ESWN 2.2


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ESWN 2.2

  1. 1. Hello! Please have some more Nightmares from me. So last time.. Erm. Um.
  2. 2. Yeah.. “MUMMY! Oh no, you‟re supposed to DIIIIIIIE..” “I KNOOOOOOOOOOOW, this is awful!” “What? You two are still sad? Come on, she‟s been dead for four minutes now, it‟s time to get back to work. We‟ve got two little girls to look after!” Apparently Liz didn‟t manage to talk about grilled cheese with ES quite enough in time.. Oh dear. But actually, I‟m not entirely sure Evil Susan would approve of tears, any kind, even if they are directed in her direction!
  3. 3. So remembering this, Shea and „Orrible set about putting their sniffles to one side and focussing on the two little twins, Leech and Louse. But they did smile when they saw how much inheritance ES had left the girls, maybe she hadn‟t been quite as repulsed by them as she liked to make out!
  4. 4. But be that as it may, it really wasn‟t a cheerful few days in the Nightmare house. Liz was quite happy in the garden, and Shea had bizarrely decided to help her (not that he‟d let on he would even do that to stop thinking about what had happened). But „Orrible? “I *hic* miss her refusals to hug me *sniffle* SO MUUUUUUUCH!” Poor lamb, he really is far too sweet.
  5. 5. So cheering up time! With birthdays! And toddlers! HURRAY! And of course cake that gets cleared away before anyone can eat it – I just am fail at growing up babies without them. “Y‟know what? I‟m kind of glad Mum‟s missing this..” the happy little heir smiled as the remaining family gathered round, “she always did hate having to sort out the candles, right Dad?” “Oh my yes, when you were little about half of them ended up being thrown at your brother‟s head, and then she tried to light him on fire! Oh it was fun, but.. Yes, actually, I think it‟s a good thing ES is missing it!”
  6. 6. So to make up for her absence, Shea decided to glitch through Liz out of sheer joy. „Orrible of course didn‟t notice, there was a small child he was related to in the room after all. But it‟s POOFing time!
  7. 7. So the oldest of the twins in Leech, and this is she! Blonde hair, brown eyes, S3 and looks pretty much like „Orrible but with Liz‟s eye shape. Alas I cannot tell you anymore about her because she is Generation Two‟s Bad Apple so I can‟t ever click on her or find out her stats.
  8. 8. And this is Louse! Who is awesome! She‟s a Capricorn 7 3 1 7 8 with the Film & Literature hobby (I never get that!), and looks quite a bit like Liz – her nose is especially strong in this „un, as well as getting her eye shape. She‟s also going to be the Bug Nut, so a lifetime crawling around the garden awaits.
  9. 9. „Orrible is so proud of his university degree that he has taken to bringing it out whenever he uses his phone, and enjoys waving it around his ear. I don‟t mind, I‟m proud of him too after all.
  10. 10. Shea‟s a great Granddad though, while the younger generation refuel on some much needed grilled cheese, he‟s more than happy to teach the girls their skills. Having pretty much raised his four kids on his own, he is well practiced after all!
  11. 11. And it looks like he‟s going to be needed more than ever! “Oh hurray! The next baby is nearly here already! This is very exciting, I‟ve already got a special kiss saved up for you, yes Daddy has..” And „Orrible happily ran off to tell everyone he could find.
  12. 12. “You hear Daddy Leechy? We‟re going to be big sisters! S‟exciting!” “Yaaay! But Daddy still kiss us too?” “Yes. Yes I think he will, he always got lots of kisses. Now, TWIN HUGGLE!” “Yes please Lousey!”
  13. 13. And Daddy proved to still be very much full of kisses! “Calm down a second! Snuggles will come, but your lovely hair has all fallen out of place..” “Kisses Daddy, kisses!” “Aha, there we go! All sorted out, my beautiful little girl. And I think that‟s a very good idea – kisses time!”
  14. 14. “Where‟s your nose? Where‟s your little nose, Lousey?” “Hehehe, here Daddy! Here!” “Well you‟d better show me, only little girls who have lovely little noses get Daddy kisses!” “HERE! It‟s here!” “Aaah, so it is..”
  15. 15. Despite his favourite shirt and trousers now feeling far too tight for him, „Orrible really isn‟t a fan of the maternity wear he‟d been forced into by Liz when he eventually put the girls down. “But it does show off my bump quite well, doesn‟t it?” he beamed. “I still can‟t quite believe that there‟s an actual baby in there and not just too much grilled cheese, but I‟ll take your word for it son.. Hello little baby! Or digestive lump!” “Just you wait Dad, you‟ll see when you meet them!” “I guess I will.. Until then, lay off the midnight snacks mmk?”
  16. 16. “How did the new clothes work out then, sweetie?” Liz asked that evening. “It was a lovely idea, but.. I think this look works just as well – don‟t you think?” “Oh yes. I most definitely do! But just to make sure, I think we should work out if your bed is still magic even when you‟re just in your underpants!” “Agreed.”
  17. 17. After establishing that magic was still possible even when heavily pregnant and in underpants, the Generation One couple happily snuggled up for the night. “I love magic beds..” „Orrible mumbled sleepily. “I know you do.” “I love you..” “And I love you too, my sweet little honey bee.” And then I went AWWWWW.
  18. 18. The next day, Shea was once again venting his frustrations on the vegetables. “You USELESS thing! I spent all yesterday afternoon tending to you, and now you go and get full of weeds? This is completely POINTLESS! How do people find this fun? Goat, why did we ever let that boy get this cursed bit of dirt.. ARGH, what am I doing?! Just as well ES can‟t see me now..”
  21. 21. “Can I go and see her now then?” YES. SHE‟S ALREADY MADE SOME RATHER LARGE HAILSTONES THAT YOU CAN FLING DOWN TOGETHER UPON THE HEADS OF THE TREE PLANTING COMMITTEE. “She did? Aww, she was always cross she could never get them and their silly trowels!” I KNOW. I WOULD SAY TAKE THIS DRINK BUT I KIND OF WANT IT, SO LETS JUST GO NOW.
  22. 22. Aww, Thanks Shea! I was really worried I wouldn‟t actually find anyone in Riverblossom I deemed good enough for ES, but you were! Your ridiculous face and name gave her somewhere to direct her insults and I even caught her smiling on occasion. So yay, well done you! Founding Spouse Shea Johnson Nightmare – lived 75 days Leo 4 10 4 4 3 Popularity – Become Hall of Famer, DONE Children: Blight, Burns, Occult „Orrible Grandchildren (so far): Honey (Blight‟s daughter), Leech, Louse
  23. 23. So here they shall now sit forever more, or at least for the moment, surrounded by their three flamingos each that guarded them so well in life. Beautiful.
  24. 24. This is less beautiful. Quick „Orrible, they are in need of many kisses STAT!
  25. 25. “Huh? What? Oh, I must have been sleeping all day. I feel really weird. Something‟s missing.. Dad? DAD! You didn‟t just die did you while I was sleeping?” Quickly he leapt out of bed and started to run out the room and downstairs.
  26. 26. ..Except he only made it as far as the bedside lamp. “CRAP! MY DAD‟S DEAD AND I‟M GIVING BIRTH AND AND AND AND OOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!” It was truly a time for many tears.
  27. 27. “Wow! That actually wasn‟t so bad.. And look! LOOK WHAT I GOT!!” ..Until it was all done and everything was magically all made better by little green babies!
  28. 28. “Okay, you just stay here for one second okay? I think your Granddad just died and I really need to go and check.. But Daddy‟ll be right back, I promise! And I think I‟ll get you a nice bottle and a nice blanket, but.. My Dad just died and I‟m about to cry!” After a good cry at the thought he‟d never get to show Shea that there was indeed a baby in his belly and not just sandwiches, „Orrible managed to pull himself together and tucked his newest daughter up in the nursery.
  29. 29. He was just on his way out to the garden to check on Shea‟s grave when- “I HEAR THERE‟S A NEW BABY? WELL IT‟S NOTHING BUT A PARASITE, YOU HEAR? I AM EVIL SUSAN, AND I WILL BE LISTENED TO EVEN IN DEATH. DEATH DOES NOT STOP EVIL SUSAN!” “Oh my goat, „Orrible! Are you seeing this?! You Mother is.. EEEEEEK!” “Don‟t panic Liz,” he said calmly, “she‟s just being Mum. But you‟d better listen to her.”
  30. 30. And they did! So the third baby girl of Generation Two, Parasite Nightmare, was happily welcomed into the fold. I‟ve got a replacement PT Pack I made myself from Club Crymsin‟s Space Oddity eyes, and I am SO relieved that Parasite was fathered(/mothered?) by a different PT to the SoaL kids. PHEW. I don‟t care about breeding oddness, I just wanted to see a different set of eyes! So she‟s got some cool blue ones, as well as „Orrible‟s black hair. And this also means I can tick off the alien bonus from Base Game!
  31. 31. With her husband busy recovering from his birthing/grieving ordeal, Liz was thrilled that she could finally spend some time with the girls without „Orrible leaping in every second to monopolise them. And the girls were just as pleased to be getting extra kisses from Mummy too! They‟d nearly forgotten they had one.
  32. 32. But „Orrible certainly hadn‟t forgotten that he had a wife! “Honestly Liz, I‟m feeling much better!” “Are you sure? There‟s still some nice sparkly food downstairs, I wanted to make you some parsnip broth but your Mother shouted at me again. It was so scary!” “She‟s always been a bit scary, but.. I think you definitely need a cuddle. Lots of cuddles. And maybe.. Um..” “Yes? What is it sweetness?” “Another a baby? Please?” “SQUEEE!” “‟ORRIBLE MAGIC TIME!”
  33. 33. Oh deary me. We can‟t have out little Bad Apple crying, especially because I like them this time! Aww, quick! Someone DO something!
  34. 34. That‟s better. “Where‟s the happy girl? I‟m looking for my happy little Leechy, but all I can see is a sad one.. PEEK-A-BOO! Is my happy little Leechy over here?” “YES! YES!” cried the little girl with glee. “*GASP* There you are! What a lovely little smile. Now Daddy will make sure that never goes away again, he promises.” “YAY DADDY!”
  35. 35. As they days went on, „Orrible decided that having three children was even better than having two! “Aww, look how little your mouth is! I bet I could eat you all up! Num num num..” Parasite opened her mouth and promptly threw up all over her father.
  36. 36. “Daddy! Daddy, I can have story please?” asked an eager little Louse, having wandered into the nursery in an attempt to locate her Daddy for story time. He never missed story time, and she was determined to keep him to it! Quickly popping Parasite back in her crib, „Orrible assured his daughter that he would be there, but a shower was absolutely necessary first. Grudgingly, the toddler decided to wait.
  37. 37. But as always, story time came. In some form or another. “THEN what happened Daddy?” “Well the Princess went back outside to the orchard and called to all her little friends. But they did not come! So the Princess had to spend years looking for them all, all of her little friends out in the garden, until they could all be together again. But sometimes, the evil mean Bad Buzzy Monsters would try and come and stop the Princess!” “Oh NO!” “But the Princess was very brave, and she battled the Buzzy Monsters, until all her little friends were safe. Because that is what a Princess does.”
  38. 38. Oh goat, not again! “Daddy and Lousey are sitting in front of my bed! And crib too high.” Oops, sorry about that. But I have just spied the time..
  39. 39. I know it‟s just her facial structure, but Leech looks like she has such huge black rings under her eyes here, and I feel so bad for the others blocking the toddler mats! But there is a more pressing issue at hand..
  40. 40. “Yay, I grew up happy!” And rather cute! But Leech grew up Gold according to the pop-up, and I am quite happy with that! Now sleep my little Bad Apple, sleep.
  41. 41. “Muh? „Orrible? Is that you?” “*SNORE*”
  42. 42. And post story, it was also time for her twin to childify! So please pay attention „Orrible.. “But I‟ve been brought up on cheeeeese, occasionally it affects one‟s brain at crucial moment..”
  43. 43. “Oh Daddy, you can be so silly sometimes!” Aww, you tell him Louse! Isn‟t she gorgeous? She does look a lot like Liz, but there‟s definitely some Evil Susan in her. And she‟s great. And she also needs to go to bed apparently.
  44. 44. But the following morning, it was time for the twins to undergo a very important ritual – their first grilled cheese sandwich. “Are you sure it‟s meant to sparkle?” Leech asked cautiously, eying up her plate. “I‟ve never eaten anything else that sparkled..” “Well our milk used to glow didn‟t it? So I‟m sure it‟s fine Leechy!” her twin reassured her. “And mmm, it smells so goood.. Let‟s just go for it!” “That‟s my girls! I‟ll just give this not-as-good-as-cheese bottle to your sister, then I‟ll come help you with your crusts.”
  45. 45. But the girls took to cheese like „Orrible took to babies, and so they were all very excited when Liz was not only a) cooking them some more sandwiches but also b) popping into her pregnancy – all at the same time! What luck, eh?
  46. 46. And it‟s surprising how cuddles and snuggles and huggles make time fly, so before anyone (including me) knew it, it was time for Parasite‟s birthday! “Just as well you‟re still going to be small enough for me to do this to you, tickle tickle tickle! But I know your sister‟s can‟t wait to play with you, so I suppose I can let you get a –bit- bigger. But not too much though!”
  47. 47. And the little alien did! In a very very cute manner.. Paris, as everyone has started to call her, is a Gemini 7 10 10 3 5 – so her active points make a huge change from „Orrible and Louse‟s one a piece! Liz only has four as well, so it‟s quite nice to have a Sim who doesn‟t want to fall asleep every 5 minutes. Parasite – I love you already. And you apparently like dolly‟s shoes. Fair enough.
  48. 48. For a Bad Apple, Leech is very chilled. She‟s always happy to have someone help her do her homework when she comes back from school after a red hands game or two, and she even sleeps sensible hours! And most importantly, she doesn‟t bug me at all! This is one Bad Apple I‟m very happy for everyone to go “aww, needs hugs!” at, even though she really doesn‟t  I‟m not entirely sure „Orrible would allow anyone else to hug his girls anyway.
  49. 49. Despite being pretty shy, Louse is not only best friends with her sister – but also a lot of the other kids of Riverblossom. This „uns actually her cousin though, Blight‟s daughter Honey. “And then my Daddy bought me a doll house all to myself, and then played with me aaaaaaall day, until he had to go to work. I bet your Daddy doesn‟t do that!” “No, he never goes to work at all. He‟s always here with us!” “Oh. Um. Well.. Then you must be POOR! My Daddy makes lots of money so he can buy me nice things, and he says I‟m the best princesses of all princesses and I WANT him to buy me more nice things! YOU don‟t have nice things, HA!” ..She‟s a bit spoilt. And has as many nice points as her Dad – aka not many. I knew I shouldn‟t have made her an only child..
  50. 50. And now my game is being a bit useless. No matter what I actually take a picture of when someone wants to take a photo, they always end up taking a picture of themselves and thassit. It‟s annoying, but.. Sort of cute too 
  51. 51. Thankfully the potty involves no glitches. “Daddy, I CAN do this by myself!” “I know green-bean, but I don‟t want you to accidentally fall off or something.” “But why would I fall off?” “Um.. I‟m sure that it‟s for the best I hold onto you – just in case!”
  52. 52. “Yes, Daddy can be very silly can‟t he?” “Yis!” “Has he told you the story where he‟s got wings and flies down to save all his little princesses?” “No! I princess?” “Yeah, we‟re all his little princesses Paris! It‟s a good story though, but I‟m surprised he hasn‟t bought us all little crowns and himself some flappy feathers!” “But why?” “Dunno. Just you wait though, Daddy‟s stories are the best.”
  53. 53. “Daddy, your breakfastses are the BEST! I don‟t want to go to school, I want to stay here aaaaall day and just eat lots and lots of them? Can I can I please please pleeeeease?” That morning it did take a lot of persuading to get Louse to stop talking and Leech to stop raiding the leftovers, but eventually the two of them were packed off to school full of excitement of the promises that they could carry on as soon as they got home. ..At least that‟s what Liz said to get them to go.
  54. 54. “Yuck! Howe did we manage to get so many bugs.. I‟ve been tending to and spraying the crops everyday! But oh my mange tout, we‟re got to get these little things out of the way to save my swedes!” With that, she started to stomp up and down on their little bodies.
  55. 55. “You.. You KILLLED THEM!” Upon finding the pile of carcasses, „Orrible couldn't contain his tears. “I spent my whole childhood with the bugs of this garden, and now, and now.. THEY‟RE DEAD! Lousey was just getting to be friends with them too, and these little ones have been all stomped on.. Sniff, it‟s so sad..”
  56. 56. “But it was for the good of the plants! Oh, never mind about that – come here „Orrible! I think it‟s time.”
  57. 57. Quickly forgetting about his squished friends, the promise of another addition to the family was just too much for „Orrible ignore, and he raced across the garden to his wife. “Already Liz? Oh, but it‟s so cold out here! We need to get you inside, I don‟t want you freezing!” “It‟s a little late for that now!”
  58. 58. I think the look on „Orrible‟s face is merely saddness that his wife has chosen to give birth in the snowy garden, because once again he‟s completely forgotten he‟s supposed to be a Romance Sim. Oh well! Bring on the baby!
  59. 59. .. Babies? “Hold her for a second, would you? There‟s another one still to come sweetie!” “Two for one yet again? Oh that‟s awesome Liz – well done! She‟s so beautiful..” “Yes yes, just hurry up and take her, stop gazing like a ninny!”
  60. 60. And we have yet another girl, and yet another natural set of twins! Somehow! Both girls have S2 and brown eyes, but the older has ES‟s black hair and the younger Shea‟s blonde. “Now PLEASE can we get you and them inside and out of the cold?”
  61. 61. Oddly, Liz found herself being awoken in the middle of the night by a very strange phone call. “The babies are nothing but a menace, they got a ruthless, riotous look in their eyes. Don’t trust them! Throw them down the well at once I say, children are awful awful things, in fact-’ THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE YOU’RE ORDERING A PIZZA! GIVE ME BACK THAT BONE PHONE AT ONCE! ‘Hey, get off! I’m –” ..and the line clicked dead. For some reason she couldn‟t quite put her finger on, the next morning Liz announced the dark haired twin was to be named Ruthless, and her sister Riot.
  62. 62. “That was such a good meal, Mum! I always think Dad makes the best supper, but then you make an even better one, and then.. OH! They‟re all so good!” “Really? Well dear, I‟m just glad you‟re enjoying them so much. I was worried you girls would be craving some salad on the side, goat knows I‟m desperate to give you some, but if you‟re happy..” “SO happy! Can you teach me how to cook them like you do? Please, oh please! That would make me even HAPPIER!” “Of course dear, but it‟s going to have to be after school now – your sister‟s been on the bus for half an hour already.” “YAY!”
  63. 63. Apparently promises work! “DAD DAD DAD DAD DAD DADDY DAD! Guess what guess what guess what! I got an A, I GOT AN A!!”
  64. 64. “Me too, Daddy! Mrs. Marrowsweat didn‟t even mind the cheese stains!” “Well that‟s fantastic! Well done both of you – I couldn‟t be prouder of my little princesses. Now, how would you like to celebrate?” “CAN I GO PLAY WITH THE LITTLE FRIENDS OUTSIDE?” “AND CAN I HELP YOU MAKE SUPPER?” „Orrible smiled as his daughters started shouting jumping around excitedly. “I think we can manage both of those.”
  65. 65. With his two oldest quite happy with bugs and cheese and requiring less of his kisses, „Orrible had plenty of time to spent with Parasite. “And then the space ship went WOOOWOOOOWOOOW all the way up into the sky!” “All the way up into the sky?” “Yes green-bean, the sky! And then they left Daddy a present.” “Was it a good present?” “Oh, the best green-bean. The best.”
  66. 66. Louse had become rather taken with the tale her father had told her as a toddler, and really did want to find all the little friends she could in the garden. She had yet to meet the Bad Buzzy Monsters, but she always kept half an eye out.. That wasn‟t her favourite part of the story, not that she‟d ever tell anyone she was a leeeetle bit frightened of meeting them.
  67. 67. There were other things to look out for in the garden as well though. “Don‟t think I can‟t see you there Uncle Blight.” “What?! See, I‟m not stealing anything!” “Stop trying to steal our invisible things then..” the little girl sighed.
  68. 68. “..and so, even though the Princess looked different to all the other little girls of the land, there was no doubt in the King‟s mind that she was by far the most beautiful.” “Beautiful?” “Oh yes! She had such strange blue eyes that the people of the land had never seen before, that they could not help but fall in love with her upon sight. She was unique, and a more happy and joyful Princess the kingdom had never seen – all through her life,” “..AGAIN! Daddy, story again!” “Of course green-bean, what ever you would like.”
  69. 69. “I can‟t believe how silly Mrs. Marrowsweat is, fancy not knowing that grilled cheese is THE most important vegetable!” “Hehehe, I know right Leechy? I think you were right, that‟s what Mummy always used to say, and I sort of remember some other lady shouting about it a lot when we were very little. I think she shouted a lot.” “Yeah, she must have been a lovely lady to feel so strongly that grilled cheese is the best and only thing we should eat!” “Aww, I‟m sure she was. But so, we‟ve done our homework, we‟ve played Bugs „N the Cheeseman, now what.. Oh Leechy! I know!”
  70. 70. *synchronised slouch* “This is fun! But let‟s go and get our horns, it‟s gotta be nearly time for the babies birthdays!” “Okay!”
  71. 71. Yes, it‟s Birthday time already! Yes, I am useless and didn‟t take any pictures of the youngest twins as babies, but um.. Just trust me it involved a lot of being fed and cuddled by „Orrible, and occasionally Liz when she could elbow her way in! “Are you ready girls?” „Orrible asked as his two eldest nodded excitedly. “Okay, it‟s time, so are you ready? One! Two! Thr-”
  72. 72. But those in the kitchen weren‟t the only excited little girls that afternoon, for there was a third birthday taking place in the nursery! Much to her annoyance Parasite had actually wobbled off her potty, but as soon as she stood up she found her whole body starting to wobble. And suddenly, three Nightmares suddenly found themselves a whole lot bigger!
  73. 73. Riot was proclaimed by all to be the spitting image of her Mother, but Leech was just excited that she had pretty cheese coloured hair like her! As for the toddler herself, she is an Aquarius 2 4 4 7 8, and as soon as she was set down started busily crawling after her twin;
  74. 74. Ruthless. Who may have never met her Grandmother, but is a toddler that even she may have approved of. Not only was „Orrible shocked by how much she looked liked Evil Susan, but they soon realised it went deeper than that. For Ruth is an Aries, with a personality of 9 10 7 7 2. Yes. Her Grandmother would definitely have been proud of her. But who‟s little green legs are those behind?
  75. 75. “I‟ve heard everyone talking about these so much, I thought I should find out what all the fuss is about! It‟d better be good.” And much to her delight, Parasite found that is was!
  76. 76. “Oh wow Paris – look at you! You‟re all big now too!” “Yup!” the alien grinned, and have her big sister a quick kiss on the cheek. “It‟s pretty awesome.” “Yeah! Oh this is going to be so much fun, do you want to come and play outside with me? I can‟t wait to show you ALL of our favourite games!” Without waiting for an answer, Louse grabbed her sister‟s hand and the two of them ran outside.
  77. 77. She played with her sisters until „Orrible finally persuaded them that the pitch black was probably not the best place for three little girls. By then the twins were already yawning and happy to flop into bed, but Paris was still a bundle of energy! “I can‟t sleep yet! C‟mon guys, there‟s so much still to do!” she cried happily as she jigged in her new jammies about the room she now shared with Louse. But alas she was only replied with by snores.
  78. 78. “Fine. I suppose I‟ll –try- and get to sleep, but I can‟t WAIT for all the exciting things I can do tomorrow! You‟ll see.” And I think leaving the girls to sleep is as good a place as any to leave it for now. But there you have it! Generation Two is complete with the three mandatory pregnancies resulting in five little girls for „Orrible! But somehow, I don‟t think he minds  Bye for now!