "I'm the Hand of Poseidon, whee!" Ocean's reached the top of the Oceanography career - for no reason, other than I thought it was hilarious. And I love all the outfits, if only I could make them everyday wear..
  83. 83. Menidia has also topped a career, this time Gamer to achieve her second LTW. She now wants to be a Professional Party Guest again, but since she'd yet to complete my handicap of becoming a Nature Guru I think we'd better get on that one. On the plus side, she brings Meloti home every day and he does wonders to her mood. Big brothers eh? "Oh my stars, you've always worried too much Meni! You're doing a great job, especially with Ara and Gadus! Mum would be so proud of you. Except.. Wesley refuses to come round anymore."
  84. 84. "I've seen you and Root parading in ridiculous hats, Gade! You should buy Wesley a crash helmet really, then he'd fit in with you guys!" Ara liked to tease her little brother over breakfast, but never in a mean way. She was a loving big sister, but had a strong fun loving side that sometimes got the best of her. "Pfft, as if!" Gadus smiled back. "Your hat taste sucks anyway, I've seen that monster you and Fred brought back from Harold and Merkins!"
  85. 85. And I'll leave you with a shot of Menidia being In Da ZONE, proving that she's maxed enthusiasm in Tinkering. Hurray! And yes, that's all for now folks! Shorter than usual I know, but hopefully nonetheless enjoyable. Join us next time for.. well knowing SoaL probably some woe of some kind, that usually seems to happen, but I'll try and keep it to a minimum. What happened to the days of 'Marriage' 'Baby!' 'Promotion!' 'Joy!', eh? If you find them, do send them back to me. But to be honest, things are looking quite rosy at the moment, here's hope they stay that way. This has been Gin, trying to stop checking her inbox to see if she's been offered a job yet. Buh bye!
  86. 86. Larch Vetinari: "I iz in ur Legacy, stealin' ur invizible paperz. ROAW!" Hush you.