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  • 1. Big Problem
    Health professionals need their clients to follow through on being more active so treatment has a more beneficial effect.
    Andy comes to see Joe, a health professional, about helping him become more socially involved. Andy has a videogame addiction and no friends. Joe advises Andy to do try doing a team sport or join a club of some sort. Andy comes back for another visit and Joe finds out that Andy hasn’t taken any steps toward trying any new things. They both eventually find out they aren’t getting anywhere with this arrangement and Andy stops coming in for visits, unfulfilled. Joe has lost a client, and his reputation suffers because Andy didn’t listen to Joe and follow through with his advice.
  • 2. Big Solution
    Giovanni Mannino
    Pastime Guru
    Mission: Introduce people to alternative hobbies.
    Vision: Be the Pastime Guru!
    Values: Community, Achievement, Fun, Originality
    Determine desired company image
    Personal Image = Company Image
    Begin advertising campaign
    Approach community newsletters
    Research online marketing options
    Use customer feedback to improve image and services
  • 3. Industry
    GoMan will be providing advisory services regarding leisurely activities.
    The Global Leisure Products market generated $155.8 Billion in 2006, 39.5% from toys and games.
  • 4. Target Market & Competitors
    Health Specialists
    Event Planners
    Singles-Event Coordinators
    Travel Agencies
    Life Coaches
    Same as above
  • 5. Competitive Advantage
    • GoMan specializes in recommending leisure activities, allowing us to make partners of our current competition. We target the referrers, not the individuals who will directly benefit from our service.
  • Business Model
    Attract referrers by attending trade seminars and shows
    Advertise in local trade publications
    Target event planners by approaching them at their events
    Become involved in competitive events (i.e. marathons)
    Approach individual shop owners of various activities (surfing, jet-skiing, gun range, rock climbing facility) to build relationships and obtain better rates for GoMan customers.
  • 6. Startup Costs
    Website Design $2000 Other Initial Start-Up Costs
    Computer $500 Equipment
    Furniture $1000
    Advertising $500 /month
    Travel $200 /month
    Rent ~$1100 /month (6 Months)
    Total Needed $15,000
  • 7. Sales Forecast
  • 8. Pro-Forma Income Statement
  • 9. Pro-Forma Cash Flow Projections
  • 10. Pro Forma Balance Sheet
  • 11. Key Ratios
  • 12. Operations & Milestones
    Research New Customers
    Directly Contact Customers (Marketing)
    Provide Service
    1 Week
    1 Week
    Research Methods of Contacting Referrers
    Contact Referrers (Marketing)
    Customers Contact Us
    Provide Service
    Refresh Relationships with Current Referrers
    1 Week
    1 Week
    1 – 3 Weeks
    1 Day, Once Monthly
  • 13. Call to Action
    Visit GoManInc.com!
    Take a business card
    If you find yourself having a lack o’ fun, call the GoMan!
    Follow me on Twitter!