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Learning network

  1. 1. Why What How Exchange (Internships) Global Internship Program (GIP)
  2. 2. WhyWhy What How
  3. 3. Learning Network
  4. 4. Learning Network Integrated Development ExperienceKnowledge Development Client ExperienceLeadership Development Member Experience Exchange Participant ExperienceCareer AlignedSocially Responsible Leaders
  5. 5. How does Learning Network differ Exchange System ? Internship LN6 Elements of Global LearningEnvironment 6 Elements of Learning Network
  6. 6. 6 Elements of Global Learning Environment(1)Individual discovery and reflection around the topic (i.e. addressing interesting questions through mentorship or learning circles – what can be the impact of my actions in the future in this area?); { Career Growth and Knowledge Development}(2) creation of a team that will work on activities around the topic (such activities should ensure more AIESEC Experiences will be lived around the topic by realizing exchanges, preparing seminars and/or learning circles, etc. { Leadership Development}(3) hosting learning circles around the issue/topic during LC meetings, or conferences, as well as part of the team’s calendar of activities (inviting experts in the topic as well as other students of the university that are not part of AIESEC will increase the diversity of viewpoints); {Knowledge Development}(4) Hosting conferences and/or seminars that are managed by the team working on the issue/topic (attendance of external conferences/seminars around the topic is also a good way to motivate the members of the team to bring more knowledge to the team and the LC); { Knowledge Development}(5) Having a virtual space to keep up the interaction with other members of AIESEC in other LCs that are working on the issue/topic or that are just interested personally in making a virtual contribution to forums, blogs, etc (constant usage of Global Communities for that purpose should be encouraged to bring as many viewpoints to the dialogues as possible); {Team Experience and Knowledge Development}(6) Find mentors that have some expertise in the issue/topic or that share that interest with the members of the team. { Leadership Development and Knowledge Development}
  7. 7. Element of Learning Network Person Responsible How ??Individual Discovery and Vice President and Team Mentorship , Learning Circles,Reflection Leader(TLP) Virtual Spaces and Team ExperienceTeam Experience Vice President GIP and Vice OS Evolution by dividing teams President Talent Management into Learning NetworksLearning Circle Vice President GIP and Team Discussing about Current Leader Realties on the topic with TeamConferences and Seminars Vice President GIP and Vice Events like ASM and Y2B President External Relations Conceptualized on Learning Network and showcasing Interns ExperienceVirtual Spaces Vice President GIP Interns writing Blogs and ReportsMentors Vice President GIP Through Monthly Client, Alumni and BOA Sessions on LN
  8. 8. Learning Networks of AIESEC India Eureka Phoenix Emerging India (Entrepreneurship IT Industry Emerging Markets) Year Long Learning Network Normal Exchange Clients act as Learning Partners Job Role Based Learning Network
  9. 9. Eureka (Entrepreneurship)Interns working in Companies in job roles of Market Expansion out of India Developing Members and Exchange Participants on Entrepreneurship E.G : Exports , Manufacturing
  10. 10. Phoenix (IT Industry) Working on IT Industry Increasing Technical Trainee Ships for AIESEC in IndiaDeveloping Members and Exchange Participants on IT Industry
  11. 11. Emerging India ( Emerging Markets)Working on Emerging Markets on the Country
  12. 12. Again Why Learning Network ?? Better Product Package for Prospective Client and IR for Countries Product being AIESEC Socially Responsible Exchange rather than Leaders Normal Exchange Integrated Development Better Market Experience Segregation (Member, Client and EP) Issue Based Learning and Future Aligned Members
  13. 13. What ?? International Internships Global Internship Program me HowLearningNetwork Why ?? Members Working on World Issues Leadership Development
  14. 14. Action Steps Ahead• (1) Phase 1 of Learning Network made visible to you guys and the National Association at June National Conference 2012 ( Tick -Done) (2)The Business Proposal by AIESEC in India having Details of the Learning Network provided to all Local Chapters ( Being Made by Bhagyashree and Diptanshu would be available by Monday ) (3) Introduction of Learning Networks to Old Clients -> Re- Expectation Setting and Flow of LNs to Clients , Getting Re-Raises and Referrals for new Raises from Clients and Alumni ( Deadline by 30th July ) (4) When Received the Entire Database of Clients the new Search Tool of AIESEC in India would be made according to Learning Networks and a new Wiki for Learning Network would be launched to AIESEC International ( Deadline : 15th July) (5) The Promotional Documents would be made for International Conference happening in Russia and all those documents would be used to partner with countries and making sure to create a Supply for the Demand we have as AIESEC In India (6) Being Back from International Congress would be re- Structuring of Learning Network and further breaking them down which would be carried out at National Strategic Conference 2012