ESWN Part 3.6


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ESWN Part 3.6

  1. 1. Well hello there! Long time to see – but welcome back my fine little fajitas! (I justhad fajitas for dinner..)Uber quick recap below, but if you have 5 minutes to spare I really wouldrecommend just going back and skimming 3.5, as quite a few things happened avery long time ago. But the quick version is:Ruthless was bitchy, Oblivion was dead-y, ES was post-grave chatty, then Parasitegot Obi all zomie-y..y.That‟ll do! Onwards! But not quite! Sort of.First of all..
  2. 2. “And then the most loveliest of sausage dogs trotted round the corner!”BZZT.“I wonder if Ruthy would let us have one. I think she would.”BZZT.“..Then at least there’d be some else to fetch and carry for her.”
  3. 3. ...BZZT....“Hel-l-llo?”...BZZT....“This is so boring.. TWIN! Write a better diary. A squashed hedgehog could dobetter than th-”
  4. 4. “Woah.”Upon slamming Riot‟s diary closed, Ruthless finally noticed the flickering televisionin front of her.“..lo? Hell-o?”“I did not leave that on.. I know I didn‟t, and I am NEVER wrong.”But slowly, the jumbled picture finally started to settle, and she saw herself lookingat a recently now familiar face displayed on the screen.
  5. 5. “Hello? Oh widgets..Ah, right! That’s better, I can see you now. Can you hearme?Ruthless?Ruthless Nightmare! Tell me you can see me, woman.We’ve never met, but my name is Evil Susan. It’s a bit hardto believe but I’m actually your Great-”
  6. 6. “I know who you are! But what the hell are you doing in my TV? Get out! I didn‟tgive you permission to be in there. This is MY house.”“Just listen – I need your help!”“Help?! Why? I‟m doing just fine carrying on your good work, thank you verymuch.”The image on the screen smiled.“I knew you were the right choice. And if you believe in thesame values that I do, that means you’ll help me.This is all wrong, Ruthless.”“Feels pretty right to me. And I KNOW.”
  7. 7. “No. It’s wrong. And believe you me I’ve tried to fix it.But things have been a little more difficult being, well..Dead. This is not my home and I need to get out.”“But-”“RUTHLESS. Will you help me or not? Remember who I am. Don’tmake me say please.”“Point taken. So yes Evil Susan, as your Great-Granddaughter I will help you.”“Correct answer. So what I need you to do is.. is..”The figure on the screen looked noticeably uncomfortable, almost wincing as shespoke.“I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but.. Sigh.I need you to get Gin.”
  8. 8. “That‟s IT? You want me to get Gin?”“Look, it’s not like I haven’t tried.”“The great Evil Susan can‟t even get Gin herself..”“I can’t get into any of the electronics of her house and itmust be some stupid Simself voodoo. All you Nightmares are asynch to find, but not her. She needs to be in anotherlocation for me to talk to her. So what you are going to dois-”“Do your work for you! The greeeeeeeeat Eeeeeeeeeeevil Susan can‟t copewithout ME, Ruthless, haha. Too sweet.”
  9. 9. “NEVER interrupt me! I’m Evil Susan!”“Whatever. But yeah, alright I‟ll help you. I do kinda owe you for showing me theway and all.”“Good. Just go get Gin and bring her somewhere I canactually talk to her. You’re not as annoying as everyoneelse in the town, so try and prove you’re not just as stupidunderneath alright?”“Done.”“It’d better be.”
  10. 10. And with that, the screen abruptly shut down.Ruthless walked over to the television and gave it a poke.“Weird..But it was awesome to meet the real Evil Susan.” she grinned to herself. “She wasjust as bad as I‟d hoped!”
  11. 11. “Not that I would ever tell her that. Got a REPUTATION to uphold, can‟t have herthinking me soft. Because I‟m not. I‟m Ruthless.And I‟m going to make her proud. Do it just the way she would.I‟m going to get Gin.”
  12. 12. “Hey Ruthy, have you seen my diary-HEY!Where are you going with those? Ruthy?”
  13. 13. “Oh nowhere Twin.Just getting a little family business taken care of.” ---
  14. 14. Now back our irregularly scheduled OWBC!As you can see quite clearly, things at the Nightmare household are progressing asusual.
  15. 15. Oblivion is still very much VERY happy to be alive(ish)!“Mum! Dad! You HAVE to come and join in with this! The beat is just so SPOT on.And and it was be super aweSOME to have someone help prop me up when I twirltoo fast and even being a zombtastic-zomb means I start to fall over a little bit.. Butthat‟s fun TOO! It‟s like being a kangaroo on a MERRY-go-round!”
  16. 16. Bad apple Poxy Waste „o Space continues to do whatever the hell she wants.Usually accompanied by her green cloud, and as we can‟t see it I can only assumeis currently her opponent.
  17. 17. And Certain Doom was busy silently trying out new poses to make up for his oldertwo siblings entire disinterest in the whole dating world.I like to think he sometimes succeeds, I shall leave it up to you. But being quieterthan everyone else (except Dongsool – but the exception proves the rule) hecertainly wins at!
  18. 18. And the fourth child, Piano, was chilling in a bedroom.I have decided that Piano is another child because I have lots of pictures of himand I have no idea why I took them.
  19. 19. And besides!His parents love him just as much (if not more) than their other three!
  20. 20. “Ah! Gotcha.”C.D., our Gen 3 Bug Nut of few words, helps me out massively and manages tocomplete his collection pretty early on into his teenagehood.Hurray!
  21. 21. And no surprises as who was there to congratulate him!“Grandaddy.” he nodded proudly.And „Orrible responded in a likewise fashion.
  23. 23. “So many words..Scary.”
  24. 24. Poor chap.But nevermind him – ta dah!Bug Nut bonus challenge – complete 
  25. 25. “Oh congratUlations little brother buddy! Just because Granddaddy can‟t give youlots of huggley-hugs doesn‟t mean I can‟t!”“Thanks.”“You‟re welcome! Oh, it‟s going to be a GOOD day! As good a gopher‟s gumtreeguacamole, oh BOY!”“Agreed.”
  26. 26. However the joy was short lived, as the second child beat up the youngest.“Oh Poxy! I know you love to put the full.. force, of yourself into everything which islovely. But Piano is only young and can‟t always take it.”“But if you‟re going to play, you should play HARD!”“Yes yes, I know. But Daddy and I need to go out, so try and fix him at noon whenthe Drew rule rolls around, okay? Otherwise it‟ll be a whole „nother day until we canplay with Piano again!”“Yeee-eeees Mum..”
  27. 27. And did she?Well what do you think, she‟s a Bad Apple with the shortest attention span of anyNightmare EVER and that is saying something.“Hey Mr. EverBurningTree, I‟m sure I was supposed to do something now. Can youremember what it was?”EverBurningTree: BUUUUUURN“Yeah, that‟s what I thought!”
  28. 28. Poor Piano, he‟ll have to wait. Because it‟s time to check up on our Boolprop ClubHouse - Bugger Off and Die! What fun.Ah, it still looks just as well built as ever.
  29. 29. But we open up, and Paris gets straight to work on drumming up some business.“I know you‟ve been here 52 times before Patty, but LOOK! I polished thedinosaur!”“Urk.. I don‟t know if I can stand spending another minute on this lot!”“Me neither!”“But okay – we‟ll take two tickets.”“DONE!”
  30. 30. Dongsool knows is best to just let his wife get on with things so happily spend theafternoon by the bubbleblower.Because let‟s face it, the conversation over there is never exactly flowing.
  31. 31. Unlike other parts of the lot.“All those many years ago when the Nightmares arrived I thought they were goingto tear Riverblossom apart – but they‟ve actually made it a wonderful place to live!”“So true, so true. They even take part in the spring shows now! Oh that „Orrible‟scucumber was divine that one year..”“AND THEY SUPPORT UNDERAGE GAMBLING!”“Goat bless the Nightmares.”
  32. 32. Even our old friend the Flinging Highlander was coming around.“Well do YOO care aboot mah cabbages?!”“Um.. Yes! Yes I do. Lots and lots!”“Then yoo many have mah mooney.”
  33. 33. “You sure you‟re not a witch? I‟ve never seen anyone outside the coven with yourcomplexion before.”“Nope! Just the way my Daddy made me!”“And your mother?”“Nope, just my Daddy.”“Right..”
  34. 34. “Just look up there Wini!”“Gasp, where!”“UP there! Space! There‟s a whole world up there and THAT‟s where I came from!”“GASP!”“The STARS, Wini, the STARS in space!!”“Space! Space! Gotta go to space! SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!! Oh and theSTARS! Here, have even more gold ones!!”“Why thank you.”“SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!”
  35. 35. As the customers began to leave, Paris waved to each of her friends individuallyand fell pleased with their day‟s work. She felt even better when her husband cameto give her a big kiss to show her how proud HE was of her.“Oh my Dear Dongy! You did so well too! But come – let us return to see in whatstate the children have left the house.”
  36. 36. Back home, everything was thankfully normal.“I‟m huuuuuuuuuuuungry! Someone feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed meeeee.FEED THE POXY!!”
  37. 37. “Here you go – Mummy‟ll feed the Poxy!”“Thanks Mum, I needed a new pillow.Zzz..”Sighing, Paris removed her daughter‟s new pillow from her face and gently shovedher in the direction of a bed. She knew she‟d lick herself clean during the night.
  38. 38. A few days later, Paris dragged her Dear Dongy into the living room and proceededto engage him in a forced dance along to some of Obi‟s favourite songs.There was never anything else on these days as he tried to perfect his balance.“It‟s such a hard worker! Oh, I love our lovely children Dear Dongy!”He nodded enthusiastically.
  39. 39. “MWA!And I love you. You really are the Dearest Dongy in the whole widest of wideworlds!”His kiss back showed he clearly agreed.“I hope you never say a word.”
  40. 40. “Ooo! I feel or funny.. I thought we had more time.Oh well, are you ready Dear Dongy?”He nodded through the wobblies.“Then let‟s GOOOOO!”
  41. 41. “Oh wow!It‟s okay Dongy, don‟t worry, you can open your eyes..We may be old now, but-”
  42. 42. “WE‟RE STILL SUPER-AMAZING!Oh this is just going to be another adventure – together!”
  43. 43. “What the BUMBLES HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS?!”“Oh, nothing sweetie.. We just got OLD!”“I don‟t get why you‟re excited but if you‟re excited then POXY WANTS TO BEEXCITED TOO!!!”“That‟s my girl!”
  44. 44. And yes, she kept her stompy boots!Well, as stompy as an elderly lady can be.
  45. 45. “Pretty, Mum.” C.D. observed the following morning.“MuurugheLUYrmmllly!” Obi enthusiastically added, his mouth a bit too full of grilledcheese to use as many words as he wanted to.“Thank you dears. And I‟m not the only one who‟s been growing up – look how bigyou all are now! And so pretty! And me, an old lady as your Mummy.. I‟m sure you‟llall look just a lovely when you‟re all old too!”“..”
  46. 46. But to be honest, C.D. Was pretty happy with how he‟d grown up as he was. Oldage could stay a long way off for now thankyouverymuch.He‟d been using his new found bug-freedom to get to know most of the girls atschool, and all his nature skills have not only given him the juiciest tomatoes intown to tempt them in – he was also pretty happy with how fit it had made him!
  47. 47. ..He was less thrilled by the accompanying spots.However, it doesn‟t seem to have affected his popularity too much..
  48. 48. “He‟s mine!”“NO, he‟s MINE!”“C.D. Totally wants to ask ME OUT.”“NO HE DOESN‟T”“UGLY TRUMPKIN!”
  49. 49. “Never call me that Melody Tinker – HA! I told you he wants me.”“Ouch. No one beats me.. I will have C.D. Nightmare.”
  50. 50. “I WILL!”“Argh! You want a rematch? You‟ve GOT ONE!”“The power of C.D.‟s love will have me beat your ass!”“Not if I KICK IT FIRST. FOR CEEEEDEEEEE!”
  51. 51. “Woo, yeah! You girls fight over my baby! Come on girl who isn‟t Melody Tinker,COME ON!”I‟m with Paris.
  52. 52. “Well done dear, it‟s always good to se her punched in the face.”“Thanks Ma‟am. May I ask if C.D. Is home?”“You are exhibiting stalker like intentions towards my son. I think it‟s best if youboth leave now and never contact us again.”“Yes Ma‟am.”
  53. 53. “I can‟t believe you had actual GIRLS fighting over you little brother, that is sofabedeebee! Not that I like girls, I think they‟re scarEE, but you so are the bestESTso it‟s way understandable, you must be so happy that things are going so well foryou! If I was a girl and not your brother I‟m sure I would totally want to go out withyou too!”“Obi THAT IS NOT A SENSIBLE THOUGH.” sighed Poxy. “And you do not want tohear what everyone was saying about CEEEDEEE at lunch, he‟s not even kissedanyone yet and they‟ve all gone WEEEEEURGH at him!”“Do what I can.”
  54. 54. But as her babies were growing up, causing stirs on lawns on not, Paris decided toretire knowing that she wouldn‟t have much longer with them until they all left foruniversity.Some less than others.
  55. 55. “Mum! Your my favouritest female parent and make the sun shine brighter than agecko‟s smile but purLEASE I can study on my own! I am so very happy you‟rehere and I‟m not deadED but Poxy and I are leaving in the morning..”“I know Obi. I‟m just.. Keeping the couch level for you. To help with your reading.”“I love you very much, Mum.”
  56. 56. “RIGHT! GOODBYE! I AM LEAVING!”“Ok.”“Is that IT?! CEEEDEEE your big sister whose taught you ALL ABOUTEVERYTHING is leaving you! Where are the tears of RAGE and the cries of howUNFAIR it is that YOUR WHOLE WORLD IS BEING TORN ASUNDER?!”“See you soon?”“GRAGH!But fine, SOUNDS GOOD!!”
  57. 57. So the following morning, a very excited Oblivion called to collect his scholarshipsand call a cab.He got an extra special hug from Paris and Dongy for being the first Nightmareever to get the Undead Scholarship – what an achievement for their little boy!
  58. 58. And I also got to give Poxy her first command in her entire life!“YOU! CAR! ME! UNIVERSITY!NOW!”Due to Obi‟s untimely demise these two have actually ended up being the sameage.
  59. 59. With his older siblings gone, C.D. Now finally able to focus all of his (and my)attention into dating. However despite the hype, things didn‟t get off to a great start.“Charm?”“That‟s IT?! I was expecting more from you..”“Oh.”
  60. 60. “Chaarm?”“Eeeeeee!”
  61. 61. “You are hotter than a very very hot chili pepper C.D. Nightmare!”“Cool.”
  62. 62. And things were all uphill from there, and C.D. happily spent his last few teenagegirls getting acquainted with as much of Riverblossom‟s female teen population.All.. 4 of them?
  63. 63. “Dear Dongyyyyy.. C.D.‟s going tomorrow and then all our little babies will havegone. I just can‟t bear to sleep thinking about it! Hold me.”And of course, he did.“But I will still have you. Always always have my Dear Dongy!”
  64. 64. But she would not always always have her Certain Doom, as C.D. became the finalNightmare to take the long/short/ trip of unknown distance to university.
  65. 65. And as Paris said goodbye to her baby, and C.D. Headed out the door, hersadness was met with a sudden realisation and replaced with joy.For this wasn‟t the end!
  66. 66. There was always her fourth child – Piano.And there we go!LOOK LOOK I DIDS CHAPTER FOR YOU TO READS!!And as I‟ve done something for you, it would be really fab if you could all dosomething for me now. Y‟see, I realised I still need to choose and heir for some ofmy bonuses, so heir poll time! I‟ll try and make one on LJ or something and I‟llrepost all of this but! You‟re choices aaaare:
  67. 67. Oblivion NightmarePisces – 5 3 7 3 7 (norm) / 0 4 2 1 0 (zombie)Knowledge – Become Hand of PoseidonHobby: TinkeringGenetics: I can‟t remember how to find this out and who cares when these guysgraduate I‟m done!Aww, little Obi. A sweet little sweetie of sweetness who sadly had an accident withsome gardening equipment. But he would love life whether we was a zombie or no,and he still manages to look gorgeous without all his various shades of blueclashing. Yay!
  68. 68. Poxy Waste ‘o Space Nightmare – BAD APPLEAries – 7 8 7 2 7Family – Graduate 3 Children from universityHobby: Music and DanceLook how pretty she got! And I‟ve also finally been able to find out her stats nowshe‟s at uni, huzzah. But her unique sense of style seems to have lived on, alas..She‟s LOUD and likes her family VERY MUCH and enjoys TELL THEM SO. I‟ll onlyever be able to give her 8 commands a day though, and I still have bonuses tocomplete so she could be problematic.
  69. 69. Certain Doom NightmareAries – 7 10 8 3 7Romance – Woohoo 20 SimsHobby: FitnessPfft, I just chose this picture because it made me laugh.. C.D.‟s the quiet one of thebunch/family/my game in general so it doesn‟t take very long to write for him! Buthe likes the ladies and they seem to like him back and maybe like his Dad‟s he‟slearnt a way for wooing without words! And looking at that outgoing score I predictuni will go well for him..So that‟s it! Please vote to help me out, and once against just thank you toeveryone for reading and making me feel so welcome back in the community. It‟sgood to be home Oh, just before I go – one last thing..
  70. 70. “Okay, just one more stupid stone of Barenenenenezia..It‟s not at the embassy, not the Fellglow glitch, and I‟ve double checked the Jarl‟spalace..OO! OO! There it is!..It‟s been in my manor this whole darn time. Well fu-”
  71. 71. “GIN!Don‟t you greet your guests usually in an annoyingly perky manner? Where thegoat are you?!Gin! GIN!Have you FORGOTTEN who I am?”
  72. 72. “Oh um, hi Ruthless!”“There you are, you idiot. What have you been doing?”“Nothing.. Bit of this, bit of that..” the Simself said sheepishly covering herkeyboard. “But anyway, enough about me! What is it you need? Not like you to payme, or anyone actually, a visit.”“We need to talk. Now.”
  73. 73. “Okay, okay.. So. You, er, well?”“I spoke to Evil Susan.”“Eh? You what?”“Spoke. To. Evil. Susan. Try and keep up, moron.”“But.. She‟s dead.”
  74. 74. “I know, but somehow she‟d heard about my rising reputation of Riverblossomrevenge – because let‟s face it, who hasn‟t? – and dropped me a line to say hi!”“But.. How?”“And NOW she wants my help.”
  75. 75. “But you spoke to her? You really, really spoke to her?”“Yup. Wow, you really are as dumb as they say. But yes I did, in a manner.”“So how is she? Is she well? Just how angry is she still about what happened withthe whole being here thing. I‟m still working on figuring something out, I really am..But oh! She is alright, yeah?”“Oh yes, she‟s just swell. In fact she wanted me to tell you she‟s totally forgivenyou. For everything.”“REALLY?!”
  76. 76. “Yup. She even wanted me to give you a present.”“Ohmigosh! I can‟t believe this..I never thought ES would forgive me, let alone-”
  77. 77. *THUNK*
  78. 78. “Ah.. Ah.. AH!You stabbed me, you witch!”“Yup.”“OW! I mean really – OW. It just..Why..Why would you do that...”
  79. 79. “Because Gin, if you knew Evil Susan like I do..Then you wouldn‟t even have to ask. It‟s in my blood.And I got you good.”
  80. 80. Ruthless waited until the Simself finally stopped moving a few minutes later. Awaste of her valuable time, she accepted, but she couldn‟t resist smiling innocentlyat the Grim Reaper when he appeared.“No, I‟m afraid I don‟t know what happened, Sir.Looks like she tripped and fell on her own shears!” ---