ESWN Part 2.5


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ESWN Part 2.5

  1. 1. Okay, so that was kind of mean of me to leave it like that..So.WHAT HAPPENED NEXT:
  2. 2. “OBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!I want you to come PLAY with me, I‟m BORED.OBLIVION! WHERE ARE YOU!..Obi?”
  4. 4. And so Poxy ran back inside, and did the only thing that made sense to her – hidein Oblivion‟s bed until she felt better.
  5. 5. And as the other Nightmare‟s started returning home, they were just as shocked asthe teenager by the addition of a new gravestone in the middle of the garden.“But..But..”
  6. 6. “That‟s my Big Brother!I ONLY HAD ONE..”
  7. 7. Unable to find Poxy, C.D. tried to settle down with his homework – trying to pretendthat his life was still nice and normal..ish.
  8. 8. But of course it didn‟t work.
  9. 9. Luckily, reinforcements were on the way!At 5 „o clock, Paris and Dongy both appeared home from work.“MUM!”“Hello littlest bean, what‟s up! Oh, Ceedeedums.. You‟re shaking! What‟s wrong,baby? I‟ll make it better.”Sobbing, the little boy pointed across the garden.
  10. 10. “Oh no..No no no no NO!HOW could this POSSIBLY happen?”
  11. 11. “That‟s my biggest baby!That‟s.. Not fair, it‟s not it‟s not IT‟S NOT.I.. I-I-I-I have to DO something!”And grabbing C.D.‟s hand, ran inside the house.
  12. 12. “I just hope that this doesn‟t take too long..”----
  13. 13. “Waaaaaaaah!”
  14. 14. “Ompf.”
  15. 15. “Oww.. My head.What happened?..Oh yeah. Garden, Yeah. Not so uber-fab.”
  16. 16. “Hello?Hello!Is there anybody here?”
  17. 17. “Quiet.”
  18. 18. “Huh?”“Come here, child.”“But who are you?”“NEVER question me child!”
  19. 19. “No one EVER questions Evil Susan.And I have to get out of here. And YOU, kid, are going to help me do it, whetheryou like it or not.This place isn‟t real, and I‟m damn sure going to go home, one way or another.”
  20. 20. “Well that doesn‟t sound too frienda-lommy..”“I‟m not here to make friends.”
  21. 21. “Well it never hurts! So er, Evil Susan, my name is Oblivion! But everyone alwayscalls me-“
  22. 22. “I know who you are, moron.” ES snapped, pushing past Obi.“Unfortunately I‟ve been watching you all for some time, I had no choice! Beingyour goat-damned Great Grandmother after all. I‟ve been waiting for a bloody agefor one of you pathetic excuse for kids to snuff it and get down here and help me!I‟ve been able to mess with the electrics in that house for ages, and then after allthat you..Tripped and fell on your own shears!It sickens me to know you‟re the spawn of the spawn of the spawn of MY spawn!”
  23. 23. “So I really am..?”“Dead, yes. As am I.”“So.. are all the dead people here with us?”
  24. 24. She hissed, and spun around.“No. It‟s strange, I‟m alone and I actually seem to have some level of control downhere – and I‟m pretty damn sure that‟s not normal for an afterlife.Much as it pained me to do so, I was able to intercept you – which is looking like itwas a pretty big waste of time. And the fact I‟ve been able to communicate withRiverCrapBum in other ways than ghostly form.. Something‟s going on here.And why would you care where the dead have gone, anyway?”
  25. 25. “I just wanted to apologise.”“To who? And what the HELL FOR?”He lowered his eyes.“My.. my Aunty. She..She‟s made someone dead.”
  26. 26. “Excuse me? Your Aunt has..Well, this is something I wasn‟t expecting.Tell me. Tell me everything.”
  27. 27. “I don‟t think we were supposed to hear, but Aunty Louse started shouting atGrandaddy‟s birthday that Aunty Ruthless was a.. murderer.” he whispered.“I have no idea why, but it sounds like a nastiness of NASTY thing to do! And Idon‟t really know her, I only met her once when I was really little because she andAunty Louse never got on and I LOVE my superfriend Aunty Louse! Oh BOY -she‟s so lovely and always looks after everyone and..Oh, I miss her. And Mum and Dad and Poxy and C.D. and.. and..”
  28. 28. But Evil Susan failed to care or notice that her recently deceased Great-Grandsonhad dissolved into tears.“Now. This Ruthless seems like she may be my kind of girl.. Maybe slightlyunstable but probably my best bet of some help out of all this bunch of annoyinglyhappy wusses – no offence kid.”
  29. 29. “Oh dear.Hey kid.. I have a feeling you won‟t be dead too long.K?”----
  30. 30. Two days later..“Thank goodness they let me change careers so quickly.. But I‟ve got it. I‟ve finallygot the nomitroninom!..Let‟s just hope the skimpy outfit and lack of stompy boots was worth it.”
  31. 31. “Wow Mum, that‟s certainly an.. Interesting choice of outfit!” giggled Poxy as thefamily sat down to breakfast.C.D. Shook his head.“I don‟t think we should join the circus. Yet.”“Hush you two, I‟ve got a big surprise! Now when you‟ve finished your grilledcheese I want you all the join me outside.”
  32. 32. But the children were being rather slow to finish, and seemed more interested inpushed the bread around rather than eating it.Suddenly C.D. Spoke up.“But it‟s my birthday tomorrow! I don‟t want to still be sad, and I want Obi HERE!”Dongy sighed in understanding and patted his son‟s shoulder, but his Mothersmiled.“Guys – come with me.”
  33. 33. As they made their way outside, Paris quickly glanced over her notes once again.Yes she had only been an exorcist for a day, but surely she could do this!
  34. 34. Just pick up the phone and ring, just pick up the phone and ring.. You can DO thisParasite.She gulped.And picked up the phone and rang.
  35. 35. “Are we.. Are we getting Obi back?!” C.D. gasped excitedly, and leapt into Dongy‟sarms.“We sure are CeeDeedums!Let‟s do this.”
  36. 36. “Why, hello there. I believe you have something that belongs to me.”But as Reaper asked for her price, Paris‟s mind suddenly went blank. She knewthis, she knew it..“Err.. 4000 simoleons?”That probably sounded about right.
  37. 37. “WHAT?!”Dongy looked around in concern as he heard his wife‟s panicked voice.“What do you MEAN you „hope I‟m happy with my purchase‟?SHUT UP AND GIVE ME MY SON BACK.”
  38. 38. “Er.. Mum? Dad? Is this meant to happen?”“No bean, it‟s not..”
  39. 39. “This doesn‟t seem right at all..”
  40. 40. “Wow is that the sky agaaaaaaaaaaain?I missed the skyful sky!I feel..”
  41. 41. “Odd.”“Obi..?” Paris quietly asked.The teenager blinked.“I‟m a zombiOM-zombie now, aren‟t I Mum?”
  42. 42. “OBI! It IS you! Oh pretty little baby baby, you come and give your Mum a BIG hug,you had us all so worried!”“Eeeew Mum, no! Love her because she aweSOME, but I‟m not Poxy, Mum! I‟m azombie now, and the most excitingest thing I can thing of right now is going andhaving a big old bath of bubbly fun!”“Oh. Right.. Yes, maybe that is a good idea Obiwoby.”
  43. 43. So the newly raised zombie began to wander inside.“OBI! It‟s nice to see you again. And look – you‟ve brought your very own greenstink cloud with you!”“Poxy.. I‟m a zombie now. Alas it‟s the stinkiestEST part of the job!”“So proud of you brother, so proud.”
  44. 44. As the children headed away and towards either school or bathing, Paris andDongy looked at each other, as the gravity of what Paris had done set in.Simultaneously, the same expression spread over their faces.
  45. 45. “Our baby is BACK, dear Dongy!This is the HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!”
  46. 46. Upstairs, Oblivion gently popped some of the bubbles and had a bit of a think.So – he was a teenage zombie.And that weird woman had been right, he hadn‟t been dead long at all.And he was back with all of his family, and would get to go to school tomorrow.Overall.. Things were looking pretty-as-a-peacock-eating-peaches good!
  47. 47. With his skin and freckles quickly darkening to their new zombie tone, Obi decidedhe didn‟t want to be the same colour all over and after his bath found a different setof clothes stashed in his wardrobe.And then sought out his Mother.
  48. 48. “Mum! Did you really give you your job as the LAW just so you could rescue me?”“Oh Obi, as soon as I found out! I was worried that it would take them a while toaccept me as being the LAW is quite different from playing games with spirits, butluckily they had an opening after only two days!Was it really nastily awful?”“It was super-weird-strange. There was this woman, I‟ll tell you about it later, butMummsy-Mum! You really gave up your dream for me?”“Yes, I would never do anything else, baby. And.. I‟m sorry.”
  49. 49. “Sorry?What are you talking about Mum, that is as cool as a cool thing stuck inside andeven cooler thing! This is fabUlous! I‟m not dead and I missed you all when I was,and now me and Poxy and C.D. all have different coloured skin and you can‟t justbuy that kind of amazeyment!OH BOY, I‟m sure I‟m going to love being a zombOMBie!”
  50. 50. “Well, it‟s true I‟ve yet to see something that you don‟t love!” she smiled, and gavehim a big hug.“I love you mostest.”
  51. 51. “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYMy son is still BRILLIANT even as a zombie!”“..Did my nail just fall off?”
  52. 52. But Oblivion really didn‟t care two ticks if he was a zombie or not, he was just gladto be home and quickly fell back into his old routines of all his most favourite andyumNOMtastic things.
  53. 53. And as a Knowledge Sim, the chance to earn all those skill points all over again?Amazing.
  54. 54. And with her son back, Paris was finally able to knuckle down and complete herbest selling novel!But apparently I‟m not done because I have to have a Gen 3 heir do one which Ididn‟t know! But I should have done if I‟d read some of the uni rules! So I hope youcan write novels at uni! And have time to do all the other stuff I now need to! Notthat I‟m worrying! (!!!!!!)
  55. 55. Paris and Dongy clearly aren‟t worrying about that though, and are finally takingsome time to celebrate their parts being done, and the fact that they got their Obiback.They make me happy 
  56. 56. “So are we all looking forward to Obiwoby‟s first day back at school, kidlets?”“Oh BOY, oh cake, I know I can‟t wait to go! Oh I do hope my upmost hope that thepencils still smell as beautifully new and graphitey as they did before, that would beTREEmendous!”“Yes, I think he‟ll enjoy it.” nodded C.D.“Meh. Eating.”“Well have fun everybody!” Paris smiled, “and I look forward to it FOR you if I haveto!”
  57. 57. It was the happiest zombie in the world that went to play with new textbooks thatday So overcome by his happiness am I, I took a bad picture and didn‟t notice! So don‟tyou either, just look at his little faaaaace that‟s falling off.
  58. 58. “So.. How was it?”“Oh just you wait till your in BIG school of BIG FUN! Which is tomorrow isn‟t it? Yesyes! It will be scrum-diddley-umptious to have you come with us in the morningC.D.!”
  59. 59. “For I have not forgotten that‟s it‟s your birthday of magnificence this evening! Look!I‟m so happy I‟ve lurched into the wall! Oh BOY what fun it‟ll be to have you bigtoo!”“Yes. And if anyone can avoid dying this time that would be nice.”
  60. 60. So when 6pm rolled around everyone gathered in the living room to.. Promptlywander off again.“I, er.. Have an important game of red hands I‟ve suddenly remembered to playwith your sister!”“Not me little brother, I‟m too EXCITED to MOVE!”“Oh good.”
  61. 61. “Wow.. I mean, that‟s so..WELL DONE for growing up, that is such a massIVE achievment!”
  62. 62. “But what happened to your hair?”Wish I knew – let‟s fix it!
  63. 63. Now THAT‟S more like it, but er..“Hello Dad! Where did C.D. Go?”“Thanks Obi, I get the compliment somewhere and will trust you‟re not justconfused. Now I really want a cellphone, and I‟ll get you one too.”“BEST brother EVER that ever everED!”
  64. 64. Why do you want one so much anyway?“Let us just say I am going to have a lot of contacts.”Mmk..
  65. 65. “Hi there.. You! How are things-”“Oh hey! I think your Grandfather tried to hit on me once too!”
  66. 66. “Well, who wouldn‟t?”“Don‟t puff your cheeks like that. Unless you‟re storing food in them for a leanharvest as we have often had to do here in Riverblossom, it‟s a sign of mockery.”
  67. 67. “Sorry. My family have never been versed too well in the traditions here.”“..Nightmare.”“Yes, angel?”“Leave my shop.”
  68. 68. Good fish in heaven help me, he rolled Romance and has already given me quitethe Want panel!Certain DoomAries – 7 10 8 3 7Romance – Woohoo 20 Different SimsBecause I‟m so GOOD at that! *headdesk* Okay to be fair, I am a lot better withRomance than I used to be a few years ago.But I‟ll leave you here for now! But before I go, on a purely technical note 
  69. 69. “YAY! I managed to find the job pretty quickly and not mess anything up!”Just to say that obviously the stuff with Obi and ES was staged, and in a differentneighbour hood with totally different files. Everything you‟ve seen at the Nightmarehouse HAPPENED, without any cheats, hacks, or exiting without saving.When I‟m done with the challenge you‟ll get a BTS proper ;)