How effective is the combination of your main task and ancillary tasks?


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How effective is the combination of your main task and ancillary tasks?

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product & ancillary tasks?<br />Evaluation Criteria Two By Nicola Smyth<br />
  2. 2. What is your main product?<br />For my main product I created a short film within the genre of social realism. My film ‘GSA’ has a variety of themes and issues present throughout, the most common being depression and loss. <br />My short film hand to meet certain criteria points:<br /><ul><li> 5 minutes Long
  3. 3. Protagonist must go on an emotional journey
  4. 4. Must present themes & issues</li></ul>My Film<br />Layla is suffering from depression after the loss of her mother, her half-brother Nial tried to help her get through this.<br />Screen Shots from film<br />
  5. 5. What Are Your Two <br />Ancillary Tasks<br />As part of my product I had to do two ancillary tasks, these two tasks were a film poster and a film review. <br />Film Review<br />Film Poster<br />For me to do my film review I had to know how to actually write one. So I started with some research.<br />From my research I came across the magazine Sight & Sound, this was a magazine that contained in depth reviews on films, DVDs and festivals.<br />Continuing on from the research I did for my film review I looked at the film posters in the magazine Sight & Sound. In order for me to create my own film poster I looked into social realism film posters . When I did this I creating a list of conventions a film poster has.<br />
  6. 6. Existing Social Realism film posters!<br />One thing all these posters have in common is the fact that they either show the protagonist or a symbol of the film. <br />
  7. 7. The Creation Of My Film Review!<br />As you can see my film review follows the same layout as a review from Sight & Sound, from the style of writing to the important image.<br />Example review from Sight & Sound.<br />My Film Review.<br />Image from film review<br />
  8. 8. The Creation Of My Film Poster!<br />Not only does it follow conventions of a film poster but it develops on the themes represented in the film.<br />Step 1<br />Step 2<br />Looking at other social realism posters I decided to photograph my protagonists’ hands as a symbol of reaching out to someone and the close relationship they share through blood.<br />
  9. 9. Out of the three products what are the strongest?<br />If I was to compare all three products, my short film, my review and my film poster, I would say that the strongest element would be my short film.<br />This is because my film allowed me to explore the themes and issues in more detail, which means my audience can connect with the characters more and have a better understanding.<br />However I feel that both the review and the poster add more to the film as these two elements are vital in the production as a whole. <br />
  10. 10. What are the links between the film, the review and the poster?<br />An obviously link shown between the film and the review is the photo used in the review. This is a screen shot from my film, I feel that it goes well as its the entrance of a main character.<br />The review, poster and film all follow the same themes and issues so they compliment each other in the understanding of the underlying issues presented throughout.<br />Another link between the three shown is that they all stick to the genre of social realism, in how the review is written, how the photograph is taken and the macro to macro elements in the film. <br />
  11. 11. What are the functions of the ancillary and main tasks?<br />The main task, my short film shows the journey of my two characters, within this are micro to macro elements that convey certain themes and issues. The main function of the main task is to make sure my film is viewed by my target audience and is enjoyable for them.<br />My film posters main function is to draw my audience in, by having a film poster that is eye catching I attract attention.<br />Just like my film poster my review attracts my audience to my film, the review accompanies the film and allows the audience to make an assumption of the film before they have seen it. This is clear in how the review highlights the good parts of the film and also the flaws in a fair approach.<br />
  12. 12. How well does your ancillary tasks and your main task fit into the genre of social realism?<br />I made sure my film & poster fit into the genre of Social Realism by using the technical elements of Camera, Sound, Editing, Mise en scene & Lighting. <br />Camera<br />Camera shots and angles used to convey meaning, a mix of wide shots & close ups.<br />Mise en scene<br />A common environment, the work place or home is common, the story takes place in a bedroom, making it natural<br />Sound<br />Minimal sound, the story is told through meaning and camera shots rather than dialogue. <br />Lighting<br />Natural lighting, a small budget means no lighting equipment, the light in the story comes from the sun.<br />Through these steps I was able to create a film & poster that followed the conventions of a social realism genre.<br />
  13. 13. Overall view on the main task & ancillary tasks!<br />Looking at my short film, review and poster, I feel that they all compliment each other in a specific way. <br />All three convey the same themes throughout and also fit into the same genre, so they reflect each other.<br />I feel that the two ancillary tasks enhance the overall effect of the short film as they add to the impact of the issue and create a greater message.<br />