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  1. 1. Again the Treaty of Versailles consequences Economic crisis These Poverty German feelings of people betrayal considered were Suddenly that the made , they Treaty was a worse by shame for surrendereUntil 1918 d and their country. the terms of the Unemploymentthe made People took Treaty ofGerman peace . to the Versaillesarmy was German streets in and theirwon the people angry mass consequenwar didn´t demonstratio - ces ns against understand anything the treaty People Hyperinflation blamed the government for giving in and the bad feeling didn´t go away
  2. 2. Consequences of hyperinflationWages and prices kept rising even several times a dayEveryone struggled to buy food and clothes and heat their homes Peoples who had fixed incomes , such as pensioners, found their money was worthlessPeople who had borrowed money could pay it back easily because wagesrose rapidly and loans were a fixed amountThe government was blamed for the situation. Printing more moneyThere were outbreaks of violence against the government . How could itsurvive?
  3. 3. Rise to PowerAdolf Hitler
  4. 4. NAZI Party is Formed• Hitler began to think big for the German Worker’s Party• Began placing ads for meetings in anti-Semitic newspapers• Hitler changed the name to National Socialist German Worker’s Party or the NAZIS
  5. 5. Party Platform• Hitler drafted a platform of 25 points• Revoke Versailles Treaty• Revoke civil rights of Jews• Confiscate any Besides changing the party name, the war profits flag with the SWASTIKA was adopted red as the party symbol
  6. 6. Hell went up little by little 1-Economic conditionswere so badthat a revoltwould suceed On November Hitler and his troopers marched into a meeting in2- He thought Munich the German army would support him
  7. 7. Beer Hall Putsch• October 30, 1923• Hitler held a rally in Munich beer hall and declared revolution• Led 2000 men in take over of Bavarian Government• It failed and Hitler was imprisoned
  8. 8. Trial and Jail•At his trial (Hitler was charged withtreason), he used the opportunity tospeak about the NAZI platform andspread his popularity.•The whole nation suddenly knewwho Adolf Hitler was and what hestood for•He was sentenced to five years, butactually only served about 9 months•When he left prison, he was readyto go into action again.
  9. 9. Mein Kampf• Hitler’s book “My Struggle” - wrote while in jail• Sold 5 million copies, made him rich• Topics included: Jews were evil, Germans were superior race, Fuhrer principal, dislike of Communism and Democracy and need to conquer Russia
  10. 10. Appeal of Hitler• Germany was in the midst of an economic depression with hyper-inflation• Hitler was a WW I hero who talked about bringing glory back to the “Fatherland”• He promised the rich industrialists that he would end any communist threat in Germany• Constantly blamed Jews for Germany’s problems, not the German people.• Hitler was an excellent public speaker.
  11. 11. Legal Rise to Power• Used popularity from failed revolution and book to seize power legally• Spoke to mass audiences about making Germany a great nation again• Nazi Party: – 1930 = 18% of vote – 1932 = 30% of vote – Hitler becomes Chancellor in 1933
  12. 12. Strong Arm Tactics• The “Brownshirts” or SA (Stormtroopers)• SA was used to put down opposition parties• Threatened and beat up Jews and ant-Nazi voters• Wore brownshirts, pants and boots• Numbered almost 400,000 by 1932
  13. 13. “Night of Broken Glass”• On November 7, 1938, Herschel Grynszpan (pictured) a Jewish youth from Germany, shot a German diplomat living in Paris to avenge his father’s deportation to Poland.• November 9, 1938: In retaliation Nazi leaders in Germany launched a violent attack on the Jewish community on November 9, 1938. This attack was carried out by the SA (storm troopers) and SS, who attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues. This night was called Kristallnacht.
  14. 14. Dictator• “Reichstag fire” gives Hitler total power• In 1933, all parties were outlawed except the Nazi party• People’s civil rights were suspended• “Night of the Long Knives”
  15. 15. Absolute Power• German economy was improving, people were happy• Hilter had not political opposition• 1st concentration camp opened in 1933• Began rearming German Army for expansion of the Reich
  16. 16. Demons ruled in GermanyThe SS(Schutzstaffel )escuadrón de defensa was set up a smallprivate bodyguard force for Hitler. It was enlarged to wipe out theSA, which it then replaced• The Death Head Units were the SS groups that ran the concentration camps They executed a lot of groups of people such as homosexuals, Jews , Gypsies,Gestapo were the state secret police , formed from SS. They couldspy on and arrest whoever they wanted. They encouraged membersof the Nazi Party to report any ant´- Nazi behavior of friends, peoplethey worked with• There were many concentration camps in Germany and on land that Germany had taken over. The prisioners were used for slave labour and many were worked and starved to death.
  17. 17. Juramento de las SS: "Yo tejuro, Adolf Hitler, Führer yCanciller del Reich, fidelidad yvalor. Prometo obediencia hastala muerte a ti y a los superiorespor ti designados. Que Dios meayude".
  18. 18. They fathom their thoughts• Girls and boys were taught that they had clear roles in German society:• Boys would go on to be soldiers and fight for their country.• It was the girls’ duty to become mothers and produce the next generation of soldiers.
  19. 19. Physical fitness was also prized:• If you were fit you could produce lots of children.• If you were fit you could become a soldier and fight for your country.
  20. 20. Anti-Semitism• German children were taught that the Jews were responsible for many of the problems Germany was facing.• They were also taught that the Jews were an inferior race, (beneath Aryan Germans).
  21. 21. Anti-Semitism, (or anti-Jew)
  22. 22. Holocaust• The end result of this teaching was “the holocaust” - the murdering of over 6 million Jews.