Al andalus the beginning


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Al andalus the beginning

  1. 1. The Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula Visigoth civil war King D. Witiza RodrigoWitiza´s family asked the Muslims in North Africa for help. The governor of thisregion , Musa and his general Tariq, took their troops to the Peninsula anddefeated Don Rodrigo at the Battle of the Guadalete
  2. 2. Al-Andalus Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula
  3. 3. The Conquest• Tariq and Muza did not give power back to the visigoths• In only four years , their armies occupied most of the Iberian Peninsula• They met little resistance from the Visigoths.• The Muslims conquered nearly all the Peninsula, except for the North. They called the territories in their power Al- Andalus• Al-Andalus was ruled by an Emir , under the Omeya Caliphate of Damasco
  4. 4. Al- Andalus The Caliphate was Battle ofBattle of divided into taifasGuadalete Las Navas de Tolosa Fall of Granada TAIFAS AND EMIRATE AND CALIPHATE OF CÓRDOBA ALMORAVIDS NASRID KINGDOM OF GRANADA AND ALMOHADS Abd-al-Rahman I became Emir of Córdoba Timeline
  5. 5. The Independent Emirate (756-929)• In 750 the Omeya family was assassinated by Abbasi family, but one member of Omeya family, managed to escape.• He reached the Iberian Peninsula, where he took power. He was Abderramán• In 756 , he became Emir of Cordoba with the name of Abderramán I . He was an Iindependent authority of Caliph of Baghdad.
  6. 6. The Caliphate of Cordoba• Abderramán III inherit the Throne• He fought successfully against internal revolts and Christian attacks .• In 929 he became Caliph; the political and religious leader
  7. 7. The Caliphate of Córdoba Caliphate of Córdoba
  8. 8. Caliphate of Córdoba• It lasted until 1031 and it was the most brilliant period of Al-Andalus• Abderraman III ordered the famous palace of to be built , in Medina Azahara Cordoba• The Caliph governed with the hayib or prime minister and visires or ministers.• The walies or governors, controlled the provinces
  9. 9. Caliphs• Hissan II became Caliph in 976 . As he was only eleven years old , the general Almanzor led the government• He ordered 50 razias against the Christian kingsdoms in the north to obtain money and prisioners.• He looted Santiago de Compostela in 997
  10. 10. The taifa kingdoms• In 1031, the Caliphate was divided into Taifas• The Taifas were constantly attacked by Christians from the North• They paid taxes called parias to the Christian Kings to avoid attacks
  11. 11. They came from Africa• Toledo fell into Christian hands in 1085• Muslims asked for help from Almoravids , who were Berber , warriors from North Africa• They reunited Al- Andalus under the empire which capital was Marrakech
  12. 12. Ortodox people• In 1147 the Almohads , who were also Berbers , came the power• The are very extremist people• The Christian armies united and defeated the Almohads at the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212• After this Christians conquered almost all of Al-Andalus
  13. 13. The Nashird kingdom of Granada• It covered the provinces of Malaga, Almeria y Granada• It is governed by Nasrh Family• It is very weak• It was the vassal of Castilla• The kings of Granada had to pay taxes to the Kings of Castilla
  14. 14. Last years• Its history was dominated by opposition to the Christian• There were a lot of internal battles between the Nazarí dynasty and other families such as Abencerrajes• Finally , the Kigdom was conquered by Catholic Monarchs in 1492
  15. 15. A prosperous economyAgriculture Craftwork Trade1-Most population work 1-The most important 1-It was one of the mostin agriculture products were ceramics, important trade centre.2-They introduced a lot of pottery , leather, silverwork 2-Andalusian crafts wereinnovations 2-The Muslims also made sold everywhere of the3-Developed irrigation impressive wooden Empire.techniques, water mills furniture and ornate 3-They bought slaves,and canals leather books. gold , Ivory,4-They introduced new 4-They had two coins , thecrops(cotton.rice..) gold dinar and the silver dirhem .
  16. 16. An Uniqual SocietY
  17. 17. Who is who? Arabs had the best land and were the charge of government They were from Arabia and Syria Berbers had a higher population , but had fewer privileges. Theysometime rebelled . They MUSLIMS lived in the mountains and they were shepherdsMuladíes were formerancient Christians who adopted the religion,language and customs of Islam
  18. 18. Who is Who?Others Muslims