The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 11


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 11

  1. 1. 15th December 2007 Deck the 'net with Legacy Stories, fa la la la la, la la, la laaaaa! Welcome to The Science of a Legacy - Christmas Special! Or y'know, Chapter Eleven.. I wanted to do something fun for the holidays, and so I know I'm releasing this a bit early - but hopefully it'll get you in the Festive Mood anyway! So enjoy, and remember to sing along at the appropriate moments. Click the arrow, my little Christmas geese!
  2. 2. "Mnuh? Whattimeisit? Oh, right! Hopefully if I can just sneak out of bed quietly.."
  3. 3. "Yes! Looks like Seany is still asleep, and I can't hear a peep from the chilren, or Mum and Dad. Oh, I'm so excited, hehe! I've still a few hours before morning, plenty of time to set up all I've got planned.."
  4. 4. "Stockings? Check. Roaring fire? Check. Giant candy cane and wreath? Check."
  5. 5. "Stunningly adorned Christmas tree, complete with lots of extra gifts for everyone? Check, check and check!"
  6. 6. "Dining room all set for for us and our guests? Check that!"
  7. 7. "Turkey ready for the party? Oh so check."
  8. 8. "Um, Grandma, I didn't ask for a ghost of Christmas Past..?" "Well my bed's still here, so I'm still here sweetie!" "Fair enough then."
  9. 9. "Outdoor icicle lighting all set and ready to go?" "Lots of checks!"
  10. 10. "And... I think that just about does it! Yes, the tree is aligned -perfectly- as well. An excellent job, if I do say so myself. Ok, now if I can just quietly creep back upstairs and into my pyjamas.."
  12. 12. "I've invited the whole neighbourhood round for a lunch party, so hurry up and get dressed! I've laid you each out something special to wear! WAHOOOO!"
  13. 13. Morning was stiring elsewhere in Strangetown, and a new arrival had just moved in down the street and was eager to explore her new surroundings.. "Goodness, is this it? Well, it looks pleseant enough from the outside! But my, what is that strange girl in the window wearing..? Best go in a take a look, it's been a long journey through time."
  14. 14. "Bah! What is this? Grey? How utterly distasteful. Who designed this place.." That would be me. Except I never really got round to decorating, sorry about that. "Well the decor is simply awful. I'm finding this whole uprooting quite worrysome, and I need a nice long rest for I am weary.. Where, pray tell, is the morning room?"
  15. 15. "Oh hi there! You must be Di, Gin said you'd be moving in today. My name is Circe, and your just in time! We were all just about to set off for a Christmas party, I've heard there's the possibility of picking up some 'little helpers' and boy do I need some around here.." "My dear, what in goat's name are you wearing? I have never seen such a thing! Allyn would indeed not be pleased if you were her daughter, which thankfully - you are not!" ----- Di aka Dicreasy write A Victorian Legacy (hopefully she's not too confused to be here!) Circe aka hbcirce writes the Geoglacy
  16. 16. "Angela, do we have a spare outfit lying around? I think Di here could use it.." "I think so Circe, and pfft - she sure could! You look like you need a bonnet there!" "It's currently stored in my hat box, young miss, but I shall fetch at once it if there is a to-do we must attend. You gave me quite a fright, and it would be good to have some familiarity!" "No need. Supreme Nerd? NEEEEEERD?" ----- Angela aka thepeipers5 writes Tha' Simple Life
  17. 17. "Hang on, hang on! I'm just having a look.. Geez, it really is only my brain that's hung like a horse around here." ---- DrSupremeNerd writes The Vetinari Dualegacy, and has good t shirts!
  18. 18. "Um.. Ah ha! Got it Angela! Just keep her right there.."
  19. 19. "Oh MY! What have you girls done to me? It is not fitting for young ladies such as ourselves to be clothed in such a fashion. You may need to fetch the smelling salts, I feel a little faint.."
  20. 20. "Calm down Di, you look lovely! And we all match, see? This is just what we do around here, and you'll have a great time - you have so many people to meet!, or my name isn't Styx!" "Well, if you put it like that.. And I suppose the sparkles do give it that festive touch that one requires around this time of year. Oh alright then, to the carriage!" ---- StyxLady writes Just Another Legacy
  21. 21. Back over at the Legacy house, Saeva's party was already in full swing. Festive cheer is all around! Isn't it Repens? "Yes, primary female offspring has done a fantastic job with the abode! But this candle is becoming molten wax, and soon will be gone. As, dear Gin, I fear I shall be before the day is done. But this is Christmas! So one last day of happy memories, don't you agree?" I certainly do. And love the tie..
  22. 22. "Kerie my scrumpet! Alas there is no mistletoe, but in the glow of the escaping light and heat energy in the form on the fire blazing in the hearth - you look more delightful than ever!" "Repens dear, is that 'Jingle Bells' coming from your tie?" "Yes my love, I do believe so."
  23. 23. "Oh I love it! This shall be such a wonderful day, our little girl's gone to so much trouble!" "I agree oh boltful one, I cannot wait to see the grandoffspring.."
  24. 24. "Oh my goat, this is SO un-shrew! I look like a carpet penguin. What was Mum thinking? And where has she hidden my normal clothes?" "You looked like an inflatable lilo anyway, doofus - this is almost an improvement on you! And I'd be more worried, Dad seems to have stolen your suit!" "Oh what? I can't even have my own like everyone else does?!"
  25. 25. "Good morning my dear daughter, and Granddaughter - you both resemble sheets of wrapping paper, it's amazing." "Oh thanks Dad! Do you like your tie? And I made Menidia's dress myself, what do you think?" "I think you should have stopped after Granddad Repens' tie, Mum.."
  26. 26. "Yes, it's all wonderful , dear. Now I have a gift for you, it's wrapped up safe in here. But I am also giving you the deed to R's R 'n R, I thought you might like to give it to the boys when they're older - after what happened with Vee, my mind's a bit weak and I think I'd rather have a rest from all that poker. Plus, I kept loosing to those dratted Simselves! The boys should take over the business."
  27. 27. "Really? Oh that's so thoughtful Dad, thank you! And we're all really pleased that you're back to your old self again! We need your mind in the Family." "I'd keep your occipital cortex on young Meloti, Saeva, he's shaping up to have just a brilliant, if not more so, mind than I! He knows I true thirst got Knowledge that I never had."
  28. 28. Guests were soon streaming through the door into Saeva's festive grotto, though I began to have doubts about the whole business. "Oh my fishness, I must have been insane to think coming to a Christmas fancy dress party at the Legacy House was a good idea.. But just so long as they're no Christmas Shrews, I can probably take it. But you know what they say, it's not a party if there's no Gin!"
  29. 29. "Oh my gosh, are you my Aunty Nerd?" "Kind of, kiddo. How's the whole shrew thing working out for you? I have to say, I didn't expect this to happen when I helped Gin name you, I just liked the word crepuscular!" "Oh it's awesome Aunty Nerd, no one believes me - but I'm a true shrew! .. Although be it, a slightly festive one today."
  30. 30. "Bubs! You came, I haven't seen you for so long! Merry Christmas!" "And a Happy New Yeeeear! But duh, I wasn't going to not come now cous, was I?"
  31. 31. "Although, Mummy and Daddy send their apologises - Lovie had another litter this morning, we called the Snibbles and Nibbles, and they needed to stay behind and look after the babies." "Oh my Dad was really looking forward to seeing his brother- but never mind!" ---- Or, Corvus and Erika just didn't turn up the party from some reason, even though they were both invited :( I like to think it was for the puppies, anyway.
  32. 32. "Oh wow! I know Arvicanthis said you got presents at Christmas time, but I didn't realise it was that many! Oh this is so exciting.. But. But I hope they didn't spend too much on me, because I'm only me.. But I must tell Allozyme!"
  33. 33. "It's true Al, there were some thiiiiis big under there! Look, go see for yourself!" "Yeah, whatever Meni. Ok, I'm not buying into this whole Christmas thing - I think Mum's blown it waaay out of proportion. It's just another day, in the end." "Aww, come on Allo! That's not the spirit!"
  34. 34. "Arvi, Allozyme isn't being all Christmassy.." "It's ok Meni, he's missing out. Have you seen all the presents?! And all the food over there, and all the decorations.. And everyone's just so happy! This Christmas thing, is amaazing! Oh oh, quick Meni - there's a group Smustle about to start!"
  35. 35. I thought it was a magnificent sight seeing 12 Sims smustling..
  36. 36. But then there were 14! And thepeipers seems to be in charge of it all. I can't decide who'd my favourite here, I think everyone is making me laugh! Let's have a closer look.. This is the kind of Christmas party I'd like to go to - I'm telling you now.
  37. 37. Allozyme: "Move Meloti, I can't see Angela! Your big flutter-butt is in my face!" Meloti: "Quiet Allozyme! I'm busy watching Miss Angela.. I hope she likes my smustle arm." Gin: "Oooh, ooh, christ, mas!" SupremeNerd: "Wait, what am I doing again? Why is everyone facing the other way?" StyxLady: "I don't know Nerd, I'm really confused! I think I'm backwards too.." But they weren't as bad as this lot..
  38. 38. Styx: "No really, what am I doing?! I'm over here now and I'm still confused.. This is frightening me a bit, everyone's quite flaily! And why isn't there a poker table?" Saeva: "Children, be careful with your smustling.. I'm a bit mesmerized by all the sparkly tutus to do anything about it at the moment, but.." Menidia: "Whoa-oa.. Someone better catch me.." Arvicanthis: "Huh? Where did Meni go? She right beside me a second ago.."
  39. 39. The group smustle eventually broke down, mostly for everyone safety, and the fact that they all got a bit lost after thepeipers went for some turkey. So it was time for some more gift giving! "Arvicanthis, I feel you should have this. A young Pleasure Shrew like yourself will always need a way to contact people, so off you go an organise some dates!" "That's shrewtastic Grandma Kerie! But I really don't think I should be taking any young shrewettes out quite yet.. Mum's carpet suit might not go down too well!" "Why don't you borrow your Grandpa's musical tie, then?"
  40. 40. "So, Gin, you're our creator.. But your here in Strangetown as well? And you also exist in other Neighbourhoods far away from here? How can that possibly be? Surely it creates a paradox? And Grandpa Repens always told me that a paradox is unforeseeable without a Tardis!" "Well.."
  41. 41. "That's just the way things are, ok? It's Christmas Meloti, relax! Your clothes are made from wrapping paper, your Grandpa's tie plays music, there's sparkly tutu's everywhere and I'm reeeally craving some turkey. But today is not a day for wondering.. except for what's in the present boxes!" "Microscopes?" "Very possible in this house."
  42. 42. "Ok everybody, gather round, gather round! It's Christmas carol time? Are we ready? All together now, on the count of four! And a-1, and a-2, and a 1 2 3 4! On the First Day of Christmas.."
  43. 43. "Mum, Mum - stop! That song takes far too long.. It's like about.. er.. lots of things!" Repens & Meloti: "363 in total, 78 singularly." "Yeah, that. So can you like, condense it or something?" "Oh.. fine!"
  44. 44. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me..
  45. 45. Twelve Pink Protectors,
  46. 46. Eleven Legacy Chapters,
  47. 47. Ten Pretty Presents,
  48. 48. Nine FREAKY Scarecrows, (argh, it's my worst nightmare :( )
  49. 49. Eight Points of Logic,
  50. 50. Seven Pets a-raised,
  51. 51. Six Christmas Stockings,
  53. 53. Four Legacy Kids,
  54. 54. Three Christmas Foods,
  55. 55. Two Legacy Pets,
  56. 56. And an Heir in a Legacy Treeeee!" "Mum, that was rubbish.."
  57. 57. "Ok that was an -interesting- version alright! Where's the Gluhwein, I really could use some about now.."
  58. 58. "*burp* And THAT's what I think of Christmas!" Anyone else have a delightful younger brother like this? It's ringing some bells, and not the jingle kind, for me..
  59. 59. Enjoying yourself, Angela? "Of course! I'm the Smustle Queen, Circe's trying to recruit 'help', Nerd's learning all there ever is to learn about shrews, Styx is sharing poker tips with Repens, and I think even Di's enjoying herself! And best of all, there's no feuding parents, or upset children or custody battles of any kind! Actually, this party might be kind of dull.." Nonsense. Angela aka thepeipers5 write 'Tha Simple Life', where parties always seem to go with a bang!
  60. 60. I decided that I should check on Di, even though Angela said she seemed fine. "Di, I know this is a leeetle different than what you're used to in Victorian England, but how are you liking it?"
  61. 61. "Well I must say, I've not had a moment to myself to even begin to contemplate the situation since I arrived! It's been all strange inappropriate frocks and being whisked off to parties without so much as a 'by your leave'. To be honest, I'm just rather confused at what is going on!"
  62. 62. "But.." "No dearest Gin, I really do think I should just leave this place. I don't even have a suitable hat for the occasion."
  63. 63. "Well.." "But I don't want to leave, you see! It is true that everyone has been wonderful towards me and I am strangely enjoying myself in this house with electricity - but I'm beginning to ask, what has become of me? This is most improper of a young lady! I feel partly torn in two."
  64. 64. "Oh Di, I'm sorry.. I guess I kind of threw you in at the deep end, didn't I? I know you watch over the Victorian Legacy, and I suppose we all just kind of forgot that we were making you change eras so fast! Sorry about that. I'll go make us all some gluhwein, then we can really get this party started (if you know what I mean)! And besides, I think we're going to need some of your wisdom in the future.. That's why I brought you here!"
  65. 65. "An excellent idea! I have much to teach you Miss Gin, for starters you could do with a much finer hat." "Agreed." "Wonderful! In that case I think I'll go have another dance with the fellow who's tie sings - he's such a gentleman."
  66. 66. But as the party began to die down, my Simself decided it was time to bid adieu to the Tegenarias for a while, and let them have the rest of Christmas Day to themselves. "It was exquisite to see you, dear Gin!" "Yeah dude, though where you picked that outfit up I'll never know.. You should have let me make you one!" "Hush, daughter! Now Gin, I cannot say exactly, but this may be.."
  67. 67. "I know Repens, I know. You don't need to say it. Thank you so much for all you've done for this Family, really. And I can always train one of the boys up to be my bug-sprayer and leaf-raker! Enjoy the rest of Christmas." "I indubitably shall, dear Gin!"
  68. 68. "Is it true Grandpa Repens, what Meloti says? That he's not strange because he won't sleep in his bed, but that aliens are looking for him instead? And he wants to date them?" "Menidia! That's not what I said, I- Oh, forget it.."
  69. 69. "There are a great many things in the world for you to learn, young Menidia! Such as the simean nature of your brothers, or the divine eloquence of true love. But you have all the time in the world, as do the rest of your family. Now come, to the evergreen pinus!"
  70. 70. "This was my ursa when I was but a boy. He is specially for you, solitary female grand-offspring, as your brothers have a much bigger gift to worry about between themselves." "Especially for me? Grandpa Repens, I don't know if I deserve it.."
  71. 71. "Oh yes you do, my dear. You're a very special collection of molecules indeed, and don't let anyone make you forget that. Happy Christmas, my little Menidia." "Th..thank you Grandpa Repens!"
  72. 72. "His name is Ursa, and I shall look after him always! And he can reminds me of what you've said. That I'm always going to be special too! If you're um.. sure?" "Yes my dear, I inevitably am."
  73. 73. "La la la! I don't need this Christmas junk. Who does, when there are far more superior things to be done? It's such a waste of a day.. All this 'tra la la la NOG' stuff is so stupid, and everyone's dancing around like a fool! Not me though, oh no, not Allozyme." Aww, come on! Who doesn't like Christmas? And your outfit is so cute.. He refused to join in, all day long! Little Scrooge..
  74. 74. As evening began to draw in, Repens and Kerie shared a Yule-tide waltz in the glowing light of the tree. "Ah Scrumpet! What a day this has been, all of our genetic descendants and assorted other fairies have been bearing their fangs in a playful fashion most happily. Except for when my tie broke and stopped singing, after Allozyme jumped on it." "Never mind dear, I still think you look rather dashing."
  75. 75. "Ah, Kerie my Scrumpet! You always know what to say.. One last time, my love!" "Mmmmpfmmlast?
  76. 76. "REPENS TEGENARIA!" "*sigh* Salve, Grim. Is it the 18th hour already?" "Wh..what? Darling, why didn't you tell me?" "..Grandpa Repens?"
  77. 77. "DAD! Oh no, no on Christmas.. IT'S CHRISTMAS!" "Calm down love of my life, what is all the shouting for.." "CHRISTMAS IS RUINED!"
  78. 78. The Grim Reaper approached Repens, and the entire Family gathered around their beloved Grandfather, not yet ready to say their final goodbyes.
  80. 80. "Well that's not very fair, is it? Everyone needs a holiday now and again.. Hopefully the wonderful work that my primary daughter has done can be of festive cheer to you, otherworldly being?"
  81. 81. "Oh come now family, weep not! The saline mixture falling from your eyes will do no good at all, I shall not have it! It has been a wonderful day, and there are still several collections of 60 minutes to go before this magical holiday ends. I would let my cravat sing to cheer you, if only it still worked. Enjoy the day, for I shall see you again - though albeit sporting ectoplasm.."
  82. 82. "Ah, a Christmas beverage I see! Exquisite. I suggest you all consume one also, and then sit down to some plump and juicy domestic fowl variety, I can but hope Father and Mother has prepared one for me in the big 10 Lane Tegenaria Bowling Alley in the Sky!"
  83. 83. "I shall miss you all as much as fungi need hyphae to survive - now go live your lives exuberantly! For mine has been astonishing. Indubitably."
  84. 84. Repens, oh Repens where do I start! It seems like forever ago you were born in that little shack of a Founder hut.. You really did turn the fortune of the Family around, and were one of my favourite Sims ever - as I writer I'll miss you hugely. Though maybe not the spelling :) Oddly, I'm also going to miss your nose. Name: Repens Tegenaria Aspiration: Fortune LTW: Reach top of Business Career - DONE Aries 7/9/7/0/3 Children: Saeva and Carapace (deceased) Grandchildren: Meloti, Arvicanthis, Allozyme & Menidia Businesses: R's R 'n R (Level 2 - woooh!) Lived: 77 Sim days (the exact same as his father) Inheritance benefited 12 people, including Kerie, Saeva, Meloti, Menidia and my Simself
  85. 85. "He's gone, he's really gone.." "Mum.. he doesn't want you to be sad. You heard what he said, right? We've had such a happy day and it doesn't have to end yet!"
  86. 86. "Right Allozyme? I mean, you didn't even care it was Christmas anyway." "I liiiiied, and now Christmas is ruined."
  87. 87. And for a horrible while, it seemed like it was. The Family were so shocked at Repens departure from their midst, that the festivities were put on hold as each began to come to terms with their feelings.
  88. 88. "Christmas is supposed to be happy.. But my Dad left us! Why didn't he tell me.." "GrandMaster! My ears hang low with much sorrow. But I shall sing in your memory, Arwwwwooooo.." "*sniff* *giggle* Parsi, shh! You were never cut out to be a singer, ok?"
  89. 89. I gave them some time to themselves, and so it is not until late evening that we rejoin the Legacy House. But Repens was right. The Family had had the happiest day together they ever had, with each other and friends - which is what Christmas is all about! And yes, bad things can happen - you burn the turkey, the lights all break, your hamster catches a cold, you lose your Repens - but it doesn't change the special memories and feelings you only get around Christmas time. Aww. You didn't think I was going to let this be a sad ending, did you? IT'S CHRISTMAS!
  90. 90. "Why didn't he tell me? We could have -done- something about it, we could.. we could have.." Even Saeva can't defeat Grim, Kerie.. "*sniff* But I have never loved him more than that last dance we had together. I'll remember that until I can be with him again! I don't like it that he's gone, but I still feel all warm and glowy when I think of how he kissed me.." Exactly.
  91. 91. "It's you and me now Passerine, ok? Every Shrew-Boy needs a Shrew-Bird! I think Grandpa Repens would be all for the cause." "Raaaawrk, indubitably." "Ahahaha, that's a funny word!"
  92. 92. Menidia and Allozyme were worn out after the party, so after a plate of gelatine a-piece went up to bed. Menidia fell asleep clutching Ursa, but with a smile on her face as she remembered how special her Grandpa had made her feel that day. To distract himself as he dropped off, Allozyme began to construct new chess strategies so that he'd never have to lose again - but instead he found himself thinking about all the good moves his Grandpa had played against him, and began to study them in his dreams..
  93. 93. "Yeehaw! Come my dear heart, dance with us! The boys and I have been making Gluhwein and toasting your fathers memory. And he was right, the night is much better spent enjoying ourselves and each others company! Come, dance with us." "*sniffle* But, but.."
  94. 94. "My dear daughter, I do believe that the man are, for once, right! I've been thinking about it, and we have had such a lovely Christmas all together, mostly thanks to you. We should enjoy the last hour remaining whilst we can! As you like to say, it's not over yet - dude!" "*gulp* Ok, because we still have time together!"
  95. 95. Saeva: "Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all so very much, you know that, right?" Arvicanthis: "Yes yes, we knoooow Mum! Now, LET'S DO THE CHRISTMAS SMUSTLE!"
  96. 96. And so the Tegenaria Family smustled away the last of Christmas Day, loving every minute of it! ..Though I think Sean may have had -just- a little too much gluhwein for his own good..
  97. 97. ..And also possibly given a little too much to Arvicanthis! "Ooh, ooh! Shrew - style! Christ - mas! Ooh, ooh! You know, I'm really starting to like this suit, it's sschtunnink.. Maybe I'll keep it for schom datesssch tomorrow.."
  98. 98. For once last time, all together you lot: "MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE SCIENCE OF A LEGACY!" "Especially any Shrews out there!" "Arvi.." "Er, sorry Mum." And so that's it! I've really enjoyed writing this - I laughed and smiled far too much :) I hope you all have a lovely holiday season, no matter what you are celebrating, or how you do it. Christmas CC mainly from Parsimonious, but some ornaments from MTS2 - thanks loads to the creators, because I don't have Happy Holidays Stuff and snow crashes my laptop! This has been Gin, avoiding revision and eating mince pies instead! Till next time, you festive salmon cakes..
  99. 99. I'll leave you to caption this one yourselves.. ;P