PR in transition : the importance of sentimental crowds


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Presentation given by Christophe Ginisty on November 6th, 2013 in Sofia (Bulgaria) for the kick-off event of the IPRA Central Eastern Europe Chapter launch. Topic is about the transformation from traditional to social PR.

PR in transition : the importance of sentimental crowds

  1. 1. PR  IN  TRANSITION   FROM  INFORMATION  MANAGEMENT  TO  CROWD  MANAGEMENT   Christophe  Ginisty   President  2013   Interna0onal  Public  Rela0ons  Associa0on   TwiAer:  @cginisty  
  2. 2. First,  let’s  define  what  we  call  Public  Rela0ons…  
  3. 3. 984   1 “Public  rela0ons  is  the  prac0ce  of  managing     the  spread  of  informa0on  between  an  individual  or  an   organiza0on  and  the  public”  
  4. 4. 012   2 “Public  rela0ons  is  a  strategic  communica0on  process   that  builds  mutually  beneficial  rela0onships  between   organiza0ons  and  their  publics.”  
  5. 5. 984   1 “Public   rela0ons  is  the   prac0ce  of   managing  the   spread  of   informa0on   between  an   individual  or  an   organiza0on   and  the  public”   012   2 “Public  rela0ons  is  a   strategic   communica0on   process  that  builds   mutually  beneficial   rela0onships   between   organiza0ons  and   their  publics.”  
  6. 6. The  key  factor  today  relies  today  on   the  ability  (or  the  art)  to  create  these   mutually  beneficial  rela0onships!     “Public  rela0ons  is  a  strategic  communica0on  process   that  builds  mutually  beneficial  rela0onships  between   organiza0ons  and  their  publics.”  
  7. 7. The  PR  playground  has   become  much  more   complex  and  demanding  in   every  part  of  the  world   Conversa0ons  are   everywhere  and       always  on   The  level  of  trust  is   declining  and  provokes   reac0ons  from  the   audience   Stakeholders  are   reques0ng  more     ethical  behaviors  and   more  transparency   Influence  starts  at  the   crowd  level:  social   interac0ons  online  set   the  game  
  8. 8. —  My  point  of  view  —     Public  Rela0ons  has  not  become  “digital”   Public  Rela0ons  has  become  social!    
  9. 9. So  what?   (I  s0ll  have  an  info  and  I  s0ll   need  to  convince  the  target   audience,  what’s  the  deal  of   being  social?  +  My  boss  s0ll   loves  to  have  his  photo  in   the  printed  magazine)    
  10. 10. In  a  social  world,  people  interac0ons  are  the  media.   So  we  need  to  listen  and  be  inspired  by…  
  11. 11. «  Sen0mental  crowds  »  
  12. 12. The  sen0mental  crowds  create  the  fer0le  ground  on   which  your  influence  will  grow  (or  not)    
  13. 13. Belief:  It  is  unsafe  to   travel  to  Egypt  due  to   the  poli0cal  situa0on  
  14. 14. Belief:  McDonald’s  famous  burger   would  only  contain  25%  beef  
  15. 15. Emo0on:  Apple   products  are   loved  or  hated   based  on   irra0onal   aAributes  
  16. 16. Ac0vism:     People  are   ready  to   boycoA  a   brand  that   does  not   behave   properly  
  17. 17. ①  There  is  nothing  virtual,  it  is  about  real  people  having  real   interac0ons,     ②  The  key  point  is  to  develop  smart  listening,   ③  Do  not  care  about  using  the  tools,  transform  your   organiza0on  into  a  social  one,   ④  Don’t  be  scared  by  the  crowds:  let  them  inspire  you.    
  18. 18. 4  pillars  of  “Social”  Public  Rela0ons   Monitor,  listen  and   analyse  the   conversa0ons  on  a   real  0me  basis   Restore  trust  by   ethical  behaviors     by  being  as   transparent  as   possible   Engage  into  the   conversa0ons     to  maintain  a  high   level  of  confidence   Be  ready  to  react     fast:  get  today  the   tools  that  may  help   you  tomorrow    
  19. 19. One  more  thing…  
  20. 20. Remind  your  audience  about  the   importance  of  the  so-­‐called  “real  life”    
  21. 21. Thank  you  very  much!  
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