Venture Labor: The risks of work in social media
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  • 1. Venture Labor: The Risks of Work in Social Media Gina Neff Department of Communication University of Washington
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  • 3. Venture Labor / ven’ tur •lab’ur/ 1. employees’ investments of time or capital in their companies 2. variable describing extent to which people shoulder financial risks 3. corollary to venture capital
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    • “There’s really no downside to stock options.”
    Venture Labor Work & the Burden of Risk in Media Industries
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  • 7. Venture Labor Work & the Burden of Risk in Media Industries "I don't know if it's my business acumen or sheer luck — but I survived the dotcom crash." “ It’s really up to you to manage that risk, to take precautions”
  • 8. Venture Labor Work & the Burden of Risk in Media Industries
    • “ But the big risk for us was what could arise was [we were] selling our property. But that’s not unique to a dot-com. We’re selling it. They could buy it and fire us. They could buy it and make it suck. All that stuff.”
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  • 12. And now a shameless plug
  • 13.
    • Which Ideas & Platforms will fly?
    • “Nobody knows Anything”
  • 14. Speculative Labor
    • Work before the pitch
    • Falling barrier to distribution
    • Changing barriers to entry
  • 15. Ramifications for Labor
  • 16. Ramifications for Labor
    • From unionized work to speculative labor
    • Difference in barriers to distribution, means of cultural production
    • Permanent change in career pathways
    • How labor gets paid
  • 17. Ramifications for Media
  • 18.  
  • 19. Ramifications for Media
    • Risks pushed back to audience and creators
    • Expanding what Becker calls the “art world”
    • Intensification of tension between owners of ideas versus creators of ideas
    • Audience attention as teams of testers
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    • Thank you
    • Gina Neff
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