ESWN 3.4


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ESWN 3.4

  1. 1. So.. Hi there!Long time no..write? So it feels wonderful for me to be doing this again  And I‟mstaying back now, so whoop!But it‟s been rather a long time before we heard from the Nightmares, so I think it‟sonly fair to give you a super quick recap of what‟s going on at the moment!
  2. 2. So here are my Generation Two couple – ta dah!Dear Dongy is sadly having to silently scold Parasite over the demise of yetanother toaster in the Nightmare household. But hey – it‟s not her fault! No one‟sever quite trusted the things since they started naming the children..
  3. 3. And here are their two oldest children, and these guys are Generation Three so thelast of this challenge, aww.The oldest, Oblivion, is possibly even more adorable than his Grandfather and hasfirmly lodged his place into my Simming heart and refuses to let go. Squee.And his sister, Poxy Waste „o Space, is this gen‟s Bad Apple so I can‟t knowanything about her or control her. The evidence I have gathered so far suggests anincredibly large mouth and lacking in the ability to distinguish between a toilet and abath.
  4. 4. „Orrible is of course still being the Most Awesome Granddaddy in the World Everand loving ever second of it.And this little fellow is Certain Doom, and thankfully he hasn‟t lived up to his ratherominous name (or frankly terrifying way it was delivered) just yet, and is in factheading towards being the most placid and level headed Nightmare to date. Andhe‟s only a toddler!
  5. 5. Oh yeah, and Ruthless finally found out all about Evil Susan after being mistakenfor her Great-Grandmother in town and has now started killing random citizens ofRiverblossom.Just.. FYI.So – on with the show!
  6. 6. “And then the Poxy Doll was all RAWR RAWR RAWR I RULE THE WORLD and Ioutlaw SINKS, and all the other Dolls went YAAAAAAAAAY because it was thecleverest thing anyone has ever done ever!CeeeeeeDeeeeee, you‟re making too much noise! Slurp quieter!”C.D. Slurped quieter.
  7. 7. “Oh PoxyPox don‟t go giving CeeDeedums any ideas, okay? Because it‟s yourspecial today isn‟t it honey? Yes it is, yes it is!”The little boy giggled and clapped happily with Paris, he was very excited that itwas his birthday too.“Now come on Poxy, your Granddaddy wants to talk to us all before C.D. Grows up– to the living room!”
  8. 8. “Thank you for coming Princess, it is good to see you so well.”“..Daddy? Does this mean what I think..”“Yes Lousey sweetheart, I‟m afraid it does. So give me some Daddy kisses whilethere‟s still time! Lots and lots of them!”Of course this was a request Louse had no choice but to happily obey.
  9. 9. “Daddy, I‟m really going to miss you. No time for a quick grilled cheese, I guess?”“Don‟t ever change Leechy! You‟re going to make me ghost grilled cheeses aren‟tyou?”“Of course!” she smiled, and gave „Orrible a big squeeze.“Knew you would.”
  10. 10. “Ah RiRi! It is of course an utmost wonder to see you, but you look rather troubled.And where is my other Princess?”Riot sighed.“Ruthless couldn‟t make it today.. Oh Daddy you don‟t really have to go do you?What am I going to do without you?”“Be the fine young lady you‟ve always been of course! And that is..a shame, Iwould have loved to have all my Princesses together one last time – but I‟m so gladyou‟re here RiRi, I‟m sure Ruthless had a very good reason for not coming.”
  11. 11. “Yeah, maybe the fact she knows we would all KICK HER ASS for what she did.You can‟t keep something like that quiet in a town like this – she‟s a MURDERER.”
  12. 12. “Leechy!” Paris gasped.“Well, she is.”“I know, and it‟s not good but Leechy – please! My children are present. They‟rejust kids and do NOT need to hear their aunts speak about each other like that.”Leech just looked at the floor, and sighed.“I‟m sorry. Paris, Daddy.”
  13. 13. “It‟s alright darling. And the little stars have you to look after them Green Princess,they‟ll be fine. Now c‟mere!”“I know, but I wasn‟t expecting all this on the same day.. Geez Daddy, somewarning would have been nice – it‟s C.D.‟s birthday!”“If I could choose another day we would, but we can‟t. Now tell you love me andgive me the biggest Daddy kiss you have in you.”
  14. 14. “And YOU!” he said, strutting over to his wife, “I think you deserve some kisses tooif I‟m not mistaken!”
  15. 15. “I love you Liz, thank you so much for marrying me..”“Thank you for asking! I love you „Orrible Nightmare. I wish we could.. Have moretime here.”“I know. But we‟re doing this together and we‟ll still be together on the other side,right?”“Right.” Liz smiled. “But now it is time.”
  16. 16. As „Orrible stepped away, his place was almost immediately taken by anotherfigure.ELIZABETH FUCHS NIGHTMARE, IT IS TIME THAT YOU CAME WITH ME. YOUHAVE BEEN A GOOD AND DUTIFUL DENZIEN OF RIVERBLOSSOM, AND ITMY HONOUR TO ESCORT YOU ON.“Thank you.”
  17. 17. YOUR CREAMED CORN WILL BE SADLY MISSED.“I‟ll make you some, someday.”THAT WOULD BE MOST APPRECIATED.And with that, Liz was gone.
  18. 18. But of course, that meant that it was 6 „o clock, and in the nursery, C.D. Began tofeel his special leg wobbles, and wondered where on earth everyone was.
  19. 19. But next door, the Reaper turned his attention to the Generation One heir.„ORRIBLE NIGHTMARE.“Yeah that‟s me, no need to swing your scythe so!”ACTUALLY THERE IS, BUT YOU MUST NOW FOLLOW YOUR WIFE INTO THEBEYOND.
  21. 21. OH, SURE.“Cheers mate. Take care of each other Princesses! I‟ll be watching.. Love you all.”And with a big gulp of cocktail, „Orrible finally left his family.
  22. 22. ..Just as C.D. Became a child.
  23. 23. “Yaaaaay *sob sob hic cough splutter* My son grew up well, I‟m so *hic* happy..”
  24. 24. He did.And his Mother explained to him what happened later than evening, and the littleboy nodded his head solemnly and patted her on the back. “We will all miss him.”was his assessment of the situation.Certain Doom is an Aries by the way, at 7 10 8 3 7. And yet another sweetNightmare kiddy!But alas, a rather unfortunate birthday I must say. Time to get my stat on.
  25. 25. Ah Liz. Quiet unassuming Liz.You may not have been the most exciting of spouses, but „Orrible showed me timeand time again that it was you he wanted, and we all know I give my boy what hewants. But I must say, you surprised me with how you often staying in thebackground, you were actually the one that kept the house running! Especiallywhen the girls were little. And you gave me awesome girls! So thank you for that.Generation One SpouseElizabeth Fuchs Nightmare – lived 79 daysAquarius 4 4 4 7 6Family – Graduate 3 children, DONEChildren: Louse, Leech, Riot, RuthlessGrandchildren: None
  26. 26. Oh my dear little baby.„Orrible, I don‟t think it‟s an overestimate to say that you‟re one of my favourite SimsI‟ve ever played. Of course, there are quite a lot of them, but I don‟t think I‟ve everhad one as genuinely sweet and loving. Great take on Romance. I kept trying to finda picture of just you – but I couldn‟t! You‟re always surrounded by your family doingsomething sweet which is AWESOME!Evil Susan must be so disappointed in you.Generation One Heir„Orrible Nightmare – lived 79 daysLibra – 4 10 1 7 8Romance – Become Celebrity Chef, not done due to promotion restriction (sorry hun)Children: Louse, Leech, Parasite, Riot, RuthlessGrandchildren: Oblivion, Poxy Waste „o Space, Certain Doom
  27. 27. And I will spare you pages and pages of my dears crying, because I have a lot ofshots because there was a lot of crying, but just to let you know..
  28. 28. That things got better.The Nightmares pulled together, and got through their sadness.Be it with a wordless touch;
  29. 29. Or saying too much;“Thank you, my Dear DEAR Dongy! I love you so much right now. I‟m so gladyou‟re here, because you‟re so so amazing. And you know what? It‟s been a roughfew days, and I know there is something you‟re really amazing at, now kiss meNOW, and take me next door and transport me back into the space that I camefrom with some skyrocketing!”
  30. 30. ..Or by pretending that they haven‟t heard too much.“BYE got to go into the garden!” C.D. cried, and sandwich still in mouth fled to thedoor.
  31. 31. For even though it is winter, this young chap still has a job to do. No Bug Nut hasever let me down and not completed their collection in time – so it‟s to the bushesto hunt with you!
  32. 32. Of course, he proved to start out just as well as his Grandfather.You‟ll get there C.D., you‟ll get there.
  33. 33. “I can‟t believe you get to spend all day digging around in the dirt outside for creepycrawlies, I‟m so jealous! That must be wicked being allowed to get that dirty onpurpose.”“S‟not on purpose, just comes with the job I guess.” he shrugged.“Oh but still! I wish they‟d picked me to do it..”
  34. 34. “Hey most wonderful and FUNtastic of siblings, what up?” Obi asked, as he joinedthem.“Poxy is thinking about the finer points of cleanliness.”“And rejecting them all..” she sighed wistfully.
  35. 35. And the following day, the children got some news they‟d been hoping for!“Is it a snow day Dad of Dads? Oh I hope it is! It would be the most BRILLIANTthing to get to spend all of this beautiful DAY at HOME with YOU and everyone andof please oh please oh goshums PLEASE!”Dongy covered the mouthpiece and smiled at his son.“YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!£$”!£11”!!!!!”
  36. 36. And the guys joyfully spend the rest of their snow day playing as many differentgames as they could think of, while their parents considered renting a blowtorch tomelt a path to school to have 5 minutes of silence.Ok, maybe 5 seconds. This is Paris we‟re talking about.
  37. 37. And C.D. was a good lad, taking regular breaks to hunt the frozen wasteland ofRiverblossom for arthropods.“Guys. Please.Come.Here.Eurgh.”
  38. 38. Absolutely exhausted from having spent the whole day declaring that everything inhis life was even MORE rocking and splenDIFerousTASTICOUS, Oblivion decidedto have an early night to save up adjectives for tomorrow.But just as he was about to settle down..“I feel funny..”
  40. 40. “Yeeeeeeeeeeah!Both spiffy AND slammin‟!
  41. 41. Agreed Obi rolled Knowledge, which I‟m pleased about, with a LTW to become the Hand ofPoseidon. Which doesn‟t really matter, because the second he becomes an adultwe‟re done here!He‟s still a Pisces 5 3 7 3 7 and adorable as mouse biscuits.
  42. 42. And over the following days took to his role as oldest-sibling-who-is-now-a-teenager rather well indeed.“Night night snugglesome brillo brother, I‟m already looking forward to seeing youin the morning.”
  43. 43. “Are you sure Poxy?”“YES! There totally was a potty paper monster over there, going to steal all ourpotty paper and use it against us as an offensive weapon!”“But I don‟t see-”“There WAS!”
  44. 44. “Okay Poxy, I believe you.”“Well duh.”“Thanks for warning me about the scary-o monster though, I‟ll be sure to look outfor him! It‟s so fabizmo that you told me!”“I‟m glad.”
  45. 45. Milestones!Paris maxed her fitness enthusiasm;
  46. 46. And Dongy maxed his tinkering!Meaning, I have now completed all of the Free Time bonuses (junker car, get genielamp, heir + spouses all max their pre-destined hobby) so YAY FOR ME!..or for my simmies. Who did all the work.
  47. 47. Poxy ACTUALLY did something to get her hygiene level up, ON HER OWN.
  48. 48. Paris is still plugging away at her novel for the Storyteller bonus.Oh, just glancing over the rules for that – it says I need 4, one for each heir. But Ithought I didn‟t have a Gen 3 heir? Anyone know anything about that? Everythingelse is just 0, 1 and 2. Meh!
  49. 49. Dongy got his lifetime want!I can‟t remember what it is because it was months ago I took this!But well done him anyway!
  50. 50. So to celebrate all our recent successes – it was time to do the dreaded deed.“Good Evening, it‟s a pleasure to meet you Mr..?Hello? Answers?Oh.You must be one of them Nightmare freaks, right?”
  51. 51. Although Dongy‟s slight odd manner of communication was a bonus in the EmoHeadmaster‟s eyes.“I‟m so bored of your family‟s grilled cheese, but I‟m LOVING the new addition ofsilence.You‟re in.”
  52. 52. So the following morning, it‟s new uniforms ho!“..It‟s itchy.”
  53. 53. Oh shut up Poxy, it‟s fabulous.
  54. 54. “Was your day just as wik-to-the-ID as mine was, C.D. Of cool dude?”“It was fine.”“Yeah, but was it finerOOnmo?”“Sure.”“Boys are so stupid. COME ON. Dad wants us out in the garden, you need to standbehind me and try not to be blinded by my brilliance while he takes MY picture.”
  55. 55. And they did!Three truly terrifying Nightmares to add to our collection.
  56. 56. Meaning I now have an image of every sim that has lived in the house on the wall.Woo!
  57. 57. “You looked lovely in that picture C.D.!HI I‟M YOUR GRANDDADDY AND I‟M SORRY I DIED ON YOUR BIRTHDAY!”“thassok thassok thassok”
  58. 58. “..Sorry kid. My mistake.”“S‟fine.”“I‟ll go get Princess Mummy.”The little boy nodded as his knees refused to stop shaking.
  59. 59. But after a soothing cuddle from Paris, he was quite happily to flop into bed andjust forget the whole incident.
  60. 60. And was back on it, fright forgotten, the very next day!And I just love this picture.GUESS WHAT CHALLENGE I‟M PLAYING?!!?
  61. 61. Also, Poxy decided to grow up in the middle of the night.“Come oooooon, the sparklies!”
  62. 62. “Hey I like it! ..Looking good Pox.Good job sparklies.”
  63. 63. “Hey Dad – pretty good, huh?”And Dongy snapped his fingers and nodded in agreement.Again all the info I can give you is that Poxy rolled Family, which is very useful for aBad Apple. Good girl!Right, carrying on.
  64. 64. “Riverblossom is just the most scrumMY place to live, you know?”Do tell sweetie.“Well in my class CLASS today we did all about veggie-tables and Mr. Coconutwas just SO enthusiastic about them, it made me think WOW I so should totally SOdo that! Maybe I can get as enthusiastic too, that was be SO neetums!”
  65. 65. “While I‟m out here I might as well give the bushes a bit of a trim too.”
  66. 66. “Oh Mr. Coconut was SO right this is amaaaaaaaaaazing like I‟m in a MAZE!”
  67. 67. “EEP!They just slipped out of my hand!”
  68. 68. “Phew, that could have been really super un-good and even verging on BAD.Luckingdom I‟m fine though, phew phew.”
  69. 69. “Hey..Why don‟t I have a pulse?”
  70. 70. “I think.. Maybe..This is..I..”
  71. 71. ..Arse badgers.