The roman cities 2012


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The roman cities 2012

  1. 1. THE CITIES( José Luis )• The cities were the main centres of the empire• Roma was the capital and its greatest city• The rest of cities wanted to looklike Rome
  2. 2. Structure( Bienve)• They had a rectangular floor with parallel streets• It was organized around the main axes• The cardo: North m south• Decumanus ;East to west• At the meeting point of the two was the forum• It was a central square• Around the forum there were the most important buildings , the capitol, the curia and the basilica.
  3. 3. Services (María Luisa )• The cities offered all kinds of services; theatres , water sources, sewers (cloacas)
  4. 4. Great Builders and Engineers• The Romans were excellent builders• Many of their works survived until today• The Roman buildings were very solid because of materials they used• Concrete(hormigón) Mónica
  5. 5. Elements of constuction• Arches• Vaults• Domes(cúpulas) Victor
  6. 6. Paintings and mosaics
  7. 7. Main buildings (Antonio)• Basilica: It is used for trading and administrative activities
  8. 8. Temples( Inma)• Places dedicated to the Gods
  9. 9. Buildings for leisure activities• Amphitheatres: It was used for fights between gladiators and animals José
  10. 10. Theatres• It is used for playing comedies and tragedies Lucia
  11. 11. Circuses and public baths( Rosa)• Circus was used for races of chariots with four horses• Thermal baths, They were a leisure places where roman people played , rode horses, librery…. Mª José
  12. 12. The commemoratives monuments• Arches of triumph and columns Alicia Olmo
  13. 13. Others• Roads• Bridges• Aqueducts
  14. 14. Roman Gods and Goddesses• Religion was very important to the Romans• They were polyteists• Their gods were a copy of the greek gods• The main gods were jupiter, Juno and Minerva• The temples were similar to the greek temples Miguel Tallada
  15. 15. More gods , Miriam • The Romans had a small alter in their houses where they worshopped 3 groups of gods • 1- Lares-protectors of the house • 2- The penates – providers of the house • 3- the spirits of the dead
  16. 16. Religion• The family cult was lead by the pater familias (father)• During Augustus and his successors the emperors were considered to be gods• The priest brought animal sacrifices in the temples
  17. 17. CHRISTIANITY• In the first AD appeared a new religion• Christians were persecuted by the Romans because they refused to worship the emperor and they allowed rich and poor people in the churches.
  18. 18. The official Religion• In 313 , Emperor Constantine allowed Christians to practise their religion freely thanks to famous Edict of Milan• In 380 Emperor Theodosius declared Christianity as the only official religion in the Roman Empire.• All other religion was prohibited.
  19. 19. The conquest of Britannia• Julio Caesar and Caligula tried to conquer Britain, but they couldn´t .• Only the southern part of Britannia was conquered by Claudius in the year 43 AD