Introducing the ReputationWar 2015 Conference
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Introducing the ReputationWar 2015 Conference



Presentation of the 3rd edition of the ReputationWar International conference to be held in Paris on January 16th, 2015

Presentation of the 3rd edition of the ReputationWar International conference to be held in Paris on January 16th, 2015



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Introducing the ReputationWar 2015 Conference Introducing the ReputationWar 2015 Conference Presentation Transcript

  • An international conference of reference on the latest challenges of reputation management in a digital world Christophe Ginisty
  • The Concept Reputa'onWar  is  an  interna'onal  conference  that  addresses  the   challenges  of  reputa'on  management  in  a  digital  world  within  the  social   and  human  angle  (sociology,  anthropoplogy,  psychology…).     It  is  yearly  event  organized  in  Paris  every  January.     The  objec'ves  are  to  raise  the  debate  on  the  importance  of  people’s   behaviors  in  reputa'on  management  and  to  get  a  higher  view  on  the   social  media  revolu'on.     Reputa'onWar  has  no  equivalent  in  the  world  and  can  represent  a   unique  opportunity  to  be  posi'oned  at  the  forefront  of  these  very  hot   ques'ons:  lately,  DeloiIe  published  a  survey  poin'ng  that  the   reputa'on  risk  was  quoted  as  the  #1  thread  for  business  leaders.    
  • The Creator •  Christophe Ginisty –  International Digital Influence Specialist –  Founder of paris Based Rumeur Publique (1988-2011) –  Deputy Managing Director EMEA and European Digital Evangelist at Edelman (2011-2012) –  2013 President of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) –  Author of the essay« Allons enfants de l’Internet ! » (2010 – Diateino) –  Founder of the NGO « Internet sans Frontières » –  Professor of lobbying and Digital Influence Strategy –  Blogger : View slide
  • 1st Edition •  11 Jan 2013 – 250 delegates 29%   27%   15%   9%   7%   13%   In-­‐house  communica'on   directors/managers   Communica'ons  agency   leaders   Bloggers,  influencers,   analysts   Communica'ons  agency   staff  members   Journalists   View slide
  • 1st Edition
  • 1st Edition •  Speakers… 1/2 –  Christian Harbulot, Director of Ecole de guerre économique (school of economic war), –  Helio Fred Garcia, author, crisis communication specialist –  Tom Liacas, former activist, digital strategist, –  Jean-Noël Pénichon, Director of New Technologies for McDonald’s Europe –  Benoît Raphaël, social media expert –  Brian Solis, auteur, founder Altimeter Group –  Tom Contiliano, Bloomberg –  Henry Peyret, Forrester Research,
  • 1st Edition •  Speakers… 2/2 –  Arnaud Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, Augure, –  Alexis Bernard, Social Media Manager at SNCF, –  Guilhem Fouetillou, co-founder of Linkfluence, –  Camille Bockel, Recruitment Communication Manager, Axa –  Hugues Werth, Marketing Director, Linkedin, –  Benjamin des Gachons, Campaign Director at –  Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, French Minister of Women’s rights
  • 1st Edition •  Partners PARTNERS2013
  • 1st Edition •  Social media coverage
  • 2nd Edition •  17 Jan 2014 at Théâtre des Variétés –  350 people •  60% : in-house communiations professionals •  22% : Communications and Marketing Agency Directors •  12% : Journalists and influencers •  3% : Solutions providers •  3% : Students
  • 2nd Edition •  Speakers… 1/2 –  Gérald Bronner, Soiologist, author –  Hisham Zaazou, Egyptian Minister of Tourism –  Guillaume Brossard, co-founder of Hoax Buster –  Bruno Jeanbart, OpinionWay –  Eric Walter, Secretary General of Hadopi –  Philippe Spanghero, Former Professional Rugby Player –  Henri Verdier, Director of Etalab, author, –  Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Director of communication and official speaker at Group Total –  François-Brice Hincker, Communications Director at Fondation Vinci Autoroutes
  • 2nd Edition •  Speakers… 2/2 –  Julien Villeret, Communication Director, SFR –  Denis Pingaud, Author –  Nathalie Nadaud-Albertini, Sociologist –  Kenza Braiga, Journalist, Author –  Robert Phillips, Author, Founder of Jericho Chambers –  Paul Hilder, Vice President –  Audrey Bourolleau, General Delegate at Vin & Société –  Alexandre Boucherot, Founder of –  Morvan Boury, Digital Marketing Director, Le Nouvel Observateur Group
  • 2nd Edition •  Institutional partners
  • 2nd Edition •  Partners
  • 2nd Edition •  Social Media Coverage
  • 2015 Edition
  • 3rd Edition •  Friday, Jan 16th 2015 •  Théâtre des Variétés •  Umbrella theme (TBC) : « Game changer » –  Focus on cases where social web has allowed to change things dramatically. We will insist on the positive transformative power on the reputation of people, brands, organizations, countries. –  Focus on positive examples in order to demonstrate that there is not only bad people and bad comments on social networks (no denying there are, but there is also a lot of positive energy) –  Communications objective: minimize the negative effect of the term “war” in the conference title
  • 3rd Edition •  Same model as last year: keynote speeches mainly –  20 minutes presentations –  Keynote addresses with no slideshow (when possible) –  Battles: two speakers and a moderator –  No round tables •  Speakers –  An even more international event with speakers coming from different regions in the world –  Speakers will be authors, government leaders, communications directors, experts, key actors (no speaker from communications agencies)
  • 3rd Edition •  An affordable delegate fee –  350€ for the whole day instead of 490€ in 2014 (-28%) in order to attract more people from the middle management of large organizations. –  An attractive early bird deal: 195€ available until 30/09/2014 –  95€ for the unemployed people, 75€ for students
  • 3rd Edition •  Objectives : –  > 500 delegates –  40%: in-house communications and marketing directors/ managers –  25% marketing and communications agency leaders –  20% international delegates –  10% journalists and influencers •  Scheduled announcements –  Launch of the RW Social Club –  Workshop calendar –  International conferences program
  • 3rd Edition •  Parners –  Still in partnership with the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) –  Same Institutional partners as 2014 –  Growth of media partnerships •  Extension –  Content production to leverage the interest around the coming presentations: Q4 2014 •  Opportunity –  Contact us for sponsor packages
  • Thank you for your attention.