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  1. 1. Kindergarten with overtime program ,, The Seven Dwarfs " Buzau District Micro XIV, Tel. 0238422742We are the Seven Dwarfs,From the world of stories we arrived here,Our kindergarten,To present you,With our offer,To delight you!
  2. 2. Our Kindergarten was founded in 1973. Over these years, it was home to tens ofgenerations of children who have learned here the secrets of teaching, game and harmonious relations, have penetrated deeply the world of art and science, have entered a competition from wich they finnished after learning to proudly wear the name of man . The 19 teachers with a psihopedagogical support teacher, operating in an environment where work, professionalism and dedication make good house with vocation for their chosen profession. “ We are not poor in wealth, are poor in consolation!” GrigoreVieru
  3. 3. Ensuring the role of mentor and protector of children, compensating possible lack of family, our entire staff of the kindergarten stimulate childrens self confidence, cultivate positive concerns, interests, skills, offering the chance for each child to find an inner balance and joy of living.The kindergarten aims to provide an educational process as efficient, given the multiple challenges of the present and especially of the future, helping the fully free harmonious and individualized development of the child. Increased quality of education through continuous improvement of teachers; Setting its own pace of development and manifestation of the child; Socialization of the child and integrating with ease in school activities; Diversified education combining traditional education with alternative learning method "Step by Step"; English language learning program; Initiation in working with the computer; Activity in a relaxed, cooperative environment leaning towards a familiar one; Child safety through a real and effective partnership between community-child-family; Cooperation with parents in a partnership based on a constant flow of ideas. ,, The greatest respect we owe the child.” Juvernal
  4. 4. Teaching staff: I. Wear with you the thirst for knowledge! Love your work19 teachers and respect those with whom you work!1 psihopedagogical II. Plant in your soul the love support teacher for children. They are your joy and fulfillment!1 logopedist III. Be strict with you, gentle and understanding with others!1 director IV. Let your "tear" at home! Give the child happiness and smile!Non-teaching staff: V. Speak nicely! your Word to be your consolation and1 administrator comfort.3 cooks VI. Be nice with others! Children are the flowers of your1 laundrywoman “ garden”.8 attendant VII. Be firm and consistent in achieving the ideal!1 mechanic VIII. Even for a moment be a kid! Only then you will understand! IX. Your spirit to be always young. Only then you will be my dear teacher.
  5. 5. Curricular activities: Games and activities chosen by children; Language education; Science Education; Society education; Esthetic education; Physical Education; Recreational activities and recuperative.Optional activities: To complement the activities of the core curriculum and to grow the talents of the childrenin high demanding psycho-pedagogical conditions, our kindergarten provides a wide variety of optionals: English language, vocal music, ballroom dancing. Extracurricular activities: Childrens celebrations at events (Christmas, Mothers, Day, June 1 -Childrens Day, etc..) Actions to help needy children in rural areas, thematic exhibitions, visits, excursions, camps, kindergarten’s magazine: “Picolino”; National Contests “Piticot”, “Color and learning”; National Dance Contest “The dancing stars” Festival - County Contest “Under the sign of childhood”; Drawing county contest: “Life seen through the eyes of children”; National Program “Let us read for the third Millennium”, “Kalokagathia”.
  6. 6. Relationship kindergarten – family Courses for parents: "Educate so!" "You have been kids!" Elaborationof magazines for children, parents, grandparents. ,, Picolino "- kindergarten’s magazine. Relationship kindergarten - local community. Our partners are: Economic agents; I. S. J. Buzau City Hall; Sponsors; Church; School; Police. Paul Osterrieth
  7. 7. Group rooms equipped with parquet and modern furniture; Toilets with ceramic and faience; Courtyard with green space and paved paths; Resource center for parents; A properly equipped room for alternative educational program Step by Step: Computers; Stereos; Televisions; Videos.Lucian Blaga