The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 1


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The Science of a Legacy: Chapter 1

  1. 1. 30th September 2007 Oh my it's another Legacy! I'm sure you all know about this challenge to reach Generation 10 cheat free, and have read many, just as I have. This is the second go for me, as my previous legacy died due to my awful backing up skills and the crashingness of Bon Voyage which now lies in the corner, ignored. So why the Science of a Legacy? Just really so I can actually learn as I go along! I often play TS2 instead of concentrating on my University degree in Biology, so am naming all characters after whatever I'm meant to be learning that week. Just to keep me on my toes.. So please enjoy Chapter One of The Science of a Legacy: Everyone Squee for my Pleasure! Click click click that arrow, says I!
  2. 2. "Yes, yes, you are you so perfect, you ARE! Ah, hello there! Atrica here, reporting for Legacy duty. Next to this shoddy bookcase, I look even better! Thanks Gin-face, I like this legacy lark so far! Hm, now, where's the bowling alley then? I'm bored now." Name: Atrica Tegenaria Aspiration: Pleasure LTW: Reach top of Slacker Career Scorpio 7/6/7/0/5 Occupation: Founder! Atrica is the species of Tegenaria spider I'm *supposed* to be doing my dissertation on - hey look, I'm learning already! Aren't you?
  3. 3. Ohmigod he'sgotnohouse. I'm sure everyone's surprised. "Bwahahaha, oh these legacies! Ohohoho.. Now, can I have some people please."
  4. 4. Sure, welcome to Strangetown Atrica! "I did not mean this! You there, bird boy. I hear you a fan favourite around here?" "Uhm, I er, well.." "QUIET! This is Atrica's town now, y'hear me?" "Mhrmmumble..." "Especially, MY bowling alley, k?" Jenny Smith: "..We don't have one, that fishhead." Did Atrica like the Maxis Strangetown Sims? No my dears, he did not.
  5. 5. However, he was more than happy with the townies. Who's names I always forget. "You, potential spouse! You have blonde hair, I bolt you. You bolt me? Pleasure?"
  6. 6. "WHAT?! No way. You think I'd let me and my glitchy chin into a legacy about spiders and Biology? You codswalloping caterpillar. Fish off, I'm going bowling. Bolt that!" "Fish bowling? Is this a new *pleasurable* activity? Gin, can I go??" No. We need to find someone who doesn't hate you first. Then maybe once you've become permaplat, raised an heir and a spare and about to die from old age, I'll take you bowling. Maybe.
  7. 7. Cue townie #97487, or something. I actually spotted her on an outing downtown, but didn't take any pictures because I'm a moron. "Oh my gaaaaaaaaaawd, Atrica, that's a strange name.. Never mind, I have strange hair myself a less than great shirt. Fancy a date? You make me squee!" "Will there be pleasure?" "Oh my gaaaawd, sure."
  8. 8. "Oh Margaret, how I bolt you! Bring on the pleasure my oddly styled 'shroom." "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! Alright then."
  9. 9. And so Atrica and Margaret bolted for each other for the rest of the day on a lovely dream date. As these things usually go, Legacy stylee.
  10. 10. Heart/bolt/heart/bolt/ etc.. But yes, they fell in love in just one afternoon! Yay me, that was quick thank goodness. I hate trawling for spouses. So Margaret, you'll do for me.
  11. 11. "Oh Margaret, what a pleasurable day it's been! Here, with my furniture on the roadside. I see.. I see a big wide FUTURE, I do! I'm rolling some very disturbing wants for you right now, I really am." "Oh my gaaaaawd, you don't mean you want to.." "Yes Margaret, I do."
  12. 12. "I, Atrica Tegenaria, pleasure sim extrodinaire, am rolling a WANT to become engaged to your boltful face! And I have no fear, for I am just that good. I really really am." "What, no woohoo? But still, oh. My. Ga-" You get the idea by now, Margaret likes to squeal. Oh my fishsticks..
  13. 13. And it was true! Atrica really wanted to get married, which I've never had a pleasure sim do before. He had a good memory of it and all, aww. Spouse for my founder done in two days, awesome. But really, isn't this what we all wish for? A nice roadside marrage to someone we've just met? I know I do.
  14. 14. "Oh my faaaace! I'm hawt!" You are. Now I gave you a makeover you know remind me of Angela from Boy Meets World, for no reason what-so-ever, as she didn't squeal her head off. And so Margaret often gets called Angela when I'm playing, I think it suits her better anyway. Name: Margaret Tegenaria Aspiration: Fortune LTW: Reach top of the Medical Career Scorpio 6/5/8/3/3
  15. 15. She didn't bring in much cash (I forget how much) but she had a stackload of skills and was already a counterfeiter earning $1000ish, so I obviously sent her straight into getting more. Tell us Margaret(Angela), what are you off to do now? "Yogaaaaw!" Right then.
  16. 16. Eventually a built them an awful awful house, because building has never been my simming strong point. But apparently it was good enough for random townies to heart-fart over, so I feels the props anyway!
  17. 17. "This grilled cheese reminds me so much of my woohoo with Atrica! It's just so.. mmm.. and so on! And he's just there, oh squee! Munch.." No elongated letters, hurray! She's learning.
  18. 18. "Oh my, clearing up Margaret's plate reminds me so much of woohoo! So white and round and so on! Oh my, I think I need to go sit down.." Is there something is the air over my cheap table? I proclaim thee le tableau d'amour.
  19. 19. "Ahahaha, this is much more pleasurable the woohoo, hurray!" "Squee-gaaaaw! Redhands makes me happy inside!" Sigh, can you guys get on with making the next generation - please?
  20. 20. Thank you. "I don't feel so squee.." That's just what I need m'dear.
  21. 21. "Hello! You're about the size of a bowling ball - awesome!" Atrica is rolling wants for bowling and babies - should I be worried? But a pleasure sim rolling for children, I'll take what I can get thanks! Yeah I know, I still haven't taken him to an alley.. One day maybe.
  22. 22. "Wifey, I really don't know if we've got enough money for little whateverit'snameisgoingtobe, neither of us ever get promotions and we're nowhere near being perma plat or being able to afford wallpaper!" "Gawww, that's not so good." Losers, they seem incapable to being promoted - why? Darn you sims!
  23. 23. Brief interlude - I've never noticed this before, but the hamburgers actually seem to be cheeseburgers. That's shocking Maxis, what if a Sim with a dairy allergy orders a hamburger but gets filled with cheese? I demand a new death and ghost colour.
  24. 24. "Quit it with the burger, back to me! I slave at a gas station but never get promoted or more than $100 or whatever and I've never even been bowling! Look at my face, do I look pleasurable to you?" Erm, no. But Margaret's having a pregnancy for hell, I haven't even looked at your wants panel for days.. "Figures. But at least she's squee-ing less."
  25. 25. "Oh my gaaaw, I'm starving and about to wet myself, but I just can't seem to stop playing with these little wooden donkeys! Oooh, it's so hard too!" *headdesk* I've never been this worried about a pregnant Sim dying before.
  26. 26. Luckly, if a fit of glitchy hair, she gets there! "Ohmygaa-" Shhnow.
  27. 27. "At last, my little bowling ball has arrived! Yipee, I've never felt for a-tingle with pleasure happiness! How I swell with joy." He's a sweetie, Atrica is :)
  28. 28. "Hell yeah, a baby, woooh! Pleasure now?" "It smells strange.." "Murgurgle?" And so enters little boy Corvus Tegenaria. Corvus is the genus (group of species) that included the Jackdaw, a bird I'm meant to be writing about. However, I find my Sims more interesting this afternoon, surprisingly!
  29. 29. Eehe.. Erm. Yes then. Blonde like Margaret, Atrica's eyes and a skin tone between the two, 3 I think. Frightening head ridge though!
  30. 30. "Oh but he's so wonderful! Look he showers me with love, oh the pleasure joy! I bolt him." You'd better not bolt him, Atrica. And I'm not sure that's love.. "Oh but it is!"
  31. 31. "And might I add, all this woohoo with Margaret is giving me a headache. Or maybe all this grey is hurting my head and I need some more woohoo. I'm not sure. Pleasure?" No, skilling. And I hear no lullaby yet, so just take your aspiration boosts from that while you can, it's a long road ahead, m'dear.
  32. 32. Next baby? "Pleasure?" "Gaaaw?" Close enough.
  33. 33. Atrica and Margaret/Angela heart-fart over each other all the time, I love it! They really are cute together, even though Margaret can be a bit.. well, you've been reading. I'm glad it's Atrica who has to hold the dinner conversations, not me! You' can picture how the exchange goes by now!
  34. 34. "Gin, I just had to tell you! I'm SO happy having a family and and love and and children and and pleasure!" SimMe: "We haven't met yet, Atrica!" "I don't care, I love my family, I'd even give up bowling for them!" SimMe: "But you've never BEEN bowling!" "So? Pleasure?"
  35. 35. Because I forgot, Corvus doesn't get a cake, but grew up to toddler'ton well enough. He's a Libra 2/10/7/3/10, which means he'll be sprinting naked to hug people whilst he litters on the way! Coolos.
  36. 36. Just because it's cute. I like all the love in this family, even though Corvus appears to have inherited the mental not-quite-there-ness. "Sigh, pretty son, pretty husband.." "Bite Mummy's face now?"
  37. 37. Yes alright, I'll make a werewolf at some point. These two come by every night, you'd get the feeling they're threatening to eat my toddler if I don't wolf someone. Yes well, not now, ner ner. "Toddler?" "Toddler."
  38. 38. "Look Corvie, Daddy's painting, isn't he clever?" "Of course I am, I am Atrica the Great! I'm going to call it 'A Vision of Pleasure' by Me. Hhahao." "Eat paaaint?" Genius child, that one.
  39. 39. Heyho, baby number two. Might I just add, there haven't been many pictures of this pregnancy as it was even harder than the last! No more kiddies after this one, or I'm convinced she'll spite me and die. Dare I admit it, but I really like her! Anyway, on with it.
  40. 40. "Yes yes, come on come on, make it twins, make it twins! I want more kiddiewinkles!" No, no twins yet! You have no money, can't get promoted, and your wife keeps nearly dying. "Pleasure?"
  41. 41. After much squeeing I thought you could live without, we have another boy, Repens! Loosely means 'creeping' in plants. He's blond with Atrica's eyes again, I panicked (at the simsco!) because although I'd quit I hadn't mixed the genes, so we'll see if I cloned or not. Gulp. "Oh he's such a little squish-face!"
  42. 42. "Corvus. Do you know what I see? I see a FUTURE! For this family, for you, for me, for us all! A future of you know what? Pleasure my son, pleasure galore!" "..Beans?" Sigh, at least Atrica's a really good Dad. If only Corvus was a good toddler! He's evil I tell you, he's never pleased about anything!
  43. 43. He skills slower than a worm in a traffic jam. "Come on Corvie, walkiiiiies!" "Eat Mummy face now huhuhuhueeee! Corvus fall over?"
  44. 44. "Corvie, weeeweeee!" "Corvie no want sit, Corvie want to eat face! Waaaa." He won't sit on the blasted potty for love nor money, nor face. He's such a hard toddler, and with baby Repens and Atrica and Margaret finally trying to get promoted past the second level of their jobs, this house is plumbob red-tastic. I'm sorry my dears. "Face!"
  45. 45. See, just look at that face! "Faaaaaace." "Mummy needs to take her face to work now, and I nearly very took you in the carpool with me Corvie, heheheheeeeee!" Help me! And then, she didn't even get promoted. *headdesk*
  46. 46. Grow up you little stinker before I kill you! I would have got you a face cake, but I was in such a hurry as for once you weren't in the red! And so this is where I'll leave you for now. A semi-cliff hanger if you will. Will anyone ever get out of the red? What will the kids look like as they grow up? Will anyone ever get promoted? What is WITH Corvus? This is GintasticNecat avoiding today's standard deviation, thanks for reading! Custom content by talented people, sadly I don't keep track well enough..