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Women artists

  2. 2. 8TH , MAY,2014
  3. 3. Here you can see the artist work, and our intepretation. Georgia o´keefe Artwork Miguel, Jimena and Santi´s interpretation
  4. 4. Frida Khalo Artwork Juan, Aitana,Lucas y Maria´s interpretation
  5. 5. Niki de Saint Phalle artwork Angel, Ari, Carlos y Nahiara´s interpretation.
  6. 6. Niki de Saint Phalle artwork Isabela, Noe, Miguel and Merelyn´s interpretetion.
  7. 7. Tamar a de Lempicka artwork Paula, Ernesto, Carla and Javier´s interpretation,
  8. 8. Tamar a de Lempicka artwork Mireia , Vera and Borja ´s interpretation.
  9. 9. Louise Bourgeois artwork Diana, Maria, Deva and Nicolás interpretation
  10. 10. When we finished, we investigated about the artist and her paintings or sculptures, and here you are the information about each of them.
  11. 11. Nikki de Saint Phalle biographyCatherine-Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle (29 October 1930 – 21 May 2002) was a French sculptor, painter, and film maker.. She created "Shooting Paintings" in the early 1960s. These pieces of art were polythene bags of paints in human forms covered in white plaster. The piece were shot at to open the bags of paint to create the image.
  12. 12. After the "Shooting paintings" came a period when she explored the various roles of women. She made life size dolls of women, such as brides and mothers giving birth. They were primarily made of plaster over a wire framework and plastic toys, then painted all white. Influenced by Gaudí’s Parc Güell, decided that she wanted to make something similar, she bought a land in Tuscany, called Giardino dei Tarocchi in Italian, contains sculptures of the symbols found on Tarot cards. Niki de Saint Phalle died of lung disease in California on 21 May 2002.
  13. 13. Giardino dei Tarocchi The Tarot Garden is a park located in the artistic Garavicchio, near Pescia Fiorentina, communal village of Capalbio in Tuscany, Italy, designed by the French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, Peopled with statues inspired by the shapes of the major Arcana of the Tarot.
  14. 14. Queen califa's magical circle garden Queen Califia's Magical Circle Garden is a mosaic masterpiece and the only sculpture garden in USA created by this amazing artist It is often closed during heavy rains.
  15. 15. Georgia O´Keefe biography  Georgia O´keeffe was born in Wisconsin in 1887 and she died in San Vicente de Santa Fe in 1986.  In 1905 she graduated from the secondary school and she decided to study art.
  16. 16. After working as a commercial artist in Chicago, Georgia went to New Mexico. She painted many paintings there. Georgia retired because she had vision problems. She lived in her house on Ghost Ranch or in her other house in Abiquiu. Three years later she continued painting in New Mexico. She used the technique of oil on canvas and watercolour, but she was retired. "Fill the space beautifully. That's what art means to me. "
  17. 17. Paintings  Georgia is known for her landscapes and for her paintings of desert flowers.  Her love for flowers as an object of painting, was also explained by her saying that if you look closely a flower, has everyone in front of him.
  18. 18. Paintings  For many critics, psychiatrists and the general public its flowers are sex symbols. The petals are fleshy woman intimate parts and pistils’ abundant petals represents the uterus.
  19. 19. Frida Khalo
  20. 20. Paintings
  21. 21. Tamara de Lempika
  22. 22. Paintings
  23. 23. Louise bourgeois  Her birthname is  Louise Joséphine  Bourgeois.  She was born on the 25 of December 1911, in Paris, France and she died the 31 of May 2010 (aged 98) in New York City, United States.
  24. 24. Louise Bourgeois was a renowned French- American artist and sculptor. She is one of the most important artists in modern and contemporary art, and known for her spider structures. In the late 1940s, after moving to New York City with her American husband, Robert Goldwater she turned to sculpture. Though her works are abstract, they look like human figures and express themes of betrayal.
  25. 25. Sculptures .  The Arch of beyond physical limits. Hysteria (1993), by Louise Bourgeois in bronze and covered with a patina of silver nitrate. It is a symbol of a metabody  This figure has physical, emotional, and psychological aspect of pain and fear. Bourgeois has drawn the arch of hysteria as theorized and represented by the nineteenth- century neurologist Jean Martin Charcot (1825- 1893).