The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 3


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 3

  1. 1. 2nd October 2007 Welcome back to The Science of a Legacy! Where I, GintasticNecat attempt to learn my lectures through simming with the Tegenaria Family instead of otherwise! This here be Chapter Three: Striiike!-ing Out. You'll be recapped in the first couple of slides, so enjoy and remember to wash your kippers. I had a lot of fun writing my chapter, and hopefully you'll see why!
  2. 2. Here's our founder, Atrica Tegenaria, a pleasure sim who lives and breathes for his aspiration. And family, of course! "Look what I found in the mirror! It suits my name, and it's pleasuretastic!" Mmm, I was saving it for any gothic-y sims I may have but as Tegenaria atrica, if you've been following the legacy, is a type of spider so I thought my founder really ought to have it.
  3. 3. Waahahahaaaa! Better graphics and so pictures yay me.. But this is Atrica's wife Margaret, former downtownie. And yes, she does need the thinking cap to eat. Really, trust me on this one! "Oh my gaaaaw, this air tastes so good!" See?
  4. 4. And their two sons, Corvus the slow(ish) but sweet family sim on the left, and Repens the smart and sassy fortune teen on the left. They've been arguing over heirdom, as Corvus is worried if he isn't chosen then he'll never get to marry a pretty lady and have lots of puppies, but Repens knows what bad shape the family is in and knows he can actually do something about it. So I have news for you boys! I love you both, but Repens - the heirship is yours. "Huzzah, I always knew it! How you could even consider letting this dumkopf take over is beyond me, even with my dazzling mental capacities." Don't worry Corvus, I've grown to love you even if you do have no nose, so you'll get that wife and 20 pets, bleh.
  5. 5. This were going disastrously as usual in the Tegenaria household. The promotions were slow, the skilling was a joke, and the flamingos were on fire. "What kind of Legacy writer are you!? No one lets my kind suffer, no one! We are hallowed in the world of Legacies!" Shh, it's a thunderstorm.
  6. 6. "Oh my gaaaaaaw, my pretty pink bird's being flambéed! Is it an omen, is it is it is it?" Oh dear haddock, I hope not..
  7. 7. BWAHAAA! It was, and a good one at that! I truly never though I'd see a permaplat sim in this house the way things were going! And it looks purty in the snow.
  8. 8. "Oh Mama, you're Chief of Staff? What imbecile let YOU control all of the SHS?! My, what a calamity.." I'm a s surprised Repens! But good on ya Margaret, I was starting to think things would never pick up. Phew! (SHS: Strangetown Health Service - Surpassing the NHS for 20 years running!)
  9. 9. But at least Repens would now let her help him skill for scholarships, he can be a bit conceited that one.. "And so you see, this is really a cheeseburger NOT a hamburger as advertised, leading to dairy allergy death in Sims everywhere." "..Interesting."
  10. 10. "And then the lady loved the man because he was so handsome and clever and they got married and had a babies and a puppies and a kitties all the time forever." Aww, Corvus.. Your aspiration level is always far too close to the red for my liking, let's see what we can do about that.
  11. 11. "And Corvus want a pretty lady who loves Corvus more than puppies!" "Righty-ho, you strange, strange boy.."
  12. 12. Melody Tinker?! No no no. I paid $5000 for this?! I don't think so. Go away, you are not good enough for my Corvie. Sorry Corvus, but she hated you.. Better aspiration luck next time, eh?
  13. 13. With most sim's needs bottoming out, and Atrica a day away from elderhood with no perma plat in sight (how hard is it to be a slacker for plaice's sake!?) I had to do something to sort him out, and fast. ROAD TRIP!
  14. 14. "Gin, where have you taken me? I have important pleasure to take care of!" I know, that's why you're here. "You mean, after three chapters the time has finally come? Really really? It's not..
  15. 15. ... BOWLING!" Atrica's had a want to go bowling in his panel since day one, I kid you not. But the house has been too hectic for me to do anything about it. But I love my founder, so it's darn well about time!
  16. 16. "Welcome to Sims Lane Bowling Alley! I'm Repens and I shall be your commentator this evening. Don't expect miracles here, my family are about as skilled as an electric eel in a blender. But get some receptacles ready, you're in for an interesting time.."
  17. 17. "First up is my dear ape Corvus, a lumbering buffoon if I ever saw one. Look at that swing, it lacks style and talent, my my, I could do better if I had no arms!" "Corvus win! Do it for face!"
  18. 18. "Next we turn to the stylings of Papa, he's got his sights set on victory and his knees bent in anticipation. Or is it constipation? Snort, he's nothing compared to what I can do." "Come on baby, do it for the pleasure!"
  19. 19. "Mama takes an interesting approach to this noble sport. Resembling a jellyfish gone wired, she hop, skips and jumps to an off-centre roll the worst bowlers would be ashamed of. Heels were not a good choice, Mama." "Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaw!"
  20. 20. "And now for the results ladies and gents! Corvus natural rolled a bunch on gutterballs. I've come to expect nothing less of him and can hardly say I'm surprised. It's as if his fingers were smeared in products from lactating mammals!" "Corvus didn't win? Can have puppies instead?"
  21. 21. "Now that's what I'm talking about, baby! PLEASURE." "Papa managed a pitiful spare. Perhaps he'd reach my standard if he learnt to flail his limbs less, and focus more on that task in hand. However, he seems most content with his measly efforts so I'll let it slide."
  22. 22. "Take that pinnies!" "Wha-? How did *that* happen. Y' know, whatever. Everyone get's lucky sometimes, snort. Now move over peons, it's time for the master to show you how it's done, Repens-style!"
  23. 23. "A good firm throw to begin the stylee, followed through by a.."
  24. 24. *THUMP* "Huh? Er.. Hey, you waxed this floor too much. Yeah yeah, that's it! It's your fault cleaner monkey. If I just get up and.." Sorry Repens, it's time to go. We need to get home for your Dad's BDay.
  25. 25. "Oh Gin, thank you so much! I've had the most wonderfullest pleasure filled day ever! I love my creator, I love my family, hurray! And now I get cake, wheee!" Kudos to you, Atrica.
  26. 26. As a birthday present, I got him a souvenir to light his dreams, aww.. "PLEASURE DREAMS!" Yes, them.
  27. 27. "pleasurepleasurepleasurepleasure WISH!" Happy Birthday, you founder, you.
  28. 28. "Way-oh, confetti! Awesome!" Why's you hair gone black? And that's no fitting shirt for a man such as yourself.
  29. 29. "Looking goood.." Very suave, sir.
  30. 30. And the Tegenarias have a BDay boogie, though all be-it none too successfully! "Huhu, Daddy can't dance!" "C'mon Margaret, get into the pleasure groove!" "Teehee, I like this, why haven't we done it before!" "One step, two step, HA, I can waltz like a master."
  31. 31. As Margaret's promotions were bringing in the moolah, I built a new house as the old one was so tiny and grotty that no one could move with all the junk in it. "I haaaaaaaaaaate it, it reeks of no pleasure!" I know Atrica, I can't build, I'm so sorry.
  32. 32. But anyway, it was time for Permaplat Margaret to elderfy.
  33. 33. "You know, all elders should were heels, it would sort out so many of their problems! I wish for more heels." We can sort that out later.
  34. 34. Eww no! Not the sweatsuit of doom.. Off to Harold & Merkins with you! I always forget what H&M stands for, even though the top I'm wearing came from there, so I named it thusly in my game.
  35. 35. Snazzy. Doncha just love All About Style? Most of my CC clothes come from that site, go check.
  36. 36. With their parents all growed up, it was time to send the boy to Uni. However, there was a problem. Corvus was nearing aspirational failure, and I was NOT going to have him grow up like that. "Why no girls like Corvus? Corvus wants to be loved like he loved everyooooone waaawaaa.." I'm trying!
  37. 37. I like it when he's happy :)
  38. 38. "I'm glad you're not going to bork son, now off you go kkthnxbyeeeee!" "Mama still come to cuddle Corvie?" "Yes dear." Repens: "Hey, I'm over here! I'm the heir! Come hug me! Imbeciles."
  39. 39. If anyone could tell me how to get kids to go to college together, so they have finals at the same time and show up in the bin TOGETHER, I would be so so grateful. I cannot do it for the life of me.. But this is where I shall leave you for now, so I can whack out uni in a single chapter. Thanks for reading everyone, and CC is by much cleverererer people than me. So until next time, this is GintasticNecat avoiding ANOVAs.
  40. 40. "The kids have gooooooooone We are aloooooone So come give me pleasure Margaret Or a taxi I shall phooooone!" Bowling again Atrica? "Yes please."