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Who is this man

  1. 1. Who is this man? • Philip III´s pacifist policy led to signing of a peace treaty with England in 1604 and the Twelve Years Truce with the United Provinces in 1609 • But the problem was this Truce was very expensive for us Why?
  2. 2. Other big mistake• In domestic policy , Philip III is remembered most for expelling the Moriscos in 1609. The expulsion was a tragedy for 275.000 people who had to abandon their homes and the population ruined many regions , for example Aragon
  3. 3. Coul you explain this map ?
  4. 4. Think copy and answer the explanation of this map
  5. 5. Who are they? What hapened with this poor man?
  6. 6. Philip IV• Philip IV was crowned King in 1621.• He left his government responsibilities in the hands of his chief minister , The Count-Duke of Olivares.• His Foreign policy was different from that of the previous government . The truce came to an end.• Olivares changed domestic Policy. He try to reduce the autonomy of the territories Nobody agreed and to share military to him. expenses among all the territories of the Hispanic Monarquy.
  7. 7. The Thirty years´ war• It was a religious and political conflict which affected much of Europe between 1618 and 1648.• It began when Bohemian Protestants rebelled against their King Ferdinand II, the Holly Roman Emperor.• Ferdinand asked the King of Spain and the duke of Bavaria for help, and the revolt was suppressed.• However, the other protestant regions of the Empire supported the bohemian rebels, and war continued. Holland , england , Denmark and Sweden also supported the rebels
  8. 8. Do you Know the legend?
  9. 9. The End of the war• Spain were unable to contend with so many enemies and suffered many defeats.• In 1648 The Treaty of Westphalia was signed• This treaty recognized the independence of the United Provinces and signified the loss of Spanish supremacy in Europe.
  10. 10. The revolts into Spain• Count-Duke of Olivares centralist policy caused various revolts in Spain.• The most serious uprisings took place in Catalonia and Portugal.• The rebellion in Catalonia was suppressed in 1652, but the Portuguese expelled Philip IV´s representatives , and declared their independence.
  11. 11. The reign of poor Charles II• His Mather Mariana of Austria was a bad woman• She wanted to rule instead of her son• The King was mentally and physically ill and couldn´t rule.• He got married twice and he couldn´t have children• The civil war began because of this.
  12. 12. Charles II ´s wivesMaría Luisa de Orleans Mariana de Neoburgo